Chapter 159 – Touch Upon the Bottom Line

When the sixth slap was coming, Zhuge Kun shut his mouth. He knew he was just wasting his breath. He cursed inwardly, “Mother f—! Who do you think you are? You even dare to anger the scion of Zhuge Family and won’t let me go. Once I get out of here, I will find someone to pinch you to death!”

As if he could read his mind, Xiao Chen slapped him another twenty times before coming to a stop.

“I only hit the face.” Looking at the pig head in front of him, Xiao Chen said uncaringly.

“You… come over here!” Xiao Chen pointed at Hofmann.

Hofmann was so angry that the roots of his teeth were itching, but he had no choice other than yielding to him.

Xiao Chen told Zhuge Kun and Hofmann, “The both of you slap each other twenty times. If I am satisfied, we’ll call it a day with this.”

Their face immediately twitched. With their status, they actually got humiliated like this again and again. Their eyes burned with rage.

“What, still haven’t had enough? You want me to do it myself?!”

“We will do it ourselves!” Zhuge Kun immediately cut in and with a “slap”, he slapped Hofmann in the face.

“Did you skip your meal? Hit harder!”


“Ouch! You f—— Zhuge pig head. You really dared to hit me harder?!” Hofmann turned his hand over and slapped his face in return.

“Slap… Slap…”

The noise rang out constantly. The two of them seemed to have forgotten each other’s status and thrashed each other to give vent. The slapping sound never stopped. Only after they slapped each other more than thirty times did they stop.

Right now, their eyes were already “sealed”. The flesh around the eyes swelled profusely. They were only able to form tiny slits with their eyes. Their eyes looked like two bloody gourd.

“Alright, that’s enough. I didn’t expect you guys hate each other this much.” First, Xiao Chen ridiculed them, then he said, “Now, let us talk. Let’s see how we can settle the problem from last time.”

Austrian let out a breath of relief. It seemed like Xiao Chen didn’t have the intention to hit him.

But Hofmann and Zhuge Kun almost jumped up. What did he mean talk about the problem from last time? Then what was that earlier? Could it be that they had been hit for nothing? Could it be that it had only just begun? The two of them almost burst out.

“Tenax is a sacred beast, but you guys killed it. The both of you prepare one million gold coins each.”

“@#%¥!” Hofmann was so startled that he blurted a foul word right away.

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“One million?!” Zhuge Kun was so shocked that he nearly fainted in the hot spring.

Just how much was one million gold coins? Even if they were beaten to death, they still couldn’t come up with such a sum. Their family had great influence in the south. Although they were not the first successor of the family, they were still the direct line of descendant. Despite that, their own assets only added up to approximately ninety thousand gold coins respectively. One million gold coins was really too far from them, unless they were in control of the family.

Two gold coins were enough to have the highest quality feasts. One could very well imagine what a ridiculous sum was one million gold coins.

“What, you guys have objection?” Xiao Chen sneered and said, “Sacred beast is priceless. Even if you have money, you won’t necessarily be able to buy it! In such a big wasteland and mountain range, no more than two or three can be caught in ten years time. Let’s not even mention the rarest young sacred beast. If they are breed properly, in a few dozen of years or up to a century, they will definitely turn into the most loyal and most powerful partner. What you guys killed was a sacred beast, do you understand?!” Xiao Chen extended his tone on purpose and roared at the two in front of him.

Zhuge Kun cursed inwardly: Mother f—! This guy is like a lion when he opened his mouth. Only a ghost would believe that is a sacred beast. Even if that is true, it is definitely still alive. Otherwise, how could you sit here so calmly and hit us like bamboo sticks? He’s obviously blackmailing us!

Hofmann was feeling just as sullen. He was always the one blackmailing others. Murder, firebombing, ****, he had done all kind of bad deeds. Why did he get such a bad luck today to run into this freak. He vowed to himself: Don’t let me get out of here alive, otherwise I will not stop until you are dead!

“My entire assets only add up to eighty thousand gold coins.” Zhuge Kun bit his lips and said, “I don’t have that much even if you kill me.”

“I also only have eighty thousand plus gold coins.” Hofmann was so sullen that he wanted to cough out blood. His words sounded so very familiar. Wasn’t this the tone people usually used to talk to him? Just what’s going on today? How did he become the target of extortion? Oh how times had changed.

“Well then, each of you pay eighty thousand gold coins upfront. Ask your men to go get it. I will wait here.”

Speaking until here, Xiao Chen fished up two guy with swelling tummy from the water. The two of them were Sixth Celestial Layer practitioners and usually abused their power. They were the personal bodyguards of these scions. However, they were really too miserable today. They were made to drink a bellyful of hot spring water.

Xiao Chen repeated what he said earlier to these thirty years old men. The two of them looked at him resentfully. Then they looked at their respective masters.

“Now get out of my sight.” Xiao Chen shouted coldly.

Only until the two of them left did Zhuge Kun, Hofmann, Lidong Bo, and Austrian regained themselves. This… This guy was actually playing for real! He actually dared to send them to collect money from two big families!!

He was actually serious. Was this guy nuts?!

So be it if he beat up the scions of two big families, the older generation could only turn a blind eye to it. That was, after all, the problem between youth generation. However, this guy actually dared to drop in and ask for a large sum of gold coins. They had seen someone crazy before, but not this crazy!

The older generation experts could not easily get involved with the problem of the youth generation, but that also had a “limit”. Only a foreign guest like Xiao Chen, who “didn’t fully understand” the rules of the immortal’s mainland, would dare to “do things at his own pace”.

The older generation experts couldn’t interfere as they wished, that was only because of some unwritten rules. However, if it affected the family’s reputation, they would have an excuse to make their move.

Zhuge Family and Mander Family were one of the first rate distinguished families in the south. They cared about their face very much. If Xiao Chen snatched away a few thousand gold coins from Zhuge Kun and Hofmann in private, then so it be. That was still the problem between the youth generation. However, to send someone to two big families to ask for a large sum of gold coins in bright daylight, that was touching upon the bottomline.

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After a middle-aged man in the Reagan Family received this news, he frowned in the study room and asked, “Where did this Xiao Chen come from? He’s actually so arrogant!”

At the side, a black-clothed man who seemed to have blended with the shadow reported, “According to the investigation, he came from the mortal world and displayed extraordinary power on the dragon island.”

“That came out from his own mouth. I am not too convinced that he really came from the mortal world. With such a tyrannical behavior, it gives me a really bad feeling. Maybe… He came from the deepest part of the south!” The middle-aged man revealed a worried expression.

“According to our investigation, when they departed from that ancient town at the south sea, they mysteriously disappeared for about a month. They arrived at Celestial City in exactly thirty plus days. We couldn’t find out where did they go during these period of time.” The person in the shadow answered.

The anxiety on the middle-aged man’s face became heavier. He muttered to himself, “They mysteriously disappeared for one month, they must have returned to the deepest part of the south. My speculation might be true. Thirty years ago, that person came from the deepest part of the south and made the younger generation of an influential family in Celestial City suffer. Because of this, a huge disaster almost broke out!” ⌈1

“My lord, you are saying… the ancient legend passed down in the south is real? The legend regarding how few of the strongest hid in the deepest part of the south?! But… Didn’t they say those group of people had been sealed? All of them… completely… sealed on that island since ancient times?!” The person in the shadow felt a little tongue-tied. He stumbled over his words.

“There’s a lot more ancient secrets regarding the depths of the south than you can imagine!”

At the same time, in the Zhuge Family. Zhuge Kun’s father also frowned.

“One month of blank space… Don’t tell me that boy really came from the depths of the south? His action is practically the same as that guy from thirty years ago.” ⌈2

The person beside him asked respectfully, “My lord, is it true that there’s a few ancient mythological figures in the south? They really didn’t die?!”

“They were the few “sovereigns” at that time. Getting out alive was extremely possible. Even if they no longer exist in the world, leaving a one or two descendents behind is not a big problem.”

“No wonder no one can ever come back from the depths of the south alive……” The person beside him felt a little apprehensive.

Zhuge Kun’s father heaved a sigh and said, “There’s still a lot of secrets in the depths of the south that we do not know of. That clan is not the only one there!” Speaking until here, he turned his head and shouted angrily, “This ******* has done so many bad deeds, it is time to teach him a lesson. Tell him to wipe his own *** by himself, I will not meddle in this issue!”

In VIP area two of the Paradise Spa, Zhuge Kun and Hofmann exposed a triumphant smile.

This Xiao Chen was really a madman, he actually dared to send people to the two big families to ask for a large sum of gold coins. Maybe one or two old farts in the families would come out personally, let’s see if he could still keep up with this act at that time.

Lidong Bo and Austrian also looked like they were getting ready to watch a good show. Madman, we don’t dare to provoke you now, but let’s see if you can get the last laugh. If you provoked an old fart from the family, you are going to be screwed!

However, after the Sixth Celestial Layer experts returned with the news, Zhuge Kun and Hofmann immediately became flabbergasted. The words from their families were almost identical: Wipe your own *** by yourself, don’t rely on the family to wipe your *** for you. They were completely dumbstruck. Until the Sixth Celestial Layer experts repeated these words in their ears quietly did they regain themselves.

Just where did this Xiao Chen come from? He actually made their father a little apprehensive. Could it be that he has a really deep background?!

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Seeing their expression, Lidong Bo and Austrian’s mood to watch a show was destroyed. They could roughly guess the result. They found it a little inconceivable.

“You guys actually didn’t bring me the gold coins. The two of you can continue drinking!” Xiao Chen directly forced the two Sixth Celestial Layer bodyguards into the hot spring. And on the other side, more than ten guards with round belly were gagging and spitting out water.

“Looks like the two of you cannot accept this. Then I will continue to soften your muscles and bones.” Xiao Chen smiled as he walked towards Zhuge Kun and Hofmann.

“St… Stop! This time for sure, I will send someone to get the gold coins.” Zhuge Kun clenched his teeth and ran over to one of the guards that were right in the middle of coughing out water. He told him, “Go find my housekeeper and ask him to deliver the gold coins.”

Since it was already like this, Hofmann also instructed his underlings to do the same without delay. He was so sullen that he wanted to cough out blood. He made an oath silently, “As long as I can get out from this damnable place smoothly, I will definitely find someone to kill this savage scoundrel and get back all the gold coins, not leaving a single piece behind.”

At the same time Zhuge Kun and Hofmann’s hearts were bleeding, they were also feeling puzzled. Why did their family ignore their pleas? This didn’t make any sense!

But how could they know that Xiao Chen’s action was exactly the same as a certain someone thirty years ago. He was suspected to have come from the same place and made their father endlessly apprehensive.

Not more than half an hour later, two groups of people walked towards VIP area two of the Paradise Spa, each of them was carrying a sack of gold coins. It caused a lot of people who entered the Paradise Spa to feel flabbergasted.

Xiao Chen felt a little speechless. With this much gold coins, he wouldn’t be able to carry all of them by himself.

“Are you guys crazy? Are you guys trying to make fun of me deliberately? Go convert them into banknotes!”

“Huff! Huff!” After catching their breath, the two groups of people retreated quickly.

However, the news hereby spread out. Those who could afford to come to this place were those who had a certain status. Many of them were in Zhuge Kun and Hofmann’s circle. There’s no lack of young masters or scions. There were also plenty of upper-class ladies and celebrities. So much so that there were also a lot of powerful figures who came from other regions for the warbeast tournament in Celestial City.

“Hey, did you know? Two dregs of society ended up disastrously today. They were forced to pay several tens of thousands of gold coins to redeem themselves.”

“Have you heard? The two scums from Zhuge Family and Reagan Family were beaten up today!”

“Big news! Big news! Zhuge Kun and Hofmann got beaten up until their mother couldn’t recognize them anymore. Right now, they have no choice but to obediently exchange their life with gold coins.”

“Those two are usually so savage, I knew it would cost them dearly one of these days. However, that Xiao Chen is indeed a madman among the madman.”

“Those two guys lose their face completely. However, that Xiao Chen is really so brave! He actually dared to do this.”

In a short amount of time, almost everyone in Paradise Spa had heard of this. It was impossible for Xiao Chen not to be well known anymore. In addition to how he defeated the genius Wuxing Feng before, his reputation rose sharply.

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