Chapter 111 – The Power of God

Xiao Chen was momentarily lost in thought, this stubborn and proud little dragon was far from courageous, it was more appropriate to say it was too competitive. He could guess it was most likely this unremarkable little dragon who issued the challenge to the Winged Dragon. It was because this little dragon had challenged the other two Dragon Kings before. Moreover, the Winged Dragon wouldn’t take the initiative to challenge a puny dragon like this.

“Such a weird little dragon……” Xiao Chen squatted down to look at it quietly. After that, he attempted to give it a dose of Snow Lotus Core. It turned out the same as last time, the little dragon twisted its head stubbornly.

Just at this time, Buddhist Yizhen and Rowena also gathered around. After seeing the little dragon’s grave condition, everyone shook their head. They felt that it was impossible for it to survive.

“This island is called the dragon island, after we got here, we haven’t tasted dragon meat yet, why don’t we roast it? It won’t be able to live much longer anyway.” One practitioner at the side suggested.

As a result, the Jade Dragon King and Azure Dragon King nearby let out a sky piercing roar. They could fight with their race, but they could not tolerate people eating dragon meat. That practitioner was shocked speechless immediately.

The little dragon’s expression was very proud and very fierce, it was not a face a loser on the verge of death would show. Despite how its pair of eyes were already lifeless, it still looked at everyone who pointed at it with disdain, so much so that it even tried to stand up. Only when it looked at Keke and Xiao Chen did it show a somewhat different expression.

Everyone gradually dispersed, Xiao Chen told Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence the news he received from the demon in a low voice.

“What, we actually only need one more Dragon King? We need to get in touch with those older generation soon!”

And just at this time, Xiao Chen felt the aura of the demon in the vicinity. At the same time, Lawrence’s complexion changed abruptly.

“Don’t worry, he will not harm anyone for the time being.” Xiao Chen explained.

“You are saying that is the demon’s aura?” Lawrence was indefinitely bewildered as he asked. It caused Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng at the side to turn pale simultaneously. It was not a good feeling to be spied by a demon.

“That’s right. Something wrong?” Xiao Chen asked in puzzlement.

“So it was him, he was the demon.” Lawrence suddenly realized and said, “Remember what I told you before? After entering the depths of the dragon island, I always felt someone was spying on me, it was this kind of aura.”

Xiao Chen recalled Lawrence’s words, when they decided to work together, Lawrence once said someone was spying on him in the dark, it made him felt restless. That was one of the reason which resulted in Lawrence and Xiao Chen to work together. Who could have thought that was actually the demon, this riddle was actually broken just like this. This also indicated that the demon had already morphed from the snow mountain a long time ago.

Everyone had already left. Only Xiao Chen, Keke, and the three skeletons remained in front of the little dragon.

“Why are you so stubborn? I am trying to help you, why won’t you accept it? Last time you were fortunate to be alive. Don’t tell me you want to overexert yourself again?” The little dragon twisted its head to the other side abruptly. It was also weird that the blood was no longer leaking from the wound.

Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with doubts, he felt that this little dragon did not survive because of luck. Maybe this little dragon had something uncommon that hadn’t been discovered by others.

This little dragon’s warlike nature was very similar to the Dragon King’s, it wanted to evolve and rise to a higher level through constant battle. However, this little dragon was really too weak, it didn’t even have a single horn. It didn’t have any resemblance with the Dragon King, and the disparity between the legendary Ancestral Dragon was even larger.

If only it was a little stronger, Xiao Chen might mistake it as an unusual Dragon King. After all, this little dragon seemed very intelligent, it didn’t succumb to brutality due to the seal on the dragon island.

“Maybe you might become the most powerful dragon just below the Dragon King.” Xiao Chen said to himself softly. Such a warlike little dragon, if it could survive after each battle, it would certainly become more and more powerful. Dragon was a very competitive race, who knows it might really evolve from an ordinary dragon to an unusual dragon that was second only to the Dragon King. As for evolving to an Ancestral Dragon, that was not very realistic. After all, innate skill was also extremely important. Its inborn ability did not meet the requirement.

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In regards to Xiao Chen’s evaluation, the little dragon did not have any response. It already closed its pair of eyes and ignored everything at the outside world. Keke curiously run around in circles nearby, it seemed to find the little dragon very interesting. It curiously touched the little dragon’s head, and then looked over the dragon claws. For some reason, it squeaked a few times.

In the end, Xiao Chen also left, but he turned back only after a few miles. Leaving this kind of wounded little dragon at the underbrush alone might attract the other beasts. After all, this was not the dragon’s Sacred Mountain. Without the shelter of the dragon’s territory, the other beasts would most likely enjoy the meal without a qualm.

However, although there were a few beasts in the vicinity by the time he returned, when they got close to the dark brown little dragon, they ran away as if frightened by something. This was a strange and unusual phenomenon.

Xiao Chen still couldn’t understand what happened in the end, but knowing that the strange little dragon was in good health, he left while feeling relieved.

There were only two days left before the seven days limit, Xiao Chen aimlessly walked in the depths of the dragon island by himself. He didn’t place his hope on finding a power that could suppress the demon anymore. It seemed like there was really nothing on the dragon island that could restrain the evil spirit.

But just when he was about to give up, he encountered something unusual.

There was a collapsed mountain range in the depths of the dragon island, that place was barren; not even a blade of grass grows. It was filled with endless chunks of crushed rocks. It seemed like a calamity had took place here, the entire rocky mountain seemed to be destroyed by a powerful force.

Although the mountain range already collapsed, people could still feel it was once a lofty and majestic mountain. Just from these ruins before their eyes, they could already feel a majestic power.

Many areas of the stony mountain range already collapsed and had been flattened, but there were still a lot of rocky peak standing upright. However, those rocky mountains were already filled with cracks, it seemed like they would collapse at any given time. It gave people a weird and wondrous impression.

It was at this unusual place that Xiao Chen found a lot of corpse. It was obvious that they were left behind since ancient times, their bones already decayed a long time ago, the brittle bones would shatter into small pieces with just a light step.

There were many bones like this among the shattered rocky mountain, it made people unable to understand clearly what happened at this place before.

And Xiao Chen just entered this region, walking into the mountain range for a short distance, he found a few more corpses among the rubble. It was obvious they hadn’t died for long, judging from their grizzled hair, they must be fifty to sixty years old elder. Without a doubt, they must be the older generation experts that secretly infiltrated the dragon island.

How did they end up dead at this place? Xiao Chen secretly raised his guard, after a careful observation, he found that these few people seemed to have fled from ahead. It seemed like their body were unable to endure it anymore and fell at this place in the end.

After a careful observation and conjecture, it seemed like ahead of them was filled with indescribable danger. Moreover, it didn’t seem to be very close from here. Xiao Chen took a step forward, Keke also sobered up and curiously sized up the rocky mountain. The three skeletons followed behind them closely.

After advancing for two miles, they found a few more corpses. It seemed like they were the same group of people, but these few people died a little earlier, they didn’t manage to run as far as the few people from before.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke didn’t seem to be aware of the dangers in front, it excitedly ran and hopped between the rocky mountains. It seemed like there was a treasure ahead that was attracting it.

How did this happen? It seemed like there was danger ahead, otherwise it was impossible for these older generation experts to die, and yet Keke who was brimming with spiritual nature acted like this. Xiao Chen was very doubtful.

“Do you guys want to die?” The demon appeared behind Xiao Chen’s party.

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“What kind of place is this?” Xiao Chen turned around to ask.

“It is a place you must not set foot in.” The demon’s eyes were a little empty as he said, “The dragon island is a desolate mysterious island, there are a lot of place even I do not dare to rashly approach. I advise you to leave as soon as possible. However, if you want to try your luck, I will not stop you. If something happened to you guys, I can obtain my needs honorably.”

Keke disregarded the demon and took the initiative to run forward, Xiao Chen also paid no more attention to him and followed Keke to proceed onward. After advancing for four to five miles in this shattered rock vein, Xiao Chen and the rest finally felt something abnormal, a sacred aura fluctuated in this region like the water ripples, there was an awe-inspiring power at this place.

It was the power of god!

This kind of thought rose from Xiao Chen’s heart, this was definitely not something that could be compared with an ordinary power, but how could the dragon island permit the power of god to exist? It ought to be sealed.

Specks of golden light emitted from between the rocky mountain ahead. The power of god originated from there, it was obvious that they were already close to their target. Keke let out a cheer and dashed over there joyfully. Xiao Chen felt uneasy to let it be so he also followed closely. The three skeletons even transformed into three streaks of light and followed after them.

They finally entered that collapsed rocky mountain, the dazzling golden light projected into Xiao Chen’s eyes. At the same time, it made people felt the power of god was even denser at this place. It seemed as if there was a blazing sun in front.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter finally stopped its footstep. It jumped on top of a huge mountain rock to look forward.

And Xiao Chen finally saw the object clearly.

It was a golden divine halberd that seemed like it was completely made out of glaring golden light. It was so sacred and out of ordinary, the halberd was quietly stuck between the rocks. It emitted a golden divine power that was like a surge of sea wave. ⌈1


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