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Displaying the top 20 most viewed novels over the last 30 days.

Updated as of 12 July, 2024

  1. Demon Sword Maiden

    Category: Ecchi, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Martial Arts, Shoujo Ai, Yuri 

    Demon Sword Maiden In a thrilling tale of otherworldly dimensions, a young boy finds himself thrust into a dark and mysterious parallel world, inhabiting the body of his senior sister, Lily. On her very first day in this enigmatic realm, Lily encounters the mesmerizing night parade of a hundred demons, setting off a chain of events that will test her resilience and survival instincts. More →

    Alternative titles: Maiden of the Cursed Blade, Blade Maiden

  2. Reborn as a Transcendent

    Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Yuri

    Reborn as a Transcendence In the highly anticipated release of the first-ever VRMMO, Yeager found himself mysteriously traveled back in time. He is poised to rise to the summit and achieve the impossible. Armed with years of gaming experience and a wealth of strategic knowledge from the future, Yeager believes he can bring about the miracle of immortality. But just as the game begins, fate takes an unexpected twist as Yeager finds himself transformed into a young woman. More‌ ‌→‌

  3. Destiny Unchain Online

    Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Sci-fi

    Destiny Unchain Online In the near future, the full-dive Virtual Reality technology will be commonly utilized in daily life.

    Mitsuki Kou is enlisted by his father, the developer of the new VRMMORPG “Destiny Unchain Online,” which features a skill system that prioritizes player abilities and Player versus Player over leveling, to test a revolutionary human interface device on the game’s release day.

    However, he inexplicably finds himself transformed into a vampire girl and trapped in the game with no means of logging out. More‌ ‌→

  4. Two as One Princesses

    Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo Ai

    Two as One Princesses Just when I thought that I died, I realized that I was reincarnated inside a girl in another world.

    However, the girl has her own consciousness. In other words, I seem to be possessing the girl.

    That’s still fine. But why was the girl chained inside a prison cell? And More‌ ‌→‌

  5. My Little Master is an Otherworld Veteran

    Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender

    My Loli Master Laika Galactica was a grave criminal. The punishment imposed on him was the capital punishment of a thousand years of confinement, his mind abraded and not even granted the relief of death. He was locked in what seemed like a perpetual darkness, his flesh replaced each time it decayed.

    After spending a thousand years—enough time for an average person to go mad several times over—like that, the body he ended up with was that of… a frail little girl. More‌ ‌→‌

  6. Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom

    Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Supernatural

    Barrier Master In the Frontier County of Aulanthia of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom, there lives Princess Syltianna who is……so ugly, both in her face and in her personality. One day, Princess Syltianna, widely known with the name the Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom, is evicted by the First Queen Consort and killed in a dark forest inhabited by demon beasts. She is then saved by a passing witch, and upon her revival, she regains her memory of her previous life as a high school boy on Earth, and decides to live in the forest as the witch’s apprentice. More‌ ‌→‌

  7. The Hero King, Reincarnate to Master the Art of War

    Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender

    Hero King King Inglis, who lived for his country and people, strongly hopes that in his next life, “I want to further temper my skills as a knight.” The wish is heard by the goddess who reincarnates the king into the far future but in the form of a cute girl! Moreover More →

  8. Pupil of the Wiseman

    Category: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender

    Wiseman Sakimori Kagami plays a VRMMORPG called Ark Earth Online. He is a veteran player with the name and appearance similar to an elderly bearded wizard from a certain book about a ring.

    One day he purchases an appearance change item as a last resort to spend expiring currency and gets More‌ ‌→‌

  9. The Villainess Becomes a Commoner

    Category: Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, School Life, Slice of Life

    Villainess After getting killed, my next life is that of a rich family’s daughter who’s hated by the public!? Moreover, it’s several years in the future after I died, what’s with that? Besides, I don’t have any idea about the female lifestyle. I was a man, alright? I’m hesitant about living life in her place. But living like she would will only lead to ruin and I’m not into that. In that case, there shouldn’t be any problems with me living her life the way I do now, isn’t there? Involving both the past and the present, the curtain rises for the chaotic struggles of the replaced young lady. More‌ ‌→‌

  10. Dragon Princess

    Category: Comedy, Gender Bender, Harem, Fantasy, School Life, Yuri

    Dragon Princess We, Aristides Castro G Morris Brooklyn Washington Napoleon George I, are the lord of this empire. Our demise art the result of saving our people from impending disaster. In order to award us for our glorious achievement, the goddess hast granted us the chance at rebirth. However… why did we More‌ ‌→

  11. Sword, Tiara and High Heels

    Category: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender

    High Heels
    The kingdom’s hero, Orthus (♂), dies in battle after failing to fulfil a promise he made to protect the kingdom for the rest of his life. When he wakes up, he finds that he has been reincarnated as Seretina, the duke’s daughter!

    Even though she’s a lovely, beautiful girl, she’s still the same and determined to become a knight to protect her country in this life. However, besides being sickly and fragile, she is also faced with the harsh fate of a lady. She has to learn manners from her horrible mother, marry a man she doesn’t want to marry, and many other challenges that will keep her from becoming a knight. More‌ ‌→‌

  12. Alchemist Startover

    Category: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Psychological, Shoujo-Ai

    Alchemist Startover Once an orphan turned street child, and later almost killed by a foster father, the genius alchemist Glass Dimelia had walked a life of misfortune. Ravaged by illness at a young age, Glass devoted himself to his final research in a desperate bid to defy death, only to be sentenced to execution by a Kamut, the agent of the goddess, for touching the forbidden. More‌ ‌→‌

  13. Greetings, Automata Maid

    Category: Fantasy, Gender Bender

    Automata Maid After being reborn as a female automaton in another world, I hide my past life, working as a maid for the sorcerer that created me. My new life was sometimes difficult, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes I questioned my own worth, not being a human anymore, or an actual living being for that matter. More‌ ‌→

  14. I Was Killed by My Classmates and Became God’s Gofer

    Category: Fantasy, Gender Bender

    God's Gofer Makoto is summoned to another world with his classmates and gains the skill Contract. Realizing quickly that he had gained this skill, he made a contract with the king to ensure the safety of his classmates in case the Kingdom of Flaus, the kingdom that summoned his classmates as heroes, had some nefarious plans for them. However, his classmates, who are unaware of his true skills, begin to bully him for taking the liberty of doing so. More →

  15. Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream

    Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo

    Vampire Princess I-, who was suppose to die in an accident, awakened as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turned out that I together with my entire pet, assets, and territory from within the game had been transferred into a different world similar to that game. More‌ ‌→‌

  16. Extrovert Lovers

    Category: Girls Love (GL), Romance, Yuri

    Extrovert Lovers I was asked to become lovers in this timeline too. But I don’t remember the past one. One day, Amakawa Iroha, who had fled home, found herself sheltered by her extrovert classmate, Inadzuki Misora.

    A month later, Iroha expressed her desire to repay Misora for letting her stay for free. Misora responded, “Then I want you to recall the memories of us being lovers in the previous timeline.” More‌ ‌→‌

  17. Levelmaker

    Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Slice of Life

    Levelmaker The second year high school student and RPG enthusiast, Joujou Ayumu has an accident because of carelessness and dies before confessing his feelings to his childhood friend. However, thanks to the compassion of Jizou, the guardian deity for children in his neighborhood, he is sent to another world – Anazumu.

    He tempers his heart and starts raising his level, fighting monsters, obtaining many powerful skills… crafting things… and becoming a woman______! More‌ ‌→

  18. Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter

    Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life, Yuri

    Hero's Daughter One of the six people called heroes, Reid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead. After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby. Moreover, as a daughter of his former companions. In order to regain his More‌ ‌→

    Status: Completed.

  19. Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation

    Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life

    Another World Reincarnation Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down the sides of a cliff. But the impact from the accident awoken her memories from a past life. More →

    Status: Completely Translated.

  20. Strongest Swordman’s Re:START

    Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender

    Re:START A swordsman hailed as the strongest has reached his end, and was reborn as an elven girl.

    This is the story of the swordsman only knowing how to kill in his past life aiming to be the best healer as a girl.

    In the final battle against a monstrous entity with his teammates, the strongest swordsman, the Hero’s mentor and the only one in their party incapable of magic yet the most skilled with the sword, sacrificed his life to end the battle once and for all. Reincarnated as an elf girl, the strongest swordsman decided to live a different life from his blood-stained past and pursue the magic that he has never used before. More‌ ‌→‌

    Status: Completely Translated.

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