Chapter 143 – Winning Over a Beautiful Attendant

Seeing Keke like this, Xiao Chen immediately wanted to purchase the white shelled tortoise. One must know that the snow-white little critter had always been the nemesis of any spiritual items. Its insight was always spot on. Keke had most likely discovered the little tortoise’s uncommon trait. Otherwise, how would it be so interested in this little tortoise?

However, Xiao Chen was afraid that it would arouse the seller’s suspicion, so he burst into loud laughter and said, “I have been searching for so long. Haha, I have finally found a white-shelled tortoise. I hear that white tortoise soup is a great tonic.”

The white little tortoise on the ground trembled slightly, as if it had been terrified, but no people took notice of it.

And after the few buyers who just got over wanting to ask for the price heard this, their face immediately became dull as they moved back. The seller even rolled his eyes and said dispiritedly, “I say little brother, this is a warbeast, not some tonic. I think you are at the wrong place.”

“No, no. Since you are going to sell it, might as well sell it as a drug ingredient.”

Whether it was the shopkeeper or the people beside him, they became speechless as they heard him.

“Alright, how much are you willing to pay?”

“A tortoise about this size… I will take it for two gold coins.”

“You… Do you think you are buying vegetables? Just scram!” The seller helplessly waved his hand.

“What, two gold coins are still not enough? You can buy a sumptuous feast with two gold coins. Although a white tortoise is rare, it shouldn’t be too expensive.” Xiao Chen casually flipped the little tortoise over. He found that this fist-sized little thing was really a little outstanding. Its pair of black eyes flickered and it looked very intelligent. It was looking at him timidly, as if it was scared to be turned into a soup.

“Buddy, what I have here is a warbeast. The price you opened is too ridiculous. You had better just move aside.” The seller thought he had encountered a scammer.

“This little tortoise is a warbeast? It is only fist-sized, no sharp teeth nor sharp claws, how can it fight? Who are you trying to deceive? You can’t just go and randomly grab anything to sell here.”

The shopkeeper also felt very embarrassed and said, “Although it is not very powerful, it is still a warbeast. It can defeat opponents much bigger than itself.”

Hearing these, seven to eight people immediately surrounded the stall.

Xiao Chen asked indifferently, “What did it defeat?”

“It defeated a vicious dog and a golden pheasant.”

“My god, what kind of joke is this? The little warbeasts that other people are trying to sell are valuable breeds, capable of killing giant monsters around seven to eight meters long. What about yours? It really makes one speechless. In the end of the day, this little tortoise only knows how to imitate the dog and steal the chicken. Just look at the way it pulled its head back, it looks like a little thief.”

The people at the side roared with laughter. Nobody stood in a circle to continue watching, everyone had scattered without exception.

The shopkeeper flushed with anger as he heard these. He tried to justify himself, “I originally planned to sell this little tortoise in a ‘buy one get one free’ sale. I didn’t plan to cheat anyone and sell it by itself. How about you buy this young Grand Wolf instead, I will give you this little tortoise, free of charge. I don’t care if you take it home to stew it or to impress the ladies, it is a good thing.”

“Hey boss, you sure are interesting. I will offer five gold coins, I only want to buy the little tortoise to make a stew. As for the little Grand Wolf, just forget about it. I don’t want to eat dog meat.”

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“Just take it and scram!’ The shopkeeper waved his hand strongly. He really couldn’t stand Xiao Chen anymore. If he let Xiao Chen stay for a moment longer, the people around would start thinking he was selling tonics instead of warbeasts.”

“Then please unlock the chains. Is it necessary to go as far as locking up a little tortoise?” Xiao Chen found that on the little tortoise’s white shell, there was a small hole near the position of its neck. It was tied up with a black and meticulous chain.

“I will say this in advance, if it gets away after I unchain the lock, then it is not my business anymore.” The shopkeeper muttered resentfully, “This little tortoise was really bizarre. When it ran, it was as fast as a gust. I originally thought it was something good. But who knew, it only knows how to imitate the dog and steal the chicken.”

“So it was true?” Xiao Chen began to laugh.

“Exactly, I lost so many gold coins due to it.”

“Hey, this little thing is quite greedy.” Xiao Chen carefully sized up the little tortoise. He could already tell that this white little tortoise was out of the ordinary, because no matter how he looked at the chain and the tiny hole on its shell, they looked quite old.

Only after he paid the shopkeeper and grabbed the little tortoise with his hands did Xiao Chen ask, “Boss, where did you catch this tortoise?”

“I bought it from a drug dealer.”

“This is really a drug ingredient? That means I was right since the beginning.”

The shopkeeper revealed a rarely seen embarrassed expression and said awkwardly, “When that drug dealer excavated a rarely seen old ginseng king, this little tortoise was also dug out at the same time.”

“My god, it was dug out?!” Xiao Chen pondered for a while, then he asked, “Were you the one who put on the chain?”

“No, it was already there when I bought it. It should be that drug dealer who put it on.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything else. He carried the little tortoise, and left along with Keke and Tenax. Just by relying on his feelings alone, he felt that he had just struck a big fortune!

He was actually unable to destroy those tiny chains. With his current ability, it was a little inconceivable. Soon after, he observed carefully with his keen spiritual sense and found small letters that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes on the iron chain. That chain was definitely not put on by the drug dealer.

After walking for a while, Xiao Chen found an anomaly with his keen intuition. There were actually people tailing him from behind.

“Who could it be?” Xiao Chen remained calm and collected. He continued to walk at the same pace.

The power levels in the Celestial City were complicated and very tricky. Not only was there the powerful Warbeast Castles, there were also a few practitioner institutions. So much so that there were even crowned brothels like the Moonflower Castle and the Spellbind Castle. The most important thing was that all of the major powers had deployed some people to the south desolate region, including big sects like the Undying Sect. It was seriously a very complicated place.

“Lord Xiao, please come to a halt.”

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Xiao Chen turned around and found that the one running over was a youngster who he was not acquainted with. The youngster seemed like a person of mixed blood; with long blue hair and black pupils. Seemed like that person was born with an innate sense of arrogance and superiority.

“You need something from me?”

“My family’s old father asked for you.”

“Who is your family’s old father?”

“You will know if you meet him.”

“Sorry, if you don’t want to say it, I will not even give it a second thought.”

The youngster carried an air of arrogance and said, “In this Celestial City, nobody dares to defy my family.”

Xiao Chen turned around and ignored him. He continued to walk and said, “If I say I’m not going, then I’m not going.” Facing such a hostile invitation, he didn’t want to take his chances.

“Don’t you regret it.” After saying these, the youngster left at high speed.

Within the Celestial City, in a place filled with castles, the voice of an old man transmitted from within a big hall, “He’s not coming?”

“That’s right, and his attitude was very arrogant.” That was precisely the man who extended an invitation to Xiao Chen.

“Hoh… quite an impetuous youngster.” The aged voice was as calm as an ancient well.

“He is looking down on us, we can’t let him off that easily.” The young man complained.

A young girl’s voice resounded in the big hall, “He is the Vindex of the Undying Sect. According to the major power’s unwritten rule, the previous generations cannot lightly touch the youth generation. Otherwise it will lead to an all-out war, it will become very chaotic. Uuu, this guy is quite troublesome. According to his display on the dragon island, his power should be at least Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer or Seventh Celestial Layer. He could be considered an expert among the youth generation.”

After a while, that old man’s voice rang out, “According to what happened on the dragon island, that snow-white little critter is very unusual. It should be just as powerful as a Dragon King, our Warbeast Castle really needs it. The older generation definitely cannot make their move, otherwise the Undying Sect will not sit back and watch. We can only let the youth generation settle this among themselves. Or maybe…… you guys should think of a way to pull him here.”

The young man retorted, “Hmph! So what if he has reached Exuvia Seventh Celestial Layer? We have a young expert here that is as famous in the south desolate region as the Solitary Sword Demon. Killing him is just as easy as chopping vegetables. Just let us youth generation handle him by ourselves.”

The young girl’s voice followed up, “No, unless it is absolutely necessary, we must not do this.”

“It’s too late. By the time I came back, my little sister already left……” The young man’s voice carried a hint of mockery.

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“How can she go with her current ability? How could you let her go? This will become a big problem……” The young girl seemed a little resentful.

“That guy will only move if we let her suffer a bit.”


Xiao Chen was still leisurely taking a stroll and looking at all kinds of exotic warbeasts. But just at this time, he suddenly felt a peculiar fluctuation coming from the sky.

Many people raised their head to look up. They only saw a colorful giant bird that looked like a red-crowned crane descending. It was actually flying towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen appeased Tenax, then he pressed Keke down before he lifted his hand to launch a golden sword-qi towards the sky. The multi-colored giant bird quickly dodged to the side and landed not far away. It caused many people in the surroundings to take shelter one after another.

“So you are that arrogant Xiao Chen?” The young lady with blue hair was as prideful as a little phoenix. She walked over while crossing her hands under her well developed breasts. She was petite, but her curves were exquisite. She looked very sweet with her long eyelashes and her vivid big eyes, but her expression was too arrogant.

Xiao Chen was sure that he never met this girl before.

“Eh? Isn’t that the little troublemaker from the Mander Family?”

“That’s her alright. Her family is the sole holder of a warbeast castle, which is the symbol of strength. So it’s only normal if she’s a little bossy and domineering.”

“This girl is such a troublemaker.”


“Do you have business with me?” Xiao Chen asked.

“My seventh brother came to invite you to my house, and I heard you were arrogant?”

Xiao Chen was speechless, when did he ever act arrogant?

“Hmph! Don’t think just because you are the Vindex of the Undying Sect, nobody would dare to do something to you. There is no rule between the peers, I will teach you a lesson today.” The blue-haired girl walked over with elegant steps.

Xiao Chen thought for a little and was able to speculate a lot of things. It seemed like the older generation from every major power couldn’t make their move carelessly. If that was the case, he could seize this opportunity! If the youth generation came to cause trouble, he could beat the young ones without worrying about the old ones.

Thinking thus far, Xiao Chen asked indifferently, “Which family’s spoiled little brat are you? Always causing trouble all over the place, what if someone catches you and sells you off?”

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The blue-haired girl was clearly used to ordering people. Hearing Xiao Chen’s words, her curvy eyebrows immediately creased and she reprimanded, “This guy is really too hateful. Just wait till you see my power, I must teach this rich playboy a proper lesson.”

Xiao Chen was speechless. This little brat really knew how to distort the truth deliberately. Just who was the rich kid, and who was the castle bodyguard? But as his power raised, his mental state also improved. It was not easy to make his mood swing. He laughed and said, “You spoiled brat, you are looking for a beating.”

The blue-haired girl glared at him with her vivid big eyes, then she said angrily, “You are just as my seventh brother described, pretentious and arrogant. Hmph! This young lady will teach you a lesson.”

“Stop talking and come. I’m getting tired of waiting.”

Xiao Chen’s easygoing attitude made the girl even more furious. She said, “I don’t want to fight with you with nothing to gain. Why don’t we make a deal? If I beat you black and blue, you will give that cute little lion to me.” She looked at Keke without restrain. She exposed an incomparably delighted expression, her big eyes already bent into the shape of a crescent moon.

“What if you lose?”

“How can this young lady ever lose? Nobody of the same generation ever won against me.”

“More like, other people let you win. Haha…” Xiao Chen laughed out loud. He felt that this brat was very interesting.

“Come! If I lose, I will give you my prized crane.” The young girl pointed at the multi-colored crane not far away before she continued, “That is a super warbeast.”

“Good, give me your worst.”

“You have the cheek to look down on me.” The blue-haired girl was like a specter. Her speed was very fast as she threw herself towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was shocked, that young lady was not as weak as she looked. She had actually reached Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer, but the difference between them was still far too big. His figure swayed slightly and Xiao Chen left an afterimage in his original position. The blue-haired girl did not panic, she whirled high up into the sky. She danced as graceful as the angel in the sky as she sent one hundred and eight palm strike towards Xiao Chen.

However, all of these were stopped by a single palm blade. Xiao Chen lightly waved the palm blade and sent her flying away. At the same time, the palm swept past her ear. The ear accessory was taken off and appeared in the palm of his hand.

“Ooooh! She lost… she lost…!”

“That pipsqueak from the Mander Family lost……”

The crowd all around the place started to make a ruckus.

The blue-haired girl could only stamp her feet due to anger.

“Alright, I didn’t pay attention. I will let you take the win this time, by a fluke. My prized crane belongs to you for the time being. One more time, I will win it back.”

Xiao Chen was amused by this sweet, yet arrogant brat. He smiled and said, “What else can you lose?”

“Become his wife if you lose!”

“Marry him if you lose!”


The crowd was adding fuel to the fire and shouted all at once. It caused the blue-haired girl to look at them resentfully.

Half an hour later, within the Mander Family; a few youngsters were having a willy-nilly discussion.

“Little sister caused trouble again. She lost her beloved rainbow crane and it was directly sold by that repulsive guy in the warbeast market. That was but a super warbeast!”

“Someone actually dared to purchase little sister’s thing?”

“What else do the rich kids in the city not dare to do?”

“What’s worst is that little sister lost something else.”

“What else did she lose?”

“Not sure, I only know that she has become that shameless man’s attendant. She is currently out there shopping with him!”


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