Chapter 186 – Dragon King’s Battle Begin

Today was the last day of the knockout competition. Xiao Chen wanted to see if he could find any exotic beasts that could achieve victory and fight on equal terms with the sacred beasts and Dragon Kings. He didn’t expect he’d really run into this kind of extraordinary little White Tiger. This would definitely become one of Tenax’s most formidable opponent!

The following matches were lacking suspense. The White Tiger didn’t emit any divine radiance at all, it was completely relying on the ancient battle skill to eliminate its opponents. It was very ruthless and didn’t leave any of its opponent alive. It had become a terminator not only in name, but also in reality.

Nobody dared to dispatch their warbeast anymore. Sending other cubs to the field was only sending them to their death!

The ordinary-looking White Tiger put an end to the Antarctic Warbeast Castle’s match.

Xiao Chen left this place and directly went to the Amber Warbeast Castle. He wanted to go there to find out the current circumstances.

The scale of the Amber Warbeast Castle was not inferior to the Antarctic Warbeast Castle. The halls were connected by the pathways. A huge crystal annulus was embedded on the walls of every VIP hall. The beauties in the halls were sweet and charming, fresh and pure. The fine liquor and delicacies were laid out on the desks. This place didn’t seem like a warbeast castle at all.

After arriving at this place, Xiao Chen immediately joined the crowd and watched the match on one of the several thousand general seats.

It must be mentioned, the appearance of the Dragon Kings had a really big influence on the warbeast tournament this time. There were really a lot of people who came to participate with their exotic beasts. They wanted to temper their warbeasts through the battles.

The Lion King on the stage could even be said to be invincible. In three consecutive battles, it ripped apart its opponents in three to five rounds, and triumphed with absolute superiority.

This was a little lion that looked as if it was made out of gold. It was glittering with golden light from head to toe, as if the raging flames were throbbing. Three of its heads looked exactly the same, mighty and out of the ordinary. Its body length was only a little more than one meter long, but when it was squatting over there quietly, it possessed an unimaginably powerful presence.

Furthermore, the most peculiar part was that, it had a third eye on each of its forehead. The golden lights emitted from the vertical eyes were very glaring! It was as if the eyes contained a terrifying power.

It was another exotic beast! Xiao Chen could already be sure, this Lion King could definitely be placed among the beast kings directly!

As expected, during the last day, the powerful golden Lion King put an end to the Amber Warbeast Castle’s match. With it crouching low over there, nobody dared to dispatch their warbeast to the field anymore.

It was too tyrannical and ferocious. It didn’t leave behind any survivor.

Xiao Chen left this place and rushed towards the Beast King Castle. That was the industry operated for a few generations by the Mander family.

Originally, there were four warbeast castles in Celestial City. The Reagan family was in control of the “Celestial Warbeast Castle”, their reputation could even be said to be very tempestuous.

However, it perished several dozen years ago. The reason was because they had a conflict with that youth who claimed to have come from the depths of the south.

That youth was ridiculously strong. He had beaten almost everyone among the youth generation in Celestial City at that time. He even slapped the scion of the Reagan family until he was almost dead. It caused the Reagan family to dispatch the older generation experts and almost killed that youth who claimed to have come from the depths of the south.

They never thought that they would invite a huge disaster due to this. During the night time, the black gale engulfed the entire Celestial City. Those older generation experts from the Reagan family were crushed in a flash. Even their family’s “Celestial Warbeast Castle” perished in a single night.

At that time, that warbeast castle had no less than three fully grown sacred beasts. Even Nirvana level expert had to fall back. It was easy to imagine how much strength they possessed! However, after the black gale swept past, everything was gone. In the early morning, only the ruins were left behind.

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These past dozen years, the Reagan family was continuously trying to rebuild the warbeast castle. Right now, they were already on the verge of making a comeback. However, they were lacking a few sacred beasts to guard the castle.

Xiao Chen quickly arrived at the Mander family’s Beast King Castle. This place was very noisy, which was accompanied by hoots of laughter from time to time.

He only found out why after entering the warbeast castle. There was a basin-sized black tortoise on the warbeast stage. The way it was sticking its head out to look around was very comical.

Xiao Chen felt a little dizzy. Why did they even send out an old tortoise to take part in the competition?

However, from the clamor of the crowds, he finally understood what’s going on. This tortoise came from the north, its owner had already testified that, this black tortoise was only five years old. It was not as old as people imagined. The most important thing was that it was very powerful.

Just at this time, an Alba Rhino went on the stage. Its entire body was crystal clear and flickered with glorious light. The rhinoceros horn directly launched a lightning and attacked the black tortoise.


The black tortoise’s speed made everyone dumbstruck. It lightly swayed once and its figure disappeared. After that, with a loud bang, it pounded the back of the Alba Rhino. The rhino’s bones were snapped at once. Although it was not life threatening, it was impossible for the Alba Rhino to continue fighting.

The Alba Rhino had a powerful body. It was known by everyone that even a divine weapon would have a hard time harming it. However, it was actually defeated by the black tortoise like this, it made everyone utter a cry of surprise involuntarily.

The next match, a violent ape rushed to the stage. It was about two meters tall and covered by scary red fur from head to toe. The ape was flickering with dense bloody radiance and its mouth was even spewing electricity. It could even be said to possess the quality of the king.

However, the black tortoise’s performance made everyone very shocked. It was really too fast. It flew upwards swiftly and rammed into the chest of the blood-colored ape until it caved in. The violent ape fell on the stage with a loud bang.

Since then, nobody dared to mock and make fun of this black tortoise anymore. Strength makes right!

In the end, the black tortoise dominated the last match of the day at the Beast King Castle with absolute strength.

The elimination round dropped its heavy curtain on this very day. Five little beast kings were driven out from the standard warbeasts. They advanced smoothly and obtained the rights to participate in the following grand battle!

In merely ten days of rest and reorganization, the warbeast tournament shall begin.

The reward from the grand battle was so generous, it could make people tonguetied.

Every time the little sacred beasts battled, as long as they could prevail over their opponent, they could obtain ten thousand gold coins as the reward.

The one capable of seizing the title of the beast king would be given six hundred thousand gold coins as the reward. Obtaining the position of sub-beast king would be given five hundred thousand gold coins, and the third beast king would be given four hundred thousand gold coins.

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In total, the reward summed up to the astronomical 1.5 million gold coins. Of course, it was impossible for the event planner to sustain losses. Since the grand battle had begun, the three major warbeast castles had increased the price of the one-time ticket to twenty gold coins. Each family could receive up to no less than a hundred thousand gold coins per day.

If they held the competition for seven to eight days, even excluding all kinds of expenses, they would still make a steady profit. It could even be said to be a sudden huge profits!

Naturally, in order to prevent a long drawn out word of mouth, the three major warbeast castles also spent much of their hard-earned savings. This time, they spent a large amount to purchase the relics of a legendary beast king. Legend says it was a sacred beast that once accompanied the Buddha. This relic was left behind by that sacred beast after it broke the realm of Nirvana. This reward would be given to the little sacred beast that obtained the title of the beast king.

Ten days passed in a flash. The order of the battle was decided by draw lots.

Tenax was actually selected for the first battle!

And its opponent was actually another Dragon King! It was a Dragon King flickering with golden radiance!

Everyone flared up at once!

The twenty gold coins were too worth it. At present, all the bad thoughts regarding the three warbeast castles were washed away. No matter how much gold coins they had to spend, they just couldn’t miss the battle of the Dragon Kings!

Xiao Chen was also very surprised. He absolutely never thought Tenax would run into such a powerful opponent during the first match. He had once seen this Golden Dragon King. It was the offspring of the Monarch Lion Dragon and was subdued by the older generation experts later on.

Of course, it was more unlikely for Tenax to be unfamiliar with this Dragon King. At that time, on the dragon island, at the vicinity of the sacred mountain, this Gold Dragon King and Crimson Dragon King were having a fierce confrontation. Tenax was extremely proud and aloof on that day. It was unafraid of death and issued a challenge to the two Dragon Kings. As a result, it almost got killed.

After one odd year, the Gold Dragon King’s tail had already evolved into the Ancestral Dragon tail. Its body length had reached approximately 1.5 meter.

And Tenax was also no longer that unremarkable black dragon with nothing but fighting spirit. It already evolved into a powerful Dragon King.

In the end, there were too many people coming to watch the battle of the Dragon Kings, so much so that even the three major warbeast castle’s enclosed warbeast stage was unable to contain the twenty thousand plus spectators. At the last moment, they set up several hundred large crystal screens in order to settle this problem.

Even the VIP lounges were fully booked. People booked the lounges three days in advance.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen was Tenax’s owner. They had prepared a specialized VIP lounge for him to watch the battle. Otherwise, he could only make Fairsky and Zhuge fatty to help him buy the tickets. With an ordinary method, it was impossible to buy anymore tickets.

On this very day, the ticket scalpers were reselling the tickets for more than ten times the price, but many people were more than willing to get ripped off.

The stage was eighty meters square, it was more than enough for two Dragon Kings to fight fiercely. They had a wide room for freedom of action.

The floor was glittering, it was already enhanced by many older generation experts. Unless one had the power of demigod, it was impossible to smash the warbeast stage to pieces. And the entire warbeast stage was sealed off by a barrier laid out by fifty Psychics. That was to prevent the light beam launched by the Dragon Kings to harm the spectators.

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All the preparations were ready. The battle of the Dragon Kings was about to begin.

The divine radiance lingered on the entire body of the Gold Dragon King. It was as if it had been shrouded by golden raging flame. Even though they were separated by the barrier, the spectators could still feel a powerful pressure.

Although it was only 1.5 meter long, its might pressed down as heavy as an immemorial magic mountain. The Gold Dragon King’s eyes were incomparably ice-cold, it didn’t seem to possess any emotion.

This was a Dragon King that could even cause the deities to shrink back after it had grown up in the future!

This was a genuine sacred beast!

The instant Xiao Chen saw the Gold Dragon King, he felt his heart sunk. This Dragon King was too calm. That was because it was very confident in its strength.

The terrifying Monarch Lion Dragon, once awakened to the truth, they could surpass hundreds of the most powerful races. Everything was like a wisp of smoke in their eyes, they could surpass everything. Right now, this Dragon King was really too confident!

Xiao Chen felt anxious for Tenax. Although Tenax’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds over this past year, its starting point was much lower after all.

The silver rays of light flashed as Tenax showed up on the stage. Its expression was as proud and aloof as it was in the past. However, its battle intent was as sharp as the divine sword. The intangible surge of energy caused the light screen to shake, as if they were on the verge of breaking down.

It made every spectator feel a slight chill, it felt as if there were sharp swords pointing at their throats.


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