Chapter 148 – Madman

It was impossible to kill them in the middle of the street, but it was even more impossible not to retaliate after being provoked by the few soldiers!

Xiao Chen did not break out and followed them to the riverside at the inner city. The captain, along with a few soldiers, were waiting there. After seeing Xiao Chen, the captain didn’t offer any explanation whatsoever and tried to lash Xiao Chen’s face with the horsewhip. At the same time, the captain yelled, “This thing doesn’t know life from death!”


The captain stared blankly. His whip hadn’t even touched the other person yet, and a big handprint already appeared on his face. The slap on the face resounded loud and clear.

“You dare to hit me?!” The captain found it a little unbelievable. He was extremely angry as he lifted the whip to lash at Xiao Chen one more time.

“You *******!”

Under this kind of circumstances, Xiao Chen felt that they were unable to talk things out. There was no need to talk, there was nothing to talk about.


It was another big slap in the face. Xiao Chen slapped the captain on the face ruthlessly.

The captain’s whip still hadn’t touched Xiao Chen yet.

“Damn it!” Two slaps on the face made the captain so angry that his veins were practically about to burst open. He was the soldier of Prince Li, he had never been treated like this. It was always him who beat the others, never had there been anyone who dared to touch him.


It was yet another big slap in the face. The captain could literally see stars floating before his two eyes.

“Shring! Shring!”

In the surroundings the sound of the soldiers drawing their swords could be heard. Eight soldiers lifted their shiny longswords and quickly approached. Without waiting for the captain’s order, they ruthlessly tried to cut down Xiao Chen.

“Clang! Clang! Clang……”

The ringing sound of metal resounded. Eight shiny longswords were snapped off one after another. All of their faces changed color immediately. Seeing Xiao Chen actually broke their longswords with his palm, they knew they had encountered a huge disaster.

“Slap! Slap!”

Xiao Chen had already grabbed that captain by the collar. Without any superfluous words, Xiao Chen continuously slapped him four times. Then he said very fiercely, “Who do you think you are? Do you honestly believe that being the soldier of the prince is that amazing?!”

“Boy, you committed a huge crime. Release me at once!”

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“Huge crime?!” Xiao Chen sneered, “Just who do you think you are?!”

Looking at the captain’s vengeful expression, Xiao Chen flared up. While gripping onto him, he slapped him in the face two more times. It caused the captain to lose his bearings.

“I am the soldier of Prince Li. The crime of offending Prince Li is beheading!” The captain was still very stubborn and roared at Xiao Chen. At the same time, he was struggling to get free, but it was impossible for him to get away from the clutches of an Eighth Celestial Layer expert like Xiao Chen.

“And here I thought you were the emperor or the representative of the imperial court!” Since he had already beaten him to a pulp, how could he back out now? Xiao Chen slapped him another four times. A few of the captain’s tooth already flew out a long time ago.

The eight soldiers at the side were flabbergasted. They were cowering at the same time. When had they ever received this kind of treatment in the National Capital of Terra? They had a sense of foreboding as they silently cursed; the south desolate region was really incomparably uncivilized. They even dared to hit the soldiers of Prince Li, not even regarding it as a matter of any importance.

After losing half of his teeth, the captain finally caved in. He didn’t dare to retaliate anymore and answered every question that was asked.

“Is that true? It was not incited by your lord, instead you were entrusted with this mission by the townspeople?”

“I swear, everything I said was the truth. I shouldn’t have accepted that five hundred gold coins due to greed. That wretched swine sought out my help and said that they wanted to teach the scammer a lesson. How was I supposed to know it was an expert on your level……?”

In the end, the captain had said everything that needed to be said. He knew he had provoked a fierce person. At this south desolate region, they refused to accept the beneficial influence of the sovereign. If the other party was truly barbarous and killed him on the spot, that would be too unjustified.

“Tell me everything you know about that guy.”

After the captain finished explaining, Xiao Chen grabbed him and violently flung him into the river. As for the other eight soldiers, after they suffered a certain level of physical pain, Xiao Chen also threw them into the river.

It was really too much to kill people within the city walls without a qualm, so he did not harm these people’s life, but this kind of punishment couldn’t be avoided. Although the other party were the soldiers of the prince, he wasn’t scared at all. The south desolate region could even be said to be a remote region where the central power could not reach. The geographic environment was really too remote.

Although the Celestial City was a great power in the southern part of the immortal’s mainland, it was still out of the supreme ruler’s reach. Therefore, the Celestial City had always been half-independent. The city lord ruled half of the south desolate region. The major powers at this place didn’t even take Terra Empire seriously.


The Dragon Kings unexpectedly appeared in Celestial City, there was even a glimpse of quite a few little sacred beasts. As well as the warbeast tournament that would begin three months later. It stirred up the clouds from all directions. Many people were rushing over from the northern side.

Terra Empire’s Prince Aeon of the First Rank had a successful political career and was in possession of an extremely powerful warbeast. Although he was dissatisfied to pay lip service to the lord of Celestial City, he still came to Celestial City and was one of the first powerful figures to arrive.

Celestial City was a half-independent nation, the city lord Liu Daoming had never shown any respect towards the imperial family. Prince Aeon of the First Rank was very discontent with him. That was because the city lord of Celestial City was actually playing deaf-mute and didn’t go to greet him. Although Aeon came to the south desolate region in secret, a lot of major powers in the city already knew about it, so how could the city lord Liu Daoming not know?

Aeon was only twenty plus years old, and he already had great status. How could he not get angry to receive this kind of treatment? However, he was enduring it silently for the past few days. He already got in touch with a few major powers. Today, in order to show his good faith, he invited the youngsters from a few influential families to dinner.

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Even if these families had great influence, they were still the residents of Terra Empire after all. Therefore, it was a given that they would proactively make the youngsters in their family attend. Consequently, they were not worried of offending the city lord, Liu Daoming.

This was a private gathering, every attendant was an elite of some influential family.

Just at this time, Aeon suddenly received some news. He was so angry that his complexion changed abruptly as he shouted, “Imprudent!”

Not all the invitees were present yet. Only a few had arrived just a moment ago. Seeing Aeon’s ugly expression, a beautiful girl opened her mouth to inquire, “Is something the matter, you Highness?”

“Someone threw our personal soldiers into the river.” Although Aeon’s words were calm, every young men and women at this place were not any ordinary person, how could they not feel his repressed emotions?

“Hoh? Just who would be so daring to offend the prince’s prestige?” A man who seemed to be a little drunk asked.

Aeon had already endured this kind of treatment from the city lord Liu Daoming for several days now, and this kind of thing happened today, he was in an extremely bad mood.


Without a doubt, the one who threw the prince’s soldiers into the river was Xiao Chen. He was currently wandering around the town, looking for the ruffian with a scarred face as described by the captain.

He found the ruffian quite easily, because the scarred face was usually roaming about on that street. He didn’t even try to hide. Xiao Chen could already guess a few things so he didn’t make his move impatiently. He intercepted the ruffian in an unassuming alley. The scarred face did not see his visage clearly.

After sealing the scarred face’s acupuncture points, Xiao Chen fiercely punched him on the face first. Then he shouted, “Have you ever bribed Prince Li’s soldiers?”

The scarred face was already beaten to a pulp. He had momentarily been “blinded” and couldn’t see anything. He answered Xiao Chen’s every questions obediently.

The scarred face was the little ringleader of a certain major power in the city. However, the one who incited the scarred face to handle this matter was another person.

“So that was really the case……” Xiao Chen was a little angry. He didn’t want to continue the investigation, because he knew that the schemers should have already erased their traces.

Prince Li’s soldiers, scarred face, and the one “behind” scarred face, they were just some insignificant side characters. However, it was true that they came from some rather influential families.

Someone was setting up Xiao Chen, and making trouble for him on purpose. If he acted on impulse and continued to investigate, he would have offended a large quantity of nobodies. Although the nobodies were not scary, they could still be put to some special use sometimes. It was hard to say, who knew if he might end up provoking the major powers affiliated with them.

Like now for example, Prince Aeon of the First Rank was already furious. He endured city lord Liu Daoming’s treatment for several days already. And now a “ruffian” in Celestial City actually dared to make a move against his soldiers. This was really intolerable. If this was spread out, he would become a laughing stock. It’s not that he didn’t think of the possibility that this was the provocation of the city lord, but he had to respond to this kind of provocation.

This was the power of nobodies. As it should be, the few imperial soldiers described Xiao Chen as the “evil tyrant” of the city.

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When the prince’s imperial bodyguards led a squadron of soldiers to go arrest Xiao Chen on the streets, the youthful Prince Li was feeling a bit rueful; Did he made a big fuss over a minor issue?

When Xiao Chen was intercepted by this squadron on the street, he immediately raged. The so-called Terra Empire had already granted Celestial City half-independence, and these people actually dared to exert their influence on the main street so arrogantly without distinguishing between right and wrong. Such a tyranny. If they were so courageous, they might as well just go and retake the Celestial City.

“Please tell your so-called prince to go back and investigate properly. Ask the soldiers whom I beat what was really going on! I am a low-profile person, I do not want to cause any unnecessary trouble, but that doesn’t mean I am afraid of getting involved!”

Low-profile, that was definitely a sign of mockery! That was what everyone in the prince’s squadron lamented about; “low-profile” my ***, you don’t even pay any attention to the prince, much too arrogant!

There was nothing to say, they immediately exerted their influence. All of these people rushed up at once. They expected to beat this city’s evil tyrant into submission very soon.

However, other than the prince’s imperial bodyguards being Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer experts, the others were the so-called “elite troops”. They were nothing more than ants compared to the practitioners, how could they ever hope to seize Xiao Chen?

In only a moment, plenty of people were lying flat on the main street. Even the prince’s imperial bodyguards were no exception. Xiao Chen stepped on their bodies without a trace of politeness, then he said, “Tell this to your prince, I am a very low-profile person, don’t provoke me!”

Mother f—! The people lying on the ground really wanted to curse at him. Low-profile, that was obviously a sign of mockery! Just who was this person? He’s crazy!

Less than half an hour later, when Prince Aeon of the First Rank saw this group of badly battered people, he was so angry that even his nose distorted.

“He said that he is very low-profile? He asked me not to provoke him?!” After smashing the coffee table in front of him, he roared furiously, “A hoodlum in the city actually dares to be so discourteous to me, he’s courting death!”

However, he suddenly recalled something and said to the personal guards, “Go and investigate those few people properly. Find out what is really going on.”

Aeon knew these soldier’s revolting behavior. That military officer who came back first definitely was not speaking the truth, but he did not feel like looking into it. After all, they were still his people. Before they punish the dog, they had to pay attention to the owner first. It was precisely because he wanted to find the evil tyrant in the city to settle the bill. However, this time, since that hoodlum asked him to investigate properly, then he might as well do as he said. Maybe there was really some inside story.

“Your Highness, why are you angry?” A young man inquired.

There were more or less eight to nine young men and young ladies invited to the evening party. These were the elite figures of certain influential families. Despite their young age, they were very experienced.

“A hoodlum in the city is looking down on our authority!” Aeon already determined that it was prompted by city lord Liu Daoming. He asked these people with a very ugly expression, “You guys are citizens of Celestial City, have you ever heard of the hoodlum called Xiao Chen?”

These young men and young ladies were stirred up. After hearing these words, each of them had a different expression.

“Ah, it’s him!” A blue-haired girl cried out in surprise.

“Katalina, you have heard of this hoodlum? Is he very famous in this city?” Aeon asked. He was quite fond of this baby girl from the Mander Family. He felt that this beautiful young lady was frank and sincere. She was not sophisticated like the others.

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“Of course I’ve heard of him. He is definitely a super bad hoodlum. The most famous evil tyrant in the city!” Katalina was panting with rage. At the same time, her cheeks were a little flushed.

The other young men and young ladies from the other families only revealed a faint smile, but they didn’t say anything. People on the upper circle like them could get wind of anything.

A few days ago, the baby girl from the Mander Family experienced hardship. She bet herself and became other people’s attendant as a prize, these people had already heard of it.

It was impossible for Aeon to miss these people’s peculiar expression. He opened his mouth to ask the man beside him, “Zhuge Ming, do you know this guy?”

That youngster seemed like he had drank a little too much. His complexion was really pale, and there were dark circles under his eyes, but no one dared to look down on him. They all knew his family was very powerful.

“Oh? I’ve heard of this guy, it seems…… he’s very arrogant!” Zhuge Ming said unenthusiastically.

Everyone present had different opinions, but they knew that Zhuge Ming was intentionally hoping that Xiao Chen would rise in revolt.

“Hoodlum, evil tyrant, arrogant……” Although Aeon was very furious, he slowly calmed down. Everyone present was the younger generation from some major power in the south desolate region, this egotistical guy coming out from their mouth was definitely not as simple as a hooligan.

“Fairsnow, do you know this guy?” Aeon asked again.

This was an extremely beautiful girl. If Xiao Chen was present, he would definitely be very shocked. That was because this girl looked exactly like Fairsky. Her beautiful face, her snow-white skin, her clear eyes and long eyelashes, her lily-white nose, her rosy lips, and her beautiful black hair that flowed down like a waterfall, she was precisely Fairsky’s twin sister.

“Oh? I seem to have heard of him.” Fairsnow frowned.

“Reporting in, Lady Yan Qingcheng has arrived.”

“Please enter!”

Fairsnow smiled and said, “Your Highness might want to ask Lady Qingcheng, she might know something.”


That was Aeon’s first impression of Yan Qingcheng. The girl who came from the Undying Sect was really too beautiful. Her beauty could even captivate the birds and beasts, hide the moon and shame the flowers. In addition to the other extremely beautiful ladies in the hall, the entire hall seemed to have become more dazzling.


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