Chapter 153 – Fall of a Hero

Xiao Chen broke through to the Ninth Celestial Layer. Everyone was incomparably shocked. Transforming in desperate straits, advancing to a new domain in a life and death battle, this was a practitioner’s most dangerous experience. Without huge courage or willpower, it was impossible to get through.

After advancing to the same level, Xiao Chen was no longer fearful of Wuxing Feng. He was as quick as the thunder, his figure disappeared like the lightning and closed in with every step. He made his move brazenly, no longer shrinking back.


Like a meteor catching up to the moon, Xiao Chen quickly appeared in front of Wuxing Feng and sent a fist covered with gold radiance towards his chest. The space appeared to be distorted. The surroundings seemed to turn somewhat fuzzy. The oppressive gale directly caused the debris and broken beams on the ground to break into pieces and let out creaking noises.

Wuxing Feng lifted his fist to meet the attack. Two fists intersected and produced a sonorous metal noise. The glorious brilliance radiated. The two seemed to be draped in a layer of gold radiance. They looked like two wargods in a fierce battle.

They separated quickly. Wuxing Feng felt a numbness in his arm. He was secretly shocked at Xiao Chen’s great power. The Quinctus footwork was incomparably exquisite. As if he was capable of teleporting, he disappeared into empty air with each step he took. He broke away from the mighty Xiao Chen in two or three steps.

The skills were almost like the profound truth, his motions were mysterious and unpredictable. Wuxing Feng adjusted his posture a little and his legs were executing the Quinctus steps. His body was just like a stream of clouds as he attacked Xiao Chen again. He didn’t want to remain passive. He had been unparalleled since birth and always took the initiative to attack. He didn’t want to take it lying down.

With an extremely powerful Quinctus Fist, he leapt forward and firmly locked onto Xiao Chen’s chest. The dusky qi of earth spread out, the power of the Fist of Earth wanted to run through Xiao Chen’s chest. At the same time, he lifted up the right knee with all of his might. The knee was aiming for Xiao Chen’s lower abdomen.

The dusky sand was omnipresent, but this was not a genuine sandstorm. This was a terrifying earth energy made from dreadful rays of light. The attack was as quick as the thunder. The simultaneous attack with the fist and the leg had sealed off Xiao Chen’s every move.

Xiao Chen moved a little sideway, facing Wuxing Feng’s fist with both hands. At the same time, he shook his hips to abruptly release the power he had accumulated. As if he had released a bowstring, his body was suddenly filled with power. At the same time he sandwiched the Fist of Earth with both arms, his right leg struck at the opposite direction.

“Clang!” As if two divine metals had been struck together, Xiao Chen’s right knee clashed with Wuxing Feng’s left knee. The dusky qi of earth and gold radiance dissipated at the same time. It was spilling like a wide expanse of aurora.

The two’s movements were as fast as lightning. At the same time he fell back a little, Xiao Chen jumped two meters high. Just when he was about to descend, he twisted his waist with all his might and swept his leg across. A horizontal kick! His left foot was like a mace as it swept towards the right side of Wuxing Feng’s head. It was an extremely brutal attack that caused fear and trepidation. If it was a direct hit, not to mention human flesh, even adamantium would break apart.

Wuxing Feng slightly lowered his head. After he dodged this attack, he suddenly made a somersault and sent an overhead kick towards Xiao Chen’s chest. Xiao Chen’s figure was still in the sky and there was not enough time to move. Such a brutal attack really caused people to be tongue-tied.

Xiao Chen was not afraid at all. If he unfolded the Undying Divine Wings, he could easily soar into the sky. However, dodging was not his style. While in the sky, he shifted his body half a meter to the side. He was not willing to move back any more than this. After that, both of his legs joined together like an unbreakable awl as he directly stabbed towards the chest of Wuxing Feng, who was still upside down.

Wuxing Feng was forced to fly backwards in that position. All of these happened too quickly. From the beginning to the end, it all happened in a split second. They left behind a wide expanse of afterimages in the sky.

After that, Xiao Chen stomped on the empty air. He actually took more than ten consecutive steps in the air and chased after Wuxing Feng. His body was slanted as he swept across Wuxing Feng’s upper body. He wanted to cut his body off.

Anger bubbled up within Wuxing Feng. It was always him who forced his opponents into the corner, but today, it had turned around. This opponent was more vicious than him. He was incomparably sharp. Wuxing Feng abruptly turned his body around, then he jumped high into the sky. He didn’t want to fall back. He sent a somersault kick and slashed towards Xiao Chen’s attack.


The sky exploded with dazzling radiance. The two were separated.

“God Slayer!”

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Xiao Chen was really too fast. The instant he landed, he attacked again. He directly executed God Slayer, one of the four major techniques. After advancing to the Ninth Celestial Layer today, his attack power was no longer weaker than the opponent’s and he made his move brazenly. He wanted to overwhelm his opponent with absolute strength and give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Fist of Iron!”

Wuxing Feng shouted loudly, his black hair was like a waterfall that was flowing backwards ⌈1⌋. The sharp glints in his eyes were like swords. The right fist with glorious gold radiance was launched.

The violent clash was like an earthquake. It made the mother earth burst open. Wuxing Feng was forced to fall back five steps. Xiao Chen did not fall back, on the contrary, he continued moving forward.

“Chaotic Patterns!”

He shouted loudly. Xiao Chen once more clashed with Wuxing Feng.

“Fist of Wood!” Wuxing Feng’s eyes sparked with electricity ⌈2⌋. His fist erupted with resplendent green radiance. Two fists clashed! In that instance he felt his arms getting numb. His body trembled slightly as the surge of energy seemed like it wanted to intrude his body.

Wuxing Feng was shocked as he fell back one more time. Xiao Chen had become dominant and didn’t want to spare him. He shouted his next move, “Demon Suppression!”

The gale carried by the fist was incomparably wild. It ferociously smashed towards Wuxing Feng’s face. Wuxing Feng had no choice but to block it with the Fist of Water.

It was as if there was a sudden clap of thunder in the sky when the two clashed head on!

The dazzling energy storm swept towards all directions. Wuxing Feng fell back, Xiao Chen followed up again!

A continuous attack with the four major techniques and the Demonic Seal. It was obvious that Xiao Chen wanted to get revenge for the “clash” before. The so-called “using an opponent’s own methods to obtain retribution”.

One ferocious punch was followed up by another!

The energy burst out unceasingly. Dazzling multicolored radiances shrouded their surroundings. It was rolling over and over like the stormy sea.

Every spectator was incomparably shocked. The two powerful warriors gave them too many surprises. Especially Xiao Chen who actually turned a losing battle around and steadily suppressed the outstanding Wuxing Feng. It was too unexpected.

Loud roars burst out unceasingly. Xiao Chen was as quick as lightning. His fist became heavier with each consecutive blow. Wuxing Feng was finally unable to bear it anymore after the eighteenth fist. Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.


“How is this possible?!”

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The elites of the south and Aeon’s people cried out in surprise. The fabled outstanding talent of the north was actually no match for Xiao Chen.

His attacks were sharp and closed in with every step. Xiao Chen’s messy hair flew upward as he brazenly made his move. He didn’t give Wuxing Feng any chance to dodge. All of the sharp attacks were connected beautifully. It gave Wuxing Feng no other choice but to receive the attack. He was unable to dodge, unless he was willing to put his life on the line and receive one terrifying punch head on.

After the thirty sixth punch, Wuxing Feng let out a bellow of rage. He was finally unable to stand it anymore. His body was sent flying away. A big mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.

“Hey!” Xiao Chen followed closely. His movement was extremely sharp. He launched an attack just as fierce as before, without any flashy move. An invisible “power” enveloped Wuxing Feng. He wanted to force the opponent to receive it head on, giving him no chance to dodge, unable to dodge.

Another nine consecutive punches. Wuxing Feng was continuously coughing up blood. Xiao Chen felt extremely content. He had already avenged his previous defeat by beating him into this sorry state.

Just at this moment, everyone already had different expressions. Their gaze hinted their different thoughts. They had deeply engraved Xiao Chen’s power into their brain.


With one last punch, he sent Wuxing Feng flying away!

A bunch of blood sprinkled in the air. Wuxing Feng had already crashed into a few big halls.

Xiao Chen jumped into the sky and swooped down. With a powerful punch, he buried Wuxing Feng into the ground. Only half of his body remained to be seen on the surface of the ground.

After that, another seven consecutive strikes. The mother earth burst open. Wuxing Feng was forced into the underground ⌈3⌋. A river of blood was spilling out from the hole.

Everyone was flabbergasted. Did the outstanding talent of the north get defeated just like this? A fabled figure, a young warrior full of exciting sage, finished just like this?

Without a doubt, Wuxing Feng’s reputation was really great. Everyone at present didn’t dare to believe it. The undefeatable genius of the north was actually blown into the ground and beaten until he coughed up big mouthfuls of blood……

“You forced my hand!” An ice-cold voice transmitted from within the cracks. Wuxing Feng was like a wounded beast as he let out a bellow of rage. The mother earth burst open. With bloodstains from head to foot, he rushed to the surface ⌈4⌋.

“Fusing the five phases is still impossible for him, but I can barely fuse two phases. You will pay for this! ⌈5⌋” Wuxing Feng had already lost his calm demeanor. He spread out both of his arms. The left hand with the Fist of Water, the right hand with the Fist of Fire. The water and fire fused, a powerful attack was put forth.

Rumbling sounds filled the heavens and earth, there were thousand layers of stormy waves!

The blue radiance and raging flames enveloped the sky. All of them were thrown at Xiao Chen.


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Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and soared into the sky. The corners of his mouth curved into a sneer as he said, “Don’t even mention two phases, so what even if you can fuse five phases?”

Unfolding the Undying Divine Wings, Xiao Chen flew against the stream and headed towards the eye of the storm. He executed the Demon Suppression and the Chaotic Patterns towards Wuxing Feng, the source of the fire and water.

Everyone was incomparably shocked. This Xiao Chen was really too intensive, he was actually facing the legendary Quinctus Fusion head on. Although there were only two phases, the power was still incomparably astonishing. Two phases fusion, Wuxing Feng was not very accustomed with it, but he was still capable of bringing out its potential. According to rumors, they said he defeated a formidable opponent with this move. Since then, no one had seen him using this move again.

“Aqua Ignis!”

Wuxing Feng’s shout was transmitted from the eye of the storm. The Fist of Water and the Fist of Fire combined. Xiao Chen and Wuxing Feng shook violently. Their bodies continued to tremble.

“This is it!” Just as Xiao Chen’s voice resounded. His expression immediately changed, because he found that the power he neutralized was only the first wave. Right now, another power was violently surging up.

At the same time, the qi of fire and water lingered under the eye of the storm, under Wuxing Feng’s feet. They transformed into a blue and red light as they lifted his body up from the ground.

The second energy wave surged up violently!

Xiao Chen’s eyes were sharp. He sent a ferocious punch and neutralized the second wave.

However, Wuxing Feng was actually lifted off the ground with the power of fire and water. He was pushed into the sky by the two energies of the Quinctus qi. At the same time, his crossed hands burst out with the third wave.

Xiao Chen shouted loudly, God Slayer and Demon Suppression were executed at the same time. Both of his hands were shaking uncontrollably. Two different powers spiralled up and clashed with the third wave.

A brittle noise resounded. The energy wave shattered.

However, the third wave was obviously not the end. It seemed like it was just the beginning. Multicolored radiance circulated all around Wuxing Feng’s body, he was like the incarnation of a Quinctus wargod. His battle intent was skyrocketing. He crossed both hands again and burst forth with the fourth wave.

Very clearly, the next wave was stronger than the last!

However, Wuxing Feng also paid a huge price. He was coughing out big mouthfuls of blood. This proved that he was in a terrible shape. This kind of water-fire fusion power was not something that he could completely control at his current state. If he was not forced into a corner, he definitely wouldn’t use this rashly.

It was a double-edged sword!

Xiao Chen’s expression also became heavy. He didn’t know how many more incoming waves were there. He had no choice but to resist with everything he had.

Everyone on the ground was incomparably shocked. Wuxing Feng could actually defy the gravity, they had never heard of it before. If not because a powerful variable like Xiao Chen had appeared in the south and forced Wuxing Feng to launch his most powerful technique, perhaps no one would ever know about this divine ability of his!

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The fourth wave finally burst forth. Xiao Chen was surrounded by the energy wave. Left hand with the Chaotic Patterns, right hand with the Demon Suppression. He executed his moves brazenly and neutralized the energy wave again.

It was an intense confrontation. The ground battle changed into a sky battle!

The two in the sky flew higher and higher. They exchanged one blow after another.

Five waves, six waves, seven waves, eight waves……

Wuxing Feng coughed a big mouthful of blood, and Xiao Chen was also coughing out blood unceasingly. This Wuxing Feng was really too crazy. He already executed eight waves, and yet, he didn’t have any indication to stop.

After the ninth wave, Xiao Chen finally felt like he was about to collapse. If it was not because he had advanced to the Ninth Celestial Layer, he might have been crushed a long time ago. This Wuxing Feng was really fanatically crazy!

He was really too powerful among the peers, almost unparallelled!

Too strong!

Xiao Chen was stained by blood all over. The powerful pressure caused traces of blood to seep out from his skin. He had practically become a bloodman. But was still able to fend off the ninth wave.

Nine was equivalent to the highest number, but it did not stop right there. The tenth wave was coming! Xiao Chen almost went crazy. He couldn’t shrink back, he mustn’t shrink back. He burst out after unfolding his full power.

In the end, he was able to stop the tenth wave!

He coughed out a big mouthful of blood. Xiao Chen’s injuries were not light.

Of course, Wuxing Feng paid a bigger price. He was coughing out blood from start to finish. By forcefully using this water-fire fusion forbidden move, his body suffered a grave injury.

The eleventh wave was incoming! ⌈6

Xiao Chen was incomparably exhausted. After detecting the approaching danger, it really made him want to collapse on the spot. This Wuxing Feng was consuming his own life to fight him. This was a move that would end up with both sides suffering.

However, he still couldn’t help but admire him. Such a powerful and bizarre attack; one wave after another, stronger than the former. And he actually executed eleven waves.

The invisible truth, the Imprint of Dao was flowing sluggishly in Xiao Chen’s mind. His frantic movements gradually became more stable, both of his hands drew a beautiful maneuver. At this most dangerous time, Xiao Chen made his body and mind enter an ethereal state. He displayed a posture entirely different from before. No longer frantic, no longer violent, his body was like the formless cloud and the blowing wind, completely out-of-this-world.

However, at the moment when he was about to attack, the energy that burst out from both his hands was as frenzy as before!


The eleventh wave finally fell apart!

Meanwhile, Wuxing Feng was also at his limit. One after another, terrifying wounds appeared on his body. He couldn’t control his own power and suffered the side effects as a result. It was finally over. He stood high in the sky and faced Xiao Chen. After a light sigh, he said, “They say that… there are a lot of extraordinary talents in the south. Although it is an uncivilized territory, the practitioners here are not weaker than the north’s!”

Everyone on the ground looked up at the sky. Since the two young warriors were high in the sky and were very far from the ground, they couldn’t hear the conversation between the two. However, they could vaguely tell that this battle was coming to a close!

“On the way to the south desolate region, a young warrior from the south blocked our way and challenged me. The battle ended in a tie, with both of us seriously hurt.”

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked. He asked, “Who is that person?” There was actually a Ninth Celestial Layer young warrior who intercepted Prince Li’s party and confronted Wuxing Feng. Such a madman!

“I don’t know.” Wuxing Feng shook his head and said, “Since I made my public appearance until now, I have never lost once. However, it is beyond my imagination to get one draw and one loss after entering the south for ten short days, it’s so frustrating.” He fixed his eyes on Xiao Chen and said, “If I did not possess a serious injury and held back at the beginning, I wouldn’t have lost today. I will not lose!”

Xiao Chen finally understood why he could barely fend off his attacks with the power of the Eight Celestial Layer. The other party was seriously hurt. If it was not because Wuxing Feng was holding back, he might not have been able to advance to the Ninth Celestial Layer!

“If I am in my peak condition, I will not lose even if you advance to the Ninth Celestial Layer! You won’t be able to stand up to me!” Wuxing Feng was very unwilling.

Xiao Chen faced Wuxing Feng and shook his head, “I will not lose!”

At this very moment, Wuxing Feng finally hit his limit. He fell head first from high altitude after the last words were said.

Without waiting for Xiao Chen to move, a green radiance rose from the ground. An old man grabbed Wuxing Feng and retreated.

The spectators knew, this battle was over. Xiao Chen had won!

Everyone was very astonished. The fabled undefeatable Wuxing Feng was actually defeated by Xiao Chen.

Zhuge Ming, Lancelot, Yan Qingcheng, Fairsnow, Katalina, and the others had incomparably complicated expressions. They had witnessed everything and felt very perplexed.

Especially the beauties of the south. Each young lady had a hero in their heart. Wuxing Feng had made his name known in the north and the south since he was a juvenile. He was a peerless young expert with the most epic saga and had unavoidably left a deep impression in their heart. But today, this hero had collapsed right in front of them……


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