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Chapter 14 – Mystical Giant Ape

The tiny green lights started to circulate within Xiao Chen’s body along with the rhythm of his breathing. They were very lively and brimming with unlimited life energy, these inexhaustible energies were transported and absorbed by his flesh, inner organs, and bones.

Along with the passing of time, the essence of the plants slowly gathered around Xiao Chen from all directions. The green essence around him was so dense that they could even be seen by the naked eyes, a green fog was seen lingering around him.

Xiao Chen immersed himself within the dim green fog. He could feel his inner organs and blood vessels brimming with life energy. This thriving forest was filled with plentiful of plant essence, as if the supply was inexhaustible.

He could clearly feel the tiny green lights circulating around his body vigorously, it was like a river flowing over and over again. Not only was his body brimming with vitality, his mind was also feeling cool and refreshed.

Xiao Chen already could not feel the flow of time, he completely blended with the nature, it was as if his body and mind were one with nature. Apparently, he was able to hear the voice of the plants and feel the pulse of the forest. He had already turned into one of them.

The breeze brushed lightly and the fragrance of all kind of flowers spread around the forest. Xiao Chen had entered the boundary of selflessness.

The young unicorn stealthily sneaked over there, it was particularly fond of basking in this dense spiritual energy. The shiny jade horn was flickering with brilliant lights as it absorbed a portion of the condensed plant essence.

Xiao Chen was already getting used to this young Unicorn’s action. He didn’t want to disturb this young divine beast, so he happily allowed it to participate. Since he was saved by the young Unicorn, he never had any intention of subduing it anymore. Just living in harmony with it like this was also not bad.

The sun slowly sets in the West, Xiao Chen finally withdraw his consciousness from the mysterious boundary after the entire sky was already filled with the afterglow of the sun. The essence of the plants in the forest had great benefits for his body. The green essences were like a fairy dew and moisturized his wounded body, that enabled him to recover especially smoothly.

The young Unicorn did not leave immediately, it leaped on top of an ancient tree and blinked its black eyes while observing Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, he realized that the young divine beast was not that wary of him anymore. He gathered some fruits and wash it at the clear spring, then he tossed some towards the ancient tree.

The young Unicorn was ready to escape at any moment. However, when it noticed it was just a pineapple, it stopped and jumped up to grab the pineapple with its mouth. But, it was picky about food like a kid. Only after a single bite, it threw the pineapple down the tree.

Xiao Chen continued to toss fruits at the young Unicorn, but it tossed the fruits down the tree every time. It was not very interested in these fresh fruits. In the end, it ran away in an instant when it saw Xiao Chen preparing to roast the meat.

The flame throbbed in the forest, the meat was already roasted until it was golden yellow and glossy. An alluring aroma spread through the forest.

All of a sudden, cries of beasts echoed from far away as it rapidly closed the distance. Dozens silhouette of powerful beasts could be seen in the dense forest beneath the small peak. They were flying vertically on the treetops, as though they were walking on the cloud. They would leap for about eight to nine meters by only making slight contact with the branches and leaves, they were seriously extremely nimble.

In only a moment, the dozens of beasts had already rushed over to this area. Naturally, their destination was not this small peak, but rather the chaotic Stone Forest that’s about two or three hundred meters from here. When they stopped in the midst of the Stone Forest, their strong and sturdy figures in the sunset appeared very majestic.

There were a dozen of gigantic ape, their heights were about three meters or so. They were covered in black fur from head to toe, their appearance looked very hideous and frightening. They were clearly a peculiar race, an ordinary ape wouldn’t be this tall and well-built. Without a doubt, the Stone Forest was their dwelling.

There was one particularly special ape among them, its height reached up to four meters and it seemed much more sturdier when compared to the other gigantic apes. Moreover, its fur was crimson red in color. It flickered with a bewitching radiance under the setting sun. That was not all, it also possessed four arms brimming with formidable strength. Its pair of eyes emitted an electrifying cold radiance. Even though they were separated by two or three hundred meters, Xiao Chen could still feel that cold aura.

A high-pitched cry of the ape echoed from the Stone Forest, the group of apes had discovered Xiao Chen who was on top of the small peak. The four-armed crimson ape took the lead and rushed over there, then dozens of powerful shadows followed at the back.

Xiao Chen frowned, he was seriously wounded at the moment, and all those gigantic apes seemed to be a really special race. It was not a wise decision to get into a fight with them.

It was impossible to escape, he was definitely slower than those gigantic apes that could cover eight to nine meter with a single leap. He continued to roast the deer meat that weighed a few kilograms calmly, the aroma began to fill the air and spread around.

Dozens of three to four meter tall gigantic apes appeared on the small peak one after another. They were like a row of enormous stone monoliths, blocking every last bit of radiance from the setting sun as they leave behind a series of shadows.

The crimson-colored gigantic ape should be their leader, it was standing in the front as it produced a low growl. Its pair of eyes emitted a terrifying light, it seemed as if it would pounce on Xiao Chen at any moment and rip him apart. However, it didn’t take any action immediately as it was attracted by the smell of the aromatic meat.

After that, it actually got in front of Xiao Chen with a single step. It snatched away the roasted meat that weighed a few kilograms with speed as fast as lightning. It cautiously took a small bite to taste the meat, then it tore the meat apart and wolfed it down ⌈1⌋. It threw the remaining meat to the gigantic apes at the back.

Low growls echoed from within the forest as the group of apes fought over the roasted meat. Each apes only ate a mouthful, yet there was not a single chunk of meat remaining.

Xiao Chen watched everything calmly, then he sliced a big piece of raw meat in a composed manner as he started to roast the meat. Once the aroma of the meat waft through the air again, all the apes also started to growl in a low voice. They stared at the golden-yellow and glossy deer meat nervously.

This time, Xiao Chen used the bamboo knife to cut one kilogram of cooked meat for himself, then without waiting for the apes to come forward, he threw the remaining meat that weighed more than ten kilograms towards that four-armed ape. The gigantic apes once again let out a deep and low growl as they wolfed down a portion of the meat.

After they finished eating, their hostility towards Xiao Chen seemed to have faded away. Their eyes emitted a brilliant hopeful ray, it looked like they wanted to savour more of the cooked meat.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and calmly cooked the rest of the raw meat. After that he presented it to those gigantic apes.

He actually averted a crisis in such a way, it was somewhat unimaginable. The numerous apes were somewhat reluctant to part, there was no longer any hostility towards Xiao Chen. Before that four-armed crimson ape left, it stood in front of Xiao Chen and exerted all of its strength to pound its own chest. Apparently, it wanted to express something to Xiao Chen.

During the night, Xiao Chen faced the moon and started to gather the moon essence. He immersed himself in some kind of tranquil and mysterious boundary. The chaotic Stone Forest on the opposite side, dozens of gigantic apes were also standing while facing the moon. Xiao Chen could feel it to some extent so he opened his eyes and faced the forest at the opposite side. He couldn’t help but feel astonished, the dozens of gigantic apes were actually swallowing and spewing out the moonlight!


  1. Idiom: Fig. to eat something very rapidly and in very large pieces. (As a wolf might eat.) 
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