Chapter 232 – Perfected Aquarius!

It was naturally impossible for anyone to miss the the slender and elegant Yan Qingcheng. The rich kids looked at her, and said, “This must be one of the rumored Twin Pearl of the South, Lady Yan Qingcheng, correct? You are every bit as beautiful as the rumor made you out to be.”

As Yin Feng, who was at the foremost position, heard his close friend’s evaluation, he restrained his killing intent and said to Windfeathers, “In respect for the two beautiful ladies today, I will not kill you.”

Soon after, the rich kids yelled toward everyone upstair, “Clear the way, we want to invite the two ladies for a small chat. Everyone, please don’t make things too difficult for them.”

Although they didn’t drive the crowd away forcefully, one could still feel a hint of arrogance from their muffled laughter.

It was very obvious that a fight would break out if they go against them.

“Don’t you guys think this is too much?” One frail looking man pushed his way out from the crowd. His entire body was flickering with red light. That was actually a genuine flame, and not a layer of protective barrier.

“How so? Didn’t we ask of everyone kindly? Hehe, don’t worry, we won’t flaunt our family’s power, that is too tasteless. You guys can treat me the same as everyone else, we are all practitioners. As long as you can defeat me, not only will we not hold a grudge, we will even give you a beautiful woman, and treat you as a VIP.”

The rich kids were very direct in their speech.

“Very well, I will challenge you to a duel.” The frail looking man stepped forward. He looked gentle and quiet, although his stature was not really tall, he’s very handsome. Moreover, he had a refined air around him. He pointed at Yin Feng, and said, “I will challenge you. You are practicing the Hellfire, and the one I’m practicing is the Divine Fire. As such, let us compete to find out which is superior.”

“Divine Fire?”

The rich kids had doubt in their eyes. On the other hand, Yin Feng had a dignified expression as he asked, “You are from the Cloudfire Hall of the West?”

“That’s right.”

“What is your name?”

“You can call me Tenvis.” The frail-looking, yet refined and handsome young man directly walked to the side as he pulled some distance away from Yin Feng.

“Black Lotus!” Yin Feng used a secret art as soon as the match started, one could tell he was wary of Tenvis.

The black sun instantly transformed into a lotus. The throbbing-inducing lotus petal spread out one after another, in order to envelop Tenvis.

“Brilliant Red Lotus!” Tenvis shouted softly. Glaring red flame began to rush out from his body. They gathered on top of his head and formed one red lotus after another. Following his light motion, the lotus petal flew in all directions. They rushed towards the hellfire, and after the collision with the black flame, an explosive noise resounded.

All the spectators had extremely grave look on their faces. A battle like this was very dangerous. If just a little bit of flame ran wild, the entire floor would be burned to cinders. As such, it was easy to imagine how powerful was the Divine Fire and Hellfire.

These two flames of completely opposite elements transcended even the True Flame of Samadhi. Just a slight contact with the flame would lead to one’s dead, they were one such terrifying divine abilities!

“Pssh! Pssh” That sound fell incessantly on the ear. Everyone had no choice but to fall back. The blackish hellfire made the place Yin Feng was standing pitch-black, as if he was standing in the underworld. The blazing Divine Fire emitted brilliant rays, lighting up the place Tenvis was located.

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The flame was surging up violently in between the two. In the end, they directly jumped out from the window, and continued their fight in the sky. That was because the violent flame was almost out of their control. If they didn’t leave the Lunar Pavilion soon, perhaps the entire building would be burned down.

The overflowing conflagration dyed half of the sky in red. And the other side was as dark as black ink.

This was an evenly matched battle.

“Heh! I wonder who was the ignorant and narrow-minded prick who thought true expert could only be found at Yindu district.” Now, it was the turn of those who were not from Middle Earth to ridicule them.

There was finally someone who could resist the expert among the rich kids.

“Everyone, let’s stop watching. This is a battle without any suspense, let’s just go down.”

The remaining rich kids were hardly concerned about the battle in the sky, as they lightly advised everyone to go down.

While speaking, they stepped forward and erected an invisible domain, forcing everyone ahead to fall back involuntarily.

Windfeathers had a very ugly expression. If not because Aqua and Frost were restraining him, he would have rushed forward already.

On the other side, Lazio and Yan Qingcheng also had ugly expression on their faces. Had they ever been scorned by others like this in the Celestial City of the South? They were the focal point no matter where they went. However, everything changed as soon as they entered the Shang Dynasty.

Just at this time, the overflowing flame in the sky died out abruptly. Tenvis returned with staggering steps, his complexion looked somewhat pale. Yin Feng flew in with a composed look. The battle between the two Psychics ended just like this. It was clear that Tenvis was defeated.

“You are very strong, why don’t you follow me. I will definitely treat you with due respect.” Yin Feng said to Tenvis.

“Hmph!” Tenvis only let out a cold snort before he mixed into the crowd.

“We tried to invite you, and yet you act so rude?” One of the rich kids said ruthlessly.

“This is the level of the South and West!”

Yin Feng stopped them, and said, “Tenvis was very strong. I only win by a hair’s breadth.”

The rich kids paled, but they recovered quickly and said to everyone, “Please go down everyone. Haha… Lady Frost, Lady Qingcheng, please stay behind. We sincerely hope to invite the two of you to stay.”

Frivolous and unbridled laughter spread throughout the ninth floor.

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Aqua finally lost it, they actually dared to assail his sister with obscenities. His took large strides and stepped forward. Windfeathers also parted from the crowd once again. Yan Qingcheng was gnashing her teeth, and unsheathed her sword. Looking at her like this, Lazio also parted from the crowd.

Aqua, Frost, Windfeathers, Yan Qingcheng, and Lazio stood side by side, facing the five rich kids in front of them.

“Haha… beauties with such characters, I like!”

“Heh heh… the reason why stunning beauty is stunning, that’s because they have characters. If they just have a pretty face with no intelligence, I wouldn’t even cast a second glance at them.”

As they were giving their evaluation, their words were extremely giddy and showed no qualm.

Frosty and Yan Qingcheng were most upset, and made their moves first.

An invisible domain spread out. As the domain from both sides merged, ten experts gradually vanished within the domain.

If they didn’t erect a domain, the Lunar Pavilion would be turned into dust. The power of Historia level expert was nothing to scoff at. Destroying a tall building like this with their power was nothing difficult.

The energy surge within the domain was very violent. Although their vision was blocked by a layer of black light, and they could only see fuzzy figures moving about, everyone knew the battle was very intense.

Just when everyone was watching closely and speculation, a crack formed on the domain. Windfeathers was kicked out, while throwing up big mouthful of blood. Following closely, Aqua and Frosty were also kicked out. Their faces was deathly pale, without any hint of red.

Finally, the blue-haired pretty boy Lazio was also sent flying away. Half of his aqua-blue long hair was cut off. There was a faint scar on his neck. It seemed like he was almost beheaded.

As the domain faded away, Yan Qingcheng’s figure finally became visible. Her delicate body was completely drenched in sweat. She was kneeling on the ground with one foot and supported her body with a longsword. Her eyes were burning with fury as she stood up with difficulty.

The experts from the West and South suffered a crushing defeat!

Nobody could believe how powerful these rich kids from the Yindu district actually were. They completely crushed their opponent!

The five of them didn’t take their surrounding into consideration and laughed. One of them said, “Sorry, for inflicting light injuries on the two beautiful ladies. However, this is a battlefield, I cannot show mercy to my opponents. In a while later, we will formally apologize to the ladies.”

Although they were arrogant, they had the rights to be arrogant. Even as Windfeathers and the others were furious, they couldn’t do anything about it.

The people at the rear felt equally furious. Those rich kids were really too strong to a terrifying degree, some people even guessed they might be the strongest youth experts in Yindu district.

Lazio flapped his lips, but he didn’t say a word. He was not fearful of the other party, but during the melee earlier, they showed incredible might. If their own side was not powerful enough, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

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“Everyone, please!”

The five of them pressed forward.

“The two ladies are our guest, they can stay. As for the rest, please go downstair.”

All practitioners are unyielding, nobody took a step.

“You guys are only the second generation scions, if not because your family is powerful, would you be this arrogant?”

“This brother, you are wrong. We have never relied on our family, nor have we ever bullied the weak. You’ve seen it just now, it was not us who made a move first. It was legitimate self-defense. If you are not satisfied, feel free to come forward and kill me. We will absolutely not utilize the power of our family. If anyone can defeat us, we will certainly treat you as our guest.”

The five of them said so indifferently. Their air of arrogance was clear and easy to see.

The powerful domain pressed onward, forcing everyone to retreat.

“Alright, since you guys are unwilling to leave, I will personally see you off.” As Yin Feng spoke until here, the hellfire ignited immediately, causing all the practitioners to dodge with fright immediately.

Xiao Chen was very calm, he didn’t have the intention to make a move. What does the South and West had anything to do with him anyway, if they lost, then so be it. He didn’t plan to stick out for them. Since he came out from the Pure Land, he only wanted to tour all over the world, to train his heart in human society. He didn’t want to stir up trouble again.

However, the other side was clearly very sharp. It seemed like he could tell Xiao Chen’s power was extraordinary. The hellfire was launched straight at him, in order to force him to make a move.


Leaving an afterimage behind, Xiao Chen blended into the crowd, and waited to go downstair just like this.

However, Yin Feng firmly locked onto him. The hellfire followed him closely like a shadow. Then, it overtook him and cut off his path. The practitioners at the side were shocked as they tried to get out of the way, in fear that they might be caught up in the flame.

Xiao Chen was no longer intending to leave. Turning around, he looked at Yin Feng calmly. It was not that he was afraid of getting into trouble, if that was the case, the bloody night at Celestial City wouldn’t have occurred.

Since the other party was intentionally testing his patience, Xiao Chen walked back without fear.


The blackish hellfire rushed towards Xiao Chen wildly like a flood.

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Xiao Chen waved his hands rapidly, his body moved according to the heart, the heart gave form to the seal. The supreme technique of the Jungle Clan, the perfected Seal of Aquarius was taking form in his two hands. A glorious crystal vase appeared and stayed afloat between his hands.

It was as if the hellfire was attracted by something, all of them were charging toward the translucent crystal vase. Like the rivers running into the sea, the crystal vase actually absorbed all of the hellfire.

The almost transparent crystal vase flickered with brilliant rays. One could clearly see the hellfire rumbling within the vase. In the end, the hellfire was compressed until it became a lump of black ball.

Everyone gasped for air!

The invincible hellfire was actually restrained by that man so easily. This was really a little frightening. The power of the hellfire, that was obvious to all. Yin Feng consecutively defeated Windfeathers, Tenvis, and the others with the hellfire. The rich kids even revealed that Yin Feng could completely subdue a Historia Sixth Celestial Layer expert.

And now…

Everyone looked towards Xiao Chen. Looking at his ordinary figure, nobody would have thought he was such a powerful expert.

Windfeathers and Lazio knitted their brows. They could vaguely feel something familiar about that man, but they were unable to recall that figure from their memories. Very quickly, they cast off that idea. The other party’s Aquarius Seal was so powerful, yet they had never experienced it previously. There’s no way he was an acquaintance.

A weird feeling welled up in Yan Qingcheng’s heart. Although there was no trace of the other party’s figure in her memory, she kept having this feeling that they were already acquainted.

Since Xiao Chen vajra technique had improved drastically, shapeshifting was an easy matter. At present, he looked ordinary and mediocre. His appearance was far from how he looked before. Moreover, even the secret art he executed was so profound. It was impossible for even his former acquaintance to recognize him.

“It seems like I made an error in judgment!” Yin Feng still wore a faint smile, and said, “So, it turns out, you are really an expert. Let’s try that again.”

Yin Feng executed the Black Lotus technique, the pitch-black flame instantly turned the area above into a hell-like domain. The flame was rumbling like the tide as they charged toward Xiao Chen.

With both hands raised, and the crystal vase in hand, Xiao Chen naturally aimed the mouth of the vase in the front. The hellfire in the vase erupted instantly.


A violent clash! Hellfire against hellfire! Everyone turned pale with fright. Like this… wouldn’t the entire Lunar Pavilion turn into ashes?

However, out of everyone’s expectation, XiaoChen perfectly controlled the Aquarius seal. He only routed the Black Lotus and didn’t let a tiny bit of flame to run wild.

Yin Feng’s complexion turned somewhat pale as he fell back seven steps. He looked at the youth in front with unfathomable gaze. He never would have thought the other party would be THIS strong.

“Very strong! But don’t get cocky, I am going for the kill, you better use your most powerful technique. It will be too late for regret otherwise.” Yin Feng’s tone turned cold, his expression became very grave.

One Black Lotus after another blossomed at his side, the terrifying black flame was raging fiercely. A death god-like scythe appeared in his hand, that sickle was completely materialized by the hellfire. It was emitting a heart palpitating fluctuation.

Not only the people behind Xiao Chen, even the rich kids behind Yin Feng also had ugly expressions. They were indeed very strong. However, they rarely ever fought with their lives on the line. Seeing Yin Feng was seriously going to use his strongest technique, they knew that they had run into a powerful opponent. They also prepared to engage in battle at a moment’s notice. If Yin Feng was no match for him, they definitely had to jump in.

The death god’s scythe gradually took shape. That was a concentrated essence of hellfire, there was no need to doubt its power. Everyone could already feel the power behind the scythe. It even made those who were slightly weaker to tremble in fear.

And Xiao Chen was just as calm. He moved his hands, with the heart as the guide, and the body as the seal, the perfect Seal of Aquarius was completed. A huge crystal vase appeared above his head. Although the crystal clear vase didn’t emit the slightest energy fluctuation, nobody dared to look down on it.

The brilliant light emitted by the crystal vase above Xiao Chen’s head illuminated the entire Lunar Pavilion.

At this time, Yin Feng finally completed his preparation. He held the huge scythe in his hands and brandished it at Xiao Chen. The edge of the blade seemed terrifyingly sharp, and it was emitting a heart palpitating black flame.

Everyone knew, just a slightest bit of contact with this kind of hellfire would leave a bloody hole in the body. Even the bones and flesh would be burned to cinders.


The huge crystal vase above Xiao Chen had already materialized long ago. Just at this time, it suddenly poured down a torrent of dazzling light that surged forward violently.

The entire Lunar Pavilion was shaking!

That black scythe was instantly disintegrated. Furthermore, the endless amount of hellfire was as if they were cleansed by the holy water, all of the were extinguished in a split second.

And on Yin Feng’s side, it was as if he was struck by lightning and was sent flying. One of the rich kids behind him tried to grab him hastily. However, the huge impact was unimaginable. He was actually sent flying along with Yin Feng.


The window shattered and turned into dust. The two of them were sent flying by the Seal of Aquarius.

And the three rich kids at the side also suffered the aftereffect. One of them fell on the floor, and the other two unsteady on their feet. They only managed to stabilize their footing by applying spiritual power hastily.

Everyone turned pale with fright, this was practically unbelievable. The Seal of Aquarius was actually this strong, the seemingly invincible Yin Feng from a moment ago was sent flying away so easily. Nobody dared to believe it.

Moreover, even the other rich kids were affected.

One strike from the crystal vase defeated five people at once.

Yin Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. With the other rich kid that were sent flying along with him, they flew back into the Lunar Pavilion via the window.

The four rich kids that didn’t participated in the fight earlier were all eyeing Xiao Chen. They wanted to challenge him.

Yin Feng shook his head, and said, “Forget about it, we are no match for him. Seal of Aquarius… I remember it now, the perfect Seal of Aquarius… an unparalleled secret art!”

After that, he turned around to face Xiao Chen and said, “I said this before, those who can defeat us will be treated as our guest. Please feel at ease, Yin Feng is not a trash who don’t keep his words.”

The four at the side also seemed to have sobered up. One of them rushed to speak, “With your distinguished skill, perhaps even when compared to my Shang Dynasty’s youth expert, you might be ranked at the very front. We admire this kind of brave figures the most. If you don’t mind, how about we make friends?”

“How about serving our country?”

Everyone behind Xiao Chen was dumbstruck, just what were these rich kids planning?

Without any exception, Windfeathers, Lazio, Frosty, Aqua, and Tenvis were all looking at Xiao Chen. The Seal of Aquarius from just now gave them too much shock. Its power was unimaginable.

And Yan Qingcheng was more puzzled than ever. She kept having a feeling that this top class youth expert was very familiar.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, he only shook his head calmly and turned around to leave.

Everyone involuntarily stepped aside and made a path for him. For a youth expert like this, even if they remained silent, they could also give people a powerful mental pressure. Some practitioners didn’t even notice this themselves, but at this very moment, they were actually… admiring him.

Yin Feng shouted from behind, “We really don’t have any other intention, we only want to make friend with you.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen walked downstair without even turning back, Yin Feng shouted again, “Three days later, my Shang Dynasty’s third princess will host a Sword Verse Tea Party at the Maritime Moon Garden, promise me you will come.”

Following that, he turned around and said to everyone upstairs, “Ladies and Gentlemen, if you feel that you have talent, you are also free to come three days later.”

Even after Xiao Chen’s figure had disappeared for a long time, everyone upstair was still in a daze.

“He left…” Aqua pulled on Frosty’s sleeve.

Only until this moment did the practitioners finally go downstair.

The three experts from the South; Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers had ugly expression on their faces.

Yin Feng and his four brothers also had complicated expressions. Only after a long time did they finally go downstair.

“He will go right? It is the tea party organized personally by my Shang Dynasty’s third princess. If this party is open to public, it will certainly attract all the gifted personnel in the district. And he… is a youngster after all. He probably wouldn’t miss this kind of party.”


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