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Chapter 55 – Befriended in Private

There are many alliances on the Dragon Island, Xiao Chen also didn’t want to go on without any support. It is not a must to join a certain alliance, but he wanted to befriend with some people at the very least. So that they can help each other out in the future.

He wanted to go visit Buddhist Yizhen secretly, he is especially careful this time, he didn’t get caught by anyone while passing through the dense ancient forest. He emerged on a mountain range with beautiful landscape.

This is precisely the location of the Dharma Alliance, next to the breathtaking landscape of the mountain range, there are as many tree houses as they are stars in the sky. They are leaning upon the forest mountain, it is a very creative concept. It is truly an unconventional world where the true experts live in seclusion.

Completely relying on some kind of instinct, Xiao Chen walked towards a tree house. When he was still a few dozen meter away from that place, the door to one of the tree house had opened, Buddhist Yizhen had a really sharp intuition. Meanwhile, the door to another tree house not far away was also pushed open, the other young monk was leaning on the door.

Xiao Chen knew, that must be the senior apprentice that Buddhist Yizhen always mentioned.

“Xiao Chen, I knew you will come to find me eventually.” Buddhist Yizhen smiled brightly.

The gray-clothed monk who is approaching is indeed Buddhist Yizhen’s senior apprentice. His religious name is Yichi, and just like Buddhist Yizhen, he didn’t refer to Xiao Chen as as almsgiver, he also didn’t refer to himself as a wise monk. Even though they are Buddhist monk, their etiquette is not much different from an ordinary person.

The two young monks are very amiable, Yizhen laughed and said, “You are a celebrity now!”

All of Xiao Chen’s “self-defense” had really turned him into a “celebrity”, he set up a huge conflagration to burn the treant’s valley, causing Zhao Lin Er’s team to gnash their teeth. And the confrontation with Chaos today was the first legal battle, it was very eye-catching. After that, he even went as far as trampling Damian the Spell Master down from the empty sky. A few dozens of alliances were startled by him.

“How about joining our alliance?”

“Are you not afraid that I will stir up big problem for you?” Xiao Chen laughed and said, “You must know that I have offended a lot of people. Those people from the treant’s valley harbor a hatred for me. There’s also the situation between me, Yaluo De and Chaos, we are just like the fire and water.”

Buddhist Yichi who was at the side laughed, and said, “We heard the rumor, today you pushed down Chaos with brute strength, beating that madman from the Barbarian Tribe until he felt fearful, and you even trampled Damian the Spell Master. You achieved complete victory effortlessly, you are indeed a true expert.”

Yizhen laughed and said, “I didn’t expect there would come a time where I would also make an error of judgment, I was even worried about you before. I didn’t expect you can completely suppress Chaos, you don’t need to worry as much if you join us.”

Xiao Chen smiled and shook his head, then he said, “I don’t want to bring you guys too much trouble, though I do appreciate your kindness.”

“We didn’t offer to shelter you out of kindness, it was because you had sufficient strength and qualification to join us.” The two of them were very frank, they didn’t try to hide anything, they stated very clearly that they were only interested in his strength.

Xiao Chen likes to make a deal with this kind of people, he talked bluntly, “The trouble I caused far exceeded what you know of, if you guys don’t mind, we can help each other out in private. Even though I didn’t join your alliance on the surface, if you guys are facing a crisis, I will certainly come to help. Similarly, if I run into trouble, I wish you guys will come to assist me. This way, we will have formed an alliance, but you guys won’t incur any trouble due to me.

Buddhist Yizhen and Yichi laughed heartily at the same time, they accepted the proposal jubilantly, this proposal was just too good for them.

There is one thing that Xiao Chen must confirm no matter what, otherwise he will be extremely worried and troubled. He wanted to know, if that youth evolved from the treant in the valley is together with Zhao Lin Er and her gang or not. Xiao Chen had a deep feeling of foreboding regarding that treant which had an aura as powerful as that of a fierce dragon.

Buddhist Yizhen actually know about the existence of that treant, it was the news spread by Yaluo De. He claimed that he was unable to see the limits of that treant. Due to this, many alliances are fearful of the treant’s valley.

However, according to rumor, that powerful treant is currently training by itself, no one is permitted to enter the depths of the valley. Moreover, under his constrain, the treants are not allowed to leave the valley without his authority.

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After hearing this news, the uneasiness in Xiao Chen’s heart disappeared.

“Brother Yizhen, I want to know, how is the relationship between Yan Qing Cheng and her fellow apprentices?” There is a reason why Xiao Chen asked this kind of question, a strife existed even among the foundation left behind in the human world by the Undying King. There were always competing with one another, many fellow apprentices were just like the fire and water.

He really wanted to know whether or not this kind of situation is also true in the world of immortals. If that is the case, maybe he can finally expose the matter regarding Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue at this point.

“They don’t seem to get along well, there were always internal strives among them. Otherwise Yan Qing Cheng also wouldn’t team up with Lande, and abandon the rest of their fellow apprentices.” Buddhist Yizhen answered his question, but he felt a little puzzled, so he asked, “Why are you asking these?”

“It is hard to explain in a few words, since two brothers have inquired, I also wouldn’t conceal anything, I have complete trust in the both of you.” Regardless of whether he trust them or not, Xiao Chen must use his speech to make himself clear.

“I previously killed Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue……”



Buddhist Yizhen and Buddhist Yichi were very startled.

Xiao Chen briefly go through the entire situation once, if not because Zhao Lin Er also know of this matter, he could have left this case completely unresolved. Now, he must make some preparation in advance. Otherwise, he is bound to meet an unfortunate end if Zhao Lin Er had informed Yan Qing Cheng.

Since Yan Qing Cheng doesn’t get along well with her fellow apprentices, he wanted to dissolve the misunderstanding by means of Buddhist Yizhen. It is not because Xiao Chen is weak and timid, against those who are clearly his enemy, he will never compromise. But for those people who seem likely to become his enemy, he want to try to resolve it peacefully. Nobody likes to make enemies all over the place willingly.

Xiao Chen is not that kind of madman who only knows how to kill. The situation now is very complicated, he wants to reduce his enemy as much as possible. However, if they failed to resolve it peacefully, and categorized as an enemy, he will inevitably treat them the way he treated Chaos, he will absolutely not go easy on them.

In reality, Xiao Chen really wanted to have a decisive battle with Yan Qing Cheng and Lande. He was totally scorned by the two in question before, he really wanted to use absolute strength to suppress the two individual, and smash their arrogant attitude into pieces.

After listening to the brief story, Buddhist Yichi heaved a sigh and said, “You make your move when the time is right, brother Xiao Chen is indeed decisive. Otherwise you might have a hard time against those two.”

Yichi is not making an empty talk, Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue were both very strong, if Xiao Chen did not take advantage of the Tyrannical Dragon’s ear-piercing roar, the consequences will be very hard to predict.

Yizhen understood Xiao Chen’s idea, he laughed and said, “I will give it a try, but Yan Qing Cheng is very stubborn, it is very hard for other people to influence her way of thinking. Even if she is hostile towards her fellow apprentices, they are from the same faction. This involves the problem of their faction’s honor……”

“Thank you for your trouble, brother Yizhen.” Xiao Chen also didn’t expect this to thoroughly resolve the conflict, if it is impossible after all, then a battle it is. Withdrawing is always the worst method to settle a dispute. The more effective way is to fight until the opposing side is afraid of you. Of course, that is only if you have that kind of strength.

After Xiao Chen bid farewell to Yizhen and his fellow apprentices, he walked past an area with a great number of people. A few practitioners are currently discussing something in this spacious woodland. It seems like there is an alliance that wants to challenge Xiao Chen! All ten people from the alliance will challenge one person, this is really too domineering.

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