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Chapter 155 – Rainbow-colored Dragon Cocoon

Celestial City was very old, no one knew in which era it was established. So much so that they didn’t even know how it had emerged in the south desolate region. There were a lot of unimaginable epic sagas regarding this place. And due to its grand scale, the sagas spread far and wide, turning it into the most famous city in the immortal’s mainland.

When he flew close to the Celestial City, Xiao Chen could keenly feel the breath of vicissitudes. Although he also felt it the first time he arrived at Celestial City, it was far from comparable to now.

In front, it felt like there was an indomitable giant fast asleep over there. Yet, at the same time, it felt like an ancient space had formed into another world.

As if the oceans were surging with dreadful foaming billows, as if the boundless continent was in turmoil, the fluctuations which caused people’s heart to beat wildly penetrated the ancient space and rushed towards the present, towards the future.

It was hard to describe this feeling with words. Only by feeling it carefully would one be able to understand this inconceivable pulsation. The Celestial City was like a huge and ancient living body.

After ten odd days of training, Xiao Chen’s mental state had climbed a new flight of steps. His spiritual sense became much more condensed and more powerful than before. This was the main reason why he could feel the Celestial City’s aura much clearer than before.

Although he was not able to breakthrough the Ninth Celestial Layer, his power still increased by a lot. Especially in regards to his spiritual power. It made him come to a realization substantially different from before. Of course, in regards to the seven days he sacrificed to temper his body, it also improved to a level wherein the ordinary people couldn’t begin to fathom. To have knife blades made out of spiritual energy to keep battering the flesh and the bones…

Destruction, restoration, destruction…… so on and so forth. As if his body was a block of divine iron going through numerous revisions to eliminate the useless parts and leave behind the best features. It made his body even more tempered, as if his blood and flesh had really went through a rebirth. Xiao Chen’s corporeal body was turning into a treasure.

That’s right, that was not an exaggeration. This was the fact of reality.

If he kept training like this, then his body would change into a treasure, becoming a human weapon not only in name but also in reality. If he could train till the pinnacle, let’s not even talk about divine weapons, even going head on against the legendary divine artifacts wouldn’t pose any danger to his life.

Xiao Chen firmly believed, if he ran into a Ninth Celestial Layer expert again, his odds of victory were very high. These days, since his spirit and body had been promoted to a higher level, an ordinary expert on the same level would most likely not be his opponent.

Of course, this world was not lacking of genius. Someone like Wuxing Feng couldn’t be judged by common sense. Quinctus Techniques seemed to be able to contend against the four major techniques. If the other person recovered to the peak state and went through another transformation, he would still be an exceptionally frightening opponent.

Xiao Chen still had a long path ahead of him. He just entered the Ninth Celestial Layer recently. There was still the four major realms; Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvanna, and Immortalis. If he wanted to breakthrough the boundary of life and death, he still needed to crash his way through several bottlenecks.

The flourishing Celestial City was bustling with noise and excitement. Looking at it from a bird’s eye view, the stream of people was bustling with activities. Every street was a boiling cauldron of voices. The merchants from the north, the pharmacists and hunters from the south, the hermits from the west, all people with many different types of objectives were moving about in this famous city of the mainland.

The warbeast tournament would begin in another two months. The practitioners from all over were gathering at this place.

At the entrance of the grandiose North Style Academy, beautiful girls were entering or exiting non-stop. There was no lack of people like Zhuge Liang and Fairsky pacing back and forth in the vicinity, peeping at the beautiful ladies.

Xiao Chen landed on the courtyard. The three courtyards were extremely quiet. Sweeping the courtyards with his powerful spiritual sense, he quickly found the three skeletons and Tenax. With a flap of his Undying Divine Wings, he arrived at the second courtyard.

The three skeletons felt his aura and pushed the door open. They seemed to be in a very sorry state. The skins they wore as disguise and clothes were utterly squashed, as if they had been through a fierce battle. The spiritual light in their two eyes were also a little dim.

Tenax didn’t come out. Hinted by the three skeletons, Xiao Chen crossed a bridge and saw the tough little dragon lying on the ground in a pavilion. It was lying there by itself and licking its wound.

Its injuries were very grave. There was one terrifying wound after another all over its body, as if it was cut by sword-qi. Despite knowing that Tenax wouldn’t be endangered with a serious injury, that Tenax could arouse its hidden potential by going through a tribulation, and that it was beneficial for the tough little dragon, Xiao Chen was still a little angry.

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Who did this? They actually dared to come to his residence and ruthlessly make their move.

It was easy to tell, the rock garden and pavilions at this place had once been destroyed. A new rock garden and pavilions were replaced in the shortest possible time. Even those flowers and plants were replanted.

The fresh blood flowed all over the place. It dyed the marble floor of the pavilion dark red. He could still smell the stench of blood.

Xiao Chen walked around the pavilion and discovered the seriousness of this matter. Tenax’s pair of big eyes were a little dim. It was helplessly using its tongue to lick its forelimb that was nearly cut off. The terrifying wound on its chest was still dripping blood even now. It was easy to imagine how grave was the injury at that time.

If it was any other intellectual beast, they might have died a long time ago.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” Keke shouted angrily. It jumped in front of Tenax and widened its pair of glittering big eyes, as if it was asking something.

Xiao Chen crushed the reishi mushrooms and old mountain ginsengs in Keke’s arms and smeared Tenax’s wounds with them. He was patiently treating its wounds.


A noise resounded from the entrance of the front yard. Fairsky poked his head from behind the door and walked in sneakily. His action was incompatible with his beautiful appearance. He walked over to the central courtyard carefully.

“I need an explanation, what is going on here?!”

The sudden sound caused Fairsky to stiffen due to fear. Soon after, his beautiful face turned into a smile and said, “Brother Xiao, you… are really still alive?”

This guy made people a little speechless. To say such ominous words the moment they met.

“Seriously, is that how you speak to people?”

“Hey, you can’t blame me for that. After you beat Wuxing Feng, the genius of the north, you had been missing for more than ten days. The grapevine said that even if you won, you ended up paying a disastrous price and might have perished already.”

After missing for more than ten days, this kind of rumors actually started to spread. Xiao Chen was a little surprised.

“Who charged into my place and wounded Tenax? Was it the people of the Mander Family or people sent by Aeon?” After coming to the Celestial City, Xiao Chen had a conflict with the baby girl of the Mander Family. Moreover, he ended up hurting her cousin, Lambda. However, according to the brat’s naughty personality, she definitely wouldn’t be this cruel. He felt the most likely one to make a move was Aeon.

“It was……” Fairsky was mumbling as if trying to hide something.

“Who was it?” Xiao Chen could tell he was hesitating.

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“It was a brat from the Zhuge Family who doesn’t knows anything and a scum from the Reagan Family.” ⌈1

“Zhuge Family?!” Xiao Chen’s face became heavy. He only knew that ******* fatty Zhuge Liang and that drunkard Zhuge Ming from this family.

“This has nothing to do with the fatty. Although due to his discerning eyes and the ability to dig out warbeasts, he has a given position in the Zhuge Family. But according to his bloodline, he cannot be counted as a direct descendant. There was no way for his conduct to be this aggressive. What’s more, he is acquainted with you. That is even more reason why he wouldn’t do something like this.” Fairsky was slowly explaining.

The matter was very simple.

The matter regarding how the fatty had an eye on Tenax was leaked out by his subordinates. Since his insight was always accurate, no matter if it was the people in the Zhuge Family or outsiders, they wouldn’t doubt him. As a result, when this rumor was heard by the direct descendant, Zhuge Kun, he wanted to snatch Tenax before him.

But Zhuge Kun had also heard this; this was the warbeast of a man known as human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon. Those few days the news of Xiao Chen defeating Wuxing Feng was spread to a limited extent, he couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive towards this kind of young warrior.

However, a few days later when he heard on the grapevine; that although Xiao Chen had won, he ended up dead ultimately due to the seriousness of his injuries. This made Zhuge Kun unable to sit down anymore, because he had once made an old warbeast master from their family with a good eyesight to secretly observe Tenax. And his conclusion was very astonishing; Tenax had an unlimited hidden potential! It might be a young sacred beast not inferior to the Dragon Kings.

This news was really too enticing, what did it mean? It went without saying!

Zhuge Kun was very apprehensive of the Ninth Celestial Layer Xiao Chen. He didn’t dare to make his move rashly. After waiting for more than ten days and since Xiao Chen still didn’t make an appearance, he conspired to take Tenax away secretly.

Hofmann of the Reagan Family had the same goal in mind. On the same night, the two of them met up in this courtyard and began fighting over the little sacred beast. As a result, two more people arrived. Zhuge Kun and Hofmann of the Reagan Family teamed up to fend off the two on the main street.

In the end, large quantities of very able persons from the Undying Sect hurried over. Soon after, even the governor of the city lord got involved. Only then did this disturbance came to an end quickly.

All of these happened last night. They came quickly and left just as quick.

“Reagan Family……” Xiao Chen felt that it sounded familiar. He suddenly thought of those few people he met on the ancient road eight hundred miles away from Celestial City. Wasn’t that guy who called himself Kadiva from the Reagan Family? At that time, he wanted to take Tenax away by force. As a result, all of them were killed by Xiao Chen.

“Which troops did the other two plunderers come from?”

“There’s no wind about them. They’re most likely not from Celestial City. They should be experts from the north who came to participate in the warbeast tournament. Otherwise the Undying Sect and the city lord’s governor should have recognized them.” Speaking until here, Fairsky laughed and said, “Now that you are back, I bet some people are in for it, heh-heh…”

Since the older generation experts couldn’t make their move randomly, if Xiao Chen was to make his move while disregarding the consequences, it would definitely cause some people to be scared.

“To be honest, this little sacred beast is really too extraordinary. On that night, a lot of experts wanted to get it. Afterwards, because they couldn’t get it, they changed their goal and wanted to kill this little guy. As a result, it was seriously injured and on the verge of dying. No people thought that it would survive with that kind of wound in the chest. However, it created a miracle.” Speaking until here, Fairsky shook his head and said, “This tough little dragon is really too proud. It didn’t allow anyone to treat its wounds.”

Xiao Chen had returned safe and sound, so rumors would start spreading like wildfire. Fairsky had already sent the experts guarding in the vicinity away.

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“Where is that ******* fatty?”

“The fatty feel embarrassed to see you. After all, Zhuge Kun is from his family.”

“Tell me the whereabouts of Zhuge Kun and Hofmann.”

The injuries Tenax received this time were really too grave. After a careful inspection, Xiao Chen found that five of its viscera and six bowels were completely destroyed. According to common sense, that was definitely certain death.

However, it was still clinging on to life. Its current state looked so miserable, so very pitiful.

After Xiao Chen’s mental state had been raised by a level, it wouldn’t be very easy to irritate him. However, he still felt very angry at the moment. Those people were really too cruel. He welled up with an intense killing intent.

Fairsky had already left. Xiao Chen was very carefully tending to Tenax. He hoped that it could get over this crisis quickly.

Another two days and two night passed. Tenax’s vision was lifeless all along. It lowered its head to lick at the wounds. It made people anxious just looking at it.

Xiao Chen thought of a way to save Tenax. Maybe only the dragon’s sacred tree could save its life!

Xiao Chen fixed the seven-colored sacred tree at Tenax’s chest. After one day and one night of attempts, he finally achieved that “synchronous pulse” with the sacred tree, just like that time on the dragon island. However, his goal this time was not to bring the little sacred tree into his body, but to implant it in Tenax’s inner organs.

The glorious radiance glinted, dense mist circulated. Under the flickering of the rainbow-colored radiance, the little sacred tree slowly “flowed” into Tenax’s body from the wounds as if it had melted.

With his third eye, Xiao Chen could clearly see the little sacred tree merging with Tenax’s inner organs. On the palm-sized tree trunk, there was a black leaf, a white leaf, a jasper leaf, and a golden leaf. They were flickering with a gentle divine radiance and illuminating those destroyed organs brightly.

Keke’s big eyes were perfectly round. It was very shocked as it looked on. It didn’t understand how the sacred tree could grow in the flesh and blood.

The hazy radiance slowly pushed Xiao Chen’s palm away. The rainbow-colored sacred tree completely cut its ties with him. Then it formed an inseparably close connection within Tenax’s body.

The pavilion was filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The dazzling radiance was lingering on Tenax’s body. One after another ripple-like fluctuations were slowly discharged.

Tenax’s entire body was covered with terrifying wounds. Crystal clear liquids actually flowed out at this time. Those were not blood. After a careful observation, those were actually rainbow-colored sticky liquids.

Not long later, the crystal clear liquids covered the surface of Tenax’s body. Soon after, something shocking happened. The overflowing liquids actually wrapped Tenax within and formed a rainbow-colored sphere. No matter how they looked at it or thought about it, it looked like a huge cocoon.

A rainbow-colored dragon cocoon!

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