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Chapter 52 – The End of Secret Training

Many restrictions were slowly put into place.

In order to prevent themselves from killing each other mutually, to prevent another disaster from taking place, to prevent the actions of the schemer, another new rule was put into place. If there are any conflicting views between any two alliances, they cannot conduct a battle royal with more than three alliances. Only when ten alliances agreed upon it will the two alliances be able to settle their conflict with military force.

Thereby preventing the alliance from joining forces.

And the conflict between two individuals only require the consent from three alliances.

On the surface, preventing an alliance from growing too much seemed to have prevented the appearance of a king. However, the situation right now is still brimming with all kinds of malpractice. A battle would still break out from time to time, even though it had already been legalized.

In the end, all the people capable of entering the Dragon Island are the representatives of various clans, they are all distinguished figures from somewhere. All of them are very conceited and proud, they are rather happy to see these kind of rules were put into place. They have already put a restriction on the powerful forces, and now they can show off their powers in a battle legitimately.

In a short few days, many secret dealings were taking place on the Dragon Island, thus a few dozen alliances were formed very quickly. The people who did not join any alliance are very rarely seen. Of course, it is natural for there to be some special case. Rumor has it that someone with immeasurable strength had already entered the depths of the Dragon Island.

Xiao Chen walked out from a hidden cliff, arriving at a brightly colored valley. There are various kind of exotic flowers in full bloom here, the jade-like grass spread as far as the eyes can see, the green bamboos were emerald-green, there are even waterfalls, jade-like streamlet, and bluish-green tiny lake, the landscape is very beautiful.

The snow-white little critter lazily and helplessly recline on the flowers and plants. The little guy felt incomparably distressed since many days ago, every day it was enticed by the fragrance of Xiao Chen’s roasted meat, so much that even its drool is flowing out. However, it was unable to enjoy it, the little critter drank too much Sweet Dew of Life last time, even its little belly had turned as round as a ball. After a month had passed, not much of it has been digested yet. In the face of such a delicious food, it can only watch and sigh in admiration.

Seeing the appearance of the little critter drooling, Xiao Chen felt it was especially funny. During this period of training, Xiao Chen gave the little critter a name called Keke. He originally wanted to call it “Hehe”, because when the little critter is happy, it will always giggled incessantly. In the end, he chose a name with similar pronunciation.

The three skeletons made a considerable breakthrough in this period of time, it was due to the crystallization of the sweet dew given to them by the little critter. In the beginning, Xiao Chen was a little anxious seeing the three skeletons absorb the crystal. After all, they are undead creatures, he was afraid that there would be a conflict due to different properties of energy.

However, after a throughout observation, he found that it was a needless worry. They are not really those kind of departed spirit in one’s imagination. Their spiritual light did not extinguish. In a sense, their souls are not that much different from a human’s soul. In fact, their souls are much stronger than an average person’s soul!

A crystallized Sweet Dew of Life was only about the size of a little finger, but the pure energy it contained was unimaginable. It was almost comparable to a dragon crystal, and precisely because of this crystal, the three skeletons finally breakthrough one of the bottleneck.

Originally, they were around the realm of Exuvia, but they were very unstable. Sometimes, after a fierce battle, they will drop from this level. And now they finally entered the Second Celestial Layer of Exuvia. Their white frameworks are much shinier now, they appear as smooth as jade.

The most important thing is the bizarre changes of the three skeletons, on their foreheads appeared a lotus-shaped insignia that can produce divine light.

Xiao Chen could vaguely feel the formation of that insignia will be very beneficial for the three skeletons. Perhaps most of the essence from the crystal gathered there.

One can say they have finally become a real expert, they can finally contend against powerful enemy alongside Xiao Chen.

What kind of changes happened in the outside world for the past few days, Xiao Chen did not know. He decided to go out and roam around, but this time he didn’t bring the three skeletons along, they are too eye-catching.

Pushing his way through the dense jungle alone, he returned to the familiar zone. He quickly discovered many abnormal location.

Not long later, Xiao Chen finally found out what happened recently, regarding the alliance, and the regulations drawn up for their own survival. He accurately identified the benefits and disadvantages among the regulations. On the surface, it seems that there are some constraints on the Dragon Island, but the battles are completely legalized!

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He tried to move stealthily, but there are too many practitioners in this area. He is still discovered before long, his portrait was once painted on a banner, some people have seen it before, there are even more people who have heard of him. He once set fire on the treant’s valley ruthlessly and destroyed half of the area. Xiao Chen can be regarded as a celebrity now.

It is fortunate that Xiao Chen is no longer in his hideout. Since he has already been discovered, he openly walked towards the mountain forest. Since the battle has already been legalized, they cannot voluntary provoke someone. Xiao Chen is actually looking forward to the day Zhao Lin Er come to challenge him legally.

Very soon, some people approached him, but it was not Zhao Lin Er. They wanted to pull Xiao Chen into their alliance, only to be indirectly rejected by him. After this, someone appeared every now and then, a few alliances extended their goodwill. However, they were all turned down gracefully by Xiao Chen, he didn’t want to bind himself to a certain alliance yet.

Until he finally arrived not far away from the dwelling of the Elephans Draco, Xiao Chen had no choice but to stop his footstep. It was because someone with an ill complexion blocked his way, it was actually Chaos.

“What a coincidence, we meet again.” Xiao Chen wear a faint smile.

Chaos had an extremely gloomy look, the battle last time was considered a humiliation to him. When he heard Xiao Chen had entered this region just now, he immediately rushed over here. Even though he suffered a crushing defeat last time, the ancient beast soul within his body started to fuse with his body. While this made him feel extremely vexed, he gradually regained self-confidence. He wanted to fight with Xiao Chen again to clear up the past humiliation.

Today is a rare opportunity!

“I will rip you apart this time!” Chaos let out a growl, his three meter tall body, appeared exceptionally terrifying under the shadow of the woods.

“I heard, the battles are already legalized. Should we not find someone to be the witness?” Xiao Chen was completely fearless, he even appeared somewhat easygoing.

“Of course!” Even though Chaos had an inherent beastly nature, he also didn’t dare to mess around by himself. After all, the regulations are set just recently, he didn’t want to be the first to break the rules. Perhaps he might really be used as an example by those ambitious people, and invite his own doom.

There are a lot of practitioners in this area, the news spread out immediately, three alliances founder showed up on the spot right away. They unanimously approved the showdown, but the arena need to be picked by them. This area is too close to the Elephans Draco’s territory, in order to avoid alarming the fierce dragon, they need to keep far away from here.

The news spread at lightning speed. After all, since the formation of the alliance, this is the first legal battle after all kinds of regulations were put in place, it is a huge attraction! Not long later, hundreds of people gathered on the newly determined arena. A few dozen alliances had already arrived, and there are even more people rushing over here.


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