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Chapter 188 – Human Warfare

Looking at this young creature that would one day make the deities shrink back, many people wanted to fight over it and take it for themselves. However, many people already heard this Dragon King was different from the others. It seemed to have some relationship with that existence in the depths of the south. If they harbored any unfathomable motives, they would only be inviting disaster upon themselves.

As Tenax noiselessly swept its eyes over all directions, apart from loneliness, it also felt a little sad. Killing their own siblings and forge ahead by trampling on the carcasses of the other Dragon Kings, that was their destiny!

Only the strongest could survive until the very end!

Otherwise, they could only withdraw from the path of the Dragon King, and stop dreaming of ever becoming the Ancestral Dragon!

At this moment, only Xiao Chen could understand Tenax’s grief. It must continue to tread on this cruel path without turning back!

Not for itself, but for the entire dragon race.

The dragons needed a genuine Ancestral Dragon to lift the seal on them!

Every young Dragon King was shouldering this mission. Even if only one of them remained alive in the end, they wouldn’t feel remorseful even after their death.

Xiao Chen knew, once that Azure Dragon King in his house fully recovered its consciousness, it would turn into Tenax’s next opponent. When both of them were at their peak state, they would fight each other in a life and death battle, killing each other to absorb that little bit of Ancestral Dragon aura.

Without any delay, Xiao Chen quickly walked out of the VIP lounge to get Tenax. He wanted to bring it back to the house as soon as possible.

“Congratulations, congratulations, Tenax has triumphed in the first round.” Zhuge fatty jumped out with his entire face covered in smiles. It seemed like he could already see the brilliant rays of that ten thousand gold coins.

“Let’s not talk about these, where is the peerless spiritual items I asked you to buy? Why haven’t I received anything after such a long time? I need them now to assist Tenax.”

As soon as Xiao Chen raised this subject, Zhuge fatty immediately became furious and said, “Those old bastards are really too greedy! Once they learned that I want to buy the Grade Nine Lotus, they actually raised the price from two hundred and eighty thousand gold coins to three hundred and eighty thousand! They seriously thought I am that foolish?! What’s more excessive is that, the other few families also raised their price. They are intentionally trying to cheat us of our money! Damn it! My lips are almost parched just trying to negotiate with them these days. These profiteers are really good-for-nothing!”

“You try to think of some methods as quickly as possible.”

After saying these, Xiao Chen immediately ran towards the backstage. He left as soon as he carried the bloody Tenax in his arms.

They just happened to hear a man’s furious and grievous cursing by the time they left, “I want to kill that Silver Dragon, I want to kill that brat! They must compensate for my Gold Dragon King, oh my Dragon King… how should I explain this to the elders…”

Xiao Chen was not in the mood to respond to this man. He didn’t have that kind of time and mood at the moment. He carried the heavily injured Tenax and soared into the sky. They got back home rather quickly.

He shook Keke to rouse it up from its deep sleep and hurriedly borrowed the rainbow-colored sacred tree from the little thing. Xiao Chen attempted to link up with the treasured tree over and over. He finally succeeded after an hour later and established a harmonious connection with the sacred tree.

The sacred tree glowed with rainbow-colored radiance, and then it was transferred to Tenax’s body. The rainbow-colored radiance flickered as the sacred tree slowly seeped into Tenax’s body. The tough little dragon’s injuries were beginning to heal.

Only now did Xiao Chen finally let out a breath of relief.

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Not long later, Zhuge fatty arrived to inform him that the ******* profiteer had raised the price again. He wouldn’t sell it for less than four hundred thousand gold coins. Furthermore, he made it known that this was an extraordinary phase. If by any chance one of those sacred beasts who participated in the competition were on the verge of dying, these peerless spiritual items could be equivalent to a second lives, third lives, or even fourth lives!

“Mother f—! How I wish a thief would just go and steal it from him.” The fatty was grumbling resentfully.


The snow-white little critter disappeared with a streak of light.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey…” Frightened, the fatty immediately called out, “Come back here! I was only saying!”

Xiao Chen also didn’t manage to stop it in time.

The snow-white little critter had run off just like this!

Leaving the fatty and Xiao Chen behind to look at each other speechlessly. Then, they shouted at the same time.

“Mother f—! Go after it!”

The fatty rushed out of the courtyard, and Xiao Chen immediately soared into the sky.

The snow-white little critter was unable to restrain itself. The last time it went with the fatty, it was already very restless. This time, they knew what was going to happen without even the need to think.

The fatty was really frightened. He kept muttering to himself, “Oh no, oh no, oh no… If we’re caught, we have to compensate with double the price!”

Xiao Chen was a little speechless, the snow-white little critter was really too fast. In just a moment, it was already nowhere to be found. It was really not easy to deal with this little critter! He wanted to chase after it, but that option was not viable anymore, because someone had actually smashed their front door and entered the courtyard aggressively. The door almost rammed onto the fatty.

“This is the place, smash it to smithereens and find that silver dragon for me no matter what! I want to make it pay for my Gold Dragon King’s life!”

A middle-aged man brought a group of underlings to crash into the house. The fatty was caught instantly and was slapped five to six times in a row. The fatty was utterly confused and almost slumped onto the ground.

“Kid, you live here?”

“My god, you stupid uncle! You dare to hit me? Do you know who am I? Let go of your dog’s claw!” The fatty immediately flared up. Although he was not directly related to the Zhuge family, he still possessed some authority. Nobody ever dared to look down on him, nor had he never suffered this kind of loss.

“I am the guy you are looking for, let him go!” Xiao Chen flapped the Undying Divine Wings and landed on the ground in that very instant. He felt extremely disgusted with this middle-aged man. He was really too shameless, it’s not like he was an ignorant ten years old child. He was already forty plus years old, and yet, he still behaved like this. It was really hard to see him in any favorable light.

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“Very good, it is you, I still remember your face!” The middle-aged man laughed nastily. He released the fatty and walked over with large strides, then he said, “Kid, don’t make things difficult for me, just give the silver dragon to me!”

“You sure are shameless. Since you came to participate in the warbeast tournament, you should know the rule. Nobody will be responsible for the death of the warbeasts in the arena, don’t you feel embarrassed to come and find me after the match?!” Xiao Chen really wished he could slap this guy in the face. He had seen someone shameless before, but not this shameless.

“I am definitely getting that silver dragon. Otherwise, you go and personally kill it in front of me!” The middle-aged man was wearing a sinister smile.

“You want to kill Tenax? You will only invite disaster to the person backing you up! If you want to kill, then go and ask that person in the depths of the south first!” Xiao Chen wanted to force this guy to fall back.

“Who are you trying to scare? Other than wild beasts and even more wild beasts, what else is there in the depths of the south? You want us to go and ask the wild beasts?”

“Did you only arrive at the south recently?”

“We covered several thousand of miles and just arrived two days ago.”

Xiao Chen was speechless as he looked at him and said, “I suggest you should go around and ask about that person in the depths of the south first. Otherwise you wouldn’t even know how you die! The elders from your family should have come along right? You should go and ask them about it!”

“We are going to seize that silver dragon before reporting back to the elders!” The middle-aged man laughed nastily and said, “Kid, why don’t you make it easy for me? Give me the Dragon King and go kill yourself!” ⌈1

He clearly intended on killing Xiao Chen.

“I have seen someone shameless, but none as shameless as you!” Xiao Chen almost laughed out loud due to anger. This guy was really a total mess, Xiao Chen really wished he could just slap him in the face.

However, without waiting for Xiao Chen to make his move, the other party was already sending a slap towards his face. If that slap really hit the mark, half of Xiao Chen’s head would turn into minced meat. The gale gave rise by the slap was really too heavy, so much so that it even produced a thunderous noise.


Xiao Chen moved backwards and landed on the ground as light as the feather.

“Historia?!” The middle-aged man frowned and said, “So young…” He clearly felt a little apprehensive and asked, “Which sect do you belong to?”

“Only now did you ask, isn’t it a little too late? Since you knew I have a Dragon King with me, you should have thought of this question first.”

“Hmph! There’s nothing amazing to have a Dragon King by your side. We got our Dragon King from a scramble!” The face of the middle-aged man became dark as he looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Although you have the Undying Divine Wings, your secret art is definitely not of the Undying Sect’s. Although you have accumulated sword-qi in your body, you are definitely not from the Solitary clan. That’s because you don’t carry a metal sword on your back. In this south desolate region, those are the only two clans that make me feel a little apprehensive. However, we originally have an old grievance with the Undying Sect to begin with. Even though I can guess you have some relationship with the Undying Sect, I won’t feel apprehensive to kill you!”


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The middle-aged man rushed over. The power accumulated in his palm made people feel speechless. The surge of power made this space rumble as the domain directly pounced towards Xiao Chen. He wanted to confine Xiao Chen in the domain.

Xiao Chen did not face him head-on. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and soared into the sky. He silently concentrated his spiritual sense on the two killing weapons in his palms. After a few days of probing around, he found that although he was unable to control the jet-black metal engraving and golden divine halberd, he could occasionally make his palm “transform into weapons”.

“Kid, come down here at once. Otherwise I will go in and kill that silver dragon!” The middle-aged man hooted on the ground.

Xiao Chen was unable to feel the aura of the golden divine halberd, but the jet-black metal engraving in his left hand trembled for a little while as his left hand was shrouded by the jet-black radiance.

Xiao Chen didn’t even think twice and immediately rushed over there. That was because he had a very limited time. The jet-black light ball could only be maintained for a split second.

Looking at Xiao Chen swooping down, the middle-aged man lifted his palm upward.

The jet-black radiance glinted. Xiao Chen’s left palm seemed to have been enlarged by several fold. The dark giant palm gave rise to the whistling sound of the wind and directly shattered the middle-aged man’s domain. After that, it knocked against the palm of the middle-aged man.



The middle-aged man let out a miserable shriek. The jet-black giant palm immediately crushed his right palm!

Xiao Chen did not stop there. The giant palm ruthlessly swept past the middle-aged man’s chest and sent him flying with a bang. A bunch of blood splashed everywhere in the sky.

At this moment, the jet-black metal engraving finally lose its connection with Xiao Chen.

The middle-aged man had suffered a serious damage. Up to seven or eight of his breastbones were snapped. On the other hand, Xiao Chen felt very refreshed. He originally wanted to slap this guy anyway, he didn’t expect his wish was really granted.

The middle-aged man was a Historia level expert after all, even though he suffered a serious damage, he quickly stood up. Although his chest had already caved in, and his right palm was crushed, his fighting strength was still abundant!

“Kid, what was that just now?”

“Why so much nonsense? Aren’t you going to kill me and snatch my silver dragon? Bring it on!” Right now, Xiao Chen had taken the initiative.

The middle-aged man smiled coldly. He walked forward with large strides and waved his other arm.

Xiao Chen was no longer moving back, he faced the middle-aged man head-on with his right palm.

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With a loud bang, two palms collided. Xiao Chen fell back half a step and the middle-aged man coughed out a mouthful of blood. He was already heavily injured and was unable to go all-out. Even using only one-third of his strength, he would cough out a big mouthful of blood.

Since he had gained the upper hand, Xiao Chen naturally wouldn’t hold back. After refining the two ancient artifacts, even if he was not able to utilize them, his palms were still as sharp as the divine weapons due to their existences. This allowed Xiao Chen to directly face the middle-aged man.

The “banging” sound never stopped. Xiao Chen made the middle-aged man lose his will. The middle-aged man was coughing out blood unceasingly. His expression was downcast and looked extremely pale.

In the end, Xiao Chen directly made this middle-aged man pass out. Just when he wanted to split him in two, Zhuge fatty shouted, “Seal his power and let me vent my anger!”

Xiao Chen sealed his power. After that, he slapped the middle-aged man until he woke up and tossed him in front of the fatty.

The fatty was really unrestrained. He directly sit astride on the middle-aged man’s broken ribs and slapped him continuously.

“You dare to hit me? Don’t you know who am I? Zhuge Liang! Never heard of it? This is abomination, illiterate! Have you ever read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms passed down from the mortal world? That is a masterpiece. You know who am I now? No? You’re infuriating me! Illiterate! I hit, hit, hit…”

“Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!”

The fatty knew Xiao Chen had the intent to kill. This guy definitely wouldn’t live to see another day, he wouldn’t need to worry about the other party coming back to seek vengeance. Slapping him now was only to give vent to some of his anger.


A human figure swayed as an elderly man appeared in Xiao Chen’s courtyard.

“Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them!” The elderly man looked to be around fifty to sixty years old. He looked like a character of strength.

Xiao Chen immediately felt his heart sunk. Could this be the middle-aged man’s teacher? If that was the case, then this could be troublesome.

“I am the elder of the Undying Sect, Liu Qingfeng. I am Yan Qingcheng’s martial uncle. Although this man is at odds with my sect, we are still from the same Demon Sect. It’s fine to fight against each other, but we definitely must not kill.” The old man lightly waved his hand and sent the fatty flying away all of a sudden. He propped the middle-aged man up and said to Xiao Chen, “Don’t need to worry, I will explain the situation to his teacher.”

As he looked on, Xiao Chen simply kept his mouth shut.

Until the figure of the old man almost disappeared, Zhuge fatty shouted, “The Undying Sect is owing Xiao Chen a wife!”

The old man’s body inclined to the side and almost took a fall. He turned his head around to cast a glance and left at lightning speed.

Xiao Chen nodded his head and spoke to himself, “That’s right, I should pay a visit to the Undying Sect stationed in Celestial City!”

Just at this time, with a flash of white light, Keke showed up with its head sticking out from the edge of the door. Then it scuttled into the courtyard with a whoosh.

“My @#%¥!” The fatty cried out in surprise, “It, it, it…” He was so agitated that he couldn’t form a proper sentence.

Xiao Chen was also so shocked that his jaw almost dropped as he quickly rushed to the courtyard.


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