Chapter 211 – The Grief of Heavens

“Wuu~ Wuu~ Squeak…” The little critter was crying sorrowfully. It kept shaking Xiao Chen who was coughing up blood. It didn’t want to leave by itself no matter what.

“You won’t be able to save me… if you don’t go now, even you will die here…”

“Wuu~ Wuu~” The snow-white little critter wouldn’t listen to Xiao Chen’s advice. Its glittering big eyes were filled with glistening tears as it tried to protect Xiao Chen with the rainbow-colored radiance. With its puny body, Keke carried Xiao Chen on its back and soared up again. It wanted to stake everything on the line and break out from this confined space.

“Since you have already fallen into the net, how can we let you leave like this?” The tiger woman sneered, her expression was very cold as she swiped her demonic claws. At the same time, the tiger servant also launched a streak of divine light, forcing the little critter to fall again.

After being smashed into the ground, hard, the little critter looked at Xiao Chen, who was coughing up blood. It shouted in panic, but it didn’t want to give up just like this. It carried Xiao Chen on its back and tried once again.

One time, two times, three times…

Even if the snow-white little critter was powerful and possessed unlimited potential. It was still heavily injured after receiving the attacks again and again. With its divine ability, it was barely enough to handle one demigod expert. However, it was still too much for it to face the domain laid out by six demigods.

“Squeak… Wuu~ Wuu~” It looked like Keke was asking “Why are you doing this?” Keke’s entire face was filled with tears as it looked at everyone. It didn’t understand why these people are so ferocious and wanted them to die no matter what. With its naive nature, it couldn’t comprehend the human’s complicated heart.

The little critter shielded Xiao Chen and wouldn’t let go no matter what. It attacked the old woman in the sky while still whimpering. It wanted to send this extremely evil old woman flying and create a gap.

Six demigod experts were sealing off the sky, their eyes didn’t have any emotion whatsoever. The four experts from the Fair family were only responsible for sealing off the space. The one attacking was the tiger duo. Only the Middle Earth’s tiger clan dared to offend the Southern Wasteland’s dragons. The blood of the White Tiger was flowing within the body of everyone in the tiger clan. Legends had it that their ancestor was a White Tiger with divine marks. During the ancient wartime, it had once received three strikes from Buddha and remained unscathed. The depths of its strength was unknown.


The rainbow-colored radiance flashed, the dragon’s divine ability illuminated the surroundings as it swept towards the tiger duo in the front.

“Rips! Rips!”

The tiger woman launched a brilliant ray in the shape of a tiger claw. The light blade looked like a real divine weapon as it cut through the air. It was producing an ear-splitting sound and made the earth tremble violently. The tiger servant also directly launched a crescent moon shaped light blade. It produced a similarly rumbling sound, it sounded as if a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses were surging forward.

The clan had already received their reports and gave them a secret order to kill this snow-white little critter when an opportunity arose. This was tantamount to a must kill order. They have to eliminate this snow-white little critter by all means. The tiger clan rarely issued this kind of order, it was sufficient to prove that they were afraid of Keke. That was because the key figures had already guessed its origin from the depiction.

Following the soundless collision, the light glinted. The destructive energy fluctuation did not spread to the surroundings. However, at that point in the center, there was a rupture burning fiercely like the sun. The glaring rays of light nearly made everyone lose their sight. Soon after, like the annihilation of the cosmos, that point was ultimately sucked into a black hole.

This kind of collision was the most dangerous. With just a small mishap, they would certainly be annihilated. Blood spilled out from the corner of the snow-white little critter’s mouth as it was sent flying away. However, it was still relentlessly protecting Xiao Chen with the rainbow-colored radiance, and didn’t let any harm fall unto him. Although it was powerful, possessed extraordinary gifts, and had divine abilities ordinary people couldn’t even imagine, it was facing two demigods after all.

One must know that this domain was laid out by six demigods. Inside this domain, they held the absolute advantage, it was impossible for the little critter to break out of the six demigods’ domain.

As they rammed into the ground, Xiao Chen moved over with difficulty. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and embraced the heavily injured Keke dearly. Then he looked at the six demigods in the sky quietly.

Xiao Chen swallowed the blood that was about to be coughed out and said calmly, “You may reap my two souls and seven spirits, seal my last remaining soul in front of the White Tiger’s grave for all eternity, but let the snow-white little critter go.”

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“I originally came for it in the first place, how can I let it off!” The tiger woman laughed grimly.

“If you guys kill it. The dragons will not forgive you.”

“The Southern Wasteland has the dragons, the tiger clan has the ancestor, who is stronger in the end, that’s hard to say!” The tiger servant remained unmoved.

Far away, on top of the Solitary clan’s ancient castle. A grey-haired man carrying a broadsword stood in the sky as he looked on quietly. Then he silently heaved a sigh as he spoke to himself, “It shouldn’t have appeared in this world. The dragons are either fond of it, afraid of it, or hate it. The relationship is very complicated. There are already more than enough Dragon Kings as is. There are no less than four little dragons that look like the Ancestral Dragon. There’s no need for this little critter to be born. However, it didn’t get killed by the dragons on dragon island, and successfully arrived at the mainland. The old man in the Southern Wasteland had no choice but to take his stance. But now… the little critter has escaped from the Southern Wasteland by itself, maybe that old man will now turn a blind eye and let it fend for itself.”


The sound of the air getting cut was transmitted over. The old woman was also afraid that an unforeseen event might take place. A cold radiance fell from high in the sky as it was launched directly at Xiao Chen and the snow-white little critter.

Keke broke free from Xiao Chen’s embrace. It spared no effort to charge into the sky to face the old woman.

Along with a glaring flash, the rainbow-colored radiance was launched towards the sky, over and over. The little critter was attacking with all of its might, hoping to break through everyone’s domain.

However, the outcome was as expected. Keke was still very young, no matter how much hidden potential it possessed, it was still unable to solo six demigods at the moment. A swath of blood gently fell as the little critter crashed onto the ground, giving rise to smoke and dust.

Xiao Chen moved his wounded body with difficulty and crawled over slowly, leaving a trail of blood behind. He retrieved a five-colored divine feather from his pocket and put it on Keke’s body. Then he faced everyone in the sky and said, “You guys can ignore the prestige of the dragons, but do you guys want to incur the hatred of the phoenix on top of that? I won’t ask for much, I only need you to let it go. I can make it promise to never take revenge for me. You guys can even erase its memory, all I ask of you is to leave it alive.”

“What could be more thorough than killing it on the spot? Our ancestor is not afraid of the dragons in the Southern Wasteland. The phoenix’s divine feather is only a token of friendship, it is not as important as you might think.”

Right now, it is impossible to even let Keke get out of this alive. Xiao Chen remained silent as he coldly gazed at everyone in the sky.

Just who could save him and Keke? The dragons… seemed to be very heartless, they should have appeared already. Why are they not making an appearance yet?

Will the Undying Sect come to their rescue? The chance is very slim. Although Yan Qingcheng shares the same fate as him due to the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, it is impossible for them to make an enemy out of numerous major powers for a single disciple. It was impossible for their sect to make such a decision.

“Squeak…” Keke crawled up weakly. It tried to use the rainbow-colored radiance to protect Xiao Chen and attempted to soar into the sky one more time.


With a flash of divine light, the little critter was struck ruthlessly as it fell onto the ground heavily.

“Let go of me…”

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“Squeak… Wuu~ Wuu~” Keke shook its head stubbornly, its eyes filled with tears. Although it was also coughing out blood, it still stubbornly used its small body to carry Xiao Chen, and soared into the sky again.

One time, two times, three times…

For the Nth times, Keke was ruthlessly slammed into the ground by the old woman.

Keke was already losing its strength. At the moment, its originally snow-white fur was already stained red from blood. However, it still stubbornly carried Xiao Chen on its back and attempted to charge into the sky unceasingly. It just wouldn’t let go no matter what.

Xiao Chen, who had never cried before, felt the outer corner of his eyes becoming moist. He had never believed in heaven, nor fate, the Xiao Chen that only believed in his own power, at this very moment, felt his heart bleeding. He kept praying, praying that the snow-white little critter could make it out alive.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” The little critter was sobbing. It had already lost all of its strength as it fell into the pool of blood like Xiao Chen did. However, it was still as stubborn as before. It kept trying to crawl towards Xiao Chen obstinately and wanted to carry him on its back to escape again. However, even after so many attempts, the little critter was only able to extend its tiny paws. No matter how much it tried, it was unable to create the rainbow-colored radiance.

In the end, it could only whimper as it crawled towards Xiao Chen with difficulty. It kept sobbing, the tears had already blurred its sight.

Xiao Chen exerted his strength to embrace it, there’s already nothing much to say at this point. He only stared at the tiger duo in the sky coldly.

“Why don’t you beg me, beg me to spare you…” The old woman had a sinister smile. Her condition was almost as if she had gone insane. There was a really huge pressure in her heart. The young White Tiger is dead. The direct descendant of the tiger clan also died in this place. She was bearing an unavoidable responsibility.

A wordless contempt. Xiao Chen didn’t say anything.

“Then you guys can go and die!” The old woman despised this kind of glance from Xiao Chen the most. She descended from high in the sky and her right palm cut through the air like a blade.

“Squeak…” Keke opened its eyes weakly and looked at Xiao Chen reluctantly one more time. After that, it decided to jump up with the last ounce of its strength to face the old woman.

However, it couldn’t even execute the rainbow-colored radiance, just how could it stand up against the old woman?

The little critter’s voice was transmitted from the sky for one last time. After that, it came to an end spontaneously as the old woman’s palm blade swept past its body. The blood splashed everywhere and following closely, rainbow-colored light illuminated the entire sky. The dazzling radiance was omnipresent and the greater parts of the Celestial City was brightly lit.

Even if Xiao Chen had a heart of steel, he also cried out bitterly in an instant. It felt as if his heart and lungs had been split open. The him who had rarely cried since a tender age, had tears falling like rain. Never before had he thought that he would have such a frail day.

Before the little critter faced the old woman for one last time, the reluctance to part in its eyes, was forever carved onto Xiao Chen’s heart…

“Squeak… squeak…” The puerile voice of the little critter seemed to linger on in his ears.

The cute little critter, the gluttonous little critter, the naive little critter, the lively little critter, the little critter who went through many trials and tribulations with him… it actually died like this. ⌈1

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“AHHHHHHHHH” Xiao Chen went mad due to sorrow. Like a wild beast that was hurt, he faced upwards and scream.

Far away, a mournful flute sound fluttered in the air and was carried over by the wind. It was like the soul depriving tune of the underworld.

“I don’t want this conclusion…” Xiao Chen felt a pain like a knife being twisted in his heart. His tears were falling like the rain. He was facing upwards and shouting while lying on the pool of blood. He burst into tears like a child.

A sweet fragrance drifted in the air, petals of all colors fluttered about slowly in the sky, gracefully. Every petal was as clear as jade. A rain of flowers actually fell from the sky.

Following that, a Buddhist chant resounded, the faintly discernable ancient chants in the sky enveloped the entire region. Soon after, the last phase of the hymn also resounded simultaneously. Lastly, the praying sounds seemed to pierce through the space-time continuum and arrived at the present time. It sounded extremely sorrowful.

The rainbow-colored radiance enveloped the entire world as the rain of flowers fell gracefully.

Everyone was endlessly terrified. After the little critter was killed, it actually triggered such bizarre changes. Nobody was able to understand what was going on.

Legends had it, that this would only happen when some of the ancestor gods were killed, such as Buddha, Laozi, and a few others. Just what was the origin of this snow-white little critter? For something like this to actually happen… to let the heaven and earth grieve for it, to let thousands of flowers weep for it, how was this possible? How could this be possible!

Everyone was stupefied, especially the tiger woman. She could feel her body temperature dropping. Just what kind of little critter did she kill? It actually caused the heavens to grieve for it and led to this bizarre event. She felt her very soul trembling in fear.

“I don’t wish for long life, only a perfect symbiosis, I don’t strive to live for hundreds of generations, but only this generation. I don’t seek eternity, but only this life…… With my soul as the sacrifice, a thousand generations of deprivation, a hundred generations of torment, I only wish to give this life to the little critter……”

At this very moment, Xiao Chen solemnly pledged an oath towards that unknown entity. His voice reverberated clearly in heaven and earth as it spread over more than half of Celestial City. Many people felt emotionally moved.

The old woman was so scared that her entire body was shaking. She was just about to rush over to kill Xiao Chen. Since the flowers fell from the sky, the instant the Buddhist chant, the hymn, and the prayers could be heard, she knew that she might have caused a gargantuan disaster.

The little critter’s corpse did not fall unto the earth, it seemed to have disappeared.

Seven streaks of multicolored lights were spiralling in the sky. Each had a striking resemblance to an Ancestral Dragon. In the end, all the lights rushed towards a palm-sized sapling. In that instant, the rays of light rushed straight towards the skies. The palm-sized rainbow-colored sacred tree blossomed with a glaring divine radiance that made every other object lose its color. Then, it slowly descended.

The old woman was extremely terrified. She transformed into a black light and rushed over there instantly. However, the rainbow-colored sacred tree seemed to possess boundless power that could shatter all resistance. The resplendent light emitted by it instantly sent the old woman flying away.

The sapling slowly descended towards the pool of blood and landed on Xiao Chen’s palm. The rainbow-colored radiance flickered unceasingly.

He could vaguely hear the little thing’s puerile “squeaking” voice. Xiao Chen felt an acute pain in his heart as his tears fell like rain.


  1. Silva: No… nonononono! Just no!!! I am in denial… I don’t believe this, the little critter did not die, it must have survived somehow! 

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