Chapter 183 – The First Divine Ability

The black clouds rumbled at nightfall. The clouds as black as the ink were almost touching the ground.

It seemed like a storm was imminent.

Not a single soul could be seen on the main street. Such a big Celestial City seemed to have sunk into deathly silence. All the sounds have disappeared.

There was an indescribable pressure pouncing over to the mother earth from the dark horizon. It was as if the mother earth had been shrouded by a layer of dense fog in a flash.

At Xiao Chen’s residence, Fairsky and Zhuge fatty hurriedly bid farewell. The both of them had ugly an expression as they warned Xiao Chen not to rashly go out when the rainstorm approached at night.

When he asked why, the two of them were also not very clear. They said it was an old tradition passed down in Celestial City, that there would be one or two unusual rainstorms annually. In order to avoid getting frightened, it’s best if everyone don’t go out to walk around, regardless of the ordinary peoples or the powerful practitioners.

Just before leaving, Fairsky said in a low voice, “The elders said it themselves, this city might be a real Celestial City of the legend. The name is not given randomly. Just quietly stay in the house and nothing would happen. The resident of the city already got used to this. It’s only once or twice annually.”

After that, he hastily left with the fatty.

The black clouds were getting lower and lower, as if they had already touched the ground. However, the sound of thunder still couldn’t be heard. There was only a heavy pressure, as if there were hundreds of thousands of big mountains descending slowly.

Everywhere in the city was in absolute silence. It was as if Celestial City had lose its liveliness, not a sound could be heard anymore!

An indescribable palpitation gave rise to a bone-chilling fear!

Keke and Tenax felt very uneasy. They seemed to have felt something bad as they kept looking up at the dark sky from the courtyard.

Xiao Chen felt this scene was somewhat familiar. At that time when the ghost town appeared on the dragon island, it seemed just as oppressive and frightening.

Ghost town?!

Celestial City?!

As he thought of this, Xiao Chen suddenly had a flash. According to rumor, nobody knew when the Celestial City was constructed. They did not have any historical records, they only knew it had already existed for countless years. However, that tall and ancient city wall was still in good condition even after going through the vicissitudes of time.

Could it be that… the Celestial City and the dragon island’s ghost town were ancient cities from the same era?

Then, doesn’t that mean, this city had already been through the vicissitudes of countless eras since the day it was build?

Was it really a mysterious ancient city of the distant past?

Xiao Chen had a feeling that his conjecture might really be true!

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Keke and Tenax vigilantly watched the dark sky. Their expressions seemed to be very grave.

Xiao Chen also felt very uneasy, but this kind of feeling was a lot different compared to the time when the ghost town appeared on the dragon island. At the very least, he didn’t feel the vibe of death. There was only a foreboding feeling, it felt as if there was a huge lifeform about to awaken from its ancient slumber.


The lightning suddenly flashed in the sky. One criss-crossed lightning after another cut through the dark sky and tore apart that heavy atmosphere from just now.

The downpour descended, the heaven and earth was covered by a curtain of water, and the tempest began.

The whooshing sound of the wind sounded scary. The tiles of the roof were making crashing sound as they were blown by the wind. All the rainwater were blown in the sky until they were rolling up and formed jets of water similar to the waterfall.

Of course, all of these could only be seen due to the brilliant rays of the lightning. After the flash of lightning disappeared and sunk into darkness, they could only hear the terrifying sounds and unable to see anything.

As dark as the ink! It seemed as if Celestial City had been covered by an opaque black cloth.

Just at this time, the jet-black broken sword at Xiao Chen’s waist suddenly trembled violently, as if it wanted to streak across the vast sky and leave.

Xiao Chen was very surprised. This pitch-black, abnormally heavy, yet ordinary-looking broken sword actually started to tremble today. It was a little bizarre.

One must know that the broken sword was only a little more than one feet long, yet it weighed more than a few hundred kilograms. If it was not filled with magic power, it wouldn’t even be able to cut down an ordinary metal, let alone the divine weapons. It looking very much mediocre until now. It had never manifested anything unusual before.

Of course, those so-called divine weapons also couldn’t cut down this broken sword.

Apparently, it’s neither weak or strong.

Xiao Chen reached out with his hand and firmly grabbed the sword shaft. He could feel the jet-black broken sword trembling violently in his hands. An ancient vibe seemed to throw itself in his face. Soon after, he could feel an extremely sharp sword-qi!

A resplendent ray of light directly cut open the empty sky. It streaked across the darkness and was launched towards the pitch-black sky.

It was still and quiet, no peculiar fluctuation transmitted from the dark sky. It was as if the endless darkness had swallowed up the sword-qi.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly felt an intense battle intent rushing into his mind from the broken sword. Some kind of instinct urged him to go to the courtyard and began to practice with the sword.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

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The sword-qi was as bright as the lightning as it was rumbling in the darkness and surging forward in the heavy rain. The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand seemed to glow with the radiance of life. It was like a raging black dragon as it violently emitted one divine radiance after another!

What the broken sword passed to Xiao Chen, rather than battle intent, it was more like sword intent! It wasn’t really a sword technique, but it conveyed one kind of creative concept to Xiao Chen. It was one kind of creative concept that belonged to the sword!

It could be understood, but not described. Xiao Chen was immersed in some kind of fantastic state. Nobody was teaching him the sword technique, but he was waving freely and unconstrained in accordance to that sword intent in his mind. The broken sword left a streak of rainbow as it slashed past. The pitch-black sword body was flickering with resplendent divine radiance. Xiao Chen felt that he had no choice but to draw the sword, and wave it without constraint. He wanted to arouse the skyrocketing killing intent and battle intent.


The lightning flashed in the sky. Xiao Chen was waving his sword alone under the heavy downpour. One sword radiance after another rushed straight into the dark horizon. The murderous aura sent shivers down the spine. The sword-qi were unstoppable!

Just at this time, along with the deafening thunder, Xiao Chen could hear an almost indiscernible sound of close quarters combat. In the endless dark sky, under the flash of lightning, one ancient figure after another appeared. Each of them was wearing an ancient armor and holding a divine weapon in their hand. A lot of people from ancient times were fighting fiercely in the sky!

Keke and Tenax also rushed under the heavy rain as they looked up at the horizon nervously.

The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand never stopped. Looking up at the horizon, he continue to wave the sword as he watched the faintly discernible battle.

With a “buzz”, the rainbow-colored sacred tree on top of Keke’s head suddenly flickered with brilliant rays. After that, a golden ray of light soared up and was launched into the high altitude. It was actually that golden divine halberd with skyrocketing murderous aura! It was flickering with glaring golden light, as if there was a golden flame throbbing on the weapon body.

Following closely, with an explosive sound, the black fog pervaded as a Metal Engraving rushed out of the rainbow-colored sacred tree. It flew up into the night sky in that instant.

The golden divine halberd and the jet-black metal engraving, those were the divine artifacts that went missing on the dragon island since ancient times. On that day, Keke recklessly caused trouble and these two ancient artifacts had once destroyed one mountain range after another. It narrowly led to a huge disaster.

Never had they thought, these weapons had also broke away from the dragon island along with them. Keke had never thought of this possibility before. At this moment, it was so excited that it was squeaking randomly.

Xiao Chen was also very shocked. Two divine artifacts were actually hidden in the rainbow-colored sacred tree. That was too unexpected.

After the golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engraving rushed into the sky, the image of the fierce battle in the sky instantly faded away. After that, the rumbling of the thunder also disappeared in split second. The sound of the wind also stopped. The world had sunk into complete darkness.

The golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engraving, these two ancient artifacts seemed to have faded away along with the thunder and the ancients.


Keke was calling out anxiously under the heavy rain. The rainbow-colored divine radiance had enveloped it. Not a drizzle of rain could fall on its body.

The sword radiance flickered for the last few times. Xiao Chen put away the sword and laid down. The sword intent in his mind had been thoroughly aroused. As he looked up at the pitch-black sky with heavy downpour, he could be certain now, Celestial City was definitely an ancient city of the distant past. Otherwise how would it have such a mysterious side? At this very moment, the pressure enveloping the heaven and earth bore a remarkable resemblance to the characteristic of the dragon island’s ghost town. The only thing lacking was the vibe of death.

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It was exceptionally oppressive. Although there’s no thunderous sound in the sky, the downpour actually began to fall to the ground noiselessly. The splashes appeared on the ground in thin air. It was exceptionally quiet. The world had become deathly still.

However, it was during this extremely abnormal situation that Xiao Chen felt his body was letting out a shattering sound. He actually made a breakthrough to Historia realm under this kind of suffocating situation!

As if some kind of shackles had been broken, he had finally overcame the last bottleneck and completely entered this domain. The unsteady state was now stabilized!

One gem-like radiance after another lingered on his body. The bones in Xiao Chen’s body were letting out snapping sounds as his flesh squirmed frantically. This was a natural response when his body undergo a real transformation.

Historia was the realm where one began to open up the treasures in their bodies. Henceforth, the divine abilities would spring up in large numbers!

Just at this time, Xiao Chen’s first divine ability after breaking through to Historia realm appeared.

Weapon Fusion!

The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand seemed as if it was melting. It transformed into resplendent sword-qi and blended into Xiao Chen’s body.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. It was not because he didn’t understand the situation. It was because he knew this divine ability was too rare. He absolutely never thought his first divine ability would be the legendary Weapon Fusion. This was the treasure body every practitioner yearned for even in their dreams.

However, thinking carefully after the shock, it was not too unexpected. That was because he was following the path of Vajra, so the divine ability he obtained would naturally be related to it.

Weapon Fusion, according to legends, it could change any divine weapons into a part of his body. Of course, that was only the initial stage. Along with the increase of power, it was completely capable of smelting any divine weapons and made a certain part of his body possess all kinds of properties from the divine weapons!

As a result, the human body itself would be equivalent to the heavenly sword!


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