Chapter 60 – Absolute Strength!

Lande shouted not good, and continue to chant his incantation. A terrifying purple lightning and black flame covered the entire sky. He wanted to get free from Xiao Chen’s binding. However, he found out to his surprise that is the power of a Fifth Celestial Layer! It steadily suppressed his Fourth Celestial Layer magic power, it possessed an overwhelming dominance!

In regards to the Spell Master, it is a catastrophe to be captured by a Martial Artist. Their close combat ability is very inferior, their physical body is too weak compared to a Martial Artist. Long distant attack is their optimum attack style. ⌈1

Lande don’t want to die, he knew Xiao Chen was very ruthless when he executed his attack. Right now, he couldn’t help but consume his own life force to cast a life saving spell.

“Divine Armor, protect myself!”

Dazzling radiance burst out from Lande’s body, the bright radiance condensed into a divine armor, covering up his entire body, and protecting him from any harm.

At the same time, Xiao Chen swept him down onto the ground, with the most extreme method, he performed a roundhouse kick, and firmly kicked his head.

Even if he was protected by the divine armor, Lande still let out a painful groan. He was sent rolling away for ten meter by the fierce roundhouse kick. It makes Lande felt a bit dizzy, he nearly fell down among the broken branches and withered leaves.

Not giving him the chance to soar into the sky, Xiao Chen already trod on the empty sky, and followed up with a drop kick. He directly smashed Lande onto the ground, then Xiao Chen exerted his strength to stamp on his stomach, and kick him until he was rolling on the ground.

The divine armor was almost shattered by the kicks, the light energy flickered violently. Lande felt as if two of his ribs had been broken, the pain almost caused him to scream. A majestic blond-haired pretty boy with strength to match, he had never been treated like this before, this is no longer a match, this is practically a one-sided thrashing. This is a huge disgrace in regards to him.

Xiao Chen is going wild!

A terrifying radiance is lingering all over his body, his long hair danced hysterically, he is releasing a powerful aura. He pulled Lande up from the ground with one hand. After that, a Straight Punch, Hook Punch, Feint Punch, Slashing Punch, Sewer Punch…… a set of ferocious combo attack followed one after another. Lande was already sent flying more than twenty meter away, Xiao Chen followed closely in this entire process, and executed his combo attack!

If not for the divine armor, Lande might already be crushed a long time ago. Even his flesh might turn into a muddy blood! Even if that was the case, the incomparably powerful force still penetrated the light armor, breaking at least fifteen of his bones.

This is a frenzied thrashing. No, this already exceeded simple thrashing, this is a merciless trouncing!

The once conceited Lande is starting to become frantic, everything was brought onto him by himself. It is him who wanted to test Xiao Chen’s “ability”, the end result does not only end in his defeat, he was even beaten to a pulp.

His dignity was completely trampled upon!

Lande is ashamed to the extreme, he was once high up on top, looking down on Xiao Chen, but now he got wildly thrashed by the person in question. Their position had now switched, it almost made him pass out from anger.

He was kicked high up in the sky, followed up by a roundhouse kick towards the ground, and then another kick lifted him up before he even touched the ground…… In the end, Xiao Chen stepped on Lande’s stomach, he lightly waved one of his hand to show Lande who is beneath him, then he said with a bit of contempt, “You… are not… worthy!”

Xiao Chen used the same attitude to talk to Lande, which makes him want to smash his head against the ground. He felt embarrassed, upset, and furious all at the same time…… His ego had been completely trampled, he was thoroughly defeated.

Xiao Chen decided to kill him, he don’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to shatter the divine armor. If Yan Qing Cheng wants to avenge Lande in the future, then bring it on! Right now, he didn’t want to let a powerful enemy keep on living, since they have already fought until this extend today, if he let Lande go, they will inevitably become mortal enemy in the future.

Lande didn’t want to die, in the most crucial point, everyone possessed a strong will to live. He didn’t hesitate to risk half of his life in order to escape from here. He fully executed the forbidden spell, forcefully extracting his life force to replenish the divine armor. A dazzling divine radiance burst out from his body! His body is as dazzling as the golden sun, he struggled violently to get free from under Xiao Chen’s foot.

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Xiao Chen is determined to kill him, he vowed to kill Lande no matter what. He violently landed a punched, directly blasting Lande into the crumbled ground. However, this method didn’t manage to smash Lande into pieces, it was as if he was wearing a divine turtle’s shell. The dense radiance around his body is unimaginably tough.

Another hit!

Show no mercy! Even though Xiao Chen cannot break the light screen, he still kept attacking. Both of his legs were buried deep into the ground, a terrifying energy kept penetrating through the light screen, a few more of Lande’s bones were snapped off.

Lande was furious, he wished he could commit suicide! In the end, he burned his own life force, and voluntarily entered the depths of the ground. After that he bore through the underground, and emerged from the surface not far away, he flew towards the sky like a meteor. He streak across the vast sky to escape from here, he used his life force as a source of energy!

Unable to catch up to him, Xiao Chen didn’t make much effort to go after him. He just calmly watch him disappear in the distant sky. He knew that even if Lande escaped, he will still be a useless person within half a year later. Too much bones in his body had shattered into small pieces, there is nothing much to worry about.

The disabled Lande will inevitably taste the suffering of the loser, this kind of mental trauma will be even more effective than killing these kind of arrogant practitioners. This might be the biggest punishment for his haughty and conceited attitude before.

Many alliances are on top of the valley, all the audiences started to shout in excitement, everyone was flaring up with respect. This was a marvelous battle.

Xiao Chen challenged The Avenger, and achieved complete victory!

Many alliances started to make their move, they wanted to pull Xiao Chen into their group. This kind of powerful expert on the Dragon Island is definitely a sharp sword worth fighting for.

Xiao Chen didn’t even turn back and took large strides to walk out of the valley.

As soon as he arrived at the valley’s entrance, he left a few afterimages in the woods, and disappeared in front of everyone. He wanted to avoid the alliances that might try to recruit him. However, the founder of many alliances already knew this was going to happen, so they send out people to stop him in the distant mountain forest, hoping that he will accept their invitation.

Among them are some abnormally powerful alliances, such as the “Invincible Alliance” founded by Dugu Qiubai’s descendant, or the “Throwing Knife Alliance” founded by the descendant of Li Xunhuan, etc.

There was also no lack of alliances filled with beautiful girls, such as the “Blue Rain Alliance”. The founder Lanyu left a profound impression in Xiao Chen’s mind. She is a gentle and sweet-tempered beauty, she is the complete opposite of Zhao Lin Er and Yan Qing Cheng. She is as gentle and beautiful as the water.

There was also the “Red Powder Alliance”……

Xiao Chen didn’t want to offend anyone, so he expressed his gratitude for their invitation first, and then indirectly rejected.

In the end, Xiao Chen finally break away from all the people, he wanted to return to the secret hiding place. He consumed too much energy in this battle, if he stay in this area for too long, he might be in danger.

On the way he was stopped by a devastatingly beautiful, and well-developed girl. Her purple dress was fluttering about in the breeze, her entire person seemed like a goblet of intelligence, she was overflowing with a graceful aura. That person was actually Yan Qing Cheng!


  1. Selutu: Classic melee vs. range attitude. 

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