Chapter 238 – Heaven and Hell

Chulain did not believe Xiao Chen’s words in the slightest. Just who would be capable of sealing the twins in Heaven and Hell respectively? There was definitely no such person among the youth generation.

The Destiny Twins, one evil one just, one body two identity. They’re unable to be killed, they cannot be destroyed!

Black cloud surrounded the evil twin. The black aura of the netherworld caused the sky to turn into total darkness, the moon and the stars were hidden from view. The Deathgod’s Scythe was bursting with a destructive power which caused everyone to be terrified.

On the other hand, the virtuous twin scattered holy light and enveloped the surrounding area with divine splendor. That area seemed like an Elysium, it was peaceful and auspicious. The Heavenly Wheel floated above his head and scattered dense holy aura in all directions.

“The one capable of killing the Destiny Twins among the youth generation has yet to be born!”

Chulain’s purple gown fluttered as the twins descended to earth as if they were the Buddha and Asura. From their loftiness and temperament, it seemed like they had already overstepped the category of humans.

Xiao Chen didn’t say much as his surroundings began to turn blurry. It was as if a few pictures were revolving around him, yet it also seemed like they were the portal to eight different worlds. Each of his leisure step in the illusory space was as if he was flying at extreme speed.

With barely any effort, he continuously changed his positions over and over again. It was as if he was teleporting. It was an incomprehensible speed. Everyone got dizzy just from trying to figure out his current location. Even Chulain puckered up his brows.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t choose to go on the offensive for the time being. He only ran in a circle around the Twins.

Chulain sneered and said in a cold voice, “Even if you have extreme speed, you still can’t change the fact that I am invincible.” Then he shouted, “Heavenly Wheel!”

As one of the Heroic Four, he became incredibly powerful after learning the Destiny Twins technique. Although he was only at the peak of Historia’s Sixth Celestial Layer, he could kill an expert one level stronger than him. Even an Eight Celestial Layer warrior might not necessary be his equal.

The Heavenly Wheel shone gloriously. It was as of the revered Buddha was sitting upright in the sky. The aura it dispersed instantly submerged the surrounding area as the space shattered noiselessly. It was easy to imagine just how much power it contained.

However, Xiao Chen already possessed extreme speed at the moment. He shifted one thousand feet horizontally in fractions of a second and dodged to the side.

The Wheel followed Xiao Chen relentlessly. It pierced through the vast sky like a fire whirl and left behind a trail of gorgeous light in the night sky. The glaring light scattered down once more. It looked as beautiful as countless fireworks exploding at the same time. However, regardless of which, it was still a deadly attack. After the dazzling display of fireworks signified the beginning of a catastrophe.

Xiao Chen originally didn’t plan to make his move hastily. He wanted to continue probing his opponent. However, as the Heavenly Wheel continued to close in, he decided to make a counterattack for now.

He clenched his right fist and firmly sent a punch towards the sky. Rather than forming a destructive sphere, the Telepathic Sword Wave soared into the sky like the curvy Yellow River. The sword wave about the size of a water jar wriggled towards the sky like a silver dragon and clashed with the Heavenly Wheel.


An ear-splitting sound transmitted outwards, the Telepathic Sword Wave was broken, and the Heavenly Wheel was knocked back from the crash. It spiralled in the sky before it swoops down again, aiming to kill Xiao Chen.

The Heavenly Wheel was unlike the Destiny Twins. It seemed to be indestructible. It shone so brightly as if there were countless stars falling from the sky.

Xiao Chen, still trying to probe the opponent, dodged continuously with extreme speed.

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It seemed like Chulain didn’t want to waste any more time. The evil twin started to move and split the sky with the Deathgod’s Scythe in his hands. The huge scythe was jet-black. Only the bladed part of the scythe was reflecting bright light, which signified its sharpness. It was especially dazzling in the dark fog.

The magic fog overflowed and submerged Xiao Chen in a split second.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!”

Xiao Chen cladded his fists with the Seal of Leo and launched a barrage of punches. However, he was forced backward with each punch. The Deathgod’s Scythe was unstoppable. And the Heavenly Wheel was also closing in. With the combination attacks of the two, Xiao Chen was practically unable to resist.

He must admit it, the Destiny Twins was indeed a powerful technique. With a divine ability like this, Chulain does have the right to show disdain for the youth generation.

As eight illusory worlds appeared, Xiao Chen narrowly escaped from the brink of the death.

“Is that all you got?” Chulain’s let out an ice-cold voice.

And now that Xiao Chen had accessed the Destiny Twins several times, he already had some understanding of this technique. He finally prepared to make his move and shouted, “I will now proceed to seal your technique!”

Xiao Chen clapped his hands to activate the Seal of Leo. A Golden Lion King appeared in the sky. Its three heads faced the sky and let out a world-shaking roar. The golden light dispersed the dark fog and lit up the night sky. The materialized Golden Lion abruptly threw itself at the Destiny Twins.

After that, Xiao Chen formed another seal with his hands.

The Seal of Immortal King was formed. A giant Immortal King stood behind him and one of its huge palm was already swatting at the Destiny Twins. It kept producing a rumbling sound and the space was already twisted.

The Seal of Flora came next. In the hand of the huge shadow that appeared, a mysterious flower bloomed and its petals scattered everywhere, causing the moon and the stars in the sky to lose their splendor. Countless sparkling petals flew forward and clashed with the Heavenly Wheel. A burst of resounding noise kept ringing with each clash.

The Seal of Aquarius followed after that. A huge crystal vase appeared atop Xiao Chen’s head. The vase released a violent energy beam towards the Destiny Twins. The holy light brushed the Deathgod’s Scythe and produced an ear-splitting sound.

The last one was the Everlasting Seal. One light beam after another were launched unceasingly. Shadows that looked similar to Xiao Chen were materialized and pointed the seal forward. All of them made a direct hit with the Heavenly Wheel. The Heaven and Earth were in turmoil.

Five powerful seal techniques were launched consecutively. Everyone was overwhelmed with horror from the world-shaking display of power. If it was another person, perhaps their body and soul would already be extinguished in its entirety.

However, Chulain’s Destiny Twins had actually received all of those attacks. Under the protection of the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel, the Twins remained safe and sound.

But this was already enough for Xiao Chen. In the brief moment when Chulain’s weapons were stopped, he had found an opportunity to make this move.

The Seal of Yin and Yang. This was a god-sealing technique he learned from the Pure Land. Xiao Chen had never revealed this technique all along, and now he’s going all-out.

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Along with Xiao Chen’s hand movements, the Yin-Yang symbol was generated. It instantly enlarged to the size of a house. The black and white contrasting light launched in a straight line towards the evil twin of the Destiny Twins.

“This is…” The evil twin turned pale with fright. He seemed to have called something to mind, and shouted in alarm, “The Yin-Yang Seal!”

Without giving him time to think, the Yin-Yang symbol had already covered up the sky and the moon as it fell down.

After the virtuous twin finally shook off the last of the Everlasting Seal, he hastily flew over to assist with the Heavenly Wheel in tow. However, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to give him that kind of chance. He launched the Telepathic Sword Waves with two hands. Two light beams danced in the sky like two huge dragons and twisted the space around them. The virtuous twin was instantly destroyed by the sword wave. However, the Heavenly Wheel was still in good condition. After the first clash, it continued to charge into the sealing location.


Xiao Chen shouted out loud. At long last, before the Heavenly Wheel was able to reach him, he managed to seal the evil twin in between the dimensional cracks.

And the virtuous twin’s invincible body finally regenerated at this time. The Heavenly Wheel had already returned to the position above his head. Chulain was furious. Even if that was his benevolent side, he was still filled with sinister aura. For his evil twin to be sealed like this. There’s no way he wouldn’t be furious.

Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold World’s extreme speed technique. He fluttered in the wind like an agile exiled immortal as he said, “I told you that I can seal you.”

In reality, the so-called underworld and heaven were only a denomination. Whether they truly existed or not was hard to say! After going to the underworld personally, Xiao Chen had a renewed understanding of the heaven and hell. The legends were not necessarily true.

According to his speculation, he only needed to pull the evil twin and virtuous twin into different dimensions. He only needed to severe the connection of the yin and yang.

“Heavenly Wheel!”

Chulain didn’t want to speak anymore and directly went fo rthe kill. The Heavenly Wheel released millions and millions of holy radiance.

Every spectator was dumbstruck. The evil twin of the Destiny Twins was actually sealed! Was there a possibility that it had already been killed? The restless crowd started to make a commotion.

It was especially so among the rich kids of Yindu. Their minds were in an extremely excited state, could the invincible legend of Chulain be broken today? One must know that during all these years Chulain’s name had shaken the imperial capital, nobody among the youth generation had been capable of actually killing the Destiny Twins. Nobody was able to break through this rare divine ability.

The third princess even left her seat and walked forward with more than ten young ladies by her side. They watched the battle from the frontmost of the crowd.

Maybe… a certain legend would finally be broken tonight. The invincible Destiny Twins might possibly be killed.

It was full of commotion at the lakeside.

Xiao Chen continued to dodge with extreme speed and fend off the Heavenly Wheel by means of Telepathic Sword Wave. He was looking for an opportunity to strike back once more.

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However, just when everyone was starting to get excited, the space in a certain part of the battlefield was shattered as a huge scythe made its way out. As the space split open and the evil twin walked out with the Deathgod’s Scythe in hand.

“What just happened…” This was very much unexpected to Xiao Chen. His body transformed into a streak of light as he flew to the side of the battlefield.

“Haha…” The evil twin laughed out loud. He said while holding the scythe, “What can a mere seal do to me? I told you before, unless you forced me into heaven and hell respectively, I am invincible.”

The Destiny Twins stood back to back. The frightening fluctuation released by the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel caused people’s heart to palpitate.

The noisy lakeside immediately calmed down. Everyone was aghast. The Destiny Twins were really too powerful. He actually broke through the space by himself and returned to the battlefield as if nothing had happened.

It was especially so for the rich kids of Yindu. They felt deeply just how formidable was Chulain. His existence was like a mountain weighing down on their heart.

“Chulain really deserved to be called one of the Heroic Four!” Even the third princess had no choice but to spit out such a complain.

“Hehe…” One of the beauties beside her giggled and said, “Princess… is he not deeply attached to you? He had courted you for three years, and even today, he returned just for you.”

“Don’t speak out of turn.”


Although each of these beauties had their own thoughts, they looked pretty relaxed on the surface.

At this moment, there was no longer a single person who believed Xiao Chen could win anymore. Those who wanted to recruit him only wished that he could live on to see tomorrow. As for the rest, they believed that this battle was already set in the stone.

The Destiny Twins stood with their backs touching against each other. One looked like the Buddha, one looked like the Asura, it was that extraordinary. Everyone had no choice but to admit Chulain’s martial prowess.

“Xiao Shishui, with your skills, I won’t make things too difficult for you. Surrender and pay allegiance to me, then I will forgive all your offense.” The twins spoke simultaneously and swept their eyes all over the place. Nobody dared to look him in the eyes.

Xiao Chen stood at the side of the battlefield in silence, as if he was in deep thought. Finally, he walked towards the center of the battlefield.

“You still want to fight? Then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” The twins continued with ice-cold voice, “There is no such thing as compassion in the battlefield. It would be a pity for someone as strong as you to die.”

“Let’s do it, I might not necessarily be defeated.” Xiao Chen was as calm as a gentle ripple.

These words caused everyone to be dumbstruck. Could he still have something up his sleeves at this point of time? Unless a miracle took place, how was it possible to defeat the unparalleled Destiny Twins?!

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“Deathgod’s Scythe!”

“Heavenly Wheel!”

The Destiny Twins shouted at the same time and shook the vast sky with their voices. It was as if the howling of the underworld and the chorus of the heaven spreading out simultaneously. Their voices echoed in the night sky for a very long time, as if the king of hell and Buddha had really descended upon the mundane world themselves. The sheer pressure intimidated everyone to their core.

The evil twin and the virtuous twin rushed over with the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel respectively. Just from the energy fluctuation they released while they were rushing over, it was already enough to twist the space.

With speed surpassing the light, Xiao Chen instantly disappeared from his original location and re-appeared in the sky. After that, one after another incomprehensible screen appeared in his surroundings. The sky, earth, water, fire, lightning, mountain, wind, and lake; eight varied scenes appeared around Xiao Chen in succession. Eight illusory worlds appeared in eight different location, and Xiao Chen stood in the middle of them all.

Xiao Chen finally revealed the other aspect of the Eightfold World technique.

This divine ability was still far from perfect, but since he was forced, he had no choice but to reveal this technique sooner than he intended to. Xiao Chen had a high expectation for this Eightfold World. He wanted to fully master this technique and surpass the Six Cycles, a legendary divine ability that was said to be unrivalled.

Qian represent Heaven, Kun represent Earth, Kan represent Water, Li represent Fire. Zhen represent Thunder, Gen represent Mountain, Xun represent Wind, and lastly, Dui represent Lake. The imprint of the Eight Trigrams was already erased from Xiao Chen’s heart a long time ago. The only thing left behind was his very own Eightfold Worlds.

“He still has more divine ability?

“What kind of technique is this?”

Numerous thousand of people raised their head to look, bearing doubts in their heart.

“This is where you die today!”

As soon as Chulain said those, the Destiny Twins soared up at once. The space around the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were twisted.

“It’s still hard to say who will end up dead!” This time, Xiao Chen didn’t retreat and faced Chulain directly with the eight illusory worlds.

The skys itself was shaking with a rumbling sound, and the space was constantly shattered. The eight illusory worlds actually looked as if they had materialized. Along with their movements, the space was shattered.

The sound of gasping could be heard from below. Everyone poked their eyes out in shock. That was actually… not an illusion but a bizarre divine ability with formidable might.

The Deathgod’s Scythe dived into the fire zone. In that illusory world, the torrent of fire rose into the air right away and illuminated the entire night sky. Half of the sky was dyed red through and through. The inexhaustible dark fog were all dispersed. The Deathgod’s Scythe kept launching one slash after another in the fire zone, but the divine fire couldn’t be extinguished.

The Heavenly Wheel dived into the lightning zone. It caused that area to be filled with lightning momentarily. One purple lighting after another leaked out from the zone and struck the Heavenly Wheel, causing it to release a “ringing” noise.

The eight worlds started to rotate.

Xiao Chen provided impetus to the eight illusory worlds and engaged in a fierce fight with Chulain in the sky.

The dazzling radiance caused the moon and the stars to lose their light. The entire sky region was shaking.

Xiao Chen’s body transformed into a streak of light as he clashed with the twins. Although most of his power were used to sustain the Eightfold Worlds, the Destiny Twins’ Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were trapped within. Therefore, Xiao Chen and Chulain were evenly matched at the moment. There looked like three streaks of light tangling together.

The Seal of Leo, the Seal of Immortal King, the Seal of Flora, the Seal of Aquarius, and the Everlasting Seal; five powerful seal techniques were launched in succession. The twins also danced madly and launched a fierce move, causing the sky to shatter unceasingly.

It was as if the galaxy had fallen down, as if the vast ocean and covered the entire sky, this area was in complete shambles. The energy waves rushed towards the endless horizon from time to time.

In the blink of an eye, they had already exchanged hundred blows. Chulain and Xiao Chen were still evenly matched. It was hard to determine the victor.

The space shattered, and murderous aura soared directly towards the sky.

The moon and the stars lost their splendor, and the surrounding area dimmed as a result.

Everyone on the ground was so shocked that their jaw slackened. Xiao Chen was actually able to hold up Chulain with the “Eight Picture Scroll”. He was fearless of the Destiny Twins. This result was way beyond everyone’s expectation.

“There is actually someone who can confront the Destiny Twins!”

“Chulain has finally run into a well-matched adversary.”

“He is actually holding back one of the Heroic Four.”

The clamor started up again.

Bosch, Chen Hanggin, and the others were extremely excited. While they felt that Chulain was powerful, they also thought that Xiao Chen was too scary.

Perhaps, the legend might really be broken tonight.

Three hundred moves, seven hundred moves… after half an hour later, Xiao Chen and Chulain lost count of how many rounds they had fought. They were still unable to determine a victor and the fierce battle continued in the sky.

Over there, the Telepathic Sword Wave and Seal of Aquarius were launched unceasingly. After losing their weapons, the Destiny Twins gradually became unable to endure. They were on the losing side.

And Xiao Chen also felt exhausted. After all, the majority of his power were used to support the Eightfold Worlds.


The virtuous twin was beheaded. Although it was revived again, it was clearly very strenuous for Chulain to do so in the eight illusory worlds. His resurrection wasn’t going smoothly.

“Die!” Two divine radiances emitted from Xiao Chen’s eyes.

In that very instant, the Eightfold Worlds started to rotate at high speed. They became more distinct, as if there were really eight worlds descending upon the earth.

The eight worlds revolved around Xiao Chen.

In the end, the Deathgod’s Scythe was thrown into the lake zone. The terrifying scythe sunk into the swamp and it was actually unable to struggle free. The scythe had been completely sealed in the lake zone.

The water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone moved simultaneously and trapped the Heavenly Wheel. The mountain suppressed its power, the lightning broke down its form, the water dissolved its nature, the fire extinguished its divinity, and the wind eliminated its spirit. The Heavenly Wheel… actually broke into pieces. It was melted into nothingness in the five zones.

“Sky zone as Heaven’s host!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. The sky zone immediately enlarged and pounced at the evil twin, trapping him within.

“Earth zone as Hell’s host!”

Xiao Chen shouted once more. The earth zone flew over and instantly confined the virtuous twin.

The eight worlds revolved in the sky. It was as if there were eight giant picture scrolls spreading out in the sky.

Everyone on the ground was stupefied. The area was filled with absolute silence. All of them were flabbergasted. The “eight scrolls” actually sealed the Destiny Twins!

And now, even the Deathgod’s Scythe had been thrown into the five worlds. The water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone moved simultaneously. The mountain suppressed its power, lightning breaking down its form, fire extinguished its divinity… and it was completely destroyed.

“Evil twin — cleave!”

Xiao Chen’s muffled voice clearly transmitted throughout the night sky.

The Telepathic Sword Wave spread out and the evil twin’s body was crushed by the destructive sphere. Only his head was left behind on Xiao Chen’s hand.

Virtuous twin — cleave!”

As the sword wave spread out, other than the head, every other parts of the virtuous twin were crushed. Even a drop of blood was not left behind.

Numerous thousands of people at the lakeside were fossilized. After the Destiny Twins were beheaded, they didn’t show up again!

After a moment of complete silence, the sound of shouting abruptly burst out.

“My god, Chulain was beheaded.”

“The Destiny Twins actually got killed.”

“Tonight, the legend of the twins’ invincibility has been broken.”

The rich kids of Yindu were all shouting. Nobody other than them knew just how terrifying were the Destiny Twins, but now, it seemed like they had really been cut down by others!

Perhaps, even the other three of the Heroic Four couldn’t accomplish such a feat? The reason they were stronger than Chulain was because they could suppress him with their divine ability. It was not as if they could really kill Chulain’s Destiny Twins.

“This…” The third princess never imagined it’d turn out like this. Chulain was beheaded… she didn’t wish to see any casualties. No matter which of them died, it was still a loss for her.

And among the dozen of beauties, some of them were fans of the Heroic Four and immediately weeped at the death of Chulain. The others had complicated expressions. They were even more determined to get Xiao Chen now.

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Windfeathers, Tenvis, Aqua, and Frosty involuntarily clenched their fists. The name Xiao Shishui had been engraved deeply in their hearts.

Xiao Chen stood there in the sky with two heads in hands. And with the eight worlds revolving around him, he looked like a god-slayer that’s out of the order of the world. This indelible scene had been deeply carved in everyone’s mind.

The eight picture scrolls dimmed as the eight worlds faded away. Xiao Chen tossed the heads in his hand into the space. No long later, the twins re-appeared.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh my god, could it be that the Destiny Twins were not dead and revived again?”

In the next instant, the noise immediately settled down as everyone watched nervously.

“You can’t be lenient in the battlefield. You didn’t kill me, and now you have already lost your chance.” The Destiny Twins uttered cold words.

“I didn’t kill you because of your identity, that’s all.” Xiao Chen’s voice was flat.

His words were very clear. The reason he didn’t kill Chulain was because he had qualms about the supreme clan backing him up. If it was not because of that, he would have been killed a long time ago.

“You…” Chulain was furious. This was a total disrespect.

“If I can kill you once, the I will be able to kill you ten times, hundred times!” Xiao Chen’s cold and emotionless voice clearly resounded in the sky.

All the spectators were so frightened that the covered their mouths at once and silently looked at the two person in the sky.

The Destiny Twins were furious and rushed forward at the same time. However, the eight worlds appeared in the blink of an eye. The virtuous twin was sent flying by Xiao Chen with the Seal of Immortal King. And he trapped the evil twin in the earth zone. Without any qualms, he used Telepathic Sword Wave to crush his body, leaving only his head behind.

“You win…” The virtuous twin appeared somewhat powerless. After getting killed once, he couldn’t even summon the Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Scythe. How would he be able to fight against Xiao Chen’s eight worlds in this condition? He had no choice but to admit his complete defeat.

The entire area turned noisy, Chulain had personally admitted defeat. This was definitely a sensational news. They believed it would spread throughout the entire Yindu district in a single night.

Xiao Shishui’s name would definitely shake up the Shang Dynasty.

“Please feel assured, the men in Shang Dynasty are all brave men, we from the Chu clan won’t bother you because of this matter. I won’t even try to seek revenge against you. Only if you…” Chulain wanted to say only if you follow me, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. He just got beaten, so how could he say something like this?

“I didn’t kill you, not because I am afraid, but rather I am not willing to invite trouble.” Xiao Chen stood silently in the sky. He looked at the virtuous twin and said, “I will seal your evil twin for three days as punishment.”

Everyone was dumbstruck. This Xiao Chen was really too powerful. He put away the head of the evil twin and threatened to seal it for three days. He was really too… cool!

He didn’t kill because he didn’t want to invite troubles, not because he was afraid.

As he finished his words, Xiao Chen moved ever so leisurely, but his light steps in the eight illusory worlds were as swift as the flickering light. It was as if he was teleporting through space. Such extreme speed caused the noisy crowd to turn even noisier.

Chulain silently nodded his head and flew towards the ground.

However, at this time, more than ten figures flew up and chased after Xiao Chen.

“Leave the young master’s head behind.”


With their speed, how could they ever hope to catch up? However, Xiao Chen stopped on his own accord and swept his eyes over them coldly, “Who dares to stop me?”

“Die, you *******!”

More than ten Spiritual Master and Spell Master charged over altogether. Chulain’s virtuous twin wanted to stop them, but it was already too late.

As the Telepathic Sword Wave spread out, all of them were instantly sent flying while coughing out blood. Xiao Chen didn’t want to kill more than necessary. Seeing as how they were all loyal and devoted, he didn’t kill but injure them instead.

As such, Xiao Chen let out a cold snort and flew towards the sky again.

“Wait a moment” The lovely third princess shouted. She didn’t want to let this expert get out of her reach.

The young bodyguard beside her even brought along a few Spiritual Master and Spell Master to chase after Xiao Chen.

“Princess’ order, please come with us.”

Xiao Chen ignored the overbearing bodyguard and directly flew towards the distant sky. However, his path was suddenly cut off. It turned out that the bodyguard had already deployed his men to intercept him at an earlier time.

“Please turn back.”

The imperial bodyguard let out a sarcastic smile.

“If I really wanted to leave, whom around here can stop me?”

“Seize him!” The imperial bodyguard shouted.

Everyone charged forward simultaneously.

The third princess was very angry. How she wished she could immediately behead this imperial bodyguard. Previously, this arrogant guy had suggested to make a move against Dugu Jianmo. He was coldly reprimanded by the third princess. And now he actually did such a thing. It caused the third princess to be extremely resentful.

She was most worried about such an event. Xiao Chen hated this kind of guy the most. He only left a single sentence, “All who stops me will face death!”

He executed the Telepathic Sword Wave. Although it couldn’t kill the Destiny Twins, it was still one of the most powerful attack skills. The reason it couldn’t kill the Destiny Twins was not because the sword wave was lacking power. On the contrary, it was because the twins were too abnormal and were capable of revival.

These people before him didn’t have the power of resurrection. The hundred meter destruction sphere showed up as the terrifying sword waves spread out.



The color of blood dyed the sky as more than ten people were crushed to nothingness.

Everyone at the lakeside cried out in alarm.

Xiao Chen left as though he was flying.

The imperial bodyguard immediately turned ashen-faced as he shouted in anger, “You actually dared to make a move against the princess’ guard?!”

“Yutong, if you can’t get him to return, then you can just wait for your punishment.” The third princess’ cold voice transmitted from below.


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