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Chapter 12 – Ancient Tyrannical Dragon


The sword suddenly lit up with a dazzling glow, sending waves of criss-crossed Sword Auras throughout the forest!

Xiao Chen was heavily injured, his movements were not as fast and nimble as before. In the end, the Imperial Angel still caught up to him. Now, he could only leave it up to fate and fight.

The forest fire was already extinguished, filling the mountain woods with darkness once more. However, the glorious ray from the sword constantly lit up the area. Combined with the lightning high above the sky, the forest was laid to waste.

As a member of the Imperial Household, it was only natural that Zhao Lin Er had learned a top-notch Secret Technique; it was the famous Rainbow Sword Secret Arts. Her whole body was enveloped by a bright and beautiful rainbow, she sets off the rainbow-colored Sword Aura unceasingly in the midst of the rainy night.

Xiao Chen confronted the enemy head-on with his wounded body and danced around wildly, his eyes were cold and the longsword looked like a rainbow when it was brandished. However, he wasn’t able to fight back and forced to retreat again.

Even though the world was enveloped by the endless darkness and increased his chance to escape, but Zhao Lin Er was really too fast. The technique she practiced was the “Transient Light: Heavenly Steps.” It was a technique capable of standing side by side with the “Light Weight Technique of Bodhidharma.” With fast yet graceful steps, she firmly locked her attention on Xiao Chen.

In the midst of the endless darkness, the heavy rain poured, and Xiao Chen was dashing in the forest. The blood gushed up to his throat, he was almost unable to endure the wound. However, the murderous aura behind him was getting closer and closer, the rainbow-colored Sword Aura will reach him soon.

He soared into the sky and twisted his body around in midair, then he spread out a piece of gorgeous light screen. It seemed like the stars had fallen from the heaven itself, the light screen extinguished the rainbow aura that was launched towards him and barely escaped death. After that, his longsword lit up and a dazzling sword aura was launched straight ahead just like a gorgeous silver dragon. It seemed as if it was going to fuse with the lightning that fell from the sky.

The approaching Sword Aura forced Zhao Lin Er to withdraw, then Xiao Chen used that chance to flee. With the heavy downpour very late at the night, all the creatures were already in hibernation. Apart from the sound of the rain and thunder, there was no any other sound.

Xiao Chen knew this cannot continue, he must change his course of action or else he would inevitably die. He singled out a single path, then he turned around and ran towards the dense mountain forest in that direction. Whether or not he could get out of this alive depends on this bet!

Even though the howling sound of the beasts could not be heard in the other areas, one could still find traces of their footprint. Only this direction was completely vacant, there was not a single trace of any beasts in such a big mountain forest. Although the thunder roared unceasingly and the torrential rain continued to fall, for some reason, this region of forest gave people some indescribable deathly silent kind of feeling.

It was as if this was the territory of a powerful beast!

A baleful aura spread out from the depths the mountain forest, even the rain water was incapable of obstructing it.

However, Xiao Chen did not stop and kept going straight at lightning speed. On the other hand, Zhao Lin Er was overwhelmed by shock. She could feel the frightening aura of the fiend. That aura was something that could only be accomplished by a fiend that had killed myriads of creatures, great danger lies ahead!

However, even though she was a bit hesitant, she still chased after Xiao Chen. If she missed this opportunity today, she might not have a chance to kill him anymore. Since it had already begun, it ain’t possible to stop now.


All of a sudden, a deep and low roar echoed from the depths of the mountain forest. A gale that was reeking of blood blew in a straight line, causing the forest trees to dance wildly. Along with the wind, a dreadful creature was quickly approaching.

The rainwater tilted as it was blown by the gale, the tree leaves scattered, and the ground trembled!


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The loud roar completely suppressed the thunder, even the perpetual mountain ridge started to tremble. From within the primitive ancient forest appeared a huge monster, the enormous body of the beast was enveloped by a hazy green radiance. As if there was a mountain was standing tall and upright, the inexhaustible demonic aura was emitted by that monster.

It was because of the appearance of this vicious beast earlier that gave Xiao Chen the opportunity to smoothly exterminate Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue. Right now, as he was being cornered by the Imperial Angel, he wanted to draw out the ancient beast to force her to retreat.

At present, not only Zhao Lin Er, even Xiao Chen was stupefied. He finally knew the origin of the vicious beast that was capable of standing toe-to-toe against the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon for an entire night.

This vicious beast was actually the Tyrannical Dragon from ancient folklore!

It could grow up to fifty meters in length, and up to twenty meters in height. With a pair of sturdy and thick hind legs, it could run with only its hind legs. Its upper limbs were exposed, the sharp and scary dragon claws were flickering with glaring cold radiance.

Its huge head was sinister and scary, the six to seven meters long sharp horn on its head was flickering with an awe-inspiring bluish green light. Its pair of green eyes were almost as big as a millstone, a chilly radiance was reflected from the pair of eyes. The sharp teeth were scary as each were as sharp as a shiny broadsword.

The crocodile like green tail lengthen out to twenty or so meters. Without a doubt, the tail contains immeasurable power as it could annihilate everything in its path without much effort. Its body was entirely covered by green scales, flickering with terrifying green radiance. It seemed especially magical under this dark rainy night.

It possessed many terrifying wounds on its body, there were missing scales in many of the regions. It was evidently the results of the fierce fight with the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon that night.

A baleful aura permeated all over its body, it was not hard to imagine how many creatures had already been torn apart by this monster. According to the legend, it was one of the strongest even amongst the top-level ancient dragon race. Only a few could reach this level of physical strength. It was revered as an overlord, besides summoning the cloud, it could also manipulate the lightning, and even move in the air freely. Even the gods were unwilling to rashly provoke it.

Evidently, the clash of the longswords attracted it here, the glorious radiance of the sword aroused its curiosity. It came to realize that someone had invaded its territory. A single roar caused the mountain ridge to shake, with its huge draconic body that resembled a tiny hill, it pressed on towards Xiao Chen and Zhao Lin Er’s direction.

Zhao Lin Er’s expression was really ugly to behold. When she saw Xiao Chen who was not far ahead of her, she burst into a fit of rage and pressed on with her longsword once more. Xiao Chen had no other choice but to brace himself to dash towards the vicious dragon once again.

The earth trembled violently as the ancient beast approached them. The both of them were already unable to stand steadily, they swayed endlessly in the process of running.

The legendary Tyrannical Dragon was getting closer and closer, Zhao Lin Er finally turned around helplessly and left regretfully. This type of legendary ancient beast was really too scary, one second late and you’re toast.

Xiao Chen felt a nip in the air, he actually drew close to within fifty meters of the Tyrannical Dragon. That huge monster would get in front of him with just three or four more steps. Its pair of huge green eyes had already firmly locked onto him!

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