Chapter 122 – Current Situation

Xiao Chen was filled with doubts, Keke was an abandoned child, it didn’t even know its own parents, and somehow it seemed to be quarreling with the kings of dragons now? And it seemed to be contending on strong grounds, could it be that it actually knew more things than he originally thought? This was seriously too strange.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen recalled Keke was already able to use the confinement technique the moment it was born, maybe all of these were innate intelligent. It must be because of this that the little critter knew so many things, which resulted in its current behavior.

Ten huge dragon claws were swaying back and forth on top of the snow-white little critter’s head, the green Tyrannical Dragon’s claw, the gold Monarch Lion Dragon’s claw, the silver Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon’s claw…… they seemed to be hesitating.

When the demon looked at all of these, he felt very unnatural, if he was besieged by ten dragons, it was impossible for him to remain as fearless as Keke.

In the end, the killing intent of the ten dragons seemed to have vanished, they pulled their destructive claws back, it was a very unbelievable scene. Their attitude was also substantially different, when they looked at the snow-white little critter, they actually had a hint of loving gaze. ⌈1

This change of event was really too fast, it made Xiao Chen and company feel a little inconceivable, even the three skeleton dropped their jaws silently.

The snow-white little critter was not the least grateful to them, it was panting with rage as it turned its plump little body, completely ignoring them. And then it actually waved its little beast paw at the tough little dragon, it seemed to be urging it to hurry up.

This scene made everyone speechless.

Finally, the tough little dragon that was covered in black dragon scales reluctantly bid farewell to the ten dragons, it turned its head back three times with each steps it took and followed the snow-white little critter along to the beach. Its pair of big eyes actually flashed with glistening tear drops, it was another little beast with intelligence!

The demon stared at the snow-white little critter for a while, and then he turned his full attention to the jet-black little dragon. It seemed like he was trying to see through its true nature, but the little dragon was very proud, it didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

“You guys get on the ship now, I pray for a pleasant journey ahead.” The demon patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders and said, “I daresay we will definitely meet again.”

The dark fog already scattered, Xiao Chen raised the ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth and took the lead, taking a step on the jet-black ghost bridge. Although in that instant, he could vaguely hear the ghost screech, Xiao Chen did not feel agitated and took large strides forward. All the negative aura disappeared, the breath of ghost was retreating, their party smoothly boarded the Sovereign King Ship.

The demon yelled, “Once the person who offered their blood to summon the Sovereign King Ship boarded, the ship will set sail immediately. You guys must not randomly explore the ship, it is best if you all stay at a fixed place and set the ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth beside you as a banner. You can guarantee your safety that way. Remember, you must not enter the depths of the cabin secretly by all means. It’s best to just stay on the deck.”

These words made Yan Qing Cheng feel a bit uneasy, she looked at Xiao Chen and said in a low voice, “There won’t be any problem right?”

“It should be fine if we listened to what he said.” Xiao Chen waved his hand at the demon and said, “Many thanks, see you again later.”

Yan Qing Cheng also waved her hand with a complicated expression, she was bidding farewell to this unforgettable dragon island. The three skeletons also extended their bony palm to wave a few times at the demon.

Keke jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder and let out a few squeaks toward the dragon island, it seemed to be bidding farewell to its homeland too. As for the tough little dragon, it was already gleaming with tears. It faced the ten dragons and let out a roar unceasingly, it seemed completely different from its usually proud and competitive nature.

Ten dragons faced upward and let out a long roar, they looked at Xiao Chen’s party as they boarded the ghost ship and following them with their eyes as they distanced themselves from the island.

“Have a pleasant journey……” The demon yelled in a loud voice.

“See you again later!”

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“Goodbye, farewell the dragon island!”

The ancient ship gradually proceeded and getting further away, they were already unable to see the dragon island clearly and it finally disappeared in the end.

Only now did Xiao Chen turn his back towards the dragon island, no matter if it was Xiao Chen or Yan Qing Cheng, they were all deeply moved. Even the three skeletons were no exception, they had been looking at the direction of the dragon island all along silently. That was where they were born after all, their past was somewhere in that place. These three skeletons were very uncommon, the spiritual light in their eye sockets throbbed unceasingly, if they reached the ultimate realm sometime in the future, maybe they might come back to the dragon island to search for their dream, they will come back to find out their real identity.

Perhaps only the snow-white little critter was the most detached among the party, it didn’t seem to be feeling sentimental and was already engrossed in drinking the coconut juice. As long as the little sacred tree was by its side, it didn’t care where it ended up. The little critter was not feeling depressed at all.

The proud and aloof tough little dragon also gradually calmed down, it was sizing up the Sovereign King Ship like Xiao Chen.

The negative aura pervaded on the ship, if it was not because of the burial cloth that was fluttering beside them, they might not be able to stay at this place for long. The ancient ship was very big, cloudy fog was lingering on the cabin, a huge underworld lamp was hanging there, emitting a dim white light which gave people a really bad feeling.

Xiao Chen remembered what the demon had told them, he didn’t want to cause too much trouble by exploring the cabin, otherwise he might endanger his life. He believed Yan Qing Cheng also wouldn’t act recklessly, the three skeletons were also very obedient, the only thing he worried about was the snow-white little critter.

“Keke, you must not play around by all means, this time we are putting our life at risk to pass through the Taboo Ocean, you absolutely cannot act recklessly. You must not go to the direction of the cabin.” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but give it a serious warning. This little critter did not know what’s good for it since birth, it was necessary to give it a heads-up in advance.

Hearing these words, Keke lifted its head to look at the direction of the cabin, its big eyes immediately lit up. ⌈2

“Stop right there, don’t try to do anything funny!” Xiao Chen had a bad feeling, so he inadvertently reminded this troublemaker.

“Squeak……!” Keke felt wronged and nodded its head, it seemed a little dispirited.

“Tough little dragon, you must look after it very carefully.” Xiao Chen gave this task to the black little dragon.

When the ancient ship passed through the gold ocean, the golden spin-drift rose up and down, it was incomparably beautiful. It was like a masterpiece sketched out by a divine pen.

Yan Qing Cheng attempted to throw a coconut fruit into the ocean. As a result, as soon as the coconut fruit was outside of the black light’s range, it disintegrated in an instant. It disappeared without a trace, not even the dusts remained.

This was a very terrifying scene, if a flesh and blood human fell into the ocean, the result would certainly be the same.

Xiao Chen secretly rejoiced, although they missed the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship, there was still the Sovereign King Ship in the end, otherwise this kind of Taboo Ocean, even deities would find it hard to get through.

The gold ocean was not as calm as it looked from the seashore, the deeper they go, the more violent it became. The Taboo Ocean was all around them as far as the eyes could see, it was a glorious yellow, if they didn’t take the dangers into consideration, it was seriously grand and beautiful, enough to bewitch a man.

Gradually, Xiao Chen discovered a problem, the Sovereign King Ship seemed to have slowed down, as if it had encountered a great resistance. Yan Qing Cheng also discovered this problem. At first, they were very worried that something might have happened to the hull, but that shouldn’t be the case, it seemed like a bizarre power was trying to prevent the ancient ship from leaving this sea area.

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Its speed was much slower compared to when the Sovereign King Ship was first summoned, it seemed like there was a force directing all of these from within the darkness. It seemed to know the ancient ship was carrying someone or something from the dragon island, so it exerted more power to stop it.

Although the speed decreased, it was not stopped completely, the ancient Sovereign King Ship was still advancing slowly. It was still a little faster compared to the normal walking speed of ordinary people.

Yan Qing Cheng frowned and said, “I originally thought we could leave the Taboo Ocean very quickly, but at this rate, it might take many days. After all, legend says the Taboo Ocean had a perimeter of at least one thousand miles.”

“Don’t be impatient, there’s no need to hurry.” Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “You don’t need to think about those, you should think of the problem between you and me.”

“You…… What are you doing, don’t come over here.” Yan Qing Cheng seemed to have thought of something, she backed away with lingering fear, but she didn’t dare to get too far away from the burial cloth.

“What are you thinking of? Don’t tell me you want me to put on a good show in front of the three skeletons and two little monsters? Even if you have that kind of mood, I don’t have that kind of desire. These kind of thing need to set up the mood, it depends on the surroundings.”

Yan Qing Cheng was so angry that she became speechless, the other party was clearly teasing her, and using her to regulate his state of mind.

“What do you want?”

“I was thinking if it is about time I destroyed the flower.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen’s expression gradually became cold, he was not joking around.

And Yan Qing Cheng clearly felt the other party’s killing intent, she didn’t want to die, her heart immediately filled with fear. All the more when she was just about to break away from the dragon island, if her dream was to be shattered at this time, it was seriously too cruel.

“It seemed like there is no leeway between you and me, if I don’t kill you now, it will only cause more trouble for me.”

Yan Qing Cheng knew he was not just threatening her. Since they had left the dragon island, he wouldn’t need to worry about being alone anymore, he no longer had to spend a lifetime on a barren island by himself, he had no qualms of killing her now, it could also be said that she had no value now.

Yan Qing Cheng quickly thought of something and calmed down, then she said, “You cannot kill me. You already know, I don’t really have any attachment to Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue, what I did last time was only to defend the honor of our faction. In other words, we don’t really have any enmity between us.”

“At that time we really don’t have enmity, but this is the reality, it is already too late to turn back.” Xiao Chen looked at her very calmly.

The more he pressed on, the more Yan Qing Cheng felt unease, she opened her mouth and said, “I promise I will not tell anyone you had once killed the people of the Undying Faction, let’s resolve all our grudges like this, there is no reason for us to fight anymore.”

“This is not a reason, it’s just an excuse to let me spare you.”

“Listen to me until the end.” Yan Qing Cheng continued, “As a matter of fact, the matter regarding Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue is already a thing of the past. However, you killed my martial uncle Wang Hao, everyone on the divine ship had seen it, if you kill me now and enter the world of immortals, you will encounter a great lot of trouble. Only by leaving me alive will you be safe.”

“Oh? Speak.” Xiao Chen kept looking at her with a calm expression. In fact, the reason he didn’t make a move was because of this.

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“Keep me alive, and I will help you clear your name.” Yan Qing Cheng already calmed down.

“How will you clear my name, how can I believe anything you said?” Xiao Chen had the upper hand, because he was in control of Yan Qing Cheng’s life or death.

“A lot of people had seen my martial uncle attacking us, and he was killed by you in the end. Regardless of the outsider’s opinions or the truth, it showed that we are on the same side, we either sink or swim together. Only by working together will we be able to break away from the Undying Faction’s desire to kill. We will push all the blame to my martial uncle, say he was jealous of the younger generation and wanted to kill me, which dragged you into it as a result, In fact, his action was very dishonorable on that day, we have many witness, the situation is very favorable for us.”

“Many people also knew I caught you as a female slave, what good would our cooperation do?

Hearing the two words, female slave, Yan Qing Cheng’s face turned red and then turned pale, she was very annoyed, but she couldn’t show it on the surface.

Yan Qing Cheng clenched her teeth and said, “Everything can be cleared, say we are in fact an alliance, at that time we were just putting on a play, it was all for surviving on the dangerous dragon island. We did that in order to provide misconception to outsiders, so that when it was necessary, we could take them by surprise. We can go find Buddhist Yizhen, Rowena, Lawrence, and the others to testify. Especially if I, the victim, says so, it is more unlikely for the outsiders to doubt us.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “What you said is very pleasant to hear, but who knows if you will really keep your word once we enter the world of immortals, and put me in a dangerous situation immediately. Rather than that, killing you here might be a better choice.”

“You are looking down on the Undying Faction too much, if you really killed me, in addition to martial uncle Wang Hao’s death, you will definitely meet a tragic end if they find your whereabouts. Don’t try to press your luck, I believe many people already know about your secret technique, it will inevitably spread to the Undying Faction. Unless you stop practicing martial arts from hereafter, you will eventually expose yourself.”

“Can I really break away from dangers completely if I keep you alive?” Xiao Chen was calm and cool, but his killing intent did not diminish.

“That’s right, I guarantee it will be profitable to both sides, I promise you this much.” Yan Qing Cheng vividly felt Xiao Chen’s killing intent, it forced her to come to a decision quickly. If she could keep her life, she was even willing to forget her experience as the prisoner of war.

“But I cannot trust anything you said, this is the biggest problem, if only you have a method that can convince me.”


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