Chapter 56 – Breakthrough to Fifth Celestial Layer

Few of the people on the woods recognized Xiao Chen, they encircled him to inform him about this news. Xiao Chen said without thinking twice, “I refuse to battle that shameless alliance.” Xiao Chen left in a hurry, throwing off a few pursuer, and rushed all the way to the west, back to his secret training place.

Keke curled up into a snow-white pompom, and slept among the flowers and plants. The divine sproutling is rooted among the cluster of flowers right beside it, seven-colored splendor is lingering on the sproutling. It set off the laziness of the hairy Keke in contrast. The three skeletons are quietly meditating in the cave, the lotus insignia on the foreheads shine with a glorious radiance.

Xiao Chen didn’t disturb them, he is carving something by himself in the spacious and empty area of the valley. He carved the topographic map of the Dragon Island’s outer region on the ground. The Tyrannical Dragon’s territory, the Tyrant Dragon’s Beach, the Elephans Draco’s Valley, one should not provoke the vicious dragon in these area.

Soon after, he included the deathly swamp, there is an Undead Emperor within the swamp, it is also not a monster he can provoke. After that, he also included the treant’s valley, there is an old treant in the depths of that valley that already evolved into mankind. That is a being as powerful as a vicious dragon, it is not someone he can provoke.

These are the few prohibited areas at the outer region of the Dragon Island that one should not offend. And the dozens of alliances are distributed right between these areas. No one has entered the depths of the island.

Xiao Chen calmly ponder for a long time, the Dragon Island brimming with dangers and challenges, but it is also overflowing with all kinds of opportunities!

Maybe he should set off for the depths of the island, perhaps he can acquire more dragon eggs, maybe he should establish an alliance, and gather a group of experts; Maybe……

Xiao Chen fetched the crystallization of the Sweet Dew of Life that he hid in the valley, a glorious life energy circulated around his palm. The sparkling clear crystal contains an endless amount of life essence. He originally planned to keep it as a life saving item, if he used it after he sustained a serious injury, it is certain to have an abrupt effect. But now he feel that he should assimilate it as soon as possible, and heighten his own strength.

On the Dragon Island filled with dangers, only strength can determine everything!

Xiao Chen grabbed the sparkling clear crystal within his palm. When he operated the secret technique, the crystal transformed into a glorious splendor and wrapped him within. One after another resplendent life energy seeped into his body, this is the purest life energy, not a trace of impurity could be found. It fused with his body like water and milk mixing together.

Looking from a distant, his figure was submerged in the dazzling divine radiance. The glaring radiance caused the spiritual aura within the valley to fluctuate intensely. Keke was aroused from deep slumber, it curiously ran over here, and wander around Xiao Chen repeatedly. The three skeletons walked out from the distant cavern, they also got in front of Xiao Chen who was submerged in the multi colored radiance.

Since the sun sets in the west, it persisted until the entire sky is filled with glittering stars, and then it continued until the midnight. Xiao Chen’s body was continuously enveloped by the bright radiance. Keke yawned again and again, it turned its chubby little body, and curled up among the flowers and plants, it fell soundly asleep again.

The three skeletons seated around in the vicinity, and meditated quietly. They seemed to be guarding Xiao Chen.

Only until the latter half of the night did all the divine radiance outside of Xiao Chen’s body dissipated. The glittering starlight, and the moonlight is as hazy as the water.

The tremendous life energy was deprived once more, the majority of it gathered in the “Shoulder Well Acupoint” ⌈1⌋ at Xiao Chen’s left shoulder. He slowly attempted to try something, he felt the life energy really did gather in his flesh and internal organs in the beginning, so he operated the secret technique at full strength to absorb as much essence of the crystal as possible.

Only that, the speed of the secret technique become faster and faster, until he finally lost control of it. The left “Shoulder Well Acupoint” is like a bottomless pit, it automatically deprived a huge amount of life essence. In the end, most of the life essence ended up in the “Shoulder Well Acupoint”. The essence condensed into a speck of glorious radiance, the left “Shoulder Well Acupoint” had been divinized!

He can only say, the Qi-Training Technique on the ancient divine monolith is too mysterious and tyrannical!

However, a portion of the enormous life energy was still assimilated by Xiao Chen’s flesh. He clearly felt the promotion of his ability, his skin is flickering with a sparkling splendor, it felt as if his body had just went through a fortification. Every inch of his skin contained a powerful strength, and his body seemed to feel much lighter.

Xiao Chen lightly waved his hand, a dazzling radiance soared into the sky. It seems as if the radiance was linked to the starlight in the sky. The glorious sword radiance is especially bright under the night sky! He knew that he has just broken through the Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia! He has advanced a big step forward in his path of training.

Xiao Chen slowly calmed down, this is a very beneficial night, other than breaking through the Fifth Celestial Layer, the Center Palace Acupoint in his left foot, the Center Palace Acupoint in his right foot, the Shang Hill Acupoint in his chest, and the Shoulder Well Acupoint in his left shoulder, four acupuncture points have already divinized. He is looking forward to the divinization of much more acupuncture points.

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After breaking through to the Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia, and in addition of the exuberant life energy, Xiao Chen is brimming with self-confidence. On this dangerous Dragon Island, only with enough strength will they have nothing to fear! ⌈2

The morning sunshine is very gentle, Keke who had abundance of sleep woke up early in the morning. It is rolling here and there among the flowers and plants. ⌈3⌋ Its snow-white fur is flickering with a faint radiance, its pair of glittering big eyes are brimming with spiritual aura.

Only that, when the fragrance of the roasted meat started to permeate in this valley, Keke revealed a miserable expression. It used its tiny paw to rub its plump little belly while watching Xiao Chen who is currently enjoying his breakfast from a distant. Its saliva almost flow out due to the craving.

It painfully used its pair of paws to cover its glittering big eyes. After that it strives hard to bury itself among the flowers and plants, no longer looking at that golden, and glossy delicacy that make it drool with desire.

“Keke, come over here, eat a little.” Xiao Chen felt the scene was really amusing, so he teased it on purpose.

“Squeak, squeak!” Keke waved its snow-white little paws to protest fiercely.

Xiao Chen smiled, this little critter is really too amusing.

The three skeletons are meditating in a cavern nearby. After they make a breakthrough recently, they seemed to have grasped the essence of meditation. The lotus insignia on the foreheads shone brightly, the insignia is able to guide the worldly essence towards them.

After finishing up his breakfast, Xiao Chen left the valley, and go exploring by himself again.

Passing through the dense ancient forest, Xiao Chen arrived at the Dharma Alliance one more time. Atop the beautiful mountain range, the tree houses, morning sun, fresh flowers, and morning dews…… everything is in harmony.

Only that, after seeing two young monk eating a roasted goat leg, the feeling earlier disappeared in a short while.

After they saw Xiao Chen’s shocked expression, Buddhist Yizhen and Buddhist Yichi laughed heartily. Yizhen said, “The world of immortals is different from the mortal world, you should have already perceived it. Even though we are buddhist, we are not that much different from an ordinary person. In the world of immortals, we put more importance in training than our creed.”

Xiao Chen nodded, and he laughed without saying a single word.

When the two young monks washed their hands in the clear spring nearby, they gives people a transcendental feeling again. The two were hardly putting on an act, it seems like everything stem from their hearts. They are eating meat without apprehension, and openly said their creed means nothing to them, perhaps this is already some kind of meditation in itself.


  2. Selutu: Obviously a battle junkie, just stop pretending to be something else Xiao Chen! 
  3. Silva: Dangit… how can something be this cute! A smile would automatically break up on my face every time I read about this little critter. 

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