Chapter 134 – Legend of Warbeast


Keke threw the “rice cake” in its other paw to the ******* fatty’s face.

“Hey, not only is it intelligent, it even has an air of arrogance, I like this little pup very much. Er… or is it a kitten?” The ******* fatty was not angry at all, he continued to ask excitedly.

“This is an incomparably fierce little lion.”

Hearing Xiao Chen say these, the snow-white little critter rolled its eyes. If Xiao Chen was not related to it, a sticky cake would surely fly towards his face.

“How can that be? There’s no lion like this; snow-white like jade. It doesn’t even have a mane.”

The snow-white little critter no longer paid any attention to them, it jumped onto Qinguang Wang’ shoulder with a thud and continued to finish off the delicacies.

“Don’t tell me it’s the legendary Jade Lion! Hey, it actually climbed up a tree?”

What kind of eyes did the ******* fatty have, was that a tree? Even Qinguang Wang wanted to throw a piece of sticky cake at him. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any. ⌈1

This ******* fatty really seemed like a profiteer, his eyes were already glinting like a gold coin. He excitedly ran around in circles with Keke as the center. As a result, he accidentally bumped into the tough little dragon at the side. This proud and aloof little dragon frequently ate the spiritual items found by Keke, it could even be said to be repaying the little critter, with a little bit of strength, it sent the fatty flying away.

“Ouch! Who bumped into me?” The fatty complained as he got up.

At the same time, a disturbance broke out not far away. A few dozen people rushed over and surrounded Xiao Chen quickly. Two were accompanied by cherished cats, some were pulling huge hounds, and two of them even took along four to five meters long Yellow Earth Dragons. Of course, those couldn’t be considered as genuine dragons, they were merely from a lesser dragon species that looked like giant lizard.

“Young master, are you okay?” Those people quickly surrounded him.

Those few hounds that were as big as a calf already charged towards the tough little dragon.

“Stop! What are you guys trying to do?!” This fatty didn’t seem that wicked, he hastily stopped them.

But it was already too late, with the tough little dragon’s arrogance, it was always the one doing the provocation, how could it let others offend it? However, towards these kinds of common beasts, it wasn’t even worth killing. It just waved its tail three times beautifully.

“Pow! Pow! Pow!”

The three giant hounds were sent flying seven to eight meters away. They became listless as soon as they hit the ground. They faintly felt a frightening dragon-qi when their bodies made contact.

The ******* fatty’s eyes immediately lit up, the two Yellow Earth Dragons at the side charged over, but he didn’t stop them this time. On the contrary, he looked on without blinking an eye.

“Bang! Bang!”

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With two banging noises, two huge Yellow Earth Dragons were also sent flying by the tough little dragon.

“Good! This is too wonderful!” It was as if the ******* fatty had taken an aphrodisiac, his eyes emitted green light. The way he looked at the tough little dragon was more passionate than when he looked at Keke. He said excitedly, “This is a top-notch warbeast, it seemed to be a lesser dragon, but I estimate that it has at least one-fifth of pure dragon blood in its body. I’m going to be rich, I’m going to be rich, hahaha……” ⌈2

Xiao Chen looked at this ******* fatty dumbfoundedly. After that, he just took the tough little dragon and company to go on their way.

“Brother, don’t go.” The fatty chased after them, then he promptly explained with over-enthusiasm, “Just blame me for being so pleased as to lose my sense of measure. Haha, but I really am too happy. It seems like this single-horned little beast hasn’t cast off its baby teeth yet, if that is the case, then this is really too rare. I am saying the both of us will get rich, seriously. You must believe in my insight, if you let me carry out the activities, this little beast can bring us a great amount of gold coins.” ⌈3

Xiao Chen didn’t say much to him, this guy was obviously a profiteer, one must not make a deal with them.

“Brother, don’t go. You must believe me.” The fatty intimately followed beside Xiao Chen, he kept going on and on, “Brother, do you know who I am? I am reputed as the warbeast master with great strategic insight.”

Ignoring him, Xiao Chen continued onward.

“You must know that our family has even established the Warbeast Castle in Celestial City, the biggest city in the southern part of the continent. We definitely have enough power.”

“Warbeast Castle?” Xiao Chen felt a little baffled and asked, “Is it common practice to have a warbeast in the mainland?”

This time was the fatty’s turn to look at Xiao Chen with eyes that one normally used to look at an idiot, the surrounding people also revealed peculiar expressions. This made Xiao Chen feel a little uneasy.

“I say, brother, did you just came out from a forest cave?”

Mother f—! Xiao Chen was really speechless, this guy actually used sarcastic remarks to say he was a prehistoric person.

“Who doesn’t know that warbeasts are the most thriving industry in the immortal’s mainland?!” The ******* fatty spoke like a specialist, “Not only do the wealthy and powerful ones like to watch the warbeasts, even the commoners actively participate. Many people try to catch an unusual beast to make a living. Let’s not even talk about the practitioners, they could even stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw just to get an intellectual beast with super fighting strength.”

After listening to the fatty’s very patient explanation, Xiao Chen finally understood that it was common practice to have a warbeast. The owner of every big warbeast stadium had inseparably close connections with the practitioners, because they were in control of many powerful and exotic creatures. This was very attractive for the practitioners, some sects frequently spent a huge amount just to buy some intellectual beasts.

Many practitioners on the mainland were raising intellectual beasts, those were their loyal partners in battle after all. In order to establish the Warbeast Castle, the owner would require a huge power. Most of the factions were unwilling to provoke them, because they were capable of providing top-notch intellectual beasts.

According to rumors, anyone who dared to establish the Warbeast Castle were certain to have a super vicious beast not inferior to dragons, so much so that rumors said they even had a sacred beast.

“Let me tell you a little secret of this industry.” The ******* fatty whispered mysteriously, “Those who dared to establish a Warbeast Castle did not only have sacred beasts on the same level as dragons, they are certain to have a genuine dragon.”

This really made Xiao Chen very astonished.

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Seeing that he was already emotionally affected, the fatty struck while the iron was hot, “Brother, the moment I laid my eyes on you, I felt like we could hit it off, it could even be said to be familiarity at first sight. How about this, why don’t we go find a place to drink a few cups and chat?”

“Very well, how should I address this plump brother?” Xiao Chen was not piqued by the wealth, it was to make a future plan for this tough little dragon. If it was as the ******* fatty said, that it was a common practice to keep a warbeast around, then the immortal’s mainland was too suitable for this proud little dragon. Even after leaving the dragon island, it didn’t have to worry about finding a rival.

With a little bit of effort, the two had already became close brothers. The fatty had a name that would cause people to spit out blood, he was called: Zhuge Liang. ⌈4

It was rare for him to reveal a bashful expression like this, he said, “My parents wanted me to become a little clever, so they gave me this name.”

After talking for a bit, he found that the reason why Zhuge Liang was also well-known in the world of immortals was very simple. A certain practitioner who broke the bounds of space-time and arrived at the world of immortals had published the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” from the human world. It soon became a very influential masterpiece.

Xiao Chen and the fatty Zhuge Liang chatted while they ate, at last, they finally touched upon the topic he was most concerned about. Wasn’t the dragon island sealed? How was it possible for the Warbeast Castle to possess any dragons? Could they be Winged Dragons?

But a single word from the fatty made him completely speechless.

“All the insiders know about our family’s trump card, there is an unparallelled Tyrannical Dragon within the Warbeast Castle.”

“How can that be?!” Xiao Chen didn’t believe it and asked, “How can a Tyrannical Dragon appear on the mainland, didn’t they get sealed on the dragon island?”

“Brother, did you really just come out from a forest cave?”

Mother f—! Using this kind of phrase again, Xiao Chen really wanted to kick him once or twice.

“Oh, my bad my bad, I had forgotten……” ******* fatty Zhuge Liang muttered under his breath, “Most people don’t know of this, only those who established the Warbeast Castle know of this information.”

“Stop leaving me in suspense, why don’t you tell me what is going on?”

“Brother, you should have heard of the disturbance on the dragon island not long ago right?”

“Of course.”

“This was not the first time the seal on the dragon island had been lifted. The seal has been lifted several times every few hundred years. Although no Dragon Kings were born in the past, there were still many ordinary young dragons. Hehe…… do you understand what I mean now?” The fatty narrowed his eyes and smiled, he sipped the drink with a slurp.

“You are saying the predecessor once brought the young dragons out of the dragon island?”

“Clever! It is exactly as you said, not only did they grew up in the mainland, they even had offsprings. But most of them are in the hands of some influential factions, ordinary people have never even heard of them.”

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“Then doesn’t that means there’s no shortage of dragons on the immortal’s mainland now?”

“Of course, but there’s not that many to be honest. Moreover, other than the Winged Dragons, even if the other dragons keep far away from the dragon island, they are still under the power of the seal and unable to display the divine abilities they once had. But just by relying on their physical body and strength, even a top-notch sacred beast is not their match. But of course, it also depends on the dragon species, the Tyrannical Dragon I am talking about is not fully grown yet, and not even demigod can destroy its corporeal body.”

Xiao Chen took a deep breath, it seemed like he had underestimated the dragon’s power. He asked, “What kind of major powers are in possession of dragons?”

“Those who have authority, those who have money, and those powerful factions. And of course, the Warbeast Castle has the monopoly. This is also the reason why the warbeast industry has that much influence.” The ******* fatty stressed the statement again. Those capable of establishing the Warbeast Castle inevitably possessed formidable strength and inside information.

While drinking and chatting, Xiao Chen finally understood the position of the warbeast industry on the immortal’s mainland. They could be considered one of the most powerful industries on the mainland. So much so that, even some of the powerful factions would engage in business with them, or even serve under a certain Warbeast Castle.

This ******* fatty was very talkative, he spoke about many fantastic stories regarding the warbeast industry, but the more he listened, the more he felt like the fatty was just shooting off his mouth. A few examples; this guy boasted how there was once a warbeast master who dominated a phoenix from their family’s Warbeast Castle and destroyed a city for revenge. There’s another one; it was about how a warbeast master who once raised an unknown beast. As a result, when the little beast was fully grown during the warbeast master’s later years, it was actually capable of standing up to a Tyrannical Dragon. He talked about how they defeated the Tyrannical Dragon in the stadium of their hated enemy.

The ******* fatty talked about many similar legends, although Xiao Chen did not really believe what he said, he could tell that the warbeast industry had great influence. To sum it all up, the “water” of the warbeast industry was very deep.

Xiao Chen really looked forward to it, it seemed like the tough little dragon had an abundance of opponents now. The existence of the warbeast industry was really too suitable for the tough little dragon, it could even be said to be a blessing.

“How about it brother Xiao, why don’t you sell that single-horned little beast to me, I will give you a fair price.”

Xiao Chen stared blankly and said, “Why should I sell it to you?”

“Aiyou, hey, I talked for half of the day, my saliva almost dried up, and you still don’t understand? The warbeast industry has deep connections, you wouldn’t be able to cross the river by yourself, you will save a lot of trouble by selling it to me. I guarantee you will have no shortage of money to spend during your lifetime.”

This ******* fatty was really a profiteer, Xiao Chen cursed inwardly and then he said, “I am not selling.”

At the same time, he raised his guard. This ******* fatty must have realized this tough little dragon was not ordinary. That’s why he was willing to spend a great deal of effort to sweet talk him. Could it be that this guy already realized this was a genuine dragon? However, there were many dragon subspecies on the mainland, the tough little dragon’s appearance shouldn’t be too eye-catching.

After coaxing and pestering him for a while, the fatty also noticed that Xiao Chen wouldn’t sell the tough little dragon no matter what. Then he finally said resentfully, “Alas, pity my saliva, you still can’t get the point after talking so much, what a scatterbrain.”

“You want me to kick you?” Although Xiao Chen felt that this ******* fatty was very friendly, he was a bit annoying.

“Just kidding, heh-heh. How about this, why don’t we sign a contract? That single-horned little beast still belongs to you, but I will be responsible for it.”

Xiao Chen had already categorized him as a damned profiteer a long time ago, he definitely wouldn’t sign a contract with him. He said, “If you can offer an optimal condition, I can make a verbal agreement, and the tough little dragon will be in your care, but I will absolutely not sign a contract.”

“So it is called the tough little dragon, interesting, it indeed has a resemblance to a dragon. However, I say brother, aren’t you a little too inauthentic? There’s no such thing as a verbal agreement, only a written contract would be effective.”

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“I always comply with the agreement, I like to make deals with honest people. If you have good faith, then you won’t care about the contract.”

These words checkmated the fatty Zhuge Liang, he said embarrassedly, “So brother, you really didn’t just come out from a forest cave after all.”

“You *******, those words again, don’t make me kick you, you damned fatty!”

Next, Xiao Chen and this profiteer Zhuge Liang began to talk. He came to understand more regarding the warbeasts. The more he listened, the more he thought this industry was specially created for the tough little dragon.

However, on the other side, the tough little dragon was grinding its teeth as it looked at the ******* fatty. Keke was also looking at him with an ugly expression.


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  4. Zhuge Liang (181-234), military leader and prime minister of Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉 during the Three Kingdoms period / the main hero of the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, where he is portrayed as a sage and military genius / mastermind 

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