Chapter 208 – Wedding Night

The three storied building was remarkably beautiful and gorgeous. The base was made out of precious stones, and the window frames were made of red sandalwood, set with agate stones glistening in the background, the fragrance of lavender penetrated deeply into the heart. Although the small building was not grand, it was extremely refined and had rich aestheticism.

The rowdy crowd was not willing to break up, they kept pushing Xiao Chen towards the second floor and pushed open the amethyst door. The crystal lamps embellished the bridal chamber with a gentle light. The warm radiance was rippling with a comforting vibe. However, all of these were only the outer appearance, the few person at the heart of this incident had a substantially different mood.

Fairsnow was wearing a wedding dress that resembled a fiery cloud. She was sitting in front of the bed calmly, with two servant girls on her left and right respectively. The pearl head chain hanging down from her head remained motionless. That was the proof that she was very calm, and did not feel nervous in the slightest.

That’s right, in her eyes, the wedding was only a formality. Xiao Chen was absolutely not a good fit for her. Her heart had already flown out of the Southern Wasteland and drifted towards the Northern land. The boundless Middle Earth, it was home to countless illustrious heroes that one could sing or cry about. She didn’t want to confine herself to the small Southern Wasteland…… Xiao Chen didn’t have any background, how could he compare to a sovereign who ruled over the whole world, how could he compare to the ancient aristocratic families with a millennium of history? Fairsnow was a girl who couldn’t be satisfied by an ordinary life. She wanted to dedicate herself to a great power that could sweep across the whole world. She didn’t want to remain a nobody, she wanted to become a celebrated figure.

She felt that she was living in a completely different world compared to those ordinary girls who desired for glory and splendor. She felt that her own choice was not at all outrageous, all because she was comparatively calmer and more realistic. Standing on top of a “huge mountain” would get her a little closer to the “high sky”. She wanted to begin from a high starting point and not to start climbing from the foot of the mountain.

Xiao Chen had already lost the support of the Dragon Kings, there was nothing much he could provide for her. Fairsnow had already sentenced him to the death penalty in her heart; Xiao Chen must not survive after the wedding, all traces of the wedding ceremony needed to be erased.

After opening the door, Xiao Chen walked in with a faint smile. Behind him was the rowdy crowd who kept shouting how they wanted to disturb the privacy of the bridal room from the doorway, so much so that even some of them had charged in without restraint.

“Lift the veil!”

“Carry the bride in your arms!”

Since it had already come to this, Xiao Chen was very calm and unperturbed. What was there to be afraid of this late in the stage? The one who should be worried was the Fair family! After lifting the veil, what was exposed, was a devilishly charming face. Fairsnow had fair skin and was as beautiful as a goddess. She was beautiful to the point where people felt dizzy just looking at her. Many of the youngsters who wanted to disturb the privacy of the bridal room felt that they had talked too much. The noise completely subsided in but an instant as everyone stared blankly.

“Such a pity!” A soft whisper transmitted a sentence from who knew where, “If possible, even if I know it will be certain death, I am still willing to switch this one night with Xiao Chen.”

It was as if everyone had been roused up from their dream. While they were sighing with sorrow, they all shook their heads and began to create a disturbance again. They knew Xiao Chen wouldn’t have the pleasure to enjoy this kind of beautiful girl. The Fair family definitely wouldn’t let this wedding become a reality.

“Exchange cups!”

“Bite the apple!”

Fairsnow finally couldn’t maintain her calm demeanor anymore. She didn’t know why her family had yet to get in touch with the tiger woman and allowed Xiao Chen to live until now. Moreover, why didn’t they put a stop to these people, how could they allow these people to come and disturb the privacy of the bridal room?

She stared at Xiao Chen coldly. She didn’t have any affection in her beautiful eyes. Her gaze was brimming with criticism.

“You guys are too excessive…” Xiao Chen laughed as he rejected everyone’s suggestion. Since he had already let it go, then what else was there to be scared of? The glimpse of divine light in his eyes that could be seen occasionally indicated he was very calm and cool-headed at the moment.

Xiao Chen ignored Fairsnow’s criticising gaze and reached out his hand to lift Fairsnow’s chin. He borrowed the words from the predecessor to praise her beauty.

Xiao Chen did not feel flustered due to Fairsnow’s otherworldly beauty as he asked in an indifferent tone, “What do you think? Isn’t my newlywed wife pretty?”

The crowd was feeling envious, yet endlessly confused as they yelled in succession:

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“Of course! She is a goddess after all, one of the pearls of the South.”

“Her beauty is comparable to the higher beings.”

“More superior than the fairies of mythology.”

“She’s like a fairy that has descended to the mundane world.”

Everyone had a somewhat dazzled expression. Despite the fact that they came here to cause disturbance, the greater part of these compliments were sincere.

That old man who was always following Xiao Chen felt very anxious. There were actually two people beside him with uncharted power blocking his path, making it so that he was unable to target Xiao Chen.

Damn it! He cursed in his heart. Although this two were hiding their real visage by means of a secret art, he could instinctively feel that they were not young anymore. At the very least, they should be around fifty to sixty years old. Why was someone their age coming to the bridal room to cause disturbance? They were obviously here to stop him.

The old man from the Fair family was gnashing his teeth in anger. He knew this must definitely be the dirty tricks of the other major clans. But even so, there was nothing he could do at the moment. The two’s power were so profound that it was somewhat exaggerating. He was completely locked into place from the left and right, making it so that he was unable to budge an inch.

And just at this time, how could Xiao Chen let this chance slip by. Although he didn’t know there were people blocking that old man from the Fair family, he could feel that the aura that was locking on to him had vanished gradually. This opportunity couldn’t be missed, and thus, he immediately grabbed Fairsnow’s lily-white hand with great force and said with a smile, “From now on, we are husband and wife, may our two hearts beat as one.”

Hearing this, everyone shouted in succession, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Although Fairsnow was wearing a faint smile even under such a circumstance, Xiao Chen was still able to catch that chilly glint in her pair of beautiful eyes. There were hints of killing intent, anger, and contempt.

Xiao Chen smiled. Since he was already in a dilemma, he was able to let it all out. What could be worse than death? Once the tiger woman came, he would be doomed, but now, he could completely let it all out.

One of his hands firmly grabbed onto Fairsnow’s lily-white hand, the other one supporting Fairsnow’s chin as he said, “Kissing her is not out of the question, but letting you guys see it is too indecent.” While saying this, Xiao Chen moved his palm and lightly brushed Fairsnow’s cheek. After that, he carefully separated his palm from her cheek while pulling a strand of hair before her eyes.

If they were really husband and wife, then this action should be intimate and comforting. However, the relationship of the newlyweds could even be said to be very subtle. There were hints of blazing anger in Fairsnow’s eyes. This was as if Xiao Chen was assailing her with obscenities, but very quickly, she calmed down and smiled sweetly.

Xiao Chen felt a chill in his heart. This girl was very scary indeed, for she was still able to maintain her calmness even now.

“That won’t work, you must kiss!”

“Exchange ceremony cups!”

Everyone wished for the whole world to be in chaos and shouted in continuous succession. It was rare for the pranks to get this out of hand.

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Xiao Chen laughed out loud and said, “What’s that? It’s just a kiss, there’s still something more exciting. How about we start a new tradition instead? Let’s go outside, where there’s more space, we will put on a show for you to see!”

Speaking until here, a powerful force flowed from Xiao Chen’s palm into Fairsnow’s body. She was unable to resist at all with her power. Xiao Chen pushed the windows open, pulled Fairsnow along and flew towards the night sky. His first priority was to get away from the Fair family’s mansion. With a hostage by his side, they probably wouldn’t dare to make a move.

The crowd was very shocked and was immediately startled awake. They knew Xiao Chen was going to take action now. The crowd started to shout one after another and rushed out of the elaborate building immediately afterwards, then they jumped onto the roof. Everyone’s main purpose for coming tonight was to watch a play, the good show had only just begun.

The old man from the Fair family that was in charge of locking Xiao Chen in place was so furious that his intestines were turning green. This reckless Xiao Chen was really too audacious! He actually dared to do this! In fact, since Xiao Chen had detained Fairsnow, even if he was able to make a move, he had to be careful. What’s even more irritating was that, the two warriors from unknown major clans were still detaining him, giving him no chance to make a move.

Xiao Chen did not attempt to escape via the sky, he seemed to be very easy-going as he pulled Fairsnow and stood calmly in the empty sky. It’s not that he didn’t want to run away, but rather the Fair family’s security was too tight. In the skies to the east, west, south, and north, there were actually old men standing guard in each respective location.

If he could get away, he could hide for a period of time, provided how big the Celestial City was. It was not impossible for him to get out of this alive.

Slowly descending from the sky, Xiao Chen grabbed Fairsnow’s slender waist and said towards everyone, “Ladies and gentlemen, you guys should have watched enough already, how about sending us husband and wife off?”

Fairsnow did not attempt to struggle and allowed Xiao Chen to embrace her easily. She didn’t have any hint of fear in her eyes.

Everyone jumped down from the buildings one after another. They knew Xiao Chen was about to lay his cards on the table. He was currently making preparations to completely break free from here, there would only be one conclusion for him if he waited at this place; the tiger duo would surely kill him. However, everyone also felt apprehensive. This Xiao Chen was really so daring, he actually dared to kidnap the precious daughter of the Fair family.

“It seems like my ending is already set in the stone. Regardless of what I do, is there anything worse than death?” Xiao Chen laughed out loud and shouted towards the old men in the four directions, “If you guys want to kill me, go ahead and do it, but let me remind you, with my power, it is easy for me to pull your family’s precious jewel along before death.”

“Xiao Chen, you… My Fair family is treating you so kindly, and even betrothed the most beautiful girl in the Southern Wasteland to you, how can you be so undiscriminating and bite the hands that feed you? Why are you doing this?” A middle-aged man from the Fair family shouted loudly.

“Hmph! I’m not inclined to explain myself to you. There’s no need for me to waste my time explaining, everyone here should have a rough idea of what’s really going on. If you guys from the Fair family continue to feign ignorance, then you guys are totally insulting my intelligence. Get out of the way, if you don’t want Fairsnow to get hurt, make way for me!” Xiao Chen’s disordered hair was brushed by the wind. The murderous aura he emitted made the surrounding flowers wither as the petals fell and fluttered like butterflies.

That old man of the Fair family finally regained his freedom. The two experts who locked onto him had already disappeared among the crowd in that very instant. However, even if he had regained his freedom, it was already too late.

For a wedding reception to cause this much commotion, the Fair family’s mansion immediately blew up with a cauldron of voices. Everyone left the room in succession and rushed over here.

Everyone couldn’t help but admire him. This Xiao Chen boy was really wild and decisive. He actually dared to make his move under this kind of occasion. Moreover, he successfully pulled it off even with an expert nearby.

“Xiao Chen, how can you do this?” The lord of the Fair family, Faircloud, asked with a cold voice.

“I want to keep on living. Get out of the way, I don’t want to talk nonsense!” With a wave of his hand, the longsword of a practitioner at the side flew towards his hand. He replaced his palm that was pressing against Fairsnow’s lily-white neck with the ice-cold sword.

“Let him go!” Faircloud was also very straightforward.

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Without turning around, Xiao Chen led Fairsnow towards the foot of the wall rather than the main entrance. The divine light flashed with a slash of the longsword and destroyed the tall backyard wall with a loud rumble.

As such, Xiao Chen directly walked out from the Fair family’s premises like this. His keen spiritual sense was raised to the utmost limit; everything within a radius of a hundred meters were clearly charted in his mind.

It was impossible to continue the wedding after this unforeseen event. Everyone originally came to watch a show anyway, but this show was too blunt and far from intense enough.

Everyone followed Xiao Chen’s footsteps and chased after him altogether towards the main street.

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and directly soared into the sky, but was soon forced to descend from the sky.

“You want to get away from the Celestial City? Hmph! Then you have to let Snowy go first. If you really want to kill her, I dare you to give it a try!” The voice of the elderly was very cold. It made people unable to harbor any suspicions in his words. The Fair family couldn’t allow Xiao Chen to get out of the Celestial City.

“What is there not to dare? If you want me to kill, then I’ll do it!” Xiao Chen was very decisive. Without showing any mercy, he pressed the longsword in his hand against Fairsnow’s neck. The blood gushed out right away as a cut wound appeared on her neck.

“Hmph!” The face of the old man in the sky changed immediately as he said in a cold voice, “Pretty good! If you really became my Fair family’s son-in-law, that would be really great indeed, such a pity…”

Xiao Chen flipped his hands. Fairsnow’s neck had stopped bleeding. Without so much as a single word, he transformed into a streak of divine light as he soared into the sky.


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