Chapter 240 – Masterplan

Part 1

There would inevitably be a day when young eagle had to spread their wings and fly towards their own world, distancing themselves from their parents. From then on, the lone eagle would take to the sky and travel far away.

There would also be a day when men reaches adulthood. Everyone had their own different paths. For their dream, for their future, they would pave their own path. A day would come when they had to leave their family and friends.

Twenty three to twenty four years were the golden age for practitioners. To hone their skills, they would travel to foreign land without looking back. Doing so would make themselves stronger, both physically and mentally.

“Maybe… I will stay in the Shang Dynasty for a very long time. Three years ago, during the Celestial City’s warbeast tournament, the third princess had graced us with her presence. I was already acquainted with her at that time, but I didn’t know she is a princess. When I arrived at Yindu this time, she invited me to stay for a few months.” The beautiful Yan Qingcheng said with slight sentiment, “I wonder if we’ll have a chance to meet up again in the future.”

That’s right, it was hard to promise anything, because the immortal’s mainland was really too vast. Who could be sure that no accident would occur during their journey?

“My first destination is definitely the Shang Empire.” Lazio wanted to learn how to recite poet and travel all over the world. Then he continued, “The Shang Dynasty is one of the five major states, it has occupied at least sixteen percent of the entire territory. I think I will be staying at the Shang Empire for a really long time.”

“So are we.” Aqua, Frosty, and Tenvis nodded at the same time.

“I will travel to various regions of Shang Dynasty.” Dugu Jianmo announced. Then he looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Shishui, you ought to leave soon. There’s a ‘strong tiger’ in Yindu. If you are too late, you might run into trouble.”

“I already know that. When I just entered the Lunar Pavilion, I’ve already heard people talking about it.” Xiao Chen downed one cup by himself, and said, “So what if he is a strong tiger. If he dares to find me, I intend to take his head with me.”

Hearing these, the expressions of everyone in the private room changed.

Dugu Jianmo looked at him and didn’t say anything.

The blue-haired pretty boy Lazio said with a grave expression, “I heard that person might have entered the realm of demigod already. Even if you have powerful divine abilities, there differences in level are still too much. I fear that it will be extremely difficult to take him down.”

Windfeathers nodded and said, “It is better to withdraw temporarily. The people from Tiger clan is very venomous. Xiao Chen should have learned his lesson from three years ago.”

Hearing the name, Yan Qingcheng felt somewhat unnatural as she recalled certain events of the past.

“It won’t hurt. With me and Dugu Jianmo combined, it should be enough I suppose.”

“The two of you combined?” Everyone at the scene was very surprised. Even Dugu Jianmo himself was shocked. He never expected Xiao Chen would say something like this.

“What, all of these started because of you, how can you pull out at times like this?” Xiao Chen looked at Dugu Jianmo with a smile.

“Very well, I will not leave Yindu for at least one month.” Dugu Jianmo didn’t hesitate and made such a promise.

Windfeathers and the others asked, “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Xiao Chen shook his head, and said, “The two of us should be enough.”

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Part 2

“We are not in a rush anyway. We won’t be leaving that soon. Getting rid of a demigod before departure could be considered a beautiful tale.” Lazio added.

Xiao Chen continued, “You guys belong to a faction, unlike me and Dugu Jianmo, who are all alone. If this matter become known, it will stick to you for a lifetime.”

“Hehe, no matter. Let’s talk about this again when the time comes.”

Because of this matter, the sad atmosphere of parting had momentarily been dispelled.

There was no such thing as a never-ending banquet in this world. In the end, everyone became a little drunk. Even beauties like Yan Qingcheng and Frosty had a flush on their lily-white faces.

The time for parting had arrived. Only that, they were stunned the moment they pushed the door open. The stairs leading downstairs had been filled to the brim. Bosch, Chen Hanggin, Yin Feng, and many others had been waiting for a long time.

Xiao Chen even noticed Chulain at the back of the crowd. It was the very same Chulain who possessed the outstanding Destiny Twin divine ability. And beside him was a handsome youth with indistinguishable power.

“Brother Xiao, wait a minute. Let us have a little chat.” Bosch walked over.

“Brother Dugu, our meeting must be the work of fate. Please, come over here.” Chen Hanggin stepped forward.

“Miss Qingcheng and Lady Frosty are as beautiful as the fairies. Please, have a sit here.” Yin Feng also called out intimately.

A group of people encircled them. Their aim was clearly to retain Xiao Chen’s group.

“He-he-he…” Chulain laughed and walked forward with Yanzalp. Other than the few from supreme clans, the others involuntarily get out of the way. Yindu’s Heroic Four had shaken the imperial capital, who was not afraid of them?

“No discord, no concord. How about coming to my mansion for a while?” Chulain was calm and easygoing. He didn’t bear the shame of a loser.

“Okay, but not today.” Xiao Chen tactfully refused.

Yanzalp looked at Xiao Chen, then he looked at Dugu Jianmo. His eyes emitted a sharp glint, but he only nodded without saying anything in the end. On the contrary, he seemed more interested in Yan Qingcheng and Frosty. He actually ordered someone to go and prepare gifts for them.

“Brother Xiao…”

Just at this time, one guy pushed through the crowds, and he even crossed over Chulain and Yanzalp.

“It’s you.” Xiao Chen shot a cold glare at him. He recognized this person. He was Yutong, the bodyguard of the third princess. That night, he led a group of people to block his path in the sky. At that time, he was very arrogant and despotic.

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“Brother Xiao, please forgive me.” Yutong bowed awkwardly and said, “Brother Xiao, I beg your forgiveness. Please let bygones be bygones. Today, I am here on behalf of the third princess to send an invitation Brother Xiao and Brother Dugu.”

Dugu Jianmo was very silent. From start until now, he didn’t say a single word.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “We still have matters to attend to, maybe next time.”

Hearing these, the bodyguard panicked and almost knelt down on impulse, “Brother Xiao, it is my fault. I was too rude three days ago. I will apologize to you here and now. Please, you have got to help me. Otherwise the third princess will kill me. She only wanted to invite you all to a simple gathering. There are no ulterior motives.”

Part 3

Seeing that Xiao Chen remain unmoved. Yutong lowered his voice and whispered, “The third princess had already made the ‘strong tiger’ to back out. I know Brother Xiao can handle the situation by yourself, but this is after all, the kind regards of the princess, so please…”

This news was very unexpected to Xiao Chen. He nodded in the end and said, “Alright.”

“Brother Dugu…” Following that, Yutong walked in front of Dugu Jianmo and whispered something.

“Hmph, I don’t need any sword manual!” Dugu Jianmo snorted.

“Rather than a sword manual, it is a…” Yutong hurriedly tried to explain.

“Fine, I’ll go.” Out of everyone’s expectation, Dugu Jianmo actually agreed to go with a nod.

It was obvious that Yutong had made preparations beforehand. Next, he also made Lazio, Windfeathers, and the others agreed to go with him.

The rich kids of Yindu were all dumbstruck, this… third princess really knows how to play her hands, she actually caught all of them in one go and invited them to her residence.

In fact, everyone only had eyes for Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo. As for Windfeathers and the others, they were only for the purpose of putting the two at ease. Of course, it was a different story for Yan Qingcheng and Frosty due to their good looks.

Even if it was just a vacation home, it was very impressive. How could the residence of the third princess not be so?

Walking on the path laid out by cobblestones, they passed through the garden, crossed over a stone bridge, and arrived at a lotus pond. Following the winding path on the surface of the pond, they arrived at a pavilion.

There, they found a girl in white dress sitting in front of the musical stage. Although she her face was covered by a veil, it was easy to guess how beautiful she was with that delicate body of hers, as well as that pair of clear eyes. Moreover, her beauty might possibly be at divine level.

Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo didn’t have the intention to show any courtesy, the third princess also didn’t mind. She smiled and invited them to sit down. She even intimately invited Yan Qingcheng to sit beside her.

“I had wanted to recruit all of you as my servants, but I’ve changed my mind. Everyone here is an elite, how would you all willingly agree to serve other people. I, Yinying, only wish to make friends with all of you.”

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“The princess is too courteous. To be able to make friends with the princess is our honor.” The blue-haired pretty boy Lazio smiled. His handsome face was filled with a calm expression. He came from a major clan in the Southern Wasteland, he was most familiar with this kind of strategy to get closer by pushing the others away.

“Hehe, Lord Lazio is really extraordinarily handsome. If you were to visit the major clans in Yindu, I’m afraid that the standard for choosing a spouse among the ladies will increase by several levels.” The third princess smiled lightly and said, “I have news that Lord Lazio might be particularly interested in. The fairy Lan Nuo had once showed up in my Shang Dynasty. I have already invited the person in the know. If Lord Lazio wanted to know more, please go and ask him in detail.”

“Many thanks!” Lazio expressed his heartfelt gratitude and left with the guidance of a maid. Even Xiao Chen was surprised by this news. If not for hiding his identity, he would have follow after them to inquire.

“Windfeathers, you are an outstanding person among mankind. Although you have suffered crushing defeats in Yindu, I want you to believe me that the men in my Yindu do not have evil intention. They are only a little rough with their ways. I beg you to forgive them. I know you have outstanding talent. Only a few can reach your level, and you even train in the Demon Beast Art. That is a secret art that once lord over the whole world. The only reason you lost is because you don’t have a powerful beast soul. If you have the help of a quality beast soul, I fear that only a few among the youths can match up to you. I have a rare beast soul sealed in my mansion house, don’t refuse, you can go and have a look first. Who knows, you might be able to reap some benefits.”

Windfeathers saluted and left.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but let out a sigh. This third princess really knows how to play her hands.

Part 4

The third princess smiled lightly. She faced Tenvis and said, “I know you came from the Cloudfire Hall of the West. Not long ago, someone had given me a treasure. It is said that the divine pearl came from the Cloudfire Hall.”

Tenvis jumped up with in shock and said with shaky voice, “Is it the Cloudfire Pearl?”

“Maybe… you can go take a look yourself.”

Tenvis bowed deeply and left in a hurry.

“Young Frosty, I have a lot of moisturizer here, it can make you look young forever.”

“Eh, really?” Frosty’s pretty face immediately welled up with envy.

“Of course it is true. Come, sit beside big sister. Later, I will give you and Sister Qingcheng three bottles each. Frosty walked with graceful steps and moved towards the third princess with a smiling face.

Aqua frowned and wanted to condemn his younger sister. However, he couldn’t do it in front of so many people. This girl… she actually got bribed by three bottles of moisturizer. Seriously… it made him feel so speechless.

“Brother Aqua, I have a complete copy of the Water God Style here…”


Aqua no longer rebuked his younger sister as he quickly left with a palace maid.

The third princess looked at Xiao Chen with a smile, then she looked at Dugu Jianmo. She sighed and said, “The both of you are wise and able persons. The two of you have a really promising future. I really wanted you both to stay behind and serve me, but I know that your ambition is not the position and wealth of the secular world. Sigh, it really is such a pity.”

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The two of them didn’t have anything to say in response.

“Three years ago, when I visited the Celestial City. I have asked one man if he was willing to come to the north with me. I can give him riches and honor beyond his wildest imagination. Looking at the both of you, I started to recall his appearance as he refused without the slightest hesitation. It was such a pity. If he is still alive, I think he wouldn’t be weaker than any of you…”

Speaking until here, the third princess felt a little regretful.

Dugu Jianmo kept his silence. Xiao Chen on the other hand, had a different feeling. He was already sure of it, the third princess was the owner of Goldie. The past events from three years ago quickly flooded his mind.

Yan Qingcheng could guess who the third princess was referring to. She opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything in the end.

“Many thanks to the third princess for hindering that strong tiger.” Xiao Chen cupped his hands to express his gratitude.

“No need to thank me, I just don’t want… the tragedy from three years ago to happen again. Personally, there are some clans that I don’t like.” The third princess heaved a sigh.

Xiao Chen had no choice to admit that the third princess might really be sincere. Or perhaps her acting was just too perfect. These simple words had already cleared all of his misunderstanding. The good opinions of the third princess continued to rise.

Of course, this was not the passionate feeling between man and woman. This was but the feeling of admiration for someone capable.

With a flash of gold light, Goldie appeared in the pavilion as if it had just teleported here. It circled around Xiao Chen three times and scratched its cheeks afterward. It had a dubious expression and looked somewhat amusing.

Part 5

On the other hand, Xiao Chen shivered with cold, He hastily restrained all of his aura.

“Hehe…” Seeing his expression, the third princess giggled and called out, “Goldie, come over here…”

Goldie appeared in front of the third princess with a whoosh. After receiving the Amethyst Ginseng from the third princess, it immediately gnawed on it.

Xiao Chen was speechless. So that’s why, not only did Goldie manage to redevelop its Shadow Partner, it even became more powerful. It was because the third princess always feed it with these kind of thing. Even when compared to Keke’s snacks, it was not to be outdone.

Looking at Goldie, he started to miss Keke and wished that the little beast could come back soon.

“Brother Xiao, although I have already send someone to warn the strong tiger, you still need to be more careful. After all, this clan always conduct their activities without qualms. You need to be more vigilant against them.”

“Thanks, I know.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Brother Dugu, I know that sword is your everything.” The third princess smiled and continued, “I know that you do not cherish any sword style. That’s why I’ve specifically searched for three different records of swordplay, personally left behind by Zhang Sanfeng.”

Hearing that it was left behind by Zhang Sanfeng, not only Dugu Jianmo, even Xiao Chen was moved.

“There are three ancient statues, each of these stone statue has three sword scars.” The third princess clapped her hands. Two warrior carefully moved one of the ancient statue into the pavilion.

The stone statue was marked by the passing of time. It had clearly experienced the wear and tear of endless years.

The sword scars at the head, chest, and leg immediately attracted Dugu Jianmo’s attention. He walked over with large strides.

“Hehe… back then, when a sword master faced one of these stone statues, he trained for thirty years straight. Therefore, I have only moved one stone statue here today. If Brother Dugu wants to see the other two statues, you are free to do so at any time.”

Dugu Jianmo could no longer register anything she said as he inspected the stone statue carefully.

Xiao Chen knew that Dugu Jianmo had also fallen into the hands of the third princess.

The third princess Yinying smiled lightly. Soon after, she turned her head to face Xiao Chen and said, “Brother Xiao is currently training his heart in the secular world?”

“That’s right.”

“My teacher told me once. To train the heart in the secular world, a man must go to the battleground. If a man didn’t get to experience the mass slaughter of the battlefield, that would be a lifetime of regret.”

“The battleground is not the only place to train the heart. As for regret… everyone’s life is filled with regret. It is unavoidable. There is no need to meticulously spread out my path so long as I continue going forward without flinching.”

Although that’s what he said, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but admit going to the battleground was the dream of every man. He felt that he really need to enter the battleground for his next stop, but he didn’t want to go there by means of the third princess.

Xiao Chen left the third princess’ residence by himself. The others had been retained by the third princess’ clever ploy. And since he owed the third princess a favor, it was impossible for him to walk away from it.

Just at this time, someone rushed over quickly and said, “Lord, someone made me deliver this letter to you.”

Xiao Chen opened the letter, there was only one sentence: The moment you leave Yindu is the moment you die.

The inscription is the image of a tiger.

Xiao Chen laughed out out, then his expression turned cold and said to the delivery boy: “Tell him, don’t wait outside of Yindu, I will certainly take his head in this city within ten days!”

The same thing happened again, but Xiao Chen was no longer the same Xiao Chen from back then. At worst, he would just retreat, change his appearance again, and hide among the multitude of people.


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