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Chapter 93 – Burial Cloth

Lawrence’s green battle space opened widely, the stinky odor of the corpse spread all over the place. Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng who were at the back almost threw up. Even the three skeletons seemed to hate this kind of fiendish aura very much. They hid at a place the wind could not reach.

Only after a long time later did the alley return to peace.

“Let withdraw from here quickly.” Xiao Chen took the lead and rushed towards another alley. The rest followed him closely. They knew these thing were very formidable, just now they only killed a “young evil spirit”, if they were to encounter a normal adult “evil spirit”, whether they could win or not was hard to say.

Especially that evil spirit that was wearing a burial cloth from before. If it really appeared in front of them, then it will certainly be a very terrifying thing.

“Hide!” Xiao Chen quickly rushed into the shadow of an alley. The few people behind him also concealed themselves. He discovered dangers ahead of time, it was a response originated from spiritual sense, it was one’s natural instinct to seek luck and avoid calamity. This was the pure spiritual awareness of a practitioner that had reached a certain level.

Just at this time, a chilly wind brushed past in the sky. The sound of wind blowing sent a chill down people’s spine. One figure quickly flew past on the top of the alley.

Although it flew past at high-speed, the few people here were not weak either, so they were able to see what kind of creature it was in an instant. Their complexion changed over and over again. That was a human figure with a pair of grayish wings, but his head seemed like a skull. There was only a layer of dry skin sticking on it. Its eye sockets were incomparably empty, it seemed very frightening. That was definitely not a god-like existence like the Fallen Angel, it was like a genuine “Birdman” that was already dead. However, he could soar in the sky freely.

The chilly wind rose again, cold air enveloped the area. The few of them went into hiding again. There were three birdmen flying past this time.

“This is really such a damned place!” Even Xiao Chen who had willpower as strong as steel exposed this kind of feeling.

All of a sudden, Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons were getting restless. They fixed the spiritual light in their pair of eyes at the other end of the alley.

The three skeletons seemed to be very sensitive to the baleful aura in the ghost town. They actually detected it earlier than Xiao Chen and the others this time.

They only saw a shadow slowly extending over from the ground. Soon after, a bone-chilling wind was blown here. Following closely, the burial cloth that was carrying a fiendish aura exposed itself from the corner of the alley. It was flapping along with the wind. Everyone felt their scalp had gone numb, this terrifying monster still chased after them in the end. They originally thought they had already broke away from it.

The original color of the burial cloth was already unable to be distinguished, because it was brimming with the black bloodstain. It produced a “flapping” sound along with the chilly wind, the gloomy alley was so frightening and bizarre. The baleful aura bubbled up violently for an instant, a lofty and awe-inspiring shadow turned around from the corner.

His entire body was shrouded in darkness. A black fog was drifting at that place. And his body was wrapped thoroughly by that burial cloth. It was hard to see his real face clearly. Only a pair of eyes could be seen clearly, it was throbbing like a bluish-green will-o’-wisp. No fluctuation of soul could be detected, there was only the stinky smell of rotten corpse, as well as that baleful aura.

They couldn’t run away anymore. This evil spirit had clearly locked onto them already, they could only settle this once and for all.

That lofty shadow walked without making any sound, only the frightening flapping sound of the burial cloth could be heard. A pair of deathly eyes stared at Xiao Chen and the gang.

“Do it!” Xiao Chen was fearless, he faced the bone-chilling wind and dashed forward. The North Star light screen appeared in his left hand, it transformed into a seven starlight shield and protected him. The crescent light blade also appeared in his right hand, the rays of light was extremely glaring, it was just like a genuine divine sword.

The crescent light blade drew a beautiful trajectory. It was like a comet streaking across the sky from outer space. The resplendent divine radiance illuminated the entire dusky alley. It went straight for the evil spirit’s neck. The black fog was dispersed, the evil ghost’s lofty body was exposed. With the black burial cloth winding around, it looked like an imposing tombstone.

“Cling! Clang!” The ear-piercing metallic sound caused the eardrums to ache. The evil spirit’s right hand was as fast as lightning, it gave rise to a chilly wind that shielded its neck, and deflected the crescent light blade.

That was an adamantium-like demonic claw. A layer of black skin was sticking on the parched joint. It was a genuine claw of the evil spirit. Just looking at it made one’s scalp feel numb.

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Brilliant rays flickered, the crescent light blade turned around, its speed had reached the peak, and targeted the evil spirit’s chest. At the same time, Lawrence moved both hands repeatedly, a prison made of void power fell towards the ominous ghost from the sky at high-speed.

The ominous ghost did not shrink back at all. On the contrary, it took large strides forward. The right demonic claw deflected the crescent light blade once more. At the same time, the left hand stretched forward. It actually destroyed the green cage on top of its head with raw power. The heavy smell of rotten corpse pervaded the air. His left hand and right hand was substantially different. The left hand was incomparably swollen, it was like the hand had been soaked in water for too many days. It was very bloated and bulky, but the power it possessed was not much weaker than the right hand.

Lawrence and Xiao Chen cast a glance at one another, this evil spirit was too powerful. Perhaps they would have a hard time against it. However, there was no point in running, their only hope of survival was to fight to the death.

Xiao Chen raised the level of his secret technique to the limit. His long black hair fluttered hysterically. After that, the North Star light screen in his left hand and the crescent light blade in his right hand merged together. The seven stars were embedded into the crescent moon. The light blade became incomparably bright. It was being held in Xiao Chen’s right hand.

He dashed forward without fear. His tall and straight body left behind one after another afterimages like the flickering light and passing shadows. The first slash was sent towards the evil spirit’s waist. He obviously wanted to chop the evil spirit in half at the waist. The evil spirit seemed to be aware of Xiao Chen’s power and the sharpness of the light blade. It didn’t use its demonic claws to block this time, and quickly dodged to the side. After that, it sent a sharp claw towards Xiao Chen’s heart.

After Xiao Chen’s power increased, what improved the most was his speed. He made a somersault without the time to ask a question. ⌈1⌋ He jumped high into the sky in that instant, and avoided the demonic claw. And with the head and legs upside down, he swooped downwards. The light blade in his hand emitted a glaring divine radiance, he slashed vertically at the evil spirit below.

The evil spirit let out a growl. It fell back one step at a time, huge cracks appeared with every steps it took. One could imagine just how much pressure he was bearing.

Just at this time, Lawrence also raised his void power to the limit and made his move. The green light screen broke up this place into several pieces. It took shape of a few overlapping spaces. Not only did he temporarily sealed the evil spirit’s path to retreat, he even wanted to use this kind of space to rip the evil spirit apart.

“Creak! Creak……!”

The evil spirit’s body produced this kind of sound. It seemed like the bones in his entire body was dislocated. It tried to resist being crushed by Lawrence’s void power.

This provided Xiao Chen with a golden opportunity. Even though his body was tall and straight, its movement was like the wind and lightning. Moreover, it was as agile as the light and shadow. Xiao Chen twisted his body in the air, and sent another slash towards the evil spirit that was temporarily trapped.

The evil spirit’s body was bounded, but both of its hands were able to break free. It crossed its hand to block the incoming attack from the sky, then it let out an angry growl. Waves of black fog spouted towards the sky from its mouth.

Xiao Chen’s body emitted rays of light, a layer of light screen protected his body like a shield. He was not afraid of those undead miasma invading his body.

“Cling! Clang!”

The light blade firmly hacked onto that swollen demonic claw. Even though the netherworld light flickered and protected the evil spirit, after Xiao Chen’s light blade and North Star Constellation merged, it was seriously too sharp, it actually left a deep cut, that bloated demonic hand was almost chopped off. The yellowish dead water splashed everywhere. The light blade was stuck between the bones on the demonic hand.

“Shriek……!” Even though it was an evil ghost, it seemed like he was able to feel pain, and let out a bone-chilling screech. And then with a “boom”, it broke free from Lawrence’s overlapping space, and was about to pounce on Xiao Chen who was falling from the sky.

Xiao Chen’s movement was too nimble, he flipped over like a gale, and got back to the upright position, then he used his leg to firmly kick on the pair of wide open demonic claws before he tumbled towards the ground. Everything was performed smoothly.

“Shriek……!” The evil spirit let out a bellow of rage. After being stepped on by Xiao Chen’s foot, that sharp light blade that was embedded on its demonic hand actually disintegrated, and the shockwave actually destroyed one of its demonic claw. The yellowish dead water splashed all over the place.

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The burial cloth flapped along with the wind, the evil spirit let out a screech, the bluish-green radiance throbbed violently in its pair of eyes. Its destroyed left hand actually became swollen again. After that, the broken hand actually regenerated. Another rotten ghost hand reemerged in good condition.

Xiao Chen sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Lawrence furrowed his brows, and said, “His power is indeed very frightening. If not because he is not very bright, our condition might be worst.”

“Shriek……!” The evil spirit let out a screech and ran towards them. It gave rise to waves of black fog, the ground actually started to shake when it ran with all its might, one after another huge cracks appeared on the ground. One could imagine just how much power it possessed.

“Thousandfold Overlaps!” Lawrence’s handsome yet sickly face welled up with the color of blood. He had executed his most powerful technique. The void power trapped the evil spirit, and the folding space tried to tear it apart.

“Unite!” Xiao Chen took large strides forward, his eyes were as sharp as the cutting edge of a sword. The light blade in his hand seemed to have melted, and became one with his right palm. The light blade was all pulled back into his palm. The right palm shone with a divine radiance, it was almost transparent. The mark of North Star Constellation was on the back of the hand. The hollow of his palm was filled with a full moon.


A palm blade firmly sliced the evil spirit’s tiny arm, a terrifying wound appeared in place, and dead water rushed forth. The radiance flickered, and the palm blade left behind one after another afterimages. Xiao Chen entirely transformed into a streak of light beam. He revolved around the sluggish evil spirit and kept attacking non-stop.

It was being torn apart by the overlapping space. Even though the evil spirit tried to attack Xiao Chen, it was unable to land any decisive blow. It urgently let out an angry screech. Although the netherworld light that sprung up from its dead body blocked the palm blade, it still received heavy injuries.

Xiao Chen’s light palm caused Lawrence to feel deeply startled. If he was not facing this terrifying evil spirit, but a practitioner on the same level, Xiao Chen’s strength would be unparalleled!

However… the evil spirit’s power exceeded Lawrence and Xiao Chen’s expectation. The burial cloth abruptly trembled, a thick deathly aura spread over a large area. The netherworld light destroyed Lawrence’s void power, the green overlapping space faded away instantly. Lawrence was sent flying by his own disordered power. Trace of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

And Xiao Chen was also forced backwards by the powerful force. To make it even worst, the evil spirit was targeting him. It left behind an afterimage in its original position and appeared in front of Xiao Chen. It spread out a pair of demonic claws and sent them downwards.

Xiao Chen frantically raised his power, and evaded at top speed. Then he executed an incomparably powerful counterattack. The shadows of the man and ghost seemed to have tangled together. Apparently, the burial cloth was an extremely powerful cursed artifact. It gave rise to the chilly wind that caused Xiao Chen to feel dizzy. One after another netherworld light intertwined in his surroundings, it seemed like the ghosts were dancing.

The evil spirit was really too strong. It was using the bizarre power of the burial cloth to lay out a “domain” that belonged to him. That was a special “Ghost Domain”. Even if Xiao Chen had unparalleled strength, even if that evil spirit was scared of his light palm, he was still being forced to be on the defensive side.

In the end, he was forced to jump high up into the sky. He wanted to break away from that bizarre ghost domain, but the evil spirit also soared into the sky. It was sticking close to him like a glue. When the demonic claw waved around, one after another deathly light was produced. The netherworld aura tried to engulf Xiao Chen.

“Break!” Xiao Chen shouted loudly, his right palm and the demonic claw came into contact. It was too late for the evil spirit to dodge this time, it could only grab onto Xiao Chen’s palm blade.

“Crick! Crack!”

The sound of bones shattering into pieces could be heard. The demonic claw was actually destroyed. The palm blade that was made from the fusion of North Star and Moon Blade was truly unstoppable. Even the evil spirit suffered a heavy loss. However, just at this time, the burial cloth on the evil spirit’s body flipped over, and quickly wrapped the resplendent divine radiance on Xiao Chen’s right palm. The black fog rolled over and over, which immediately submerged the rays of light. ⌈2

All of this happened too fast, every actions were completed while they were still in the sky. The evil spirit let out a growl. The burial cloth all around its body flipped over, wanting to wrap Xiao Chen within. The black fog flooded the entire alley, the aura of death spread all over the area. This place appeared incomparably frightening.

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Xiao Chen struggled to get free with all his might, but the burial cloth was very bizarre. He was actually unable to destroy it. The unstoppable light palm also had a hard time cutting it. It was only a matter of time before Xiao Chen was completely swallowed up.


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