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Chapter 181 – I love Lan Nuo

In the dazzling hall, the crystal lamps were flickering with dream-like luster. The aristocrats and celebrities were toasting repeatedly with the wine goblets in their hands.

A few acquaintances were looking closely at this direction, observing Xiao Chen, Katalina, and her freak of a big brother. Those acquaintances included Austrian, Hofmann, Lidong Bo, Zhuge Kun, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and so on.

The blue-haired pretty boy was free and easy. He smiled at the surrounding girls to express his apology as he walked towards Xiao Chen and company.

“What is that freak called?” Xiao Chen asked Fairsky. He wasn’t even aware that Katalina was scowling at him.

“This… cough, cough… He’s called Lazio.” Fairsky coughed. He seemed to be reminding Xiao Chen that Katalina would flip out if he called her big brother as a “freak” in front of her.

“You are the freak! All of you are freaks!” The Mander family’s baby girl stared straight into Xiao Chen’s eyes and glowered at him. She was cursing unceasingly, but of course, her voice was very low. After all, this banquet was held at their house, she didn’t want to cause too much of a disturbance.

Lazio walked over with a faint smile and hinted a toast at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen also toasted with him. However, he was still chatting with Fairsky in whispers, “He don’t look like a freak.”

Looking at Katalina, then at the freak who was almost before his eyes, Fairsky smiled awkwardly. And Katalina’s forehead was already covered with black lines. She pulled Lazio and acted like a spoiled child, “Big bro… he’s bullying me, and he even called you a freak.”

Lazio had an out of the ordinary appearance. Tall and muscular, but not to the point that his muscles were swelling. He could be rated as a pretty boy. His aquamarine long hair was brilliant, and his eyes were as bright as the stars. He possessed a special trait that even if he was standing in a sea of people, people could notice him at a glance.

It must be mentioned, people with extraordinary gifts was indeed different from your average people. Without a doubt, Lazio was classified as this kind of people. He smiled and lightly pinched Katalina’s lovely nose. Then he said, “Isn’t that what everyone is calling me? I’m sure you are deliberately making trouble again.”

“Big brooo…” Katalina was shaking Lazio’s hand and acted coquettishly, “This guy is very bad. He injured brother Lambda, extorted money from cousin Austrian, and he even bullied me at Paradise Spa. You must teach him a lesson for me.”

The blue-haired Katalina widened her lively eyes as she bit her red lip with her pearly white teeth. In addition to the way she creased her lovely nose, it was very cute. If not because she was a little young, she might be considered the third pearl of the south, up there with Yan Qingcheng and Fairsnow.

Lazio was not a freak. At the very least, he had good manners and gave people a good impression. This was Xiao Chen’s first impression of him.

“So this is brother Xiao. These days, I heard so many things about brother Xiao’s famous name until my ears almost got calluses.”

“It’s an honor to meet brother Lazio at last. Nice to meet you.”

Seeing the two being polite and amiable, Katalina mumbled to herself resentfully, “Big bro, you really won’t help me…?”

Lazio gently stroked his younger sister’s blue hair and said, “Alright, stop making any more mischief. I have something to discuss with brother Xiao, you go and say hello to your good sisters over there.”

“Big brooo…” Katalina muttered under he breath resentfully. Then she twisted her lovable body around angrily and left.

Not far away, Hofmann and Lidong Bo were also very disappointed. They originally thought the freak of the Mander family would make an appointment to fight with Xiao Chen. Never had they thought the two would be so polite to each other and formed a peaceful relation.

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After she got beside Fairsnow and the other beauties, Katalina said while panting with rage, “That guy is too hateful. Sister Fairsnow, just now Xiao Chen said you are too tall.”

“Hehe…” Before Fairsnow could say anything, someone at the side already made fun of her, “Katalina, just now you must have lost the argument right? What? You want to come here and pull some allies? Even if that guy don’t have an eye for things, he wouldn’t find Fairsnow’s perfect figure to be no good.”

Few of the girls started to giggle.

“Brother Xiao, why don’t we go and take a walk?” Lazio issued an invitation.

The moonlight was gentle as the clear radiance spilled down.

Behind the ancient castle was a garden, heavily scented by the fragrance of flowers.

“Brother Xiao, did you come from the mortal world?” ⌈1

“Why are you suddenly asking me?”

Lazio was standing on a stone bridge and looking at the flowing stream. Then he said, “I don’t have evil intention. I wanted to ask about someone from you.”

“Oh? Who is it?” Xiao Chen walked slowly under the moonlit night. He walked past the stone bridge and jumped onto the observatory to look up at the unbounded starry sky. He felt as if he had returned to the mortal world.

“A dream-like fairy.” Lazio stopped here as he revealed a peculiar expression. He seemed to be a little intoxicated as he said slowly, “She’s called Lan Nuo. I want to know about her past.”

Under the bright moonlight, for the handsome Lazio to reveal this kind of expression, if those young married women and young ladies in the hall had seen it, they would definitely be jealous and bewitched.

Xiao Chen was a little surprised. Lazio had actually come across Lan Nuo. He asked calmly, “When and where did you meet her?”

One year ago, I was fortunate to run into her once at Celestial City. However, all traces of her completely disappeared since then. She was like a fairy from the highest of the heavens. I only met her once, then she disappeared without a trace.” Lazio sighed regretfully and said, “I know a girl like her wouldn’t belong to a single man for eternity, even a god was not fit for her!”

Being called by others in the world of martial arts as a freak, he always wore a confident attitude in front of everyone. However, at this moment, Lazio’s bearing was poles apart from usual. He was actually feeling regretful and frustrated. That sad expression was undisguised.

“Lan Nuo, the wise and able person of Yanhuang Dynasty. She was exceptionally charming, a natural born genius, At the age of twenty, she traveled around the world with a sword, none were able to fight her on equal term!” Xiao Chen’s words were very smooth as he looked up at the starry sky calmly. His gaze seemed to pass through the space and could see the mortal world as he continued, “The same year, she practiced the legendary ⌈Divine Dominion⌋ and caused her power to become half crippled. Her body gradually became weaker. Soon, she looked for a method to break the life and death moment with her great wisdom. In the end, she resolved to freeze herself in a bottomless ice valley. A miracle happened thirteen years later, Lan Nuo came out of the ice cave full of vitality. She stayed young forever and successfully tricked death. She was frozen for thirteen years and time passed just like a snap of a finger. Her peerless beauty didn’t undergo any changes due to the vicissitudes of time!”

“According to legend, the mortal world is deficient of spiritual energy. However, she actually gained the power to create a spatial distortion in such a short period of time! She is indeed a genius among the geniuses.” Lazio was deeply moved and said, “Since entering the world of immortals, she could even be said to be free and unbounded! I don’t know what kind of heights can she reach, but I believe in ten years, she wouldn’t need to fear the god of this world anymore! Perhaps, there’s no need to wait for ten years, three… two… maybe even one year is enough!”

That was the actual situation. Since the ancient times, how many in the mortal world had actually broke the bounds of the world and entered the world of immortals? There was only a handful! Every single void traveler was certainly an illustrious individual for all eternity.

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Nowadays, the founder of many famous sects in the world of immortals came from the mortal world.

Every time he thought of these, Xiao Chen had a doubt. Since the mortal world was deficient of spiritual power, then why was there so many world-shaking figures from the mortal world? And even after those people arrived at the world of immortals, they were still sweeping the floor with all living things. How should be categorize the mortal world more appropriately? Maybe… in the ancient past, the mortal world was also an illustrious holy land!

“Anything else? I want to know more.” Lazio stood on the stone bridge, looking at the luminous rose in the front. Every kind of flowers blossomed and the fascinating fragrance drifted in the air.

“That’s all. Lan Nuo is a mysterious girl.”

“Facing a girl like Lan Nuo, has brother Xiao never been tempted once?”

“I haven’t reached the same height as her. I don’t have any extravagant hope. My future, I need to develop it step by step.” Xiao Chen was very calm. He was unwilling to speak much more regarding this topic.

Lazio smiled, then his bearing changed in that instant. That frustration completely disappeared as he regained his confident expression. He said, “I actually want to fight with you, but today is not a good day. How about a round of formal match instead?”

“Bring it on!”

Xiao Chen was on top of the observatory. He turned around to face Lazio.

“Spiritual Battle!” Speaking until here, Lazio’s aquamarine long hair suddenly fluttered backward. His expression suddenly became incomparably sharp as he emitted two ice-cold glints similar to the sword-qi.

A pressure originated from the spirit pressed down on Xiao Chen like an immemorial primal beast. It was fierce yet explosive!

Vaguely, it felt as if there were thousands of souls howling in grief, yet it also felt like the roars of the wave. It was extremely powerful.

Xiao Chen instantly understood how Lazio received his freak title. On the outside he looked gentle and cultivated, but when his battle intent burst out, he was actually this coarse and wild. His power was close to the point of freakish!

In regards to Spiritual Power, Lazio had already went beyond the category of Exuvia. His Spiritual Power condensed and materialized into divine swords, it was unstoppable!

Xiao Chen was as calm as a lofty mountain. The Spiritual Power was slamming him like vast ocean, with great and powerful momentum, and yet, he remained unfazed. No matter how many thousands of divine sword or waves you throw at him, it was all like rivers entering the ocean. His power was deep and beyond measure.

The quiet battle of the two caused the plants in between to wither at once. Soon after, the flowers soundlessly turned into dusts. It seemed as if there was never any vegetation at that place to begin with, only the dusts!


The white marble bridge burst up and collapsed. Lazio jumped back, his face a little pale. The observatory also burst up and was on the verge of collapsing. Xiao Chen’s face was also covered with sweat. He jumped up and landed on top of a pavilion.

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Following that, a blazing divine light burst out between the two. That was the force of spiritual power!

The divine light was dazzling!

It made even the moon and the stars in the sky lose their splendor!

The fluctuation of the spiritual power was as vast as the ocean!

This could even be said to be an extremely dangerous battle. A little mistake and their consciousness would be crushed, flattened, and they would become a living dead.

After no less than fifteen minutes later did everything finally calm down.

The two of them no longer resisted. The pavilion had turned to dusts, the lotus pond had dried up, the flat marble ground even caved in for at least ten meters soundlessly.

Between the two was a huge gorge!

“Historia?” Lazio looked at Xiao Chen with amazement.

Xiao Chen did not reply. Only after pondering for a while did he say, “Your spiritual power already broke into the realm of Historia.”

“My spiritual power is powerful as it should be. That’s because I am a Psychic.”

Far away, the scions of a few big families shook their head. Hofmann said regretfully, “What a pity, why are they not continuing? Mother f—! Is that ******* really that strong? I really want to squeeze him to death! It seems like the freak from the Mander family didn’t gain any upper hand. This is inconceivable.”

Lidong Bo also heaved a sigh and said, “It really make one apprehensive. Why is no one putting him in order? Could the rumor be true? That he has some relationship with that existence in the depths of south.”

“So what if he has friendship with them?” Hofmann’s eyes flickered with ominous glint and said, “There’s still methods to toy with him to death and won’t give rise to that person’s suspicion.”

“Ceh, stop putting on airs.” A sneer transmitted from the side as a young lord said, “I have heard this from the elders in my family. That your old fathers actually wanted to make their move. As a result, they pulled back the way they came from.”

“Cackle, cackle…” The sound of Hofmann grinding his teeth could be heard. Then he shouted fiercely, “Five Historia experts from my family died. We can’t let this score end like this. I will find someone to squeeze him to death sooner or later!”

On the other side, Yan Qingcheng, Fairsky, Zhuge Liang, Fairsnow, Katalina, and the others also watched the spiritual battle just now.

Zhuge Liang ridiculed, “The baby girl from Mander family, it seems like your big bro is out of form today. Shame to the good name of the unparalleled freak.”

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“******* fatty, don’t provoke me! You think I don’t dare to beat the crap out of you?” Katalina was glaring at the fatty angrily. However, due to her sweet appearance, even when she was acting savage, she still appeared very cute.

“That’s right. Katalina, is your older brother holding back on purpose? How can he be no match for Xiao Chen?” The young lady at the side could even be said to be blindly worshipping Lazio.

“Love-struck fool!” After the cold voice, a tall and stalwart figure holding metal sword walked over from the hall.

“You shut—” Behind that young lady, Katalina shouted “Hold it!” and covered her mouth.

“Do you want to die? Don’t you know who he is?”

“Who is that *******?” The young lady was very furious.

The other young married women and young ladies were also very angry. ⌈2

“He is Dugu Jianmo! Two years ago, at a banquet, the eldest daughter of the Liu family acted arrogant and bossy, and that woman was directly beheaded by that guy.” Katalina whispered.

“Ah, it’s him!” Obviously, all the women knew about Dugu Jianmo’s behavior. All of them shut their mouth right away.


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