Chapter 108 – Undead Emperor

“What is going on?” Xiao Chen asked. Even though he was unwilling to make a deal with the demon, there were things he couldn’t resist asking.

“The blood of god was ignited in the mortal body. This is the awakening of divinity. That is to say, the so-called divine inheritance. The descendant of god will receive a portion of their ancestor’s power.”

This news made Xiao Chen a little surprised, but not as shocked as earlier. He opened his mouth to ask, “He is really strong?”

The demon said very calmly, “No matter how powerful his ancestor was, it is impossible for him to manifest the same power after it had been passed down through the generations. It is already pretty good if he can reach the demigod level before thirty years old. But if he wants to make further improvements, he must break through the confinement of his own blood. Otherwise he will not be able advance any step further.”

Xiao Chen suddenly realized, wasn’t this the demigod that Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence had told him about? Some people were naturally born as a demigod, they were the descendant of god, along with their growth, they would receive the power passed down to them from their ancestor.

However, this kind of family was very rare, and not every generation possessed this kind of power. Because along with the passage of time, the blood of god hidden within the body of the clan would become thinner and thinner along with each generation. Having one who awakened to divinity every few dozen generations was already good enough.

Who was in the thatched cottage, what level was he now, was it someone he knew? Xiao Chen really wanted to step forward to probe around.

“It was merely the awakening of the deity’s power source, to become a real demigod, he must wait until thirty years old at the very least. His power didn’t increase by much at the moment, if I want to kill him, it would be as simple as crushing a little tick. Maybe even you can do it.” The demon had an easygoing tone, it seemed like he didn’t even take someone who had hope of becoming demigod seriously. This was the qualifications of the strong.

Xiao Chen walked over with large strides, he wanted to get to the bottom of this matter. And just at this time, the gold light completely vanished. A figure broke out from the roof of the thatched cottage and soared into the sky.

“Lande!” Xiao Chen was really too astonished, it was actually the golden-haired pretty boy, Lande. He had a pretty deep discord with the person in question.

“Xiao Chen!” Lande floated high in the sky and looked below. He was also filled with surprise, he never thought he would encounter Xiao Chen at this place. Without any superfluous words, a golden light poured down like torrents.

“God Slayer!” Xiao Chen shouted softly, one after another multicolored light rushed forth from both of his hands. The sword shadows soared into the sky soon after and destroyed those golden light wave. After that, Lande had actually been counterattacked.

Lande hastily soared into the sky and flee towards a distant location. “Let’s fight again at the next opportunity.” Lande’s voice was transmitted from far away. It didn’t contain resentment and indignation, his mood seemed to be very calm, it seemed like he had already forgotten how he suffered a crushing defeat at that time.

“I will wait for you any time.” Xiao Chen replied. To actually make an enemy out of someone who might become a demigod, it was really out of his expectation. However, it was not really that unexpected if he thought about it carefully, Yan Qing Cheng was extraordinary, if Lande didn’t have potential, why would she interact with him? It was certainly because she had an eye on the possibility of him becoming a demigod in the future.

However…… a demigod was nothing to be afraid of. Xiao Chen believed as long as he worked hard, so what if the other party possessed the bloodline of the god? One of the killing moves he practiced was even called the God Slayer, how could he be afraid of a demigod? As long as he practiced it to the highest level, there was nothing to be afraid of.

After a day, Xiao Chen finally arrived at the treant’s valley. However, he was disappointed to find that the green haired man had already left this place, the few treants also disappeared without a trace. And of course, it was impossible to find Zhao Lin Er who escaped to the outer region of the dragon island before anyone else.

“Are you trying to find that old treant to deal with me?” The demon was really unpredictable, he appeared at the treant’s valley without a sound and said, “He was indeed quite strong, but even if he had transformed into human, he is still not my opponent. I will make it clear to you, if he finds the small sacred tree, he will definitely fight over it too, because he is a treant, he needs it more than me. Who knows, he might just shed all pretense and make a move without any qualms.”

Xiao Chen didn’t reply, he just walked at the outer region of the dragon island aimlessly. In reality, he was searching for the whereabouts of those treants carefully.

“Are you really going to find him and make the two of us fight over it?” The demon laughed and said, “If that is the case, I will be very happy to see him kill you and snatch the sacred tree away from you. Then all of this will be unrelated to me. I will find him some other time and take it by force, this can also be considered taking revenge for you. Of course, I will save this little critter.”

Keke was sleeping soundly, otherwise the little critter will certainly rush over there.

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Xiao Chen looked around the outer region of the dragon island for several days, but there was nothing to be gained. Soon after, Xiao Chen arrived at a gloomy swamp several times, but he had to fall back every time. That was the deathly swamp Lunhui Wang and the other two skeletons formerly lived.

Regarding that ten meter tall Undead Emperor with a pair of rotten wings, the impression it left in Xiao Chen’s heart was really too deep. Even though he didn’t really see it on that day, the terrifying scene it brought about was enough to prove its strength. It was a terrifying existence Xiao Chen thought to be as powerful as dragons.

Could he really borrow his power? Xiao Chen was really uncertain. If he didn’t deal with it properly, he would anger a killing fiend, it might be as terrifying as the demon!

The night sky was filled with many stars, Xiao Chen finally arrived at the deathly swamp again. He didn’t have any time to tarry, the demon was obviously getting impatient. If he don’t find a way to eliminate the demon soon, his life will be in danger.

These past few days Keke was like an obedient baby, it spent more than half of the day in deep sleep. Xiao Chen knew the little critter might be meditating really earnestly with its strange sleeping meditation method.

The undead miasma drifted in the air, it was fluttering like a black ribbon. The gloomy swamp was very quiet, no birds and beasts dare to get close.

The demon looked at Xiao Chen with a smile yet not a smile, he followed behind Xiao Chen unhurriedly. These past two days he had been following Xiao Chen closely, he was no longer following him secretly.

After a slight hesitation, Xiao Chen held his breath and took large strides into the swamp. A layer of light screen appeared, it protected him and Keke who was sleeping soundly. He stepped on the muddy ground and forged ahead. The path was filled with dried up bones, he could occasionally see a few deathly pale moonlight that spilled into the darkness.

He finally entered the heart of the swamp, Xiao Chen looked at a pile of bones before him. He felt a chill in his heart, that kind of baleful aura that directly penetrated one’s heart was really bizarre. It was like a black flame throbbing on the pile of bones. He knew the ten meter tall Undead Emperor was under that pile of bones.

Turning his head to look at the demon, the desire to retreat welled up in Xiao Chen’s heart, because the evil spirit clearly knew about this place and yet it wasn’t fearful. This was already enough to answer his question.

“Heh-heh……” Although the demon tried to laugh as gently as possible, it still seemed very gloomy under the dead of the night in this deathly swamp. “I think you better fall back, otherwise when the Undead Emperor come out, the undead miasma it releases might harm you. I haven’t greeted this old friend of mine for quite a while already, let’s have a chat about the old times with him today.”

Xiao Chen was completely speechless, the two of them were actually friends. He silently retreated and felt a bit sorrowful in his heart. It might be futile to find someone on this island capable of restraining this demon.

“Old friend, I came to see you.” The demon lightly waved his hand, those big pile of bones all floated up and shifted to the other side. The black underworld fog violently surged up from the underground, it was rolling over and over like raging black fireworks.

A ghost whistle that made one’s scalp feel numb transmitted from the underground, then the demonic cloud covered up the moon, endless amount of black fog soared into the sky in an instant. It completely blocked the moonlight that spilled through the branches and leaves of the tall ancient trees.

A huge monster appeared from the swamp, its ten meter tall body emitted a baleful aura. Although he was a little far away, and the black fog was lingering around, Xiao Chen could still see the rotten body of the Undead Emperor, as well as that pair of huge rotten wings. The negative vibe spread far and wide, the terrifying black power assailed the deathly swamp, and the mournful screech sent a chill down people’s spine.

He was unable to see the head and face, it was hard to guess his emotional state. However, the pressure emitted by him and his power could be felt vividly. This Undead Emperor might really be capable of defeating the demon, but…… would they fight?

Could he be an angel in his previous life? Xiao Chen thought of something like this, otherwise how would it have a pair of wings, but the body was really too huge. Maybe before the dragon island was sealed, a big battle took place on this island and the Undead Emperor might have fallen in that time period.

Two ice-cold rays of light shot towards Xiao Chen like sharp swords, it seemed like the Undead Emperor wanted to get rid of him.

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“Old friend, relax. Don’t lower yourself to his level, it was I who wanted to see you.” The demon calmly stood in front of the Undead Emperor.

Its ice-cold gaze shifted direction, the Undead Emperor and demon walked over to a distant place. It seemed like they really were old friends. Xiao Chen’s final hope had been dispelled.

However, just after they left for a short period of time, an explosive sound suddenly echoed from the distant swamp. That was the sound of forest tree getting crushed! Inexhaustible cloudy fog spread far and wide, a violent energy fluctuation rolled over and over.

The Undead Emperor and demon exchanged blows!

Xiao Chen chose to get away from the swamp immediately, his speed was extremely fast, it was seriously like the wind and lightning. He got away the swamp in almost a moment.

That pair of undead brothers actually fought against each other, there’s no news better than this. Xiao Chen went to a highland and jumped onto the crown of a ten meter tall huge tree to survey the deathly swamp from an elevated position.

The inexhaustible cloudy fog rolled over and over, it actually submerged that entire area where the fight took place. It was impossible to see the battle progress, one could tell the intensity of the battle only because of the violent energy fluctuation.

When the dense deathly underworld fog rolled westward unceasingly, the original battlefield became visible to naked eyes. It seemed like a meteor had fallen within that hundred meter radius. The ground had sunk down for who knows how many meter, it already turned into a huge hole. It was pitch-black and god knows how many meter deep.

One could imagine just how powerful was the Undead Emperor and demon, not only did they destroy every tangible thing on the ground, even the area itself caved in.

There were figures of human swaying in the distant place. There were still some practitioners at the outer region of the island. This intense battle startled them, but those people retreated at lightning speed after sensing the thick deathly aura. One could tell that they were very careful.

The intense battle lasted for a quarter of an hour, Xiao Chen was looking forward to the death of the demon.

However, he guessed wrong again, when the underworld fog dissipated, a three hundred meter wide hole appeared on the spot. The Undead Emperor and demon were actually sitting beside the hole as they talked about something.

Although he couldn’t see clearly, he was still able to feel that kind of atmosphere. They don’t seem to be mortal enemy, he could occasionally hear that eerie laughter. The two evil spirits seemed to be hitting it off.

How could that be?

Xiao Chen remained puzzled even after thinking it over a hundred times, the two evil spirits were having a life and death bout just a moment ago, and now they were actually on a friendly term in the blink of an eye. This change of atmosphere was really too fast.

“Haha…… I will definitely not forget about you when I break free, we are the closest friend.” The demon’s hearty laugh transmitted from a distant place.

Soon after, the demonic cloud rolled over and over. The Undead Emperor returned to the underground. A chilly wind brushed past, green leaves fell and withered, the demon appeared on the crown of a huge tree. He was not far away from Xiao Chen. The demon sat on the branch and said, “Have you thought about it carefully? I am already at the limit of my patience. If you can convince the little critter to willingly lend me the sacred tree for one year, he too will get a generous reward.”

Xiao Chen maintained his calm, would they really be able to get the sacred tree back after giving it to the demon? It seemed like Keke and the sacred tree were inseparable, do they really have to make a compromise in order to survive?

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“Other than the dragons and those primal beasts on this dragon island, nobody can threaten me. However, the dragons will not do anything to me. And you have seen it yourself, the Undead Emperor and I are on friendly term. Every time I rebirthed, I will come here to swap pointers with him. He is my greatest ally.”

“Who is he? What kind of person was he?”

Hearing these, the demon raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky. He let out an indistinct sigh and said, “I don’t even know who am I. How would I know about him? I only know I escaped from the ghost town. And he is a corpse that rotted countless years ago……” Speaking until here, the demon actually revealed a distressed expression. It seemed like he was really not an evil spirit, but a pitiful youth.


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