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Chapter 109 – Encounter

The moonlight was like water, the treetops was quiet, the demon was actually daydreaming. He looked at the bright moon and seemed to be recalling an old memory, he actually shed tears from his pair of eyes unconsciously.

The weeping demon seemed so pitiful, he once killing people like scything flax, and yet he had such a weak side. If these were to spread out, nobody would believe it.

The demon could be considered handsome, and since he was the only evil spirit capable of escaping from the ghost town, that means there must be something uncommon about him. He probably had a really glorious past, but everything about him had been washed away by the flow of time, even he himself had no idea who he was.

“My heart ache when I look at the bright moon in the sky, it feels like I have lost something very precious on a night like this countless years ago……” The crystal clear teardrop rolled down the demon’s pale cheeks.

After a really long time later, he finally wiped the tears. The demon’s face spread into a smile and said, “I actually shed tears, I am becoming more and more like a human, perhaps I am already a human.”

Soon after, under the moonlight, Xiao Chen and the demon on the treetop sunk into a moment of silence again. After a long time later, the demon said with an ice-cold voice, “I will give you seven more days.” He disappeared from the treetop after saying these.

A breeze brushed past lightly, Xiao Chen’s long hair danced along with the wind. At this kind of night, he also thought of many things. Looking at the bright moon, he recalled his parents and relatives. He had been at the world of immortals for a few months already, and yet he was trapped on a desolate dragon island. He spent most of his time striving for survival.

How is father and mother doing? Losing this son of their’s, they must have been really sad. He really wanted to return to the human world and made his aged parents grin from ear to ear. He didn’t want them to be sad. ⌈1

There was also that girl in his heart, after many years later, would she still remember him? “Farewell, my beloved. Let’s hope our dream still exist after many years later, let’s hope that beautiful memory will stay with us forever.” ⌈2

Xiao Chen bid farewell to his past, glistening teardrop actually flashed in his pair of eyes unconsciously, his state of mind was very chaotic……

Without any people around, he didn’t have to hide his true feeling. He was a flesh and blood human, he also possessed every kind of emotions like the common people. However, he could only bury these feeling deep down in his heart. In the eyes of the practitioners on this dragon island, he was a cold-blooded youth, but who would have known he had this side to him?

“I really want to return to the human world……” Xiao Chen muttered this to himself, a few teardrop finally rolled down on his cheeks, but he suddenly shook his head in that instant to shake off the feeling. He buried that emotion deep down in his heart again.

“That is impossible at present. The only thing I can do is to make sure I stay alive.” He steeled himself and forcefully shook off the sentimental feeling. He began to meditate on the treetop until he fell into a deep sleep.

Early morning, the lively birdsong roused Xiao Chen from a deep sleep. Attracted by his secret technique, the worldly essence gathered at surrounding of the treetop. It made the spiritual influence at this place really dense, the multicolored light flickered, even the dazzling morning sun seemed to be comparatively dimmer. Many birds were attracted over, they were flying around him and chirping unceasingly.

Xiao Chen began to stretch his muscle. “Flutter! Flutter! Flutter!” The birds were startled and scattered in all directions. Looking at Keke who was drooling while sleeping soundly, he couldn’t help but smile. The little critter was really too cute, it actually slept as peacefully as a little baby, but it would let out a squeak every now and then.

It was already pointless to stay at the outer region of the dragon island. Xiao Chen brought Keke and returned to the depths of the island. After two days, he actually met up with Lawrence, Buddhist Yizhen, and the others. The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King was accompanying them. As for Yan Qing Cheng, her power was sealed and was supervised by the extraordinarily beautiful Rowena. Moreover, there were twenty plus people behind them, it seemed like they were following the small group blindly.

“Xiao Chen!” Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence cried out in surprise, they quickly rushed over. The two young Dragon King also flickered with divine light and rushed over like lightning. They revolved around Xiao Chen and fixed their gaze on Keke like a tiger watching the prey.

“Are you okay?” Lawrence was very concerned and asked. His handsome yet somewhat sickly face made this Void Master possess a unique trait.

“I am fine, what is going on, why are you guys here?” Xiao Chen looked at him doubtfully.

Buddhist Yizhen said in a low voice, “We are looking for Syndicate Dragon King. Right now, all the practitioners on the dragon island already know it was you who were stalling the legendary demon. Everyone is really grateful to you. All the people who we can get in touch with on the dragon island already moved out, we wanted to find a few more Dragon Kings, summon the divine ship, and leave this island as soon as possible.”

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After a lovely laughter that would hook one’s soul, Rowena twisted her snake-like waist and walked over gracefully. At the same time, she pulled the beautiful Yan Qing Cheng over. She casted a glance at Xiao Chen shyly and said, “Seriously, why do you have to be such a show off. Don’t regret it if you can’t enjoy this devastatingly beautiful female slave when the time comes oh.”

Yan Qing Cheng secretly clenched her silver teeth, but she didn’t have any other choice. If her power was not sealed, she really wanted to finish off this extraordinarily beautiful Rowena at once.

“I have been working hard these past few days oh, I have been strictly drilling how to be a woman and qualified slave into her every day.” Rowena giggled. It was really like the ripples of the spring water, she was lovely yet enchanting.

With a few swishing sound, the three skeletons at the back of the crowd rushed over. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were also with these group of people. They got in front of Xiao Chen at high-speed and used their skeleton-specific language to greet Xiao Chen, their jaw kept generating the “Clack! Clack!” sound.

Xiao Chen found out what happened recently from these people, it really seemed like every group of people had been mobilized. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen was found by that woman who was always shrouded in colorful mist. She persuaded them to take the young Dragon Kings to lead the people in search for other Dragon Kings.

Because only a Dragon King could understand a Dragon King, with the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King at their side, there will surely be a gain.

According to majority vote, they originally wanted Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen to separate and led one group of people respectively. However, after many contradictions, everyone finally agreed to have them stick together. Moreover, they were allowed to bring Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng along.

In fact, a Dragon King seriously understood the other Dragon Kings. They already found the traces of another Dragon King in this region. They had been planning how to subdue it these past two days.

“I found two Dragon Kings at the vicinity of the dragon’s Sacred Mountain, but that place is really too dangerous. There are many dragons and primal beasts, ordinary people won’t be able to approach.” Xiao Chen passed this information to Lawrence and the others. If they wanted to find nine Dragon Kings, they eventually had to venture that region after all.

“Are you talking about the savage Red Dragon King and the bold Gold Dragon King? The Red Dragon King had already been subdued.”

Buddhist Yizhen’s words made Xiao Chen felt a bit flabbergasted.

“Someone went there and successfully subdued the Red Syndicate Dragon King?”

“That’s right.” Buddhist Yizhen explained, “That mysterious woman led Solitary Sword Demon and other experts to enter that region, under the guidance of the Amethyst Dragon King, they found the Red Dragon King. With the sacrifice of nearly twenty people, the Solitary Sword Demon finally subdued the Red Dragon King.”

“How did he subdue it?”

“Originally many practitioners wanted to subdue it by force, but they were unable to encircle the Red Dragon King. On the contrary, a few people were injured by it. Moreover, they angered the brutal Monarch Lion Dragon, Saber Dragon, and other vicious dragons, as a result, we lost seven to eight people. Only a minority were able to come back……” Buddhist Yizhen explained briefly.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but heave a sigh after hearing these. The most formidable and terrifying creature in this world was still human after all.

On the second attempt, the Solitary Sword Demon gathered more than ten people. But the mysterious woman did not participate. First, they lured the Red Dragon King out of the dragon’s holy land, and then they sent people to besiege it.

The dozens of people were also seriously hurt under the counterattack of the Red Dragon King. In the end, never in their wildest dream had they thought the Solitary Sword Demon who didn’t make a move until then would attack them. The dozens of people were killed by him with a single slash! Taking advantage of the situation, the Solitary Sword Demon built a relationship with the Red Dragon King as its savior. Soon after, he used all kinds of talent, and arranged a few more drama before he finally pulled the Red Dragon King to his side. ⌈3

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Although the young Dragon Kings were intelligent, and the seal on the dragon island had no influence on them, they were still too young after all. How could their intelligence be comparable to the scheming humans.

“Roar……!” The dragon roar shook the heavens at a distant place. After that, the Solitary Sword Demon’s hearty laugh was transmitted over. One could see him dashing over from the distant with a Red Dragon King by his side.

“Why did you come here?” Xiao Chen asked in confusion.

Lawrence explained, “It’s what we planned in advance. Not only him, the owner of the Black Dragon King and Amethyst Dragon King will come too. We plan to work together to surround the Syndicate Dragon King in this region.”

The Solitary Sword Demon rushed over very quickly. The Red Dragon King beside him had blazing red flame throbbing all over its body, it flickered with divine light. Relatively speaking, the Red Dragon King might be the most competitive among the few Dragon Kings. Its eyes immediately gave off an ominous glint the moment it laid eyes on the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King that were only a little smaller than it. It threw itself at them very fiercely.

A fierce battle would occur every time a Dragon King encounter one another. As for the reason why the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King could interact with each other peacefully, it was all thanks to Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen. They tried to dispel their enmity unceasingly.

The Red Dragon King fiercely threw itself over, the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King also did not want to be outdone. They faced the savage Red Dragon King that was a little bigger than them together. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen stopped them hastily. This was not the right time to have internal conflict between these Dragon Kings, it would not be beneficial for anyone.

However, not only did the Solitary Sword Demon did not stop the Dragon King, he was laughing heartily on the contrary. He was happy to see his Red Dragon King keeping the smaller Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King under control. He was proud and aloof, not only was he vying for supremacy among his peers, his Dragon King was also like him.

Just at this time, the little critter who was sleeping soundly on Xiao Chen’s shoulder was roused up by the noise. It rubbed its big eyes half-consciously like a child and looked at everyone before it looked at the three Dragon Kings that was about to fight.

“Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter’s big eyes immediately lit up. It had seen the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King before, so it naturally recognized them. And it had also caught a glimpse of that savage Red Dragon King on that night. It scuttled with a “swish” and landed on the Red Dragon King’s head in a flash. It was hopping and skipping on top of its head, it seemed to be exerting its strength to stamp on the head.

This unforeseen event made everyone stunned, and on the other side, the Red Dragon King was stamping with fury. It was seriously about to burst with rage. It was more savage than the other Dragon King, its temper was naturally worse than the other Dragon King’s. How could it allow an unknown little critter to let loose on its head?

A pair of crimson dragon horn emitted a red lightning with a “snapping” sound. It wanted to eradicate Keke, but a ball of gentle light immediately wrapped Keke’s body within. It didn’t receive any damage. The little critter nimbly jumped onto the Red Dragon King’s back, it was still hopping and skipping, exerting its strength to stamp the Red Dragon King.

Of course, Keke was not really harming the Red Dragon King, it was just some kind of open provocation. Thinking about it carefully, the Amethyst Dragon King, Azure Dragon King, Jade Dragon King, and Black Dragon King had already been stepped by this snow-white little critter before. The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King were just at the side, they were a little depressed, but they were more than happy to watch all of these unfold. They cheerfully watched the Red Dragon King being stamped by the weird little critter. ⌈4

However, it seemed like Keke was really overdoing it this time, it kept stamping the Red Dragon King wildly. The Red Dragon King’s magic attack was ineffective against it. Although it only knew a single confinement technique, that dazzling radiance was able to resist every attack. It gave the furious Red Dragon King no other choice, even if it was rolling on the ground violently to shake off the naughty Keke, the little critter was able to get on its back again with absolute speed.

Only Xiao Chen knew why Keke was being this extreme. He guessed the little critter must be trying to uphold justice for the dying little dragon on that night.

“Keke, that’s enough. Come back here!” In the end, it was still Xiao Chen who grabbed Keke back.

The Solitary Sword Demon at the side was very dumbfounded, the haughty him seriously felt a bit depressed. A difficult to tame savage Red Dragon King actually lost to a snow-white little critter. It made him very upset.

The other people were feeling very refreshed in their heart. Many people dare to get angry at him but didn’t dare to show it on the surface, because his power was really too high. Only a few among his peers would be able to get on his level.

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