Chapter 23 – Three Emperor of the Moon Castle

Gu Luo was feeling elated, the flag on top of the two ships belonged to their clan, they avoided the vicious beast just in time. However, his jubilation didn’t last for long. A tremendous roar was transmitted from the depths of the ocean, causing the seawater to rumble. The ocean was cleaved in half as the colossal monster approached the ships!

The crews discovered the crisis and accelerated their ships, approaching the shore at high-speed. However, even though the ancient beast was far away, its speed was really too fast! It was already in front of them when their ships were still hundreds of meters away from the shore.


The enormous body collided with two big ships in a split second, the sharp horn, the sinister giant head, the sword-like teeth, and its body which was flickering with silvery light, it looked like a leviathan as it destroyed the ships.

Everyone was scared shitless!

Gu Luo’s complexion paled to the extreme.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon summoned a tsunami, two ships were destroyed in the blink of an eye, hundreds of crew perished in this vast body of water. The warriors sent by Gu Luo Clan to investigate the island was on the verge of destruction.

However, the ancient dragon didn’t even bother take a second glance at the ant-like tiny life form. It doesn’t even care about the crew after destroying the ships, it merely summoned huge waves unceasingly.

A lot of crews were sucked into the giant whirlpool and drowned in the seabed eternally. However, there were still around forty to fifty crews who successfully escaped to the seaside. It could even be said they gained a second life after the calamity.

In the end, only forty three people made it to the shore, the rest of them were completely annihilated, it was a tragic disaster. The survivors could be regarded as the strongest amongst them. Originally, Gu Luo was in despair, but he felt slightly relieved after seeing less than half of the survivors.

After taking enough time to rest and reorganize the crew, Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er started to go after Xiao Chen.

Initially, it was as Xiao Chen had predicted, they tracked down the ‘clues’ he left behind on purpose.

Just when these people entered a damp and gloomy rocky hill, a three to four meter long silver centipede with body as thick as a bowl, lunged at them with lightning speed. It tore apart two of the frontmost warriors in a flash. Furthermore, three other warriors were corroded by the toxic and turned into bones!

The swords only generated countless sparks when they made contact with the silver centipede, it wasn’t able to harm the giant centipede at all. Even when Gu Luo used the “Divine Sword Attack Scroll”, the centipede did not receive any damage. Finally, only after a terrifying scroll with raging flames was unfolded did the silver centipede flinched. It was able to escape from the numerous talented figures.

Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo finally noticed that they were tricked by Xiao Chen, they started to calculate the precise location where Xiao Chen might have escaped.

The sun was scorching hot, but the murderous aura in the primitive forest makes one tremble in fear!

The deathly swamp was still as gloomy as before, the giant trees blocked the sunlight, and dense negative energies lingered on. Xiao Chen was sleeping on top of an ancient tree, he was severely frightened by the three human skeletons the moment he woke up. They were hanging upside down like a bat right in front of him!

How would someone who were just fast asleep react when the first thing they saw after opening their eyes were three skeletons hanging upside down?

Fortunately, he became clear-headed soon and didn’t take any drastic action.

The sole of the skeletons’ foot were stuck deeply in the tree trunk. When they noticed that Xiao Chen was awake, the radiance in their eye sockets started to flash. It seemed like they were also resting earlier.

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“Snap! Snap!” The snapping sounds were generated by the joints. The three human skeletons fell on the tree trunk as they moved every parts of their joints unceasingly.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat speechless, his own kind in the distant place wanted to kill him, however the three human skeletons nearby wanted to get along with him instead…… that was indeed somewhat ridiculous!

He wanted to give these three human skeletons a name, that was when he suddenly thought of the Ten Emperor of Hades.

“You are called Qinguang Wang!”

“You are called Yanluo Wang!”

“You are called Lunhui Wang!”

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, Linhui Wang, these three names were among the Ten Emperor of Hades. Somehow, they ended up becoming the name of three human skeletons. Xiao Chen gave them those names intentionally, perhaps he was expecting something to happen.

It was right in the noon, the sun was scorching hot. Xiao Chen walked away from the swamp, but the three human skeletons were reluctant to leave the deathly swamp with extremely thick negative
energy. However, when they were hinted by Xiao Chen, they still came out of the swamp.

The blazing sunlight was covered up by tall trees, only in areas where the trees were thinly spread would there be sunlight. The three human skeletons extremely loathe the sunlight, they always walked in the shadows, this seemed to be their natural instinct.

It seemed like they rarely left the swamp, they were very curious regarding everything outside. When Xiao Chen charged towards a five meter long panther, the three skeletons also charged at it without any hesitation. Six powerful bony claws penetrated the panther’s head fiercely, killing it on the spot!

Their fighting strength were indeed very formidable, even Xiao Chen was afraid of them!


Xiao Chen dug out a translucent yellow crystal from the carcass of the panther, it emitted a clear sound when Xiao Chen used his finger to flick it. The eye sockets of the three skeletons immediately flashed, Xiao Chen chuckled and hand the crystal over to them.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang finally became interested in the outside world for the very first time. Naturally, they were enticed by the origin of the crystal core! Under the guidance of Xiao Chen, they left the jungle that was surrounding the deathly swamp and continued to pursue tracks of wild beasts they could handle.

However, it wasn’t that easy to obtain a crystal, they were only able to collect up to four or five after half a day had passed. Xiao Chen thoroughly surveyed the surroundings, he intended to use the geographical advantages to handle the his enemies.

After they returned to the swamp, Xiao Chen meditated quietly, and the three skeletons were busy absorbing the energy contained in the crystal.

Before the sun sets in the West, Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo finally found this place. It was much faster than Xiao Chen had expected!

The brown-haired man, Gu Luo, had a very sinister gaze. When they were fending off the silver centipede, they already lost five experts. Even though they had seen through Xiao Chen’s scheme, they still attracted some savage beasts and lose another eight warriors on their way due to their sheer numbers. Now, including him and Zhao Lin Er, there were only thirty two people remaining.

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Xiao Chen opened his eyes in the swamp as he felt the murderous aura, someone was approaching this area!

Seeing Xiao Chen preparing to enter combat, the three skeletons encircled him. Their intuition was also very sharp, they already realized there was a crowd of people approaching them.

Xiao Chen didn’t want to face the opponent directly. After all, he was still not fully recovered. He must delay it until the sunset, when the undead miasma filled the entire area, it will bring about a devastating blow to the opponent. He instructed the three skeletons to hide themselves.

The action of the three skeletons was out of Xiao Chen’s expectation. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang conveniently lie on the swamp with their backs, skeletal remains were scattered all around them.

Xiao Chen was momentarily lost in thought, these three skeletons were much clever than he imagined. So much so that he could even feel something sinister from them.


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