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Chapter 62 – Divine Monolith in the Sea of Bones

Xiao Chen picked a fight with The Avenger, and came out as the victor, he became the hottest celebrity on the Dragon Island. And now the news regarding his “Hide and Seek” game with the Undying Alliance led by Yan Qing Cheng attracted the attention of many alliances. Many practitioners are looking forward to the following “game”!

Many alliances started to march towards the inner part of the island, since they are destined to spend a lifetime on the Dragon Island, after everyone gradually calmed down, they started to think about their future. They wanted to search for a suitable training ground on the Dragon Island.

However, Xiao Chen had no idea what is happening at the border zone of the island right now, as he had already entered the heart of the Dragon Island. He didn’t consider what Yan Qing Cheng said as anything important and completely ditched her. If she wants to play so much, let her play by herself.

The vast sea of bones caused his entire person to stare dumbfoundedly. Human-shaped skeletons, dried up bones of the giant bird, skeletal remains of the monster, divine dragon bones…… they resemble a pure white snow as far as the eyes can see. There are skeletal remains as small as two meter, or as big as fifty to sixty meter, there are even some up to a hundred meter! The endless bones of the dead filled the entirety of this land.

There is a thick baleful aura leaking from the sea of bones, it gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. Everything before his eyes is too inconceivable, it gives people an extreme fear!

Even though it is exactly midday now, it is extremely cold and gloomy here. Even the sunshine appear deathly pale in this area, it doesn’t feel warm in the slightest. Not even a single sound could be heard, this area is deathly silent. This is a genuine sea of death!

Even though the tall ancient trees behind him are incomparably lush and flourishing, they are also deathly still, no wind blew past this area at all, it is extremely unnatural. In addition to the hazy snow mountain at a distant place, words can’t even begin describe how terrifying this place actually is!

“Snap! Snap……!”

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang seemed to be very uneasy, they keep moving their joints unceasingly. The Spiritual Light within their skulls are flickering constantly, and the lotus insignia on their foreheads keep producing glorious divine radiance, they keep throbbing again and again like the fireworks.

Keke curled into a snow-white pompom, and lie on top of Lunhui Wang’s head. It blinked its pair of glittering big eyes, and curiously sized up this world of white bones. Lastly, it extended one of its tiny paw, and point at the majestic stone monolith in the depths of the sea of bones. It let out a “Squeak! Squeak!” sound from its mouth.

Xiao Chen had naturally noticed that awe-inspiring and frightening stone monolith a long time ago. That stone monolith gave him a bone-chilling fear, it seems as if there is a strange power affecting his state of mind from that stone monolith.

“Let’s go and take a look!” Xiao Chen decided to forge ahead, since they already entered this sea of bones anyway, there is nothing else to be afraid of, they might as well get to the bottom of the matter.

The endless skeletal remains filled the entire area, they let out a creaking sound when one stepped on top of them. Just listening to this sound make one’s hair stand on end. Who knows how many years had already passed, many bones were already disintegrated, the ground is filled with a thick layer of snow-white ash, it make the endless remains appear even more terrifying!

Every inch of land is white in color, there is not a single vegetation in sight, waves of baleful aura leaked from the bony ground. The deeper they go, the denser the baleful aura become. In the end, hazy black clouds emerged from the bony ground, it make this eerie sea of death extremely terrifying.

They finally arrived next to the huge stone monolith after going forward for a few miles. Xiao Chen stopped his footstep as soon as they got here, he did not stop due to fear, it was due to the black fog, it seemed to have transformed into an energy vortex within the bones of the dead. Xiao Chen grabbed a piece of bone and toss it in front, and it was crushed in a split second!

They are still one mile away from the ancient stone monolith, a bizarre energy flow is preventing them from going forward! The black cloud is like the very image of a ghost, it keeps rolling over and over in front of them. It would even produce a mournful screech from time to time, the screech resembled cry of an evil spirit.

The spiritual light of Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang are flashing on and off with an indefinite frequency, one can see that they seemed to be very uneasy.

“Screech……!” A bone-chilling screech resounded, one five meter tall sinister skeleton is struggling within the black cloud, and then it collapsed in an instant.

“Shriek……!” A girl with disheveled hair is struggling and howling in grief, her upper body is seven to eight meter long, and it was covered with green-colored scales. The lower half of her body is actually a ten meter long snake tail! Even though her appearance is very pretty, and incomparably beautiful, she seemed very sinister at the moment. Along with her screech, all of the green-colored scales on her body are peeled off, scarlet blood are flowing out, after that her entire body exploded, leaving behind a wide expanse of bloody mist in the sky.

Soon after, a fifty meter long purple Tyrannical Dragon let out a world shaking roar. It is turning over and over in the thundering black cloud, it is swallowing and spewing out waves after waves of terrifying radiance that almost tore the space apart. It is indeed earth-shattering, it possessed abundant of tyrannical strength, but in the end it still crumbled with a loud bang, transforming into endless rain of blood!

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“Everything’s an illusion!” When Xiao Chen shut his pair of eyes, and opened it again, that terrifying scene before him faded away. The thundering black cloud really possesses a bizarre power.

“Perhaps it is replaying the history!” Xiao Chen didn’t dare to push forward, after all that black vortex is real. It is capable of crushing the skeletons, he’s afraid that even his body is not strong enough to resist.

“This island is known as Dragon Island, it is an uncultivated era, the Heavenly Monolith had eternally sealed the island! It is capable of sealing the Magic Power of the Dragon race that is as powerful as the deities, and confine them on this uninhabited island forever.”

Yizhen’s word reverberated in Xiao Chen’s mind, he knew that the hundred meter tall ancient monolith in front of him should be the terrifying divine monolith that sealed the Dragon Island!

Separated by one mile, they are unable to see the ancient monolith clearly. One after another belt-like magical cloud is lingering around, they can only make out the figure of the tall and majestic monolith.

This make Xiao Chen feel incomparably regretful! Since he heard the Dragon Island was sealed by a divine monolith, he had this outrageous mental association. Heavenly Monolith, Eternal Restrain: Yellow River…… and this Heavenly Monolith, Eternal Restrain: Dragon Island! Could they have some sort of connection? Could they have a common origin?

Xiao Chen had a pressing desire, he wanted to see the real face of the ancient monolith. To see if there is a similar Qi-Training Diagram behind the monolith! However, he was blocked off by the black cloud, he is unable to push his way through.

It seems like this place has a great influence on the three skeletons, they stood motionless in their original place. And Keke on the other hand seems to be very interested in this place. It climbed on top of a ten meter tall skeleton, and watch the ancient monolith in front of it attentively.

Xiao Chen stood in his original position for a good while, then he started to move, and begin to go around the stone monolith. He found out the area around the ancient monolith is a forbidden region. It is impossible to enter, he picked up a few meter long giant bone, and threw it for not more than ten meter into the black cloud, but it melted instantly like a snowflake under the scorching sun!

One can do naught but retreat after seeing such a devastating power!

When Xiao Chen arrived at the west side of the ancient monolith, the hair on his entire body suddenly stand on end, he could sense danger approaching! In that instant, he suddenly found a fossil-like figure standing within the forbidden black cloud region. It is very close to him, and it’s definitely not an illusion!


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