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Chapter 83 – Encounter

There were also some blackish bloodstain in the other two wrinkled skins, one glance and people could tell they should have a few centuries of history. They had eroded due to the vicissitudes of time, but of course, even Xiao Chen was unable to pinpoint the exact age of these skins.

As for the human skin in the third ice coffin, the bloodstain in the ice coffin still carry a hint of color, it was easy for an expert on the level of Xiao Chen to speculate. It definitely haven’t been more than half a month when this skin was shed!

This immediately made Xiao Chen felt a nip in the air, the hair on his entire body was standing on end. He carefully observed the interior of this human skin, and sure enough, he discovered the bloodstain also carried a hint of color, this only happened moments ago.

He carefully examined, and found that the third skin was relatively softer than the others. Moreover, it was full of shiny grease. It seemed like the skin was shed not too long ago.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen finally found the most important clue, there were some cracks on the middle finger of the third skin. Apart from some bloodstain, there was also a piece of new tender skin about the size of fingernail.

This was seriously too bizarre and terrifying! Xiao Chen’s random guess before actually came true! He couldn’t help but picture a cicada breaking out of the shell. If he was to guess, it seemed like an old ghost had constantly undergo a few cycles of metamorphosis here!

Xiao Chen subconsciously scanned all four directions, he couldn’t find a single trace of human on the chilly snow mountain, but he could feel an extremely cold gaze observing him in the dark.

Imagination, it must be his imagination. Xiao Chen allowed himself to calm down, and then he spread his spiritual power to probe the surrounding. The entire snowy mountain was very quiet, not a single sound could be heard, there was only the chilling cold aura circulating around the big snowy mountain.

Xiao Chen felt this place was not any benevolent land, he buried the three ice coffins back to their original place, and erased all the traces. After that, he ordered Keke who was rolling around near the run-down castle hall and the three skeletons to get away from here as soon as possible.

After training at this big snowy mountain for five days, Xiao Chen didn’t find any other bizarre situation. He buried the dragon eggs on top of a snowy hill before he decided to leave this place. For a snowy mountain to appear on a hot and humid dragon island was already an abnormality in itself. And he found something bizarre at this place again, he felt that this place might not be much safer compared to the mountain woods with monsters running amuck.

Pushing their way through the ice and snow world, on their way towards the exit of the snowy mountain, Xiao Chen suddenly heard a faintly discernible “rumbling” sound from a distant snowy peak. It seemed like an avalanche had occurred. Following that, he saw a streak of purple radiance soaring into the sky.

Although they were a distance apart, Xiao Chen could still recognize that figure in a glance, that seemed to be…… Yan Qing Cheng! ⌈1

That snowy mountain was precisely the place where they fought five days ago. That day, it was unclear whether Yan Qing Cheng was alive or dead after receiving Xiao Chen’s attack. She was then buried under big avalanche stirred up by the Snow Jade Dragon, he originally thought she would be long dead after being buried under thousand layers of snow slide. But he never thought after five days, she would actually emerge from the deep snow.

Even though she was very far away, the purple light wings on Yan Qing Cheng’s back was very dazzling. It no longer looked almost transparent as it was before. Now, it practically looked like a pair of purple wings carved by divine jade. Words can’t even begin to describe how mystical it was. ⌈2

Not only did she not die, she had clearly made a breakthrough. This made Xiao Chen feel deeply shocked, he recalled the Martial Art practiced by Yan Qing Cheng — the Undying Demon Technique. The legend was really true, those who practiced this technique would inevitably make a huge breakthrough if they could cheat death.

Yan Qing Cheng actually made a breakthrough from the brink of death. After playing dead for five days under the deep snow, she finally made a comeback! This made Xiao Chen trembled with fear, the Undying Technique was really worthy of its name as one of the most glorious and world-shattering Martial Arts.

Yan Qing Cheng who just broke through to Sixth Celestial Layer will definitely be a formidable opponent. But Xiao Chen does not fear anyone on the same level as him, that was because he had once defeated a Void Master who was reputed to be the “King” among practitioners of the same level.

Xiao Chen was as fast as the flickering light and passing shadows, he left behind one after another afterimages at the snowy peak, and chased after Yan Qing Cheng, he wanted to keep her here. But after Yan Qing Cheng emerged from the deep snow, she unfolded her fairy-like divine wing, and directly flew towards the exit of this snowy mountain as fast as lightning. She didn’t stay in this area for long, nor did she notice Xiao Chen who was approaching.

After he finally left the snowy mountain, Xiao Chen looked back at the vast expanse of ice and snow world. Feeling the warm breeze in front of him, Xiao Chen felt this was very unreal. There was almost no buffer zone between the cold and hot territory, the exuberant mountain woods and the pure white snow were so close to one another, it was completely outrageous.

Xiao Chen and the gang entered the zone full of vitality. The melodious birdsong, the refreshing fragrance of flowers, as well as the roar of the beasts. When compared to the deathly still forest behind him, as well as that snowy mountain much further away, this place was very lively.

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They were still twenty miles away from the habitat of numerous practitioners. A beautiful mountain enshrouded by mist appeared in front of them. It seemed like monsters rarely roamed around that place. Words can’t begin to describe how auspicious and peaceful it seems. They could already see it from a distance, the waterfall tumbled down the mountain, and the rays of light refracted by the mist formed a rainbow in the air.

Xiao Chen arrived at the foot of the mountain. He found this was indeed a good place. The exotic flowers were in full bloom, the jade-like grasses spread over the entire area, the vines folded over in many layers, the beautiful trees were flourishing. This was an ideal place to train. And he ran into an acquaintance at this place.

Between the flowers and trees, there was a sapphire-like tranquil little lake. There was no ripples on the surface of the lake at all, words can’t even begin to describe how extraordinary beautiful and how serene it was. Void Master Lawrence still looked as sickly as before, his handsome face was somewhat pale. He was just sitting at the side of the lake and fishing calmly.

When Xiao Chen entered this area, he immediately felt the abnormality in the space. It seemed as if a shapeless liquid was circulating, it gave him some difficulty in walking. The space was actually folding up layer upon layer, the scenery before his eyes was interweaving.

It seemed like this place had multiple traps, it was like falling into the swamp, the more you struggle, the harder to break out. Like a sharp sword bursting with divine radiance, Xiao Chen used his full power to rip apart layer upon layer of binding ropes. He destroyed all the traps in this area, and returned to the originally tranquil and beautiful field.

At the lakeside, Lawrence turned his head around, and said, “It seems like the rumor regarding how you massacred dozens of people at the snowy mountain from a few days ago was true, I can feel the bloody aura on you even now.”

Xiao Chen laughed, and calmly sat not far away from Lawrence, then he said, “It was all for self-defense, I want to keep on living. But some people just keep forcing my hands, I also had no choice but to kill.”

“You made a breakthrough to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer?” Lawrence’s pale face gradually regained some colors, then he said, “How about one more match?” His gaze was somewhat intense, it seemed like he was really looking forward to this match.

“You also made it to Sixth Celestial Layer?” After knowing this, Xiao Chen was a little amazed. But then he shook his head, and said, “Void Master was reputed to be the King among practitioners of the same level. I really wanted to break this legend one more time, but I cannot duel with you now.”


“Some people always wanted to force me to death’s door, before I can remove all the dangers, I must stay in top condition at all time. You and I already delved into Sixth Celestial Layer, if we really fight for real, it won’t end up as simple as the last time even if I defeat you.”

The somewhat sickly Lawrence laughed, and said, “You are truly conceited, you are that sure you can beat me? Void Masters are kings among practitioners of the same level, those are not empty words!”

Xiao Chen used his hand and lightly poked the surface of the lake, the small lake immediately surged up violently. The water surface seemed like boiling water. More than thousands of fishes jolted out from the water surface. He said with much confidence, “Since I could break the legend last time, I can still do it this time.”

Suddenly, all the fishes that leapt over the water surface were stopped in the air, completely motionless. All of them were confined by Lawrence’s void power. He turned around to face Xiao Chen, and said, “You are indeed very strong, but I am also very confident. I really wanted to fight with you one more time. However, since you are in a dangerous situation, I also won’t make things difficult for you.”

Just at this time, Keke who was not far away was attracted by those fishes hanging in the air. It seemed to think it was very fascinating. When it saw the thousand plus fishes were set free by Lawrence, it extended one snow-white little paw, and waved it in the air randomly. For a moment, the fishes leapt out of the water surface one more time, beginning to fill the sky. Only after three to four seconds later did they fall back into the water with a “plop”.

This made Lawrence incomparably astonished, for the first time ever, ⌈3⌋ he started to size up the snow-white little critter who was following Xiao Chen, and asked, “This is……”

Xiao Chen spread out his hands and laughed, “I also don’t understand much about it, it doesn’t seem to have any attack power, but it has sufficient self-defense.”

Keke was very dissatisfied by this evaluation, it waved its little paws furiously, and then it skipped towards the three skeletons joyfully.

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“How did you breakthrough the Sixth Celestial Layer? For your information, I spent a lot of effort in order to breakthrough this time.” Lawrence asked.

Xiao Chen didn’t conceal anything, he told Lawrence about the insight he gained while welcoming the morning sun, and explained the feeling he had at that time.

Lawrence pondered for a moment, then he heaved a sigh, and said, “It seems like we went through the same thing. That very day I lost to you, I trained even harder in front of the divine monolith, but I was almost possessed by the Devil. After I retreated to this quiet place to train, allowing myself to find inner peace, but I never thought I’d make a breakthrough right at that moment.”

He also explained what he had learned in details. Even though they practiced different techniques, this kind of spiritual realization was completely the same. Both of them felt this information exchange was very beneficial.

From the current states of the dragon island, to the classification of the Psychic and Spell Master, the two talked about many things.

“The exotic ability of us Psychic is inherent, there are many kinds of exotic abilities. The Spell Master merely had powerful spiritual power, they do not possess any psychic ability by themselves. However, by chanting an ancient incantation, they can somehow display similar power. I never believed their spells were actually granted to them by the deities, but we really could not find any energy flow within their body. All the energy were gathered from the outside the moment they attacked. All of these signs indicate that their source might really come from the esteemed god they worship.” ⌈4

Finally, the two once again talked about the current situation on the dragon island, they had a fuzzy desire to act together.


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