About Us

Re:Library is a translation and original novel hosting site founded by Silva on October 26, 2013. Previously, Re:Library was called Silva’s Library.

Initially, Silva was a proud translator of Pika Translations, working in collaboration with Fernando and Taffy on Close Combat Mage. It was on July 08, 2015 that Silva decided to pick up his own project. At first, Silva was co-hosting his first project on both Re:Library and Pika Translations, but after Re:Library had been approved by WordAds to host their advertisements, Silva decided to host his project solely on Re:Library.

Following that, Silva started sending invitations to various translators and authors to host their work on Re:Library, the first one to join us was none other than Raltzero, and then followed by Selutu.

It was on September 21, 2016 that we had a fateful encounter with HayateButler and he convinced us to move to self-hosting site. It was then we renamed Silva’s Library to Re:Library.

Your Platform to Free Translations and Original Stories

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