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Chapter 118 – Shocking

Three days later, they arrived at the depths of the island again.

The cloudy fog pervaded the boundless snowy mountain, one could very well imagine just how deep was the demon’s power, but Keke was hardly fearful, it panted with rage and let out a loud squeak in front of the snowy mountain with ice castle within. At the same time, it used the confinement technique to move the snowy mountain’s door.

The chilly wind swept past violently, waves of underworld fog rushed forth, it was especially frightening at the frigid snowy mountain. Yan Qing Cheng had an ugly look, she never thought Xiao Chen would actually come to provoke the demon of his own accord, he was really a lunatic!

Until the underworld fog was totally dispersed, the demon walked out. His pale face actually looked a little more lively compared to before. He asked in astonishment, “I heard the roar of the Dragon Kings, why are you guys still here?”

“We missed the divine ship, we wanted to learn more about the Sovereign King Ship from you.” Xiao Chen explained their purpose for coming. And on the other side, Keke was panting with rage, it seemed like it really wanted to pounce on the demon.

“So it was like that.” He didn’t answered Xiao Chen, but rather showed a smile to Keke and explained to it first, “Everything is very smooth, if I am fast, it will only take up to two months, it won’t take more than a year. I will return the sacred tree to you soon, it is much faster than my expectation. I will keep my promise, and definitely return the favor in the future.”

Keke nodded its head while panting with rage.

After he finished greeting Keke, the demon turned his body to face Xiao Chen and said, “I can find methods to summon the Sovereign King Ship, but I’m afraid you might not be able to bear the ghost invasion on the holy ship.” ⌈1

“Is it that serious?” Relying on his instinct, Xiao Chen knew in order to ride the Sovereign King Ship, they have to face great dangers, it is not as safe as boarding the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship.

“That’s right, because it was originally not made for humans. The Sovereign King Ship is also called the Devil Ship, a portion of the Sovereign King’s soul was sealed on the ship. Any living person riding it will end up throwing their life if they don’t have a corresponding divine artifact.”

Yan Qing Cheng already started to understand what was going on, she felt excited and fearful at the same time, it seemed like the Sovereign King Ship might be a very bizarre and terrifying ship.

“Is it impossible even with Keke’s sacred tree?”

“Most likely not. Moreover, they might even clash, it is better for you to find a Yin-type divine artifact rather than one brimming with life force.”

“This…… where will we find something like this?” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“The ghost town……” When the demon mentioned this name, he also felt uncomfortable, it seemed like he was a little apprehensive. ⌈2

Xiao Chen immediately shook his head, with his current ability, it was already a miracle to be able to make it out last time, how could he go and seek his own death again.

The demon looked at Xiao Chen and said, “How about this? If you can wait another three or five years, I can bring you along when I leave the dragon island, I can guarantee your safety on the Sovereign King Ship.”

“Three or five years? That’s too long. Didn’t you say you need a few more months to shake off the breath of death?” Xiao Chen asked in puzzlement.

“Shaking off the breath of death only meant I don’t need to use the sacred tree anymore, it didn’t mean my ability will be perfected. You guys need to wait for very long.”

Xiao Chen didn’t know what to say, did he really have to stay on this dragon island for a few more years? He wanted to help Keke get back to sacred tree immediately and leave this place, he really didn’t want to stay on this barren island anymore.

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“Is there really no other way?”

“Like I said, you just need to find Yin-type divine artifact. This kind of thing can only be found in the ghost town.”

“If I had known earlier, I should have brought the burial cloth from the ghost town along.” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but recall the bloodstained demonic cloth they obtained in the ghost town after killing an evil spirit.

“Burial cloth……” The demon’s eyes immediately lit up and asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Chen recounted the event on that day in details, the demon laughed grimly and said, “That kind of burial cloth can also be considered divine artifact? At most, it is only a cloth stained by the blood of a powerful deity, how can that be considered divine artifact! However, after hearing your story, I recalled something. There are some stone inscription on the island, it seems like there really is such a Yin-type divine artifact at the base of the divine monolith that sealed the island.”

“What kind of divine artifact?” Yan Qing Cheng asked, she really wanted to leave this place immediately.

“Burial cloth!” The demon answered.

“Burial cloth again? What’s the differences?” Xiao Chen asked.

“That is an item that was referred by the gods as a crazy Yin-type divine artifact, because its background is really too big.” The demon explained slowly.

This made Yan Qing Cheng even more curious, she was no longer afraid of the demon and asked, “Just how big could its background be?”

“Legend says it is Suirenshi’s burial cloth!” As soon as these words left the demon’s mouth, Xiao Chen was agape and tongue-tied. Only until a long time later did he say, “How is that possible, the ancestor god Suirenshi had passed away?!”

Yan Qing Cheng also shook her head and said, “That is certainly impossible, rumor says ancestor god Suirenshi stayed in the south desolate region of the immortal’s mainland, although he already disappeared countless years ago, it was impossible for him to die, nobody had the ability to kill him.”

The demon shook his head and said, “I don’t know the full story, this is only the legends and records of the dragon island. However, even if Suirenshi’s burial cloth is at the base of the divine monolith, you guys also wouldn’t be able to get it, because even I am unable to approach that place. Unless you have the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, golden halberd, or other such divine artifacts to clear the way.”

When it heard about the golden halberd, Keke’s pair of big eyes widened, it helplessly and spiritlessly let out two squeaks. The golden halberd was originally acquired by it already, but it disappeared mysteriously in the end.

Leaving the snowy mountain, Xiao Chen, Yan Qing Cheng, as well as the three skeletons came to the sea of bones again. They looked at the lofty divine monolith helplessly, because they were unable to approach the divine monolith’s base at all. That place was filled with baleful aura that would crush everything that approached.

“Yan Qing Cheng, maybe we really have to spend the rest of our life on this island. We can’t completely trust the demon’s words, who knows if he will really take us with him.”

“I also don’t believe the demon’s words.” Yan Qing Cheng replied.

“If we are really trapped on this dragon island for eternity, the wedding can be done, but it’s way too lonely!” Xiao Chen sighed with sorrow.

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“Just die!” Yan Qing Cheng ignored Xiao Chen and left with graceful steps. There were only the two of them left on the dragon island now, Yan Qing Cheng was no longer afraid of getting killed, she was more worried that Xiao Chen would do something to her.

In reality, Xiao Chen was a very ordinary man, he also had worldly desires, but now his mind was filled with how to escape from the dragon island, he was not as bad as Yan Qing Cheng had thought. It might be a different story if he was no longer worrying about survival.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, these three skeletons felt at home wherever they ended up. They trained in the vicinity of the sea of bones quietly. Xiao Chen brought Keke to survey the vicinity on a daily basis to find a way. And Yan Qing Cheng also spent most of her time in this way.

Half a month passed in a flash, when Xiao Chen went to hunt for food in the mountain woods on this day, he actually encountered that stubborn and proud little dragon again. It was in the same situation as the last time he saw it, bruised from head to toe. However, there was no mortal wound this time, and that horn already grew a little, it was flickering with a milky white radiance, very mystical.

To his amazement, Xiao Chen found that this little dragon seemed to be much stronger compared to before, it seemed like this little dragon could really become more powerful with each battle. Maybe it could slowly transform and become stronger, maybe it could really become the most powerful dragon second only to the Dragon Kings.

“You tough little dragon, we meet again. You didn’t look as pitiful as the last time we met.” Xiao Chen fished out a Snow Lotus Core and gave it a piece. Keke was a bit dissatisfied this time and squeaked a few times, because the little dragon did not have a fatal wound this time, there was no need to waste the delicacy it hadn’t been able to enjoy.

The dark brown little dragon quietly swallowed the Snow Lotus Core, it didn’t leave immediately after that, it just looked at the kind-hearted human and beast before its eyes curiously. After all, it had been saved by Xiao Chen a few times, even though it was not really necessary.

“You foolish little dragon, why must you fight with others until you are in this sorry state every time? I wonder why are you so competitive. Sigh, how great would it be if you are a Dragon King, you can go to the dragon’s sacred mountain and help me steal the Ancestral Dragon Horn. Oh, forget about it, even a Dragon King might not necessarily be able to touch that thing.”

When the dark brown little dragon heard Xiao Chen said he wanted to steal the Ancestral Dragon Horn, it immediately became vigilant. It looked at him as if he was a scumbag.

Xiao Chen was amused by this little guy’s expression, this little dragon seemed to be very intelligent, it was able to understand his words. And just at this time, what made Xiao Chen baffled was that; Keke and the little dragon seemed to be squeaking and mumbling among themselves, it seemed as if they were having a conversation.

What made Xiao Chen more surprised was that; the dark brown little dragon also squeaked a few times, its voice was very young and tender, almost the same as Keke, it seemed to be replying to Keke.

Goodness gracious!

The two little guy could communicate?! Xiao Chen found it somewhat inconceivable.

Not long later, the dark brown little dragon turned around and left, it seemed to be very fast, it was indeed much stronger compared to before.

“Keke, what did you say to it just now?”

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke pointed at the direction of the sea of bones.

“You told the little dragon about the difficult situation we are facing?”

“Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter nodded its head strongly.

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During the sunset, Xiao Chen was roasting the meat in the vicinity of the sea of bones. Keke’s plump little belly finally shrank a little after so many days, it could finally enjoy the delicious food happily. Just at this time, the shadow of a little dragon appeared in the deathly still forest. The dark brown little dragon actually found them at this place and quickly appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

“Come, you tough little dragon, I will treat you to some delicious food.” Xiao Chen called out to the little dragon, but he became dumbfounded in a short while later, the tough little dragon was holding something in its mouth, it was only one meter long, and that thing extended far behind the little dragon’s body.

“What? This is impossible!” Xiao Chen shouted in surprise.


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