Chapter 63 – Void Master

A humanoid figure that resembles stone statue!

A green radiance swept across from within the black cloud, Xiao Chen instantly jumped backwards, and dodged that dangerous attack. He braced his muscles, bright aura emitted from his fingertips, the glorious radiance caused both palms to look almost transparent. He already finished his preparation to battle.

The black cloud rose with a bubbling motion, that fossil-like figure slowly turned its body around, the originally lifeless body is now gradually emitting life energy. This is a twenty plus years old youngster, his stature is tall and slim, as if he wasn’t exposed to much sunshine, his complexion is somewhat pale, it gives people a gruesome feeling.

“Who are you?” Xiao Chen asked.

“And who- are you?” The ghastly youth returned the question.

Xiao Chen regained his composure. This tall, and somewhat ghastly youth should be a human. Just now he was most likely training, the unusual training method caused his life energy to slow down, thus it seemed as if he had severed his life force.

“Xiao Chen!” Xiao Chen introduced himself, then he sized up the ghastly youth before his eyes and asked, “Why did you attack me?” Xiao Chen could tell from the opposing side’s attire, he should be one of the young experts that is trapped on this Dragon Island. However, he arrived at the heart of the island much earlier than him. In order to develop his own ability, it seemed like the opposing side picked this place to train intentionally.


The ghastly youth snorted coldly, as if gravity does not affect him, he floated out from the black cloud like a ghost. Green radiance suddenly burst out from his entire body. In that instant, Xiao Chen felt the sky spins and the earth goes round, it felt as if the spacetime is distorted!

However, Xiao Chen had already prepared to engage in battle a long time ago, he did not panic, like a divine falcon who soared above the gorge, he quickly balanced his body even under critical circumstances. The scene before his eyes already undergo huge changes, Xiao Chen discovered that he had entered some unknown space. Drizzle of green light encompassed his surroundings, it seems like he has entered some kind of chaotic space.

This is a hundred meter square of bizarre space, the blue sky and white clouds does not exist in this space, and so is the ground. The only thing all around him is the hazy radiance. Under his foot is also the same, the green radiance is flickering everywhere.

The ghastly youth stood in front of him, he seemed very easy-going and calm as he observed Xiao Chen. This is not an illusion, it is a genuine space, Xiao Chen felt extremely shocked. The instant he was trapped in this space, he raised his right hand high into the sky, a brilliant radiance circulated around his arm, it was as if his flesh had turned transparent, the veins and bones can actually be seen clearly with naked eyes, the powerful energy circulating around his arm can be seen clearly. After that the divine radiance exploded, he dropped his arm down from the sky, the glaring radiance violently slashed one side of the sealed-space.

The terrifying attack slashed the green-colored light wall on one side of the sealed-space, it caused this space to shake violently. Many small cracks appeared on the light wall, but they were restored immediately. Xiao Chen and the ghastly youth almost fell down on the ground.

“Very strong!” The ghastly youth started to talk, “You are an expert among the younger generation!”

“Just who are you, why are you doing this to me?” Xiao Chen had attempted to break out, but it seems this sealed-space is not that easy to break out. He no longer try to attack the ghastly youth impatiently, he wanted to understand the situation first.

“Void Master Lawrence.” After the ghastly youth introduced himself, he continued, “Recently, a lot of new face show up close to the Divine Monolith. One can’t train peacefully here, some people do not deserve to be here.”

Xiao Chen find out from his speech, there are already some other people who had entered the depths of the Dragon Island. And it seems like some people frequently show up here. One can tell, Lawrence does not know about Xiao Chen, he must have entered the depths of the Dragon Island a long time ago, and does not know about the things that happened at the border recently.

“I don’t want to randomly engage in battle!” Xiao Chen said indifferently.

“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, you can leave if you beat me, otherwise I will personally send you to the sea of bones.” Lawrence is very calm, even though he gives people a gruesome feeling, he seemed to possess an unquestionable strength. However, one can see that he did not have any murderous intent, it seems like he merely wished there won’t be too many people here, so they won’t disturb his training.

“Alright, fine, let me give it a try and see how strong I really am!” Xiao Chen did not waste time on words, some matter can only be settled with action.

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The rays of light flashed, Lawrence emitted one after another green radiance. Following that, this sealed-space become much brighter. Xiao Chen felt as if he was confined, the hazy radiance enveloped his body like a tide, it makes him unable to move a muscle. There is a powerful compression force, it makes him feel suffocated.

A Psychic is truly terrifying, their unique ability are inherent, Lawrence clearly possessed the innate ability to control space. Xiao Chen feel this opponent is very terrifying.

If other people find out that there is a Void Master here, ⌈1⌋ they will certainly be incomparably shocked, because this kind of people is the most terrifying! This kind of people is the king among their peers, they possessed an incomparably powerful ability the moment they were born. If they make use of the space around them appropriately, they can grasp their opponent’s fate! Everyone lives within the space, if the opponent is trapped in the space they controlled, the Void Master will be invincible!

The Void Master is as rare as the phoenix feather and unicorn horn, legend says when they trained until a certain level, the space they can control will keep expanding, from a few meter to a few hundred meter…… And when they reached a certain realm, they will directly ascend to godhood!

The space Lawrence controlled is merely a hundred meter square, it is a sealed-space. Even though the encirclement is limited, he possessed absolute authority within this space.

Xiao Chen’s body is compressed by the powerful space, even if his physical body is strong, he is still suppressed by the terrifying force until his bones started to make a creaking sound. The space is tearing his body apart with powerful force!

“Do not resist, I will send you off to the sea of bones.” Lawrence said with a tranquil expression.

“Hmph!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly, searing divine flame throbbed all over his body. His entire person looked like a dazzling sun, his tall and straight body emitted endless amount of divine radiance. Even though not much time had passed within this space, Xiao Chen felt as if this will be his most difficult fight to date. He spared no effort to resist the powerful tearing force of the space, as if his physical body had divinized, it radiated an incomparably glaring radiance. He utilized his secret technique to the limit, continuously emitting divine radiance that resemble a raging sacred flame.

Lawrence’s expression changed, his originally ghastly complexion, appear even paler now. Sweat started to seep out from his forehead, controlling this space to trap an expert like Xiao Chen require him to consume a lot of Spiritual Power. At this moment he felt extremely strenuous.

Just around this time, Xiao Chen finally moved with difficulty, he walked unsteadily. He walked over to Lawrence one step at a time, it was as if he was carrying a heavy mountain on his back. The space shook violently with every step he took, at the same time Xiao Chen was also swaying left and right. His bones keep producing a creaking noise unceasingly, there is a possibility that his body might collapse at any given time.


  1. Selutu: Why use “Void”? Wouldn’t “Space” be better?
    Silva: I don’t know, but Space sounds a lot weirder to me.
    And here’s a rare comment from Chanayh! “Programmer”
    What does that mean? 

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