Chapter 79 – A Battle That Make One Cringe

The instigators were still hooting, but Xiao Chen quickly understood, the majority of the people also quickly come to realize; This kind of instigation won’t have much effect. Those who can enter the dragon island were not stupid either, who would willingly let others use them as tools?

It was obvious that those instigators were deliberately acting like this, they belong to a certain alliances, the head of those alliances wanted to take this opportunity to make their move. They wanted to incite people they could trust and test Xiao Chen’s strength, then they will kill Xiao Chen in the confusion. After that, the real experts will make their move and snatch the dragon eggs.

No matter where, there will always be a strive as long as people exist. The dragon island is the prime example, even in an unknown land, they will fight and scheme against each other, killing each other mutually, that is something that cannot be avoided. People’s heart and nature are very complicated, nobody can perfectly describe them.

The Spell Master and Psychic were scared of the avalanche, so they flew high up in the sky, and took the lead.

However, a miserable scream followed soon after, “AHHH!”

Xiao Chen actually soared into the sky, he jumped more than ten meter high, his entire body was throbbing with divine flame, he swept his right leg across, and actually sliced one Spell Master across the middle! The rain of blood swirled in the air, two halves of the body fell down from the sky.

That was too sudden, nobody ever thought Xiao Chen could actually be that fast, it almost seemed like he was flying. In an instant, he actually killed an Exuvia Third Celestial Layer Spell Master.

To actually get killed by a Martial Artist high up in the sky, this was an absolute disgrace for any Spell Master capable of flying. However, the deceased could not feel the shame anymore, he had consequently lost his life for eternity.

“Everyone together, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“No matter how strong is he, there’s no way he can take on our numbers.”


Xiao Chen’s gaze was ice-cold, he already locked on to the few who were yelling. Even though he knew without them yelling, those who ought to come up will still come up. Nevertheless, he wanted to get rid of these few people first to show his determination.

And just at this time, more than ten Spell Master and Psychic already flew overhead of Xiao Chen. Even more practitioners that cannot fly climbed to the snowy summit, they surrounded Xiao Chen in the middle.

Divine radiance flickered in Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes, he was not fearful. Among these people, those who reached Exuvia Third Celestial Layer could already be considered an expert, there were only a few who reached Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer. If he wants to get away, he can do so without a hitch.

Thunderous roars burst out from within Xiao Chen’s body, the “North Star Constellation” light screen actually appeared in front of him. This light screen was dubbed as the “Sealed God” by Xiao Chen.

When those Spell Master and Psychic in the sky shoot one after another divine radiance downwards, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages like the shooting star. He easily dodged all the berserk energy storm. At the same time, the “Sealed God” light screen radiated with an incomparably dazzling radiance. It blocked a portion of the spells that were raining down on his, and he quickly rushed towards the practitioners who were besieging him on the ground.

Xiao Chen already rushed into the crowds, his target was those people who lit the fire. Using his palm like a blade, he chopped Yaluo De’s underling from the waist. The palm blade shone with glorious divine radiance, it was not stained by the blood at all.

Continuing on, Xiao Chen left behind an afterimage in the original place, and evaded everyone’s combined attack. He appeared in front of a member from Treant’s Valley. His left palm lightly streaked across, and a head with terrified expression flew sideways. It gave rise to a rain of blood, the dead body only fell towards the ground after Xiao Chen left.

A divine light flashed by with a “swish”, Xiao Chen break away from the mob, and appeared close to another member of the Nature Alliance. The North Star light screen in front of him blocked the glaring sword radiance from view. Xiao Chen swished past like a lightning, and that person’s body was actually divided into half. Xiao Chen bore through right between the two halves of the body.

Watery blood splashed everywhere! In just a brief moment, the snowy summit was filled with miserable shriek from time to time. The blood already dyed the snowy ground red.

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The Spell Master’s magic attack, and the Psychic’s bizarre attack transformed into one after another terrifying light beam. The attack landed on the snowy summit hysterically, the divine splendor made this snowy summit appear incomparably dazzling.

The “Sealed God” light screen followed Xiao Chen closely, it kept rotating around with Xiao Chen as the center, and helped him block the infinite energy attack. Most of the attack from the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were successfully disintegrated.

Xiao Chen’s strength caused everyone to feel shocked! They originally thought they could have suppressed him with numbers, but who would have thought they would suffer casualties as soon as it started. The Spell Master and Psychic would swoop down from the sky unceasingly, the terrifying spells were like a meteor shower, the bizarre attacks were more like a tide. The glaring lightning, flame, wind blade, and ice lance were wreaking havoc everywhere!

However, even all of these were unable to stop Xiao Chen. After reaching Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, he can already completely bring the God of the North Star under control. He didn’t have to rely on luck like that time with Lawrence.

The North Star Constellation flickered and lit up the sky, the resplendent rays of light almost enveloped Xiao Chen’s entire body. After the spells and bizarre energies were assimilated by the sealed god light screen, the North Star Constellation became much brighter. In the end, blazing rays of light rose into the sky like a volcanic eruption. It swallowed up four Spell Master and Psychic who were swooping down.

That was a really shocking scene, there was a raging conflagration in midair, but that was not a flame, it was a resplendent ray of light. The sealed god light screen enclosed above Xiao Chen’s head, it crushed a few Spell Master and Psychic who rushed over here in an instant.

This made everyone once again realize Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability!

However, it is impossible for everyone to back out now. Since the situation was already like this, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky, as well as the practitioners on the ground had no other choice but to let out a rallying cry and gang-up Xiao Chen.



The battle on the snowy summit was incomparably intense, the cry even shook the heaven. More than thirty practitioners were attacking Xiao Chen from all sides.

The audiences on the other snowy peak were very astonished, just what kind of realm had Xiao Chen reached? He was actually waging a war with all the outstanding heroes all by himself, his strength was really too astonishing.

The light screen formed from seven energy-converted stars was like a divine armor adorned on Xiao Chen’s body. The rays of light it emitted caused even the sun in the sky to lose its splendor! Xiao Chen’s hair was disheveled, he used the divine sword he seized by force to massacre the crowds.

The sword aura soared forth, weaving about in rage!

When Xiao Chen swept it around, nobody could stop it, everywhere the divine sword swept past, blood gushed out unceasingly. The light screen on his external body had already transformed into a bloody screen. A bloody mist lingered on the snowy summit, the pungent smell of blood was carried by the wind.


The divine sword was like a rainbow as it beheaded one fierce practitioner, plenty of blood splashed on the summit.


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The iron sword was merciless, it cut off the body of one practitioner from shoulder to waist, the eerie white bones, and the scarlet blood were especially unpleasant to the eyes. It caused people to be terrified.


The blood-stained divine sword directly split open half of one practitioner’s skull. The white matter flowed out, and fresh blood rushed forth accordingly. The dead body collapsed on the ground, words can’t even describe how bloody and despairing the situation was.

Soon after, the blazing sword aura was raised to the sky, the dazzling light beam penetrated three Spell Master and Psychic’s body in that instant. A lot of blood gushed out from the bloody hole, and dyed the sky red.

This was an extremely desperate battle!

The heavens paled in fear at the blood-stained sword, when the North Star Constellation soared towards the heavens, even the clouds were blasted apart. Xiao Chen had absolute supremacy in this battle. After the North Star light screen dissipated, his long hair was also stained red by the blood. Blood were dripping from the tip of the divine sword, his hair danced hysterically with the wind, his sharp gaze and lofty figure, all of these were carved deeply into everyone’s heart. Even after many years later, this image will not be easy to erase.

Translator’s Note:

Rawr! Let the blood-fest commence!

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