Chapter 194 – Keke’s Debut!

The six sacred beasts had revealed their divine abilities respectively. The match was exciting and nerve-wracking, even the older generation figures were feeling thrilled. Everyone was incomparably excited.

Just at this time, the snow-white little critter that was locked up at Xiao Chen’s side finally couldn’t bear it anymore and disappeared in thin air just like this. Needless to think, he already knew what it was going to do.

Naturally, nobody would notice a snow-white little critter currently wandering around in the warbeast castle. That was because the warbeast tournament was at its apex, the Golden Lion King had opened the Eye of Reincarnation!

The terrifying black light had become the only thing in the surroundings! All the colors had been erased, even the sun in the sky seemed to have become dull in color.

“Wuu… Wuu…” And there were actually the whistle of the ghosts.


Suddenly, the heaven and earth shook, as if landslide and tsunami just broke out. The energy billows surged forward in a frenzy.

Just at this time, the black light tore the space apart and a huge gate opened widely. An extremely sinister tunnel had abruptly appeared in the sky.

After a short period of deathly silence, a rumbling sound suddenly transmitted from the gigantic black hole, as if an ancient iron door was being pushed open.

“Clink! Clink! Clink!”

The jingling sound of iron chains transmitted outwards. It sounded very eerie, like the evil spirit from the nether world wanted to come out to reap people’s lives.

“Oh my god, it’s really the underworld gate!”

“The gate to the nether world has been opened!”

“That terrifying power actually sucked the opponent into the genesis!”


Everyone was very shocked, even the older generation figures were no exception. The Golden Lion King made everyone feel terrified. A young sacred beast really shouldn’t have been able to manifest such a divine ability.

Some of the elders, who were over hundred years old, recalled some legends and shivered in fear. However, they were a little confused; Destruction and Reincarnation, how did the Golden Lion King come to possess these two completely opposite forbidden divine abilities? They were unable to comprehend, it was unimaginable. The speculators felt a chill down their spine.

The multicolored Peacock King let out a long cry. It was radiating with garish light and attempted to fly far away.

However, the Golden Lion King’s second vertical eye was really too frightening. The Gate of Genesis had been opened successfully; the rumbling sound of the underworld gate as it was pushed open, and the jingling sound of the iron chain, they carried an extremely terrifying vibe as the black fog rolled over and over. The Peacock King was pulled into the black hole just like this.

The resplendent radiance flashed within the black fog. The five-colored divine radiance that was claimed to be capable of annihilating everything shook repeatedly as it resisted the pulling force of the Genesis.

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This was an extremely nerve-wracking moment. Every audience in front of the big crystal screen held their breath. Their mind seemed to have been sucked into the battlefield and followed the Peacock King as it was sucked into the Genesis.

Back in those days, when that “person” from the distant past executed the five-colored divine radiance, even the Gods and Buddhas were forced to retreat. It couldn’t be stopped, it couldn’t be blocked, it was practically unstoppable!

There was no worthy adversary for “him” in the heaven and earth.

It could be said that the five-colored divine radiance was an unparalleled divine ability. However, the little Peacock King at present was too young after all. Although the five-colored divine radiance was some kind of forbidden divine ability, it was still far from its peak state. It was impossible for the Peacock King to annihilate everything like that “guy” did in the distant past.

One must know that the force it was confronting now was the power of the underworld. This was already no longer the power of the Lion King alone. The Golden Lion used the Eye of Reincarnation to open the underworld gate, the power behind this came from the nether world.

The brilliant rays gradually became dimmer as the underworld gate was closing slowly. That eerie black hole was getting smaller over time and was about to completely disappear.

At this moment, everyone felt a chill down their spine. Many of the elders were taking deep breaths.

This Golden Lion King was definitely not someone at the level of Historia could handle! It was too powerful! This was a sacred beast king that could make people shiver just at the thought of it. If it could mature smoothly, it could reach an unimaginable height.

“Quick, utilize every resource at once, find out all the inside information regarding this Golden Lion no matter what!”

“Go and find out who is the owner of the Lion King!”

“No matter the cost, scoop out every nook and cranny, you must dig out the most valuable information for me!”


In every VIP lounge, many people were giving out similar commands.

And even more were feeling regretful, did the Peacock King really die just like this? It was forced into the Genesis by the Golden Lion King, this was a great loss that made everyone heave a sigh.

Many of the elders felt pained, if they could let the little Peacock King grow up smoothly, perhaps the unparalleled five-colored divine radiance of the distant past could make a reappearance again. To die in a battle like this was really a pity!

The power of the Genesis was disappearing as the sunshine sprinkled down. The underworld gate in the sky was about to be completely shut. The black hole was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, only a black dot was left behind as it was going to disappear completely.

However, just at this time, a green light was launched from that black dot. Soon after, the ripple-like fluctuation spread out in the sky. The underworld gate that was about to disappear actually started to rumbled abruptly as a streak of green light rushed out without resistance!

The underworld gate that had turned into a black dot was forced open in that very instant.

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The glaring green light illuminated the surroundings. After breaking free from the power of the Genesis, the Peacock King was blossoming with great number of multicolored radiance. One after another, the colorful radiance were launched downwards from all directions.

Along with the long cry of the Peacock, the heaven and earth suddenly brightened up as if the clouds had been pushed aside. The multicolored Peacock King actually rushed out from the Genesis, it broke free from the underworld gate and returned to this world.

Its tail feathers had already been unfolded. The bright and beautiful colors made everything that was “beautiful” in this world to lose their splendor. And among the unfolded tail feathers, there was a green feather that was especially eye-catching.

Nearly half of the green radiance from the Peacock King was emitted by that green feather. The three inches long green feather was like a holy sword; glorious and overflowing with mighty power. The might from the light alone was enough to make people unable to breathe.

“The Chaos Green Feathers of the Five-colored divine feathers!”

“This is… impossible!”

“Didn’t this belong to that “guy” back in those days?”

The elders already didn’t care about their status. The cries of shock could be heard from many VIP lounges.

Back in those days, that “person” was able to annihilate all living things with the five-colored divine radiance. The reason he was unstoppable was not only because of this, there was something else. That was because he possessed the Divine Feathers of Five Phases. Those five feathers could destroy everything in “his” path as if they were sacred swords.

The Chaos Green Feather had cut off the power of the Genesis and allowed the Peacock King to break free from the restrain.

It was as if the multicolored Peacock King had been reborn. Its entire body was pulsing with multicolored radiance and the colorful fog was dense. It seemed as if the graceful bearing of its ancestor in the former days had been recreated.

Nobody dared to vie for the Chaos Green Feather. That was because many legends made it clear that, that “person” from the distant past should still be alive. Who would dare to lightly make a move against “his” descendant?

Looking at the green feather that was right at the center of the unfolded tail feathers, the Golden Lion King’s vertical eye was throbbing repeatedly. However, it didn’t open it in the end and started to confront the Peacock King again.


The Golden Lion King faced upwards and let out a roar. Its voice rolled on in the vast sky like the sudden clap of thunder. It was in its nature to be dominant, it was the embodiment of strength. One eye represented destruction, one eye represented reincarnation, even if the Peacock King possessed the Chaos Green Feather, so what? It had more than enough power to contend against the Peacock King.

Suddenly, the Lion King transformed into a streak of gold light and threw itself towards the ground with unspeakable speed. It actually changed target and went for Goldie.

Its primary goal was to break up this team to begin with. The Peacock King at present was not easy to kill, so it changed its target and wanted to kill Goldie while it was off guard.

It was already too late even if the Peacock King wanted to block the Lion King’s path. Even if the five-colored divine radiance was the quickest under the heaven, the Golden Lion’s speed was also at the same level. Since it moved first, it would be very hard for the Peacock King to catch up to it now.

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At this moment, Goldie’s Shadow Partners had transformed into nine streaks of light and attacked the White Tiger from all around. From time to time, they would break into the ancient characters, giving the White Tiger quite a big pressure.

Facing the Lion King that arrived abruptly, Goldie was caught unprepared. It already saw the opponent opening its second vertical eye. The power of the Genesis was coming down from all directions.

Even if it had nine bodies and nine lives, it wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed either, since it was within the range of attack.

The White Tiger was equally furious. The power of the Genesis also enveloped it. As the world was flooded by the black light, the underworld gate opened in the sky above them.

Aside from that, another little critter was exceptionally resentful. That was precisely Keke. It ran around in big circles outside the arena and when it finally slipped onto the stage, it was caught up in the Lion King’s attack. And it just happened to be at the edge of the black light. The powerful force nearly sucked it up in an instant.

“Squeak!” The snow-white little critter was extremely resentful. It panted with rage and shouted at the Golden Lion King in the sky. All the while brushing away the black light nearby without going through extra trouble.

In the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen felt a pang of headache as he leaned against the rattan chair. He was slowly kneading his temples with both hands. This little thing still entered the stage in the end.

However, its appearance right now was a little too strange. It was no longer snow-white in appearance, it looked just like a golden little monkey. Looking carefully, it was precisely a golden little monkey. It was originally able to stand on two feet like the humans to begin with. But now, not only did it put on the monkey’s fur, it was even wearing clothes and looked out of place.

This was the result of Keke making a big round outside the arena. Xiao Chen didn’t want to let it enter the stage, the little critter also understood that he didn’t want to get into trouble. Sometimes, Keke was muddle-headed, but sometimes, it was also very quick-witted.

It was not uncommon for warbeast to die in the warbeast castle everyday. The fur of the valuable breeds would be handled appropriately and were sold to the North. Keke ran around the warbeast castle and picked up the fur of a golden monkey. Then it casually draped the fur over its body to serve as a disguise. What made people more speechless was that, it even went to a certain VIP lounge to “borrow” the clothes of a certain young master to put it on itself to prevent the animal skin from dropping off.

With such a disguise, and the way it was walking upright, any person would actually think it was nothing more than a one feet tall golden monkey. If it was not because Xiao Chen was all too familiar with it and was able to recognize it at first glance from its pair of quick-witted eyes, he might even have been fooled.

In every VIP lounge, in front of all the big crystal screens, every spectator were so shocked that their jaws dropped. Where did the little monkey come from? Wasn’t there only six sacred beasts? Why did it suddenly become seven?

“Where did the little monkey come from?”

“Illusion, that must be an illusion!”

“No way, I must be getting blurry-eyed. Why are there seven little beasts?”


At this time, the underworld gate had opened again. It was about to engulf Goldie and the White Tiger. The two beasts were no longer fighting and revealed their respective divine abilities to resist that terrifying power of darkness. If they were sucked into the Genesis, this life would be done for. How could the proud and arrogant them be willing to resign themselves to this kind of fate? Especially when the opponent made a sneak attack on them.

The black fog had engulfed the both of them, and the sound of the iron chains gradually became clearer, but the two beasts were sparing no effort to struggle. The resplendent rays of light had illuminated the darkness. Goldie launched one gold-qi after another. At the same time, the characters floating around the White Tiger also started to tremble and gave off terrifying energy fluctuation.

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And just at this time, the Golden Lion King had already landed on the ground. As it got closer, the power of the Genesis was getting stronger. It wanted to force the two beasts into the Genesis no matter what.

However, just at this time, Keke finally made its move. It transformed into a streak of gold light and rushed exactly in front of where the Golden Lion landed. Then, it disappeared in thin air and by the time it reappeared, it was firmly sitting on the back of the Lion King. It was even grabbing the gold mane of the Lion King angrily.

In every VIP lounge, it was as if the sound of jaws dropping onto the ground was transmitted outwards.

Almost every spectator were dumbstruck. Where did this little monkey come from? How did it suddenly ride on the back of the Golden Lion King?

This was too crazy!

Everyone simply couldn’t believe their eyes. Just how did this seventh little beast sneak onto the stage? And it actually dared to make a move against the Lion King?!

Everyone was excessively shocked.

The Golden Lion King was unexpectedly disturbed, so it instantly closed its Eye of Reincarnation in shock. Following closely, its entire body was glinting with dazzling gold radiance as it burst forth with glaring divine flame. It wanted to throw Keke off of its back.

However, just at this time, everyone had seen it. The instant the little critter was tossed, it grabbed the mane of the Golden Lion and threw it up as if it was tossing a sack onto its back. The little critter itself landed on its original position agilely. It had a handful of golden mane in both of its paws.

It caused everyone in front of the big crystal screen completely flabbergasted!

It actually tossed the Golden Lion King?! If not for the handful of mane in its paws, everyone simply wouldn’t dare to believe their eyes at all.

The extremely daring little critter gave everyone an unrealistic feeling. It caused everyone to feel a little numb in the head.

“I didn’t drink that much today, how come I am feeling a little dizzy.”

“I… am also feeling my head spinning.”

“I must be seeing things just now, I must be daydreaming.” While this guy was speaking to himself, he even pinched his cheek. As a result, he immediately shouted in pain.

“It’s a hallucination. Damn it! Why did the illusion appear again?”


On the warbeast stage, Keke stood on the stage and proudly puffed up its chest.

“Squeak! Squeak!!”

After that, it mumbled to itself angrily.

The voice that sounded like an infant learning how to speak clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears through the big crystal screen.


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