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Chapter 235 – Dispute

Part 1

The experts that were cut down were in unknown conditions. Bosch hastily ordered his men to the rescue. Only until he received a definite news did he finally heave a sigh of relieve. It seemed like the other party knew when to hold back. He didn’t really want the Southern Wasteland and Yindu to be at odds with one another.

Bosch walked to the center of the battlefield with large strides. He knew that he had no other choice but to take up the challenge himself. Sending more people would only result in more injuries and deaths.

“Come down and fight me!” Bosch faced upwards and shouted loudly. He was not a Spiritual Master, so he didn’t have the ability to fly.

The shadow in the sky raised its sword and flew straight at Bosch. The sword left a long yet beautiful and magnificent light in the sky as it was dropped down in a straight line.

He didn’t waste time on any unnecessary words. The iron sword represented his will and intention.

“Clank! Clank!”

The ear-splitting noise spread across the entire place. Bosch’s fists were flickering with exquisite light as he bombarded the iron sword with countless of punches. The clash between the two caused sparks to scatter around. The powerful energy waves even forced everyone around the battlefield to fall back.

The showdown between two experts standing at the summit was indeed, too shocking for words.

Bosch was well known for his prowess in Yindu. Even if he was not number one, he was still one of the top ranked experts.

“Reveal your real body, you won’t best me in this state.” Bosch shouted coldly. His entire body was glowing with endless light, it was as if he was the incarnation of a heavenly sword himself.

As if it was only natural, the shadow beside the iron sword slowly faded away, and a figure from among the crowd walked into the battlefield with large strides.

Everyone turned pale with fright. They never thought that the powerful master of the iron sword was just beside them. They hastily made way for him.

The new arrival had a tall and slender build, black long hair, and eyes as sharp as the sword. His expression was cold and seemed to possess an extremely peculiar aura. His entire person had the same aura as the iron sword floating in the sky, as he if had truly devoted his soul to the sword.

“You can call my Bosch, may I know who am I facing?”

“Dugu Jianmo of the Southern Wasteland.” As he spoke, the iron sword flew towards his palm.

“So it was indeed someone from the Solitary clan!” Bosch nodded.

At a distant place, Yan Qingcheng and the others were really excited. Although they had long guessed it was him, they were still unable to remain calm. Regardless of their former relation, they were still from the same place after all. When Windfeathers suffered a crushing defeat before, the rich kids of Yindu ridiculed the experts of Southern Wasteland, it made them feel extremely humiliated and angry.

Part 2

But now, Dugu Jianmo had stood up for them and swept everything before him with his iron sword. They felt extremely moved and delighted.

Yan Qingcheng firmly grasped for fists. Lazio heaved a long sigh of relieve. And Windfeathers even laughed out loud. There was joy, there was zeal… but even more was the feeling of bitterness. Yindu had brought about too much disgrace and humiliation upon himself. He vowed that he would surely return to pay them back for this disgrace!

Far from the battlefield, the third princess of Shang Dynasty had already jumped up of her seat. It was obvious to all that she was extremely interested in Dugu Jianmo. And the young ladies beside her each had their own plans. Such an excellent youth, even the princess had to fight over him. If their family had one more friend like this, it meant that they would have one more top-level expert on their side in the future. It was impossible to hire him as a servant. After all, The Solitary clan of the South was not just any clan.

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Xiao Chen saw everything with his eyes, yet he was very calm. Three years ago, Dugu Jianmo was equally matched with him, with his talent and nature, it would be strange if he had yet to reach this stage.

These past three years, because of degraded lifespan, his training progress was not very smooth. However, precisely because of this, his mental state had experienced a great change. It was really hard to say whether he gained more or lost more.

However, Xiao Chen had become more confident compared to three years ago. Even if facing Dugu Jianmo who made great progress.

How would the two fare against each other? It was hard to say…

Without any words, Dugu Jianmo and Bosch had already engaged in a fierce fight.

This was a showdown of the strongest!

Their power level as well as control over the divine abilities were crucial factors that would determine their victory or defeat.

In a certain sense, once a person had entered the Historia realm and unlocked their divine abilities, it could provide them with endless possibilities. It was no longer a dream. With a powerful divine ability, one could possibly defeat a warrior of higher realm.

The two powerful experts were evenly matched. It was a really intense battle.

Bosch emitted two rays of purple light from his eyes. His movements were as quick as lightning. Hazy purple clouds were lingering around him. The sword in his hand projected several light beams that raged on like a large sea wave, it was unstoppable.

And Dugu Jianmo seemed like the incarnation of the god of sword itself as he split the space with his iron sword. The sword rays scattered in all directions. It was as if a comet had streaked across the sky, it was bright and gorgeous.

In the blink of an eye, they had already exchanged more than a hundred blow. However, it seemed like they were still evenly matched.

At a distant location, the peers were discussing among themselves.

“Indeed, the Solitary clan of the South can never be underestimated.”

“Dugu Jianmo would be ranked in the foremost even in my Great Shang Dynasty.”

“It seems like the stupid badly has improved again. His family’s Amethyst Cloud technique really lived up to its reputation.”

Part 3

“It is hard to predict the outcome of this battle.”

After two hundred exchanges, Bosch sneered and said, “Don’t you have any divine ability?”

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Dugu Jianmo replied in a cold tone, “One iron sword can best every divine abilities that ever existed!”

“Haha…” Bosch laughed out loud and said coldly, “In that case, this battle ends here!”

All of a sudden, the purple clouds filled the entire sky. The endless Amethyst Clouds submerged the entire battlefield. Everyone could only hear the ice-cold voice of Bosch, “Amethyst Prison!”

It was as if the space was frozen as the endless purple clouds trapped Dugu Jianmo within. Although Bosch was not proficient in the law of space, this very divine ability possessed countless connections with the law. It could seal off an area of space.

Dugu Jianmo had been trapped.

Many startled voice could be heard from beyond the battlefield.

“That is the stupid baldy’s original divine ability.”

“There were already many experts who fell in the hands of the Amethyst Prison.”

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers were most anxious. For Dugu Jianmo to be trapped like this. Was that not tantamount to a fish lying on a chopping board?

Even the third princess of the Great Shang Dynasty and those young ladies revealed anxiety on their beautiful faces. They didn’t wish for anything to happen to Dugu Jianmo. After all, he had already exhibited such an extraordinary strength. If he was defeated by Bosch and got killed in the process, that’d be such a pity.

Xiao Chen watched everything calmly, he already bent the middle finger of his right hand in preparation of launching the Telepathic Sword Wave. That was a mysterious skill passed to him by Elder Rhino of the Pure Land. However, he quickly loosened up his finger.

“The sword is equivalent to your life, since it has already left your hand, Dugu Jianmo, it’s your loss!” Bosch’s callous voice transmitted outwards as he fiercely squeezed the Amethyst Prison.

Inside the Amethyst Prison, the purple radiance had almost liquified. The iron sword was forcefully shaken off and was sealed in the corner of the prison. And Dugu Jianmo was completely restrained. It was hard just to move a finger. Even his long black hair was standing on end. Blood already started to leak out from his nose and mouth as the purple force continued to squeeze him. The bones all over his body were giving off “creaking” noise.

At a glance, everyone was sure that it was already Dugu Jianmo’s defeat. No one thought he could get out of this alive. However, just at this time, Dugu Jianmo’s voice was like a sudden clap of thunder as he shouted, “Break!”

He ignored the iron sword floating at one side of the sky as he silhouette suddenly became faint. But instantly afterwards, his body burst forth with brilliant rays!

“Crack! Crack!’

And followed by the sound of violent collision between bones.

Part 4

Dugu Jianmo’s body was actually changing shape right before everyone’s eyes! His flesh and blood body actually became as thin as paper in that instant. Everyone was at a loss for words, they couldn’t find a word to describe the current situation.

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Dugu Jianmo’s body was as thin as a piece paper. It shone with brilliant rays that were unpleasant to the eyes. He launched forward as if he was a divine sword himself!

A small crack appeared in the Amethyst Prison due to the raw power.

That’s right, he treated his own body like a sword and split open the Amethyst Prison. He rushed out from the prison and left a streak of light in his trail.

The swift and violent charge felt as if the meteorite was about to struck the earth!

He charged straight for Bosch. The divine rays pierced the sky, the entire area was instantly illuminated by the blazing rays.


Bosch was sent tumbling away in the sky by this shocking attack.


At the same time Bosch was sent tumbling away, he spat out vapours of blood and fell into the pool of blood.

Such an unforeseen event caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

The power Dugu Jianmo flaunted earlier, it was plainly unstoppable!

Soon after, the lakeside was completely filled with noise.

Today, at the Maritime Moon Garden, other than gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, many invitees were genuine practitioners. After witnessing that battle at close distance just now, none was more clear of just how terrifying was Dugu Jianmo.

Even the experts from some of the strongest clans revealed grave expressions without a single exception.

The stupid baldy was actually defeated, I don’t believe it…”

“The Amethyst Prison, nobody in Yindu actually dared to try and break free from it, but today…”

Bosch exerted himself to stand up slowly. He wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and his white teeth were exposed. Due to the effect of the bloodstain, the scar on his face made him look somewhat frightening. He looked over his shoulder like an eagle watching its prey, and swept his eyes in all directions. The clamor immediately died down.

As the descendant of one of the strongest clans in Yindu, Bosch had amassed might and prestige among the youth generation. He was well known for his strength and ruthlessness. For the general populace, he was someone to be avoided at all cost.

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“Dugu Jianmo, you are very strong. Is that your divine ability?”

Dugu Jianmo was very indifferent as he said, “Is it now? I do not know. All I know is that everything that composed the world, be it the blades of grass or the trees, everything is my sword. Of course, that includes me, and if necessary, you as well.”

Part 5

It was seldom for the silent Dugu Jianmo to say this much.

“Cr-crack! Cr-crack!”

Dugu Jianmo’s flesh and bones moved accordingly and quickly reformed his original form. It was hard to imagine how did he manage to turn his body paper thin width earlier.

At the distant place, the third princess of Shang Dynasty already jumped up from her seats with glistening eyes and gave a few orders to the palace maids. And beside her, those young ladies each had their own plans. However, one thing was for sure, all of them had the intention to recruit Dugu Jianmo.

The palace maid ran towards Dugu Jianmo with a jade tray in hand. There was a cup atop the tray. The palace maid respectfully stood in front of Dugu Jianmo and said, “This fragrant tea is an offering from the third princess.”

“Offering? I don’t need any offering from anyone!”

As he said these, an uproar broke out.

Everyone felt that this guy was really too full of himself. He actually dared to reject the tea offered to him by the third princess. For an ordinary person, this would have been the greatest honor, and yet he took up such an attitude.

Dugu Jianmo was a lone wolf. He only lived for the sword. To him, there was no difference between a princess and the common people. If he went berserk, he wouldn’t even recognize between allies or foes. He hated this “offering” word. Other than the sword in his hands, he never respected anyone else.

The third princess frowned, but she smiled again soon after. Although her beautiful face was covered by a veil, it was easy to imagine just how charming her smile was.

The noble girls at the side gently covered their mouths as they looked at each other. Since Dugu Jianmo did not give any face to the princess, they smiled at the thought that they might still stand a chance.

Another palace girl ran over hurriedly and said respectfully, “The third princess ask of Lord Dugu to have a cup of fragrant tea first before you leave.”

Without saying anything, Dugu Jianmo lifted the cup and gulped it down with one breath. Then he carried the sword on his back and left with large strides.

How could they let him leave so easily? Many people were enticed by his impressive martial prowess.

Before the third princess could order someone to pass on her message, Bosch had spoken out,

“Wait, please stay for a bit longer.”

Dugu Jianmo did not say a word, he halted his steps and faced Bosch with his back.

“Brother Dugu is indeed a towering figure. I highly respect you. How about we become friends?”

Dugu Jianmo remained as silent as ever. However, Windfeathers shouted from far off, “Didn’t you call us the Southern Barbarian?!”

Part 6

“Haha…” Bosch laughed with a clear and bright tone as he said, “In the face of Brother Dugu’s martial prowess, even I will be forced to take back my previous insult. There are indeed talented individuals hiding in the Southern Wasteland. With Brother Dugu around, who who dare to say there are no experts in the South?!”

Dugu Jianmo continued to move forward without saying anything.

Bosch shouted out loud from behind, “Don’t leave yet Brother Dugu, please listen to what I have to say first.” He explained earnestly, “Our Shang Dynasty’s citizens are open-minded people. All the good men here are capricious. Because we are rather frank, it is hard to avoid hurting others with our words. What I want to say is, we are honest to a fault and will never stab you behind your back. We are only a little too straightforward and easily offended the others. Please pardon us if we had somehow offended you before. I want to make friends with you. I swear on my name that I will never belittle the Southern Wasteland ever again.”

As the later generation of a noble clan, he knew how to put it behind him after picking a fight. Despite losing the fight, Bosch still intended to treat Dugu Jianmo as a friend.

Although his speech was very impressive, that scar on his face as well as his mean-looking eyes made people associate Bosch one of those ambitious and ruthless character.

“I will only devote my life to the sword.” As he was unwilling to say more than this, Dugu Jianmo was about to distant himself after saying only that much.

Far away from that place, many rich kids were in the middle of a hot discussion.

“Looks like it will not be easy to make this Dugu Jianmo submit.”

“Since we can’t employ him anyway, why not get an old ******* to kill him.”

“Nonsense! Did your brain get kicked by a donkey? What are you going to do when dozens of those crazy bastards from the Solitary clan come knocking on your front door?!”

The Solitary clan of the South. Although this clan was very low-key, nobody dared to look down on them. When their later generation went out to the world to gain experience and were killed honorably by their peers, they wouldn’t get involved in it. In fact, they wouldn’t even care. However, if the older generation experts were to make a move and killed their later generation in the process, then what awaits them was only a storm. Someone had once provoked the Solitary clan before. As a result, more than ten people carrying ******* swords came knocking on their doors and exterminated the entire clan in a single night.

They were such an abnormal clan, even the supreme clans in the Great Shang Dynasty were unwilling to rashly provoke them.

If they didn’t follow the rules and recklessly played their cards, the Solitary clan would pursue and kill them, without exception!

The third princess dispatched someone to stop Dugu Jianmo, she wanted to have a chat with him at the lakeside. And there were even more people waiting for their chance at the side. All of them wanted to recruit this youth with seemingly unlimited potential.

On the other side, the supreme clans were also having a heated discussion.

Just when the third princess was about to go speak with Dugu Jianmo personally.

“Dugu Jianmo, wait a minute!” A loud voice transmitted from the crowd as a ray of blue light flew towards him.

Dugu Jianmo turned around and looked at him indifferently.

Part 7

“Defeating Bosch does not mean you have defeated the true expert of Yindu. I will defeat you here and now!” The blue-clothed man was very handsome. Even when compared to some of the girls, they would still be overshadowed by his beauty.

At another location, Bosch’s faction was extremely furious.

“He’s from the Qiwang Faction, how dare he ridicule us. Although Bosch was defeated, he is still one of the strongest in Yindu. This guy has a really foul mouth.”

“I will challenge you to a duel today, remember my nam—” Before the blue-clothed man could finish his words, Dugu Jianmo’s ******* sword was already in front of his face. The entire area was illuminated by the stream of light.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!”

Following the clashing sounds of the ******* sword, a miserable shriek followed soon after. The ******* sword had cut the blue-clothed man into half. His dead body fell on the lawn, and bright red blood gused out non-stop.

Only now did Dugu Jianmo finally opened his mouth, “Dead man needs no name.”

“Nice kill!”

“I really can’t stand that spoiled kid. That idiot was always yapping all day long. His strength was clearly on the lower side, yet he always thought there were only a few who could match up to him.”

As for the man who was just killed, even among the rich kids of Yindu district, not many sympathized with him.

Every supreme faction other than the Chen faction laughed as they bore witness to this outcome.

Chen Hangging asked in a cold voice, “Who let that idiot go out?”

“He wanted to seek fame for himself, we didn’t have enough time to stop him.”

“That f***king *******!” Chen Hangging was a little enraged. Even Bosch was not Dugu Jianmo’s match, yet this idiot dared to jump into the fray.

Chen Hangging fixed his eyes on Dugu Jianmo, whose ******* sword was dripping with blood. Finally, he made an unexpected decision and walked towards the combat zone with large strides.

“Brother Chen, you can’t—!”

“It won’t hurt!” Chen Hangging firmly interrupted the words of the few people behind him and continued to stride forward.

Chen Hangging didn’t look one bit like a practitioner. He was not all too handsome, and his skin tone was pale. From the outside, he looked like a gentle and quiet man, but those who were well acquainted with him knew he was a very shrewd and ruthless man despite his young age.

“Dugu Jianmo, how about we make a bet.”

Dugu Jianmo only looked at him coldly.

Part 8

“The loser will unconditionally do a favor for the victor to the best of their ability, how about it?” Chen Hangging calmly called his stake.

Regarding this, Dugu Jianmo answered directly with his sword.

On the other hand, Bosch had a really ugly expression as he shouted in anger, “How shameless! Chen Hangging must have noticed it already. Although Dugu Jianmo broke free from my Amethyst Prison, he himself had suffered some injuries.”

“What, Dugu Jianmo is already wounded? This weasel sure know how to exploit an advantage.”

Everyone in Bosch’s faction was all really angry. One of them even shouted in anger, “Little Hang Hang, wetting his bed at ten years old…”

His words clearly resounded in the ears of countless people. It immediately caused everyone to roar with laughter.

Just like how Bosch had tasteless nickname like stupid baldy, Chen Hangging had also been called as Pigtail by others. That was because he was still wetting his bed at ten years old. Therefore, the rich kids in Yindu always made fun of him like this behind his back.

“Little Hang Hang, wetting his bed at ten years old…”

Immediately afterwards, a few people jeered in succession from several directions.

All the rich kids in Yindu were already swaying to and fro as they laughed out loud. Even the third princess of the Shang Dynasty was trying to hold back the laughter. As for those young ladies beside her? Needless to say, their shoulders were already trembling and tears almost leaked out from their eyes.

Chen Hangging’s white cheeks had instantly turned red. He coldly swept his eyes over the countless thousands of people. It immediately caused many of them to lower their heads in apprehension. Nobody dared to make anymore noise and laugh at him.

Due to this distraction, Dugu Jianmo managed to cut into his sleeve. One of his arms was almost crippled as a result.

“Nine Hades’ Wheel!” Chen Hangging was indeed furious. The mockery earlier made his mood especially agitated, and that caused him to use his most powerful technique from the get-go.

All of a sudden, black clouds started to rumble in the sky. The black fog had instantly enveloped the entire battlefield. The millstone-sized wheel among the darkness was as blazing as the sun. It emitted countless rays of light and all of them were aimed at Dugu Jianmo.

The scions from some of the supreme clans jumped up from shock.

The Grand Nine Hades, that was the undisclosed technique of the Chen faction. And Chen Hangging even developed his own unique ability — The Nine Hades’ Wheel. Ever since he successfully developed this skill, none had yet to last for more than a quarter of an hour under the might of the wheel.

The radiance emitted by the wheel in the dark fog was especially bright. The rays of light were omnipresent and even Dugu Jianmo was almost swallowed by the light.

His ******* sword moved non-stop in an attempt to stop the divine rays. Dugu Jianmo trembled with fear in his heart. He knew that if just one of those rays were to hit him, he would be in grave danger.

Part 9

“Hades’ Wheel!” Chen Hangging shouted loudly. His pale cheeks were colored in red. The millstone-sized wheel in the sky instantly grew to the size of a house as it descended slowly.

The earth shook violently and terrifying cracks appeared on the ground in a split second later. It was brought about purely by the pressure of the wheel.

The Hades’ Wheel was only three feet above Dugu Jianmo. All the rays of light were launched towards him simultaneously and trapped him within. His ******* sword had already been separated from his hands a long time ago. If he didn’t shield himself with a protective barrier in the first moments, his body might already be turned into mincemeat.

Chen Hangging sneered, “Dugu Jianmo, it’s your loss!”

All the spectators were overwhelmed with shock. The Hades’ Wheel was really too powerful. Even some of the scions from the supreme clans had a change of expression.

“This gigolo is about the same as the stupid baldy before, but it looks like he had made a breakthrough. I’m afraid that he might have reached the peak of Historia Fifth Celestial Layer already. Or perhaps he has already reached the Sixth Celestial Layer. I fear that he is way ahead of the stupid baldy by now.”

“That is indeed the case, the Hades’ Wheel is as powerful as expected.”

Regarding these, Bosch did not mind about it. They were always competing against one another and forged ahead like this. Just because they fell behind today, it didn’t mean tomorrow would be the same. He was more concerned about whether Dugu Jianmo could endure this or not.

Dugu Jianmo’s body was turning light in color. His bones were giving out creaking noises and his body was becoming thin rapidly!

“You want to force your way out with Swordification? It’s pointless!”


Dugu Jianmo coughed out a big mouthful of blood. The Swordification had failed. A powerful pressure was constantly crushing him and forced his transformation to fail.

“You lost!” Chen Hangging sneered.

“It is you who lost!” Just at this time, Dugu Jianmo actually opened his mouth.

Chen Hangging shouted “not good” in a loud voice, then he abruptly jumped back. At the same time, he quickly destroyed his robe. Despite that, his shattered robe flew towards him like countless flying swords.

He immediately erected a protective barrier and blocked those countless “tiny swords”. However, he had lost control of the Hades’ Wheel. The rays of light dimmed and dissipated at lightning speed. Dugu Jianmo rushed over like a ray of death as he sent Chen Hangging flying away in the blink of an eye.

Everyone was impassioned, Dugu Jianmo actually turned the situation around in the most critical moment and landed a clean hit. Many people started to cheer.


Part 10

While coughing out blood, Chen Hangging stood up unsteadily and asked in distress, “How did you do it?”

“Everything in the world, be it the grass or the tree, everything is my sword. Not only does that include my body, it also includes your body.” Dugu Jianmo wiped the blood stain at the corner of his mouth, then he grabbed the ******* sword floating beside him.

Once at the pinnacle, he could even use other’s body as his sword, just how much more freakish and terrifying could it get!

“Speak, what do you want me to do for you.”

Dugu Jianmo didn’t say anything, he just turned around and walked away with the ******* sword on his shoulder. He won against key figures from two supreme clans and had suffered grave injuries, he couldn’t continue to fight.

The third princess of the Shang Dynasty walked over here personally, along with all the noble ladies of Yindu.

The surrounding was in a clamor. Many ordinary practitioners were looking at Dugu Jianmo as if he was a god.

“Hahaha… the Sword Verse Tea Party organized by the third princess, how can I not come? I’ve finally arrived!” The sound of laughter transmitted from outside the Maritime Moon Garden. A group of rich kids walked over with large strides, all the while surrounding a certain youth.


Wheezing sounds could immediately be heard from the surroundings. Evidently, a lot of people were able to recognize that youth, and they seemed to be very apprehensive of him.

“Why is he back to the imperial capital already? Didn’t he lead an army to war?”

“This ferocious man is one of the Imperial Capital’s Heroic Four!”

“Chulain… one of the four most terrifying men in Yindu. He has been trying to court with the third princess for not just one or two years already. He will definitely cause a huge upheaval again. Hehe, I look forward to it!”

“Chulain, how come you’re back?” The third princess walked with graceful steps. Her slender body had the right curves in the right place. Despite the fact that her face was covered by the veil, it was easy to imagine just how peerless her appearance was just from her beautiful eyes.

“Haha… greeting to third princess. Elder Shuai specifically sent me back to Yindu, he didn’t want me to miss the Sword Verse Party organized by the princess.” Chulain had a valiant appearance. He had a confident aura like that of a general.

However, Bosch and Chen Hangging seemed like they detest him as they secretly let out a few cold snort.

The third princess revealed a faint smile and said, “You must be tired after the long journey, why don’t you go sit at the side and rest a little.”

“No, not at all. Just looking at the princess, all the hardships of travel seemed to have dissipated.” This guy was extremely daring and had irritated much too many people. However, nobody dared to say anything. The Imperial Capital’s Heroic Four, they could be said to be the fiercest of the fiercest. Let’s not mention the Shang Dynasty, even after scouring the whole world, they would still be unparalleled.

Part 11

The third princess no longer paid any attention to him and walked towards Dugu Jianmo with some of the young ladies.

Chulain laughed out loud and was one step faster than the princess. Then he said, “So, you are Dugu Jianmo of the Southern Wasteland? The one who defeated our Yindu’s experts consecutively…” Speaking until here, he swept his gaze all over and snorted, “After we Heroics Four departed from Yindu, you guys had really brought a huge shame to our Great Shang Dynasty. You actually lost to a barbarian from the Southern Wasteland, how shameful!”

Everyone was triggered by him as he said these.

“You mother f**ker, if my brother is still alive, you will be dead!”

“What are you acting all high and mighty for, it’s not like you’re really the strongest in Yindu!”

Even Bosch and Chen Hangging were extremely angry. However, they could only swallow their discontent, nobody dared to face him directly.

Although he had left Yindu for a period of time, his prestige still remained. Chulain swept his gaze over the crowd, but nobody dared to provoke him under his gaze.

“If I did not come back, the Shang Dynasty’s face would be sullied by you jokers.” Chulain sneered. Then he turned around and said to Dugu Jianmo, “If I can’t kill you within eighty rounds, I rather kill myself.”

Looking at the man blocking his path, the silent Dugu Jianmo only looked at him coldly, then he moved his eyesight to the crowd.

“How shameless! ‘Stupid Baldy’ and ‘Bedwetter’ had already inflicted grave injuries on Dugu Jianmo. It is not fair at all to challenge him now.”

“Only now did you show your face, how shameless can you get!”

“Bullcrap Yindu’s Heroic Four.”

Whether it was really because the Shang Dynasty’s people were really that open-minded and frank, or that these people just hated Chulain that much. Even though it was trying to maintain the face of Yindu, he had to receive a torrent of curses.

Chulain did not get angry as everyone expected, he only snorted and said, “When I, Chulain, challenge others to a duel, have I ever been unfair?”

Everyone immediately turned silent.

“Hmph. Bring me the Seven Revolution Gold Pill, give one to Dugu Jianmo. It will ensure his full recovery in an instant. Only then will I fight with him!”

Everyone finally quietened down. Although many people dislike the Yindu’s Heroic Four, they couldn’t help but to recognize their strength.

“There’s no need.” Just at this time, the silent Dugu Jianmo suddenly began to speak, “I’ve said it before, I am not the strongest in the Southern Wasteland. Since you guys want to vie for that false reputation, I will let someone stronger fight in my stead.”

The surroundings immediately rose to a clamor.

Everyone was incomparably shocked. Dugu Jianmo was already this strong and had dominated everyone on the scene. Then just how powerful would the strongest of the Southern Wasteland be? Could he really be a match for Yindu’s Heroic Four?

More importantly, the strongest of the Southern Wasteland had also arrived here?

And now, even the third princess revealed a hint of surprise on her face. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she looked left and right. The other beauties were no exception.

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers were shocked. They could hardly imagine who Dugu Jianmo was referring to. Could it be the most mysterious Zhao Chongyang?

This piece of news was really too unexpected! After the clamor, everyone became silent in anticipation.

“Oh? The strongest expert of the Southern Wasteland has also arrived? How come I’ve never heard of such a person?” Chulain’s eyes shone brightly as he continued, “Where is he?”

“Over there!” Dugu Jianmo pointed his ******* sword in the front.


The spectators there immediately split into two sides. Stop joking around! If they got falsely recognized, they wouldn’t even know how they die!

On that spot, only a youth with tall stature was left behind.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on that very spot.


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