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Chapter 84 – Beauty

“Xiao Chen, you’re not thinking of a mass slaughter are you?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and said, “I don’t like to be passive, why should I wait for them to come and kill me? I will take the initiative to wipe them all out.”

It seemed like Lawrence’s body was really not that healthy, when he was in a fit of coughing, his slightly pale complexion turned red. Only until a long time later did it calm down, then he said, “You are seriously a dangerous person!”

“I have no other choice, they were the one who forced me into this situation. I only wanted to survive. Rather than passively waiting for dangers to approach, I’d rather take the initiate to attack!”

Lawrence gradually started to understand Xiao Chen’s personality. He was a very decisive person, he would never hesitate or be swayed for any reason.

“Do you need my help?”

“You…… want to help me?” This made Xiao Chen very surprised, his enemies right now were not some easy target. To offer his help in this kind of situation, it was equivalent to putting his life on the line.

“Let’s look out for each other. Maybe not long later I will need you to save my life.”

Even though Lawrence looked somewhat sickly, his real potential was extremely terrifying. He was even reputed as the king among practitioners of the same level, who could possibly threaten his life? Xiao Chen looked at him in puzzlement, and asked, “Could it be that on this dragon island, you also have some nemesis?”

“I don’t know. I just had a feeling. A pair of cold and gloomy eyes seemed to be locking on to me. It was not a good feeling, I was unable to pinpoint his exact location.” Lawrence was speaking very slowly, it seemed like this matter was shrouded in mystery.

“Very well, let’s look out for each other then.”

Lawrence didn’t explain in detail, Xiao Chen also didn’t try to dig too deeply. When both of them had already decided to help each other out, Lawrence laughed, but was somewhat callous when he said, “I haven’t killed anyone for quite a while, how about I help you get rid of all your misfortune tonight?”

Xiao Chen also laughed out loud, he could finally see what kind of person Lawrence was. He was not just all talk, this somewhat sickly, but extremely handsome Void Master was those passive type. However, he could be incomparably cold-hearted once he make a move.

They did not start the operation hastily, while maintaining their own condition in the past few days, they also paid close attention to the situation on the island.

The third day. Lawrence returned after understanding the situation and said, “I saw the Solitary Sword Demon!” Lawrence was clearly very thrilled to see this person.

“The Solitary Sword Demon?” Xiao Chen’s heart was stirred, he paid a visit to Buddhist Yizhen two days ago, and asked about the terrifying experts on the island. Buddhist Yizhen mentioned the Solitary Sword Demon was certainly one of them. He practiced the most powerful swordplay under the heaven.

According to rumor, the Solitary Sword Demon’s bloodline was out of ordinary. He was the descendant of the illusory Dugu Qiubai. This clan only had a single descendant in every era. ⌈1⌋ He named himself the Sword Demon as an encouragement to surpass his ancestor. He learned swordplay at the beach since childhood. When he was fifteen years old, he was capable of splitting nine huge waves. After twenty years old, he rarely had any adversary among his peers. He was an extremely terrifying person.

Buddhist Yizhen suspected the Sword Demon as the main driving force behind the big purge.

“Let me calculate if the time fit in!” Lawrence recalled his memory and pondered for a while, then he said, “The Solitary Sword Demon entered the heart of the dragon island a long time ago, but he only trained in front of the divine monolith for a while before he returned to practice his sword at the beach. It seems like the big purge occurred just around that time, perhaps…… your friend’s suspicion is correct.”

The both of them had already realized, if their speculation was correct, then the Solitary Sword Demon might cause a huge storm with his reappearance in the depths of the dragon island.

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When Xiao Chen and Lawrence were in the middle of a discussion, an alluring and lovely woman arrived at this place. It was actually a member of the Red Powder Alliance, her beauty was only second to Rowena. Her name was Lianna, she was extremely sexy and charming.

Her beautiful face was brimming with a foxy charm. The pupils of her eyes resembled water ripples. ⌈2⌋ Her beauty lured the soul in, snatching it from the body before one even noticed. Even though her lips were not smeared with lipstick, they still appeared incomparably bright and rosy. Her neck was as white as the swan’s, her towering twin peaks were standing erect. Her curvy waist was not lacking in any way. Her beautiful buttocks were ample and perfectly round. Along with her leisure steps, and slight movements, words can’t even describe how alluring it was. That pair of slender jade legs were fair and tender. They appeared faintly discernible under the skirt as they swayed back and forth, it was incomparably captivating. ⌈3

The silky skirt was brushed by the wind, she was elegant and graceful. It clearly outlined her indistinct curvy body, making her appear even more alluring. She was practically an evil spirit, one that specifically came for your soul.

The Red Powder Alliance was really well-informed. They actually found Xiao Chen at this place. Lawrence immediately concealed himself in the first moments and retreated. The Red Powder Alliance wanted to take one step further in regards to their alliance with Xiao Chen. Lianna wished to stay beside Xiao Chen and help him. Even though Lianna was indirect, the meaning was very clear, this was practically delivering a beauty to him.

Sending this kind of enchanting vixen to his door, one can see that the Red Powder Alliance really had an eye on Xiao Chen. They obviously wanted to use a beauty to acquire his trust and favorable impression.

Lianna was sweet and charming; After indirectly stating her purpose, like a flexible willow in the wind, she got beside Xiao Chen gracefully. Her smile was extremely flirtatious, her sexy red lips were flickering with an enticing luster, she lightly blew into Xiao Chen’s ear. Then she sat beside him naturally.

“How would you be able to help me?” Xiao Chen sat at the lakeside calmly. He didn’t move an inch.

“Although I cannot help you kill the enemy with my current ability……” Clearly, Lianna didn’t want to put herself in a dangerous situation. She smiled impishly, and said with a titter, “However, I can make you loosen up to the greatest extend possible……”

This kind of words could even be said to be extremely ambiguous. She got behind Xiao Chen as she said these, then she stretched out her jade-like fingers and started to knead his back. Then she exposed a lovely smile and said, “Don’t misunderstand oh. ⌈4⌋ I was saying to help you relax by massaging like this, to allow your tense muscles to loosen up……” This was clearly a trap, the more she told others not to misunderstand, the more ambiguous her movements and speech became. She lightly expelled a breath beside Xiao Chen’s ear, and the movements on Xiao Chen’s back became even bolder.

Xiao Chen seemed to be enjoying this kind of massage very much. He comfortably stretched his body, and said very seriously, “It was pretty good.”

Lianna cast a flirtatious glance at Xiao Chen, and sat beside him. Her soft body was practically leaning against Xiao Chen’s body. Then she said, “I expended a great deal of effort, yet you are only using a few words of praise?”

“Then how do you want me to reward you?” The corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth lifted up as he looked into her eyes.

“I haven’t thought about it yet. But at the very least, you must help me get stronger. The situation on the dragon island is very complicated now, everyone’s life is on the line. Confidence only come with strength.”

“The development of one’s ability, how could other people help with that, you can only rely on your own bitter training.”

Lianna leaned against Xiao Chen, her delicate body was almost entirely reclined on Xiao Chen’s body. Waves of body fragrance transmitted over here, she said in a soft voice, “I know you definitely have a special training method. Otherwise how could you keep making a breakthrough, I know it is impossible for you to teach me all your secret techniques, but a few tricks is still fine right?”

Xiao Chen immediately understood. The Red Powder Alliance not only had an eye for his strength. They were also interested in his training method.

Lianna’s tender waist was like a snake’s, her arms were as gentle as the willow, she made Xiao Chen’s right hand wrap around her slender waist, both her arms were hanging on to Xiao Chen’s neck. She was extremely gentle and lovely. It was as if her cheeks had been dyed red by the sun. Her tender and rosy skin were so soft that it felt like a drop of water. ⌈5

Waves of female specific fragrance directly transfused into Xiao Chen’s nose. And Lianna even twisted her body, grazing the tip of her hair on Xiao Chen’s cheeks unceasingly. Her sexy and alluring body stuck onto Xiao Chen like a glue, she was as hot as fire, and as soft as water. This kind of ambiguous provocation seriously caught people’s heartstrings.

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Just at this time, Xiao Chen lightly pushed her away, he stood up and said with a smile, “It is already time for lunch, please go roast some wild animals for Keke and me first. Oh, while you’re at it, also roast some lake fishes. One more thing, Keke is fond of eating fruits after meal, please also prepare some.”

Lianna was dumbstruck, could this man be a blockhead? If he remains unmoved, then so be it. But he actually made this kind of enchanting woman go gather firewood and cook outdoor?

“Xiao Chen, you…… When will you teach me some secret technique?”

“My technique is a little hard to learn. It is not fit for a girl to practice.”

“How hard could it be? You are definitely making fun of me.”

“It’s true. In regards to a girl. In order to learn this divine technique, one has to first castrate himself.” ⌈6⌋ Xiao Chen lifted Keke who was sleeping soundly on the ground and left with large strides.

“That…… is nonsense! How can a woman castrate?!”

“Infinitely close to man.”

Lianna was fuming, she stood at the same place and was stamping her feet while grinding her teeth.

“She lost her temper that quickly?” Lawrence was watching Xiao Chen while sitting on top of an ancient tree.

Xiao Chen laughed innocently, he half joked without the slightest care in the world, “This woman was really a seductive evil spirit. I am an ordinary man, it was only natural if something were to happen. However, she was still too foxy in the end. Moreover, she came with an impure goal. This kind of bait can be eaten up, but one needs to carefully take off the fishhook.”

Lawrence said, “From what I find out these past few days. Except for the extraordinary beautiful Lord Rowena, everyone else from the Red Powder Alliance had once come into contact with experts from various big alliances. Apparently, this Lianna had even followed the Solitary Sword Demon once.”

“If that is true, then I better remain at a respectful distance.”

The two were going to start their secret operation soon.

Lawrence eventually concealed himself again. Xiao Chen called Lianna over here, then he smiled and said, “May I request Lady Lianna’s help now?”

Lianna was pretending to be shy, her pair of eyes could hook one’s soul, she was incomparably foxy. She smiled flirtatiously and said, “How can I be of help?”

“Please go back to the assembly point of the practitioners and tell everyone; I will definitely destroy the Nature Alliance founded by Yaluo De within ten days.”

“You don’t believe us Red Powder Alliance?”

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“No, I truly believe you.”

“This kind of news should be kept confidential. And why must you spread the words via us?”

“Some people must be intimidated with absolute strength, I want to let them know I am not someone to be taken lightly!”

“With this kind of move, I bet you want to kill the chicken to make an example of the monkeys?

“I suppose…”

After a short discussion, Lianna left gracefully.

The news spread like wildfire, this was undoubtedly one kind of forceful declaration of war. Recently, Xiao Chen stirred up some storm. The big battle at the snowy mountain; He showed off an undeniably powerful battle aura. Even those who were reputed to be the strongest among the young practitioners couldn’t help but pay close attention to him now.

The assembly point of the practitioners turned into a turmoil. Many people were looking forward to this battle. Even more were looking forward to Xiao Chen’s big battle with Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton after this battle, because that’s a battle that could not be avoided.

Needless to wait for ten days, just as the curtain of the first night draws near, Xiao Chen and Lawrence were already getting ready to move.

“Lawrence, put this near your chest and the middle of the back.” Xiao Chen gave a few pieces of Keke’s colorful jade shell to Lawrence.

After Lawrence received it, he could feel the rock-hard surface of the colorful jade shell. Then he asked, “Are you afraid that I can’t block Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger?”

“If we’re fighting face to face, I believe you will be able to block it. But if he attacked in the dark, it was seriously impossible to defend effectively. If it was not for the colorful jade shell last time, I might not be standing here and talking to you now.”

“Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger is really as terrifying as the legend says?”

“Although it was already not the same ‘Xiao Li’ back in those days, anyone who could exhibit the full potential of this divine technique is still very terrifying.”

Lawrence was not some arrogant guy who was unable to recognize other’s good intentions. He listened to Xiao Chen’s suggestion, and used a few colorful jade shell to protect his vital parts.

Xiao Chen woke Keke who was in a deep sleep by shaking it a few times, then he said, “Don’t run all over the place after you wake up, wait for us here.”

Keke half consciously blinked its big eyes, and intuitively nodded its head. After that, it re-entered the land of dreams.

Xiao Chen faced the three skeletons and said, “You guys don’t need to make a move tonight, but you must follow us at a good distant. Just in case we exhausted our strength, you must carry us back.”

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The three skeletons nodded their head to express their understanding.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence decided to let loose and wage a war, everything had already been set up properly.

The starlight was pretty dim tonight, darkness shrouded the mountain woods. It appeared especially eerie.

Xiao Chen was like a wisp of smoke, he quickly rushed towards the practitioner’s assembly point. Lawrence was capable of flight, and left behind a streak of light in the sky. The three skeletons followed them from a distant away.

Their first raiding target tonight was the Treant’s Valley. Xiao Chen decided to pull up Zhao Lin Er’s strength first, and then followed by the Nature Alliance established by Yaluo De and Chaos. The rumor they spread out previously was in order to create a diversion. After he get rid of these side threat, it will be the best time to challenge experts on the level of Yan Qing Cheng and Carlos.

This is going to be a bloody night……

Two ultimate experts such as Xiao Chen and Lawrence made an appearance in the Treant’s Valley Alliance. The two of them executed a thunderous massacre. The miserable shriek pierced the calm of the night. In the darkness, a piece of green-colored light screen appeared in front of Lawrence, several hundred meter square of space was enveloped by that light screen. He was in absolute control of the space! Everywhere he passed through, all the resistance will be crushed.

Once a few practitioners from the Treant’s Valley were confined in this space, their life or death were already completely in control of Lawrence. The meteor shower created by the power of the void was as beautiful as the gorgeous fireworks, but they were very deadly! The few practitioners didn’t have any ability to retaliate, they were all penetrated without resistance.

For this battle, Xiao Chen didn’t even need to make a move, and Lawrence had already wiped the battlefield clean. Void Master really lived up to their name as the most renowned practitioners. He was reaping everyone’s life like a Death God.

In the end, Xiao Chen didn’t find any traces of Zhao Lin Er. They found out from a member of the Treant’s Valley; It seemed like Zhao Lin Er could feel dangers approaching, so she already left by herself immediately after returning from the snowy mountain.

The miserable shriek alarmed the surrounding alliances, a huge commotion immediately broke out in this region.

Lawrence’s cloth was stained by a few traces of blood, he had a really bloodthirsty smile at the moment as he said, “I presume Yan Qing Cheng and the rest should be at the Nature Alliance. God knows if they will come here after learning about the situation.” This Void Master looked somewhat weak and ghastly on quiet days, but he can be really fierce and ruthless once he make a move.

Just at this time, a huge commotion suddenly break out in the dark of the night. Miserable shriek was transmitted from a distant place unceasingly. Soon after, the sound of massacre pierced through the skies. On this dark gloomy night, a huge turmoil actually took place at the practitioner’s assembly point!

Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at each other in dismay. They thought of the Solitary Sword Demon at the same time.

Right now, the big showdown between various alliances are taking place! This was a game between the schemers, they actually chose tonight to be their day of operation! The sound of massacre shook the heaven, it was very obvious that many alliances had been drawn into the turmoil. This was a battle royal between different factions, this was a premeditated massacre, the big purge was happening again.

All those rules that restrict the alliances totally lost their effects a long time ago. After each schemers got in touch with sufficient power, they began a new round of big purge. Their goal was definitely to get rid of their respective enemy, this was a confrontation between the schemers. Some ambitious schemers might succeed, and expand their influence one step further, while others might be completely annihilated.

“Xiao Chen, this is a good opportunity.”

“I know!” Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes glinted with a chilly ray of light.

On this chaotic night, they relied on their powerful ability to clear their path to the Nature Alliance. They inevitably ran into many battles between various alliances on the way, the two of them kill as they go.

Xiao Chen seized a long sword, and the sword aura streaked across the night sky smoothly. Everyone who dared to rush towards him was now among the pool of blood. Lawrence was just as terrifying, it was as if all the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky ran into their worst adversary. Nobody was able to stop him.

They slaughtered their way to the Nature Alliance. This place had also turned into a battlefield, the Nature Alliance was actually wiped out by others a long time ago.

“The corpse of Yaluo De and Chaos cannot be found.” After Xiao Chen searched around carefully, he followed after the bloodstain.

This was indeed a chaotic night. Almost all the alliances in this area had participated in the war. This was a desperate confrontation, the bellow of rage was ear-splitting, the practitioners everywhere were fighting at the risk of their life, the weak could only be slaughtered. The glaring sword aura, the berserking spiritual attack, the terrifying spell, and the resplendent rays of light illuminated the dark night.


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