Chapter 45 – Inconceivable

Xiao Chen embraced the little critter that looked like a melted snowball from the ground. The miserable little thing blinked its big eyes, it didn’t resist in the slightest. Xiao Chen embraced the hairy little critter and entered the swamp. He looked at the three stiff skeletons suspiciously. What happened to them, what are they afraid of? However, there are no other ferocious creatures in front of him, could it be this intelligent little snowball? How can that be!

Paying no heed to them, Xiao Chen went to watch the small sacred tree excitedly. The reason he came back to this swamp after getting ambushed by the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er was mainly because the divine sproutling is still rooted here.

Multicolored radiance circulated around the palm-sized sacred tree, the dense bright fog make the surrounding full of vitality. And the ancient tree which was rooted by the divine sapling also gained as much benefits from it. Its leaves turned emerald-green, and the spiritual aura seems much denser.

The glittering big eyes of the miserable snow-white pompom in Xiao Chen’s embrace suddenly emitted a radiance different from before. Before Xiao Chen even had the time to react, it already transformed into a glint of white light, and rushed towards the ancient tree with a swish. It exerted its strength to pull the small sacred tree from the ancient tree.

In this instant, Xiao Chen’s heart rate increased, and he shouted loudly at the misdeed. The stolons of the small sacred tree might break if it is being pulled so roughly!

What makes him the most uneasy is what happens afterward, the tiger and lion-like snow-white tiny beast embraced the small sacred tree in its bosom firmly. It is rolling on the forest ground happily and excitedly, it looked like a child who just receive a candy. After that, it actually nipped the jade leaf of the divine sapling!

Everything happened so fast that Xiao Chen didn’t had the chance to stop it. Only until he heard the squeaking sound of the tiny beast, and saw the tiny beast nibbling at the jade leaf did he hastily rush forward to seize the tiny beast.

The snow-white pompom embraced the sapling in its bosom tightly, it was not willing to let go. However, what makes Xiao Chen felt a bit relieved was that the stolons of the sapling did not break. The sparkling clear jade leaf is also undamaged, it seems like the little guy did not nibble the jade leaf, but was sucking it instead.

Luckily it was just a false alarm!

This little critter is too reckless, Xiao Chen wanted to separate it from the sapling, but he found that the little critter was hugging so tightly that it was impossible to separate them. It was as if the little critter was protecting its food, it actually let out a few low growls.

Xiao Chen also didn’t want to harm it, so he carried it and walked towards the three skeletons. The three skeletons are currently peeping through a crack, when they saw Xiao Chen approaching, they immediately lie on the pile of bones. Xiao Chen didn’t know whether he should get angry or laugh.

After arranging the three skeletons side by side, Xiao Chen put the snow-white pompom at their side, then he watched calmly.

The tiny beast looked as if it was starving to death, it sucked at the two jade leaves and produced a sucking sound. What makes Xiao Chen the most surprised was that, along with the sucking of the tiny beast, ripple-like radiance was flowing out from the sparkling clear jade leaves, and rushed towards the mouth of the little critter unceasingly.

It is actually sucking in the energy of the seven-colored sacred tree rapidly! Its pair of glittering big eyes were brimming with a contented look, it did not appear as miserable as it was since the beginning. Its expression is too much like that of a human.

Xiao Chen had a feeling that this little critter is very extraordinary! However, he didn’t think too much upon it. After all, it is still too young, he didn’t believe the three skeletons are scared of this little critter.

The sun was already setting on the west, Xiao Chen also started to feel a bit hungry. He hunted for a Mongolian Gazelle in the mountain woods nearby. He started to roast the Mongolian gazelle’s leg in the swamp, an alluring aroma spread through the swamp not long later. The glossy Mongolian gazelle’s leg, paired together with pineapples and various kinds of delicious fruits, immediately improved Xiao Chen’s appetite. He then begins to enjoy his dinner.

Just around this time, it seems like the little critter had enough, it is no long sucking the small sacred tree. It just randomly throw the divine sapling on the ground, letting the sapling root itself in the swamp by itself. Xiao Chen shook his head when he saw it, this little critter is really such a kid.

However, the next action taken by the little critter scared Xiao Chen tremendously. The snow-white pompom rolled around the three skeletons, its glittering big eyes seemed to show that it is in deep thoughts. After that, it suddenly stood upright like a little monkey, stretching out its two paws to tear apart the three skeletons with a “Click-clack!” sound.

Xiao Chen was stupefied, originally he was still wondering. But this tiger-like and lion-like little critter can actually stand upright like a little monkey. Now with this violent incident as well, it made him feel completely dumbfounded, it was too unexpected.

Fortunately, only the joints of the three skeletons were separated. They were only being dismantled, and were not really crushed.

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“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter exerted its strength to shake the three skeletons’ skull. Then it pointed at the sapling not far away with the other paw. It seemed to be questioning them something angrily.

That’s right, it is angry! Even though it is still a little critter, its expression is very vivid. It is completely possible for people to tell how it is feeling.

The snow-white little critter was squeaking, and tearing apart Qinguang Wang’s tiny arm at the same time. It grabbed the bone with its tiny paw, and using it like a big stick to hit the three skeletons’ skull continuously. It seemed to be punishing them, this series of action is indeed simulating, it gives people a very amusing feeling.

The three skeletons were not longer playing dead, the lower half of their body, and breastbone were torn into bits and pieces. They used their arms to prop themselves up, they appeared as listless as a crystallized leaf.

“Thonk! Thonk! Thonk……!”

The snow-white little critter was using that tiny arm bone to hit their skulls. It pointed at the small sacred tree not far away, and continued to question them with a “Squeak! Squeak!” sound. The three skeletons were forced to their wit’s end. They looked at each other face to face, then they lifted their arms simultaneously to point at Xiao Chen.

My god!

These three skeletons were too unfaithful, being forced to make a confession by a hairy little critter, they already seemed like a loser, but now they actually didn’t have the backbone to admit it, and set him up as the perpetrator. Xiao Chen was completely speechless.


A glint of white light flashed through, Xiao Chen felt as if he had soared into the sky and riding on the clouds. He was actually thrown into the air mysteriously. Only now did he feel overwhelmed with shock, this little critter is more than just extraordinary, it exceeded his expectation dramatically!

He hastily adjust his body in midair, and took a battle stance. His entire body burst forth with one after another dazzling radiance, then he descended towards the ground. However, before he descended onto the ground, the little critter below blinked its huge eyes, and exerted its strength to wave one of its paw. A white radiance enveloped Xiao Chen in a flash, with a “Swish!” sound, Xiao Chen was once again thrown into midair.


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