Chapter 228 – Five Big Shot

Tongtian, a name feared by all deities, possessor of four godslaying swords.

Right now, Tongtian’s four godslaying swords were actually falling from the sky. It caused everyone in the sky to turn pale. The four godslaying swords; Ranga, Matar, Cinnte, and Gaiste, were one kilometre long and fell down like four huge mountains. The unmatched sword-qi directly shattered the void.


“Tongtian has gone crazy!”

The powerful practitioners, in the first moments… ran away! They ran as if their lives were depended on it. The might of these four swords shook the heaven and earth, only a few were capable of receiving the brunt of the attack. If they wanted to survive, they could only choose to run.

However, the majority of the people did not even have the capability to get out from the range of the four godslaying swords. They could only die in vain.

The powerful force caused many ordinary practitioners on the prairie to lose strength in their limbs. The four godslaying swords shattered the space in the sky as if they wanted to turn that space into nothingness.

However, out of everyone’s expectation, the blood-painted scene did not occur. Tongtian’s four godslaying swords did not cut into anyone, and it was controlled with perfect precision. The only thing it crushed was ancestor god Youchaoshi’s Sky Palace.

The Sky Palace that stood tall for three years was turned into ruins at this very moment. The debris fell to the ground unceasingly along with the rumbling sound.

To be this disrespectful towards the Sky Palace of the ancestor god, only Tongtian was able to do it. Even if the others were here for a treasure hunt, they also wouldn’t dare to act this unrestrained.

Regarding this, nobody dared to say anything. It was a well-known fact that Tongtian was disrespectful towards the heaven and earth, the only one he respect was himself. During the distant past, he had even challenged ancestor god Youchaoshi, so such an action was well within expectation.

The four godslaying swords quickly shrank in size as they continued to bore through the debris in the sky. Without a doubt, he wanted to plunder the ancestor god’s exotic treasures.

However, not everyone was afraid of Tongtian. There was a butterfly dancing lightly in the ruins. It was not fearful of Tongtian’s godslaying swords and flew around the ruins as if it was dancing above a cluster of flowers. At the same time, the Selvagem Tree soared into the sky and entered the ruins. Sengen transformed into five streaks of lights as he rushed over.

There were many people on the field, but nobody dared to approach. Those who entered the ruins were figures of legend. They were madmen that would kill anyone in their path once angered. To go and scuffle with them was tantamount to courting one’s own death.

It was as clear as day, that Tongtian already knew what kind of treasure was sealed in Youchaoshi’s Sky Palace. Without stopping, the four swords flew across the ruins. The swords and blades many people regarded as treasures transformed into clouds of dust under the pressure of the godslaying swords. Suddenly, a sonorous “tink” sound echoed in the ruins. The Cinnte Sword bumped into an object, but it didn’t get destroyed from the impact. On the contrary, the sword was trembling.

The other three swords immediately flew over and surrounded the object. They wanted to take it with them and fly away at this point.

That was a simple and crude “stone dagger”. If one didn’t scan it carefully, they couldn’t even tell it was a dagger. It was only a little more than half a foot long. It looked like a knife, yet it was not a knife. It looked like a double-edged sword, yet it was not a sword. It looked strikingly like a crude stone tool used by the stone-age people.

There was not even the slightest bit of fluctuation. Even if Tongtian knew what kind of treasure was sealed at this place, he couldn’t sense where it was hidden either, so he had to use the godslaying swords to search all over the ruins.

The Selvagem Tree was glaring like a tiger watching his prey all along. Seeing that Tongtian’s four swords had found the stone dagger, it transformed into a streak of rainbow and swept over there to snatch the stone dagger.

The four godslaying swords shook violently as the formless sword-qi soared towards the Selvagem Tree. The Selvagem Tree shifted from left to right continuously and resisted the sword-qi, then it pushed in from the flank.

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From the opposite side, five divine light moved simultaneously as Sengen flew over. However, with a violent strike from the Matar Sword, his Quintet Light shattered immediately. Even Sengen’s real body was narrowly revealed.

On the other side, a butterfly lightly flapped its wings. It broke through the sword-qi of Ranga Sword and avoided the tip of Cinnte Sword. It actually broke through the attack of two swords. This unforeseen event made all the spectators gobsmacked. Just where did this butterfly come from? It actually received two strikes from Skybound Tongtian. Its strength was unfathomable.

In the distant sky, the three primal beasts; Yazi, Suanni, and Pixiu each exposed a shocked expression. The blood-thirsty Yazi said, “There is actually someone capable of standing toe-to-toe with Tongtian…”

Suanni’s eyes glinted with divine light as it said, “If you are aware of its origin, you wouldn’t have been this surprised. That butterfly is Zhuang Zhou.”

Zhuangzi, selfless, non-achiever, nameless, free and unfettered. Although he reached enlightenment comparatively late, people believed he was possibly one of the man who could reach the same realm as the ancestor gods. To forget oneself, to forget everything, to seek freedom, he was a free and unfettered hermit.

Although only half of his teachings had been spread across the generations, it still had a tremendous impact on the world of martial arts. Zhuangzi was out of this world, he had genuinely accomplished oneness of heaven and humanity.

If just by comparing spiritual power, he might be the closest to the ancestor god. He had already achieved the spiritual level of “oneness with heaven and earth, oneness with all living things.”

On the prairie, Xiao Chen was very excited. If he had truly admired anyone before, then that person was certainly Zhuangzi. The ideology he constructed was absolutely world breaking. Even if his physical strength was no match for Tongtian and the others, with his spiritual power to make up for it, he was definitely not any weaker than them.

Zhuangzi had also arrived, this immediately shocked every spectator. He dodged the Ranga and Cinnte Sword continuously. Zhuang Zhou transformed into butterfly as he flew back and forth. It seemed like he was not striving for the stone dagger. This made everyone a little puzzled, but they understood his intention in the next instant. This was the real Zhuangzi after all. He was always free and unfettered, he definitely did not come for the treasures of the ancestor god. It was just like him to come here merely for a tour.

The unique and unmatched Zhuangzi, who transformed into butterfly, paid no attention to those who were fighting fiercely in the ruins. He was just fluttering in the ruins by himself, as if he was paying homage to the ancestor god.

With regards to Zhuangzi’s earlier assault, Skybound Tongtian didn’t mind about it at all. He knew the receiving party was not provoking him on purpose. It was in his nature, he was only doing things at his own pace. This butterfly was created by Zhuang Zhou’s spiritual power. It was not his main body. Even if he used the godslaying swords to slay him, he wouldn’t be able to harm his main body either way.

Ranga Sword and Cinnte Sword was protecting the stone dagger, the Gaiste Sword and Matar Sword was piercing the air as they continued to bore through the ruins. Nobody was clearer about this other than Tongtian. When he challenged ancestor god Youchaoshi before, the ancestor god had two weapons which gave him a great impression.

One of them was a stone dagger, and the other was a rough-looking stone sphere. Although their surface was rough, so much so that they were somewhat ridiculous, but their power was unimaginable. Moreover, it was impossible to find them with spiritual sense, because they didn’t release any energy fluctuation at all. If they were thrown into a pile of rocks, it was practically impossible to distinguish them from ordinary rocks.

Giaste Sword and Matar Sword crushed everything in their path. A “tink” sound echoed in some desolate corner as a fist-sized stone sphere got excavated. The unbreakable Matar Sword couldn’t even leave a scratch on the rough-looking stone sphere.

The two swords that were stained by deity’s blood retrieved the stone sphere and flew towards where the Ranga and Cinnte sword were.

However, just at this time, a huge hand suddenly dropped from the sky as it covered up the entire world. That giant hand directly grabbed the stone sphere retrieved by Giaste and Matar sword.

The pressure was unimaginable, it made the ruins in the sky shake violently. Even the halls built by the ancestor god was unable to bear the pressure as it collapsed. More debris continued to fall from the sky.

The powerful Fallen Angels in the distant sky each exposed a shocked expression. One of them said, “That seemed like one of the big shot from the Western countries… One True God Allah.”

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The Islamic God of the Western countries, he was definitely a famous figure in the world. He was one of the very few who could stand up against peerless experts on the same level as Tongtian and Yuanshi. The treasures in Youchaoshi’s Sky Palace even attracted someone like him. It could clearly be seen that the value of the stone dagger and stone sphere was rather high in the eyes of experts at their level.

There were aqua-colored radiance flickering on the giant hand. It was gushing down like an inexhaustible viscous liquid. Although the Matar and Giaste sword struck the giant hand with formless sword-qi repeatedly, it didn’t leave any scratches on the giant hand. They were all dissolved by the aqua-colored radiance. There was hardly any friction between the hand and the swords, but huge lightnings were already forming in the surroundings as the space shattered.

It was easy to imagine how terrifying that place was. If they did not restrain their power and let a single light beam leak out, it was enough to annihilate a huge group of spectators in the surrounding.


Allah shook his giant hand and completely pulverized the ancestor god’s Sky Palace. The last of the ruins completely fell from the sky. And there were actually a few dozen exotic treasures hidden at the base as they fell toward the ground.

The spectators that could fly flared up immediately. They were unable to vie for the two most valuable treasures of the ancestor god, but with the appearance of so many other treasures that Tongtian and Allah couldn’t be bothered about, they swarmed over and broke into a fight.

Sengen heaved a helpless sigh. He knew that with Tongtian’s four swords, Selvagem Tree, and Allah around, he wouldn’t be able to take the most valuable treasure of the ancestor god for himself, so he also rushed towards the falling exotic treasures.

Just at this time, a mountain-like shadow smashed towards Sengen. With a loud “bang,” he was sent flying away.

Sengen was furious, someone actually mounted a sneak attack on him as he was inattentive. He emitted two streaks of lightning from the Quintet Light as he shouted, “Who dares to attack me?!”


The Quintet Light launched simultaneously as a huge group of practitioners in front of him were crushed immediately. The blood sprinkled in the sky and the bloody mist immediately soared. The battle royal had begun, those who were confident in their strength began to fight for the treasures.

The primal beasts Yazi, Suanni, and Pixiu faced a few Fallen Angels. The black clouds surged and filled the sky as their battle with the Fallen Angel intensified.

And a few giant Winged Dragon also waged war with dozens of humanoid practitioners. The dragon roar shook the vast skies.

The ordinary practitioners on the ground were dumbstruck. This was the first time they had seen this kind of grand battle.

Xiao Chen watched from the sidelines quietly. Although he could also fly, he didn’t want to fight for the treasures. He knew those fierce characters up there were not opponents he could handle.

Just at this time, the stone statue in Xiao Chen’s body started to tremble. The stone gimlet even had the urge to break free from his body. He was extremely shocked, could it be that Tongtian and the others missed one of the treasures? Looking at the fallen ruins ahead, Xiao Chen walked over with large strides…

In the sky, Allah was facing the Matar Sword and Gaiste Sword, The Selvagem Tree was facing the Ranga Sword and Cinnte Sword. They had completely sealed that space off from the outside world, otherwise, the landscape might even be changed from the aftermath of the battle.

The blurry rays of light glinted unceasingly, the battle between the three powerful gods was unimaginably fierce.

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Ranga Sword and Cinnte Sword directly opened a tunnel in space and sent the Selvagem Tree into the void. After that, they rushed towards Allah. However, the Selvagem Tree actually broke free in a split second and returned from the void. It launched a rainbow-coloured radiance and trapped the four swords that just gathered together.

At the same time, Allah’s other giant hand also shattered the space and attacked from beyond the sky. They attacked Skybound Tongtian simultaneously.

With a long neigh, a divine horse ran over while stamping the air. A general adorned with golden armour rushed into the space confined by the rainbow-coloured radiance.

This man was the personification of a divine sword as he directly charged in. Although he had no weapons in hands, the murderous aura gave off by him already formed thousands of swords in the sky as he shook off Allah’s left hand.

The practitioners who didn’t participate in the battle watched from a distance. They sucked in the cold air as they saw this general. He looked just like… the legendary Saint of War, Sun Tzu!

In the mortal world, Guan Yu was enshrined in the Saint of War’s temple. However, if one were to trace the root source carefully, the true Saint of War was Sun Tzu. That person was the genuine god of war, possessor of incomparable power and soul force.

With a punch, the heaven falls and the earth rends. Allah was forced to fall back by that one attack. He stretched out his huge hands towards the stone dagger protected by the four godslaying swords.

The four godslaying swords opened a tunnel in space and wanted to escape. However, the three grand experts moved their hands simultaneously. Even someone as strong as Skybound Tongtian was no match for them. The space-time tunnel was cut off and disappeared into the empty sky.

“So it seems like the Saint of War has joined the fray…” A cold laughter transmitted from among the four godslaying swords.

Sun Tzu’s whole body was giving off a murderous aura. He was surrounded by the tangible aura and one could only make out a stalwart figure. A cold voice transmitted outwards, “As a weapon user, it is my way of life. There’s no way I wouldn’t participate. I am the person in charge of every weapon in the whole world, these stone weapons are no exception.”

“These weapons are not that kind of weapon. Your hands are too long.” Although Allah had yet to show his main body and only manifested two giant hands, his sarcastic voice still reverberated clearly in the sky.

Sun Tzu sat upright on the divine horse and said with indifference, “These are the ancient treasures of the East, it is more suitable for me. You are the one who has crossed the boundary.”

Along with a world-shaking explosion, space around the four exceptional experts burst out with a glaring radiance. After that, the space actually transformed into a formless mass! The four began to fight fiercely within the chaotic space.

Zhuang Zhou who had transformed into butterfly fluttered down, he passed through space where the crowds were fighting over the treasures and distanced himself from the battlefield. He headed directly for the ruins on the ground.

The stone gimlet in Xiao Chen’s body flew out, and it actually returned with a broken arm from the ruins. The arm was broken off from the shoulder, and it was about half a thumb long.


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