Chapter 41 – Use Violence To Curb Violence

Xiao Chen unceasingly formed a seal with both hands ⌈1⌋, he formed one after another mysterious life and death magic circles. Specks of radiance flickered unsteadily, then it become brighter and brighter, until it finally become as bright as a star. Finally, along with the wave of both hands, the glorious stars soared into the sky, it was as if the starry sky had suddenly covered the sky of the woodland.

Chaos, who were throwing himself at Xiao Chen, clearly felt the threat of death. After a hysterical howl, a greenish-yellow radiance burst out from his body, one could vaguely see a large wolf and fierce tiger floating beside him. They emitted two extremely oppressive roars that frightened all the creatures in the vicinity, causing them unable to hold back their wail!

The two faintly discernible beasts were incomparably mystical and tyrannical. They actually opened their huge mouth and gobble up the mysterious star diagram. Xiao Chen was a little surprised, the legend was really true, some of the Barbarian Tribe experts have ancient beast soul sealed within their body. They possessed astounding potential!

The three meter tall Chaos ⌈2⌋ landed in the woods, his yellow-brownish long hair messily draped over his shoulders. His pair of eyes were brimming with brutal radiance. Right now, he seemed like an incomparably terrifying king of the beasts. He emitted an extremely powerful fiendish aura.

“I never thought you were this powerful, I always neglected you until now. Not only me, I guess Yan Qing Cheng and Lande were also the same!” Saying until here, Chaos let out a deep and low beastly howl, “People like you are very dangerous, it would be better to completely exterminate you today!”

At the moment, it is hard to tell whether Chaos is a man or a beast, he snarled as he dashed towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was at the end of his patience, he really couldn’t tolerate it anymore!

Xiao Chen raised his aura to the peak, he was so fast than an afterimage was left in his original position. He emitted an earth-shattering aura to welcome the young expert from Barbarian Tribe, Chaos. An unparallelled burst of power shook the forest trees in the vicinity, causing them to collapse one after another.

Without any trickery, he just directly met Chaos’ attack head on. With a loud explosive sound, incomparably dazzling radiance charged towards the heaven like a huge tsunami. The collision against the divine wolf and fierce tiger that wildly threw themselves from Chaos’ body caused boundless energy to burst out. The dazzling radiance was like a great waves that engulfed everything in all directions.

With a banging and rumbling noise, a large amount of forest trees were destroyed, the withered leaves fluttered about hysterically. The huge trees even further away collapsed one after another, it was as if there were ancient monsters battling here. A tiny piece of woodland perished immediately.

A turbulent aura pervaded the entire area, the young expert from Barbarian Tribe, Chaos, whose body was made up of powerful energy, was actually sent flying backwards uncontrollably. His three meter tall physique emitted greenish-yellow radiance, a row of huge trees snapped off from the impact! He was actually pushed back by pure energy!

It seemed as if there was a raging flame outside of Xiao Chen’s body. At the moment, he resemble an incomparably tyrannical Barbarian Tribesman. His pair of eyes emitted a raging radiance, his black long hair brushed lightly by the wind, he took large strides forward, every step he took, the mountain woods quaked along. It was as if a giant was moving, he emitted an incomparably terrifying pressure that caused people to feel fearful.

The mountain forest is unusually quiet at this moment, all the wild beasts had ceased yelling. The only sound that could be heard was the footsteps of the raging Xiao Chen.

In the mountain woods a distant away, seven to eight practitioners who were concealing their presence exposed an astonished expression. Nobody other than them knew just how formidable Chaos is. Not long ago, they saw Chaos tore apart the body of one practitioner after another with their own eyes. He was practically an unstoppable vicious beast.

However, at the moment, a youngster actually suppressed him by using pure power, forcing him to flit backwards uncontrollably. This is really unfathomable, one must know that the specialty of a Barbarian Tribe lies in their raw strength!

At this moment, the few experts who were observing from a distant place engraved Xiao Chen’s tyrannical figure deeply in their mind. This is a wild and terrifying young expert!

“Roar……” Chaos was furious, his hysterical howl was like that of a wounded beast. He was finally able to control his body and landed on the ground. Everything that happened earlier was like a humiliation to him, there are people who actually dared to use raw strength to challenge him. He induced an incomparably ferocious aura, and dashed towards the young antagonist in front of him in a fit of rage. The terrifying greenish-yellow radiance swept away every obstruction, that huge divine wolf and fierce tiger became more distinct. They were accompanying him by his side, and dashed forward along with him! Waves of catastrophic baleful aura pervaded every directions.

“Rawr……” Xiao Chen also let out a low howl, it was as if his tall and mighty figure was made out of steel. It gave people a feeling that his powerful strength was insurmountable. His black long hair danced about hysterically, both of his hand dispersed one after another dazzling radiance, a terrifying energy rushed forth in a frenzy, like a blast of raging sea.

This time, the two powerful young experts moved as fast as lightning, they only left behind afterimages in the woodland. The incomparably powerful energy gave rise to a storm that destroyed one after another forest trees. It was as if this place was struck by terrifying thunderbolt, the branches and withered leaves fluttered about everywhere. The woodland within the glaring radiance was completely destroyed.

A terrifying fluctuation rumbled violently, the dazzling radiance was incomparably fearsome! The faces of few experts that were observing from a distant place instantly turned pale. This battle is extremely intense, they come to a conclusion that they would not have the power to resist.

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The three meter tall Chaos let out a furious roar. During the intense fight, when he swept his unstoppable long leg towards Xiao Chen’s chest, his leg was actually firmly grabbed by Xiao Chen’s hands. Xiao Chen firmly hold on to Chaos’ right leg, not giving him any chance to get free. As if he was swinging a scarecrow, Xiao Chen flung Chaos with powerful force.


Within the interval that the sound of a huge tree snapped off, Chaos was being swung around like a huge stick. Xiao Chen hacked his body against a tall ancient tree, directly chopping it in half. After that, as if Xiao Chen had gone crazy, he kept swinging the three meter tall Chaos like this. He swung Chaos around hysterically in the mountain woods, smashing against the ground, and hack the giant trees.

With loud rumbling sound, the giant trees fell unceasingly, countless ancient trees disintegrated into nothingness. Chaos is being treated as a human-shaped weapon by Xiao Chen!

This is an incomparably brutish scene, the experts at the distant place simply couldn’t believe their own eyes. At this moment, they treated Xiao Chen as a “beast” more dangerous than Chaos. He is really too violent and ruthless.


  1. Reminds me of Naruto 
  2. TLN: Three meter tall blablabla tribe blablabla experts, urgh… Chen Dong, stop repeating these words so many freaking times… 

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