Chapter 101 – After a Mysterious Week

Xiao Chen decided to go probe around the vicinity of the ghost town, he must get to the bottom of this, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to feel at peace.

Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen didn’t plan to explore for ghost town for a short period of time. Their most important mission now was to nurture the young Dragon Kings. Only until the two young Syndicate Dragon Kings had enough power to protect themselves would they be willing to leave their side. They needed to seek for a place to train, the situation on the dragon island was very complicated at the moment, only strength represents everything.

After the calamity in the ghost town, as well as that massacre previously, several hundred practitioners on dragon island died. Now, there were merely a little over a hundred practitioners on the entire dragon island. Almost all of these people were lone wolves. If they also participated in the battle that day, and were forced into the ghost town, perhaps there would only be a few practitioners left on the dragon island now.

Xiao Chen originally wanted to go probe around the vicinity of the ghost town, but he found that area was still brimming with baleful aura, the bloody radiance was unpleasant to the eyes. He changed his mind in the end, that place was too dangerous at the moment, he decided to not take any risks temporarily.

When the few of them walked in the mountain woods, they were shocked to find that; The rain of blood did not fall on these region at all. It seemed like only the sea of bones and that deathly still forest were affected by that rarely seen rain of blood. The few of them heaved a sigh, that region was seriously too dangerous, and that night they massacred until that place by chance. It was indeed following the path to their own doom.

There were many beautiful landscapes on the dragon island, Xiao Chen and the gang found a spiritual mountain pretty quickly. The fine woods were flourishing, the wisteria were all over the place, it could even be said to be the intoxication of a beautiful spring day. The spiritual energy was dense, that was even a waterfall in between.

After experiencing the calamity in the ghost town, everyone felt delightful to see this kind of beautiful spiritual land, their body and mind loosened up.

There was a crystal clear lake in the bamboo forest. Xiao Chen was currently free-swimming in the middle of the lake. He washed off the dirty blood all over his body, it seemed like his spirit had also received a baptism. His mind was empty and calm, he unconsciously operated his secret technique, the entire water surface was rippling. Xiao Chen was shrouded by the drizzling mist.

Soon after, the lake water calmed down again. It seemed like he had become a part of the tiny lake, the surrounding fishes were no longer afraid of him; They were swimming beside him. Xiao Chen felt as if he had really merged with the heaven and earth, and became a part of nature. In the end, he submerged into the bottom of the lake, and sunk into a fantastic martial zone. His entire person already no longer require to breathe, endless spiritual energy entered his body from the skin, the impure energies were discharged by nature.

God knows how much time had passed, Xiao Chen finally opened his two eyes and rose from the bottom of the lake. After he surfaced, the golden rays of light spilled from the East. It allowed him to take a bath under the dazzling morning sun.

Lawrence who was jogging at the side of the lake was incomparably shocked and said, “Don’t tell me you were in the lake the entire night?”

“Oh? I guess that was the case, I also never thought I would actually lie dormant from yesterday evening until now.” Xiao Chen flung his dripping wet long hair, and walked towards the shore. The surface of his body was flickering with a crystal clear luster, it was like a layer of jade flower had been smeared on his body.

“It seemed like you had undergone a peculiar transformation.”

“I also felt as if some transformation had taken place.” But Xiao Chen was unable to pinpoint accurately what kind of changes had taken place. However, just at this time he said, “Yizhen is also coming over here.” After saying these, he blanked out for a moment, because he was unable to see Yizhen nor could he hear the voice, yet he was completely sense Yizhen getting close.

Sure enough, Yizhen walked over from a bamboo forest not far away, which confirmed the feeling he had a moment ago.

Lawrence was dumbstruck. Only until Yizhen appeared in his line of sight did he discover him. Practitioners on their level were nimble, they normally wouldn’t make any sound when walking. And Xiao Chen actually relied on his spiritual sense to find Yizhen approaching in advance. Although the distance was not too far, this kind of foresight with spiritual sense was still really miraculous.

“Our good captive is really so diligent, she is actually preparing breakfast for us. There are Mongolian gazelle’s leg, deer breast…… coconut juice……” Xiao Chen spelled it out one by one. Lawrence quickly rushed into the bamboo forest, and found that it was exactly as Xiao Chen had said; Under Rowena’s supervision, Yan Qing Cheng was preparing those breakfast.

In regards to Xiao Chen’s conspicuous spiritual sense, Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen were extremely shocked.

“Without your eyes nor your ears, how far can you perceive?” Lawrence asked.

“I guess roughly a hundred meter or more.”

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“How terrifying, no one will be able to mount a sneak attack on you from hereafter.” Buddhist Yizhen was deeply moved as he said, “This seemed to be an ability that only surfaced when one reached the Historia realm.”

Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis were regarded as the five major realms for the practitioners. Once they entered the Historia realm, the practitioners would gain some bizarre divine ability. Xiao Chen’s ability to sense the surroundings without sight or sound could be considered as a kind of divine ability. ⌈1

Xiao Chen just made a breakthrough to Exuvia Seventh Celestial Layer not long ago, there were still some distance from the Historia realm. And yet a divine ability had already emerged, this was definitely a rare event.

“Time to eat……” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena called out to the three men from the bamboo forest.

Enjoying the sumptuous breakfast served by beautiful woman while appreciating the fragrance of flowers and birdsong not far away, as well as the clear mountain spring, they felt extremely pleased. Their nervous mood in the past few days finally eased up.

At this entrancing and flourishing spiritual land, Xiao Chen trained with a relaxed mind. His pure energy became more and more condensed, after his martial technique improved, he felt that he was able to absorb the worldly essence much faster than before.

It must be mentioned that Rowena was really “responsible and diligent”, she actually wanted to turn Yan Qing Cheng into a gorgeous woman. She diligently gave her instructions everyday, which made Yan Qing Cheng clench her teeth in anger. ⌈2

The three skeletons were training, Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen were also training, everyone was striving to increase their own strength. According to what Lawrence had said, training for one year on the dragon island was equivalent to three-five years of training in the past, because they might die if they didn’t have enough strength at this place. Everyone had no other choice but be forced to devise ways to make a breakthrough as soon as possible.

Only Keke was the most leisure, it would go provoke the two young Dragon Kings when it had nothing to do, which caused the birds and beasts in this region to run away frantically due to the dragon roars.

“Xiao Chen, are you using the true God Slayer Technique?”

Yizhen was currently swapping pointers with Xiao Chen, he saw how Xiao Chen used the God Slayer Technique before. He was very surprised after the enquiry, and said, “Legend says that after the God Slayer Technique reach a certain level, it was possible to slay a god efficiently. It is an extremely terrifying killing move, but nobody was capable of mastering it.”

Yizhen saw how Xiao Chen was already able to display such a huge power with his current ability, he was indeed somewhat fearful. Xiao Chen didn’t hide anything and passed this technique to him, but Buddhist Yizhen was unable to display its full power with his Buddhism Law. It seemed like this killing move was specially customized for those who trained in the divine monolith’s law.

After hearing Xiao Chen’s presentation, there were still three techniques as powerful as God Slayer; The Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow, Buddhist Yizhen was truly a bit speechless. In fact, Xiao Chen only focused on practicing the God Slayer at the moment, because one technique could evolve into endless variation, he still haven’t grasped the essence of this first technique.

Actually, after the life and death experience in the ghost town, Buddhist Yizhen had reaped a huge benefit too. The ancient scripture in the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel had embedded in his heart for eternity. At the same time, the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel had increased his power from the Fifth Celestial Layer directly to the Seventh Celestial Layer. ⌈3

After training on this beautiful spiritual mountain for a few days, Xiao Chen and the others clearly felt the baleful aura in the heart of the island had become weaker. And this was already the seventh days since the ghost town appeared.

Xiao Chen hurriedly left this place, and made his way to the vicinity of the sea of bones in order to look around. As for Lawrence and Yizhen, because of the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King, they stayed behind. The three skeletons also didn’t leave, and continued to train at this place. Only Keke followed Xiao Chen delightfully.

With his current ability, a few dozen miles were nothing. He quickly entered the deathly still forest, and arrived just before the sea of bones.

A few dozen practitioners concealed themselves at this place, they were all watching the ghost town from the sidelines. They paid close attention to everything that happened there. Xiao Chen arrived just on time, the sea of blood in the sky slowly retreated, and the Brass Trigrams, Divine Halberd, and Metal Engravings in the ghost town transformed into three light beams and left the ghost town. As for Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, it embedded itself back onto the ancient city gate.

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Soon after, all the dragons flew out from the ghost town, their divine ability seemed to be weakening at lightning speed. They actually landed on the ground as soon as they left the ghost town. The last to fly out of the ancient city was the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn and Ancestral Dragon’s Claw. They flew towards the direction of the sacred mountain.

Everyone was incomparably shocked, the dragons really seemed to have lost their divine ability, they merely recovered their divine ability for seven days, and then returned to their original state. Regardless of the kings of dragons such as the Monarch Lion Dragon and the Tyrannical Dragon, or the common dragons such as the Elephans Draco and the others, all of them were using brute force to run towards a distant location. Not a single dragon were able to fly again.

Seven days!

Such a mysterious seven days!

How did something like these happen?!

The ghost town in the middle of the sea of bones also gradually became duller over time. In the end, it actually completely disappeared in the boundless sea of bones. Only the hundred meter tall ancient divine monolith stood there. Everything had disappeared, as if nothing happened in the first place. However, regardless of the deathly still forest, or the boundless sea of bones, the traces from the rain of blood remained, this was the only evidence that left behind.

Only until a long time later, when the dragons distanced themselves, and the forest became quiet, did the practitioners dare to approach the sea of bones. They wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. Among the dozens of practitioner, the majority of them did not enter the ghost town. When the rain of blood descended, they didn’t enter this terrifying ominous land. Spell Master Schroder and Psychic Lanyu was among the group. Xiao Chen had met these two before, he was unable to recognize the rest.

Xiao Chen also entered the sea of bones, he found the Solitary Sword Demon at this place, as well as that mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist. Almost all the survivors who had entered the ancient city before were present, they were the most concerned regarding these.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen felt someone was spying on him. This was his foresight ability without relying on sight and sound. This was the new divine ability that came into his possession recently. Fifty meter behind him, a young man with pale complexion was currently sizing him up.

Even though they were still a distance apart, Xiao Chen could feel this guy was extremely dangerous. He had a feeling that even the Solitary Sword Demon was not a match for him.

Although he didn’t turn around to watch, he already clearly captured that person’s appearance with his spiritual sense. That was a twenty plus year old youngster, he was medium-sized, and couldn’t be considered handsome. His complexion was abnormally pale, it seemed like there was no flowing blood.

For some reason, a weird feeling welled up in Xiao Chen’s heart, it felt like he had seen this person before, but he couldn’t recall it at the moment. The youth with abnormally pale complexion was clearly not spying on Xiao Chen alone, he also spied on Solitary Sword Demon, Lanyu, Schroder, and the other experts, all of these were clearly sensed by Xiao Chen. ⌈4

What was he doing? Xiao Chen remained calm and collected, he continued to use his foresight ability to observe him. All of a sudden, Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes emitted two divine light, he felt a nip in the air. He “saw” the red birthmark on the left wrist of the youth, it was identical to a shocking memory in his mind. ⌈5

He once excavated thee ice coffins at the snowy mountain. Each coffin had a piece of casted off human skin. All the three human skins had this kind of red birthmark on their left wrist, it was exactly the same. At last, Xiao Chen finally realized why he felt this youth looked so familiar. If this youth had more wrinkles on his pale cheeks, and had thinly spread white hair, then he would look exactly the same as those three human skin.

It was the old ghost in the ice coffins!

Xiao Chen secretly sucked in a mouthful of cold air, how did this happen? His original speculation actually came true, this kind of bizarre old ghost actually existed! If that was the case, then doesn’t that mean this old ghost had lived on this dragon island all along? That means he had lived for at least a few hundred years!

But why did he spy on me? Xiao Chen had this kind of doubts. Being watched by this kind of bizarre old ghost, anyone would feel a sense of danger. God knows just what was this old ghost planning.

Looking at how young the old ghost was one more time, and yet so pale, it really looked like a living corpse. Words couldn’t even describe how eerie and frightening it was. In the end, the old ghost distanced himself, and disappeared from this sea of bones.

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This was a great misfortune, he must think of a way to defend himself, or even eliminate the old ghost. Just when Xiao Chen’s state of mind was very unstable, he felt a very familiar aura, it seemed like the Barbarian Tribe’s young expert Chaos was glancing left and right not far behind him. However, Xiao Chen was completely gobsmacked, even though the aura was very much like that of Chaos’, that was not the same person! ⌈6


  1. Silva: Ain’t this the Magic Perception? They should be a pretty common ability in most of the recent stories~ I guess this story really takes place a really long time in the past 😛  
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