Chapter 80 – Cross Swords with Sixth Celestial Layer

God knows who was the very first to fall apart, and ran towards the bottom of the snowy hill in fear. Soon after, everyone started to flee in disorder, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were also trying to escape in a hurry.

Xiao Chen was too scary, he was practically a demon incarnate. With so many people besieging him, he actually managed to kill more than ten experts! He was as heartless as Asura from the underworld, completely blood-soaked and violent, he massacred without blinking an eye.

The bloody smell from the snowy peak assailed the nostrils, the blood had completely dyed this snowy world with its color. The bloody mist lingered on the summit, broken limbs and body were everywhere, this was the scene of a terrifying slaughterfest.

Xiao Chen leaned on the divine sword, the sealed god light screen already dissipated a long time ago. He was stained by blood from head to toe, but he still looked as imposing as an unsheathed divine sword!

Not a single voice could be heard from the two snowy peaks. It became extremely quiet for a moment, Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability caused many to feel fearful.

The majority of the people came to watch the battle, the people who wanted to conspire against him also turned somewhat taciturn. Even those who could cross swords with Xiao Chen have no choice but to reassess the situation.

Suddenly, a dazzling rain of light fell from the whole sky like the stars just at this moment. The target was Xiao Chen, even though the energy fluctuation was very far away, numerous audiences could still feel it, those energy-converted knife blades possessed power not inferior to Xiao Chen!

The divine swords were as dazzling as rainbow, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages at the snowy summit, and the longsword in his hand emitted one after another blazing rays of light that clashed with the rain of swords. Just by relying on his instinct, he could tell that this is a powerful enemy! Presently, he still haven’t discover any traces of the opponent.

All of a sudden, it seemed like the divine sword in Xiao Chen’s hand had lose its power, the rain of swords were becoming much more concentrated, but those seemed like a mirage, those rain of swords were not really conjured by spiritual power.

“The genius Illusion Master, Carlos!” Xiao Chen immediately guessed who it was, even though he knew those were illusions, Xiao Chen didn’t dare to lower his guard, because the real rain of swords might be hidden within!

At the same time, Yan Qing Cheng rose from within the ice and snow, her devastatingly beautiful complexion was unreal, her purple dress fluttered along with the wind, she seemed much more spectacular on this snowy summit.

In that instant, the snowy summit was illuminated by a purple radiance. Yan Qing Cheng was like a fairy dancing in the breeze, she was flying at low altitude. Purple aura lingered on her entire body, and formed a pair of almost transparent purple wings which allowed her to fly for a short period of time. At this moment, she seemed really out-of-this-world.

The beautiful ⌈1⌋ Yan Qing Cheng transformed into a streak of purple light in the sky. She finally executed the legendary Undying Demon Technique, one after another purple radiance were launched from her two hands, they were launching towards Xiao Chen like purple lightnings.

Yan Qing Cheng was at Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer!

This made Xiao Chen’s heart shivered with cold, no wonder she dares to challenge him to a “Hide and Seek” game. If he didn’t make a breakthrough to Sixth Celestial Layer, it is hard to say who will win.

And right now, his opponent was not only Yan Qing Cheng, the genius Illusion Master who was hiding in the illusion seemed to have reached Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer already! There’s not much he could do about that illusory spiritual attack. Moreover, the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger did not show his face yet.

Xiao Chen decided to retreat temporarily, and take care of them one by one later! After all, one of them was a Sixth Celestial Layer Illusion Master, if they really crossed their swords, it will definitely be a fight between dragon and tiger. In addition to Yan Qing Cheng, and Wharton who hasn’t shown his face yet, this situation was anything but reassuring for Xiao Chen.

However, the genius Illusion Master Carlos finally began for real just at this time! Several hundred exact copy of a golden-haired youth appeared all around Xiao Chen. Without a doubt, those were all illusions, only one of them was the real Carlos among them.

Carlos’ appearance could not be considered handsome, but his temperament was outstanding. This kind of people was the so-called promising young talent, one could tell from a single glance that he will inevitably become very powerful, and soar the sky sooner or later. His blue pupils were as deep as the ocean, it made people dare not to meet him head on.

The illusion made by Carlos enveloped the entire snowy summit. Sharp swords, long swords, lightning, heavenly flame, et cetera, attacks of every substances and energies were wrecking havoc on the summit. It seemed like several hundred people using all kinds of bizarre attack at the same time! The thunderous roar was ear-splitting, resplendent divine blade streak across the void, inexhaustible heavenly flame turned the sky scorching red, a wide expanse of brilliant light energy rained down like shooting stars.

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Countless illusions surfaced in this ice and snow world, it was an extremely grand scene, it seemed like a big war was taking place, and not a battle between two individuals. This made everyone shake in their boots.

Such a formidable Illusion Master!

Xiao Chen was in deep trouble, he didn’t dare to neglect any of these attacks on the summit, because he was unable to tell which were real and which were illusory.

Genius Illusion Master Carlos lives up to his name!

The terrifying energy surged forward like a torrential river, it was rolling over and over like the vast ocean. The summit turned into a frenzy, it was extremely mind-blowing, it was already impossible to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Xiao Chen’s disheveled hair rose to the sky, his pupils were as bright as the stars, and his lofty body remained as still as a pine on the snowy summit. However, the divine sword in his hand already changed into hundreds and thousands of overlapping images. The resplendent sword aura already formed into a concentrated light net, and blocked off all the terrifying attack. Moreover, the Sealed God light screen emerged once more, it enveloped his body and stopped the endless barrage of energy.

If he could not find Carlos’ real body, then this battle will never come to a conclusion. His pair of eyes emitted a light essence, and tried to search for Carlos’ real body among the thousands of concentrated light screen. At the same time, he had to confront Yan Qing Cheng who was flying with a pair of light wing.

Only… even after consuming his power unceasingly, he was still unable to find Carlos’ real body. It was only because Xiao Chen’s life energy was far more vigorous than ordinary people, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to last this long. Endless divine radiance emitted from his body unceasingly, not only did he had to support the God of the North Star light screen, but first things first — he had to fend off layers upon layers of illusory attacks.

And finally, Xiao Chen discovered a loophole, a completely negligible loophole! With his sharp intuition, he caught winds of the indistinguishable heartbeat sound, and found the location of Carlos’ real body.

Xiao Chen sent Yan Qing Cheng, who was swooping down, flying with a single sword blow, his entire person transformed into a streak of light beam and dashed forward. His target was Carlos’ real body. Dozens of interweaving lightning charged towards Xiao Chen, even more raging inferno plunged towards him from all directions. He wanted to stop Xiao Chen from advancing, several waves of terrifying sword rain down one after another.

All of these spiritual attacks were real, none of them were illusions. Xiao Chen laughed grimly, he was even more certain that was Carlos’ real body. Xiao Chen swept the divine sword in an arc, dozens of light screen and the inexhaustible raging inferno were destroyed. His lofty figure was like a God of Death as he broke through the obstacle.

However, just at this moment, Xiao Chen felt the hair on his entire body was standing on end. An ominous premonition arose in his mind, he felt great dangers enveloping himself!

Even though he destroyed the rain of swords in front of him, one of them was especially bright. It was like a comet which had streaked across the vast sky from long distance. The brilliance caused him unable to open his two eyes, the long sword in his hand was shattered by that glaring light!

It was Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger!

The legendary certain kill throwing knife!


  1.  I feel like my translation do the Chinese counterpart no justice. In Chinese, this sentence says: Beauty capable of captivating even the birds and beasts. 

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