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Chapter 71 – Den of Vicious Beast

Seeing Keke act like this, Xiao Chen also felt a bit sour, the three skeletons squatted around the little critter. In their eyes, the way the reckless little devil acted was very strange.

“Wuwu……” As if Keke had been wounded, it curled into a snow-white pompom and started to whimper.

Xiao Chen may treat his enemy as cold as steel, but he was still sincere to the people around him. Even though Keke was a little critter, they had spent a long time together, he had already thought of it as a fantastic “child”.

“Keke, don’t be scared……” Xiao Chen crouched down, and pulled Keke into his embrace.

As if Keke had found something to rely on, it sobbed incessantly, and buried its head deep within Xiao Chen’s embrace. It appeared as miserable as the first time Xiao Chen saw this little critter, resembling a child that had been abandoned.

“Clack! Clack……!” The three skeletons looked at each other in dismay, they were always wary of this little critter, but the scene before their eyes made them incomparably astounded.

Xiao Chen attempted to inquire over and over again, after spending a great amount of time, he could more or less figure out what was going on. Keke seemed like an “abandoned child”. It knew that it was born from here, but it had never met its parent before. As soon as the pitiful thing was born, it climbed down the divine tree and lost its way in the mountains. After that, it wandered to the border zone of the island.

And today it had found its way back, but it never thought it still wouldn’t be able to see its parent at this place. This made the little critter, with abundance of emotion, to feel very disappointed, that’s why it felt so wronged.

“Keke, don’t be disappointed……” Xiao Chen smiled, and said, “I am the same as you, I can never be together with my family again. We will be a family from now on. You are one valiant little monster, you must not feel aggrieved like this, you must be strong.”


Xiao Chen’s words immediately changed Keke’s mood as expected, it furiously brandished its little paws, baring its fangs and claws to threaten Xiao Chen. Apparently, it was very dissatisfied to be addressed as a “little monster”. Xiao Chen found this method to be very effective, it immediately shifted Keke’s attention.

“Let’s go and take a look at the nest of the little monster, and also the origin of the divine sapling.” Xiao Chen carried Keke, and wandered around the broken tree with the three skeletons.

Keke furiously jumped down from Xiao Chen’s body, then it happily ran towards the heart of the broken tree like a wild colt. It really was a child, it recovered from its disappointment so quickly.

The surface of the broken Heavenly Tree was incomparably flat and smooth. Xiao Chen was shocked to discover that there were some shattered eggshells in the heart of the stump. It was as crystal clear as seven-colored divine jade, a faint multicolored radiance was lingering on the eggshells.

Keke was a little reluctant to leave and mischievously rolled around the broken jade-like shell. Xiao Chen couldn’t help but open his mouth widely in shock, Keke was actually born from a divine jade-like colored egg!

Keke looked like a little lion, and also somewhat like a little tiger, it was covered in a snow-white fur that was as bright as jade from top to bottom. No matter how you see it, the little critter doesn’t seem like it was born from a colored egg. It would make sense if it was covered in scales from head to toe, but the fact really isn’t so.

It has such an impressive origin! Xiao Chen believed Keke’s origin wouldn’t be so simple. It might be the descendant of some super powerful monster. Otherwise how could it be born in a nest full of dragons and ancient beasts around! The roar of dragons and beasts kept resounding in the vicinity.

Keke who was rolling around the broken jade-like shell suddenly recalled something. It took off the “treasured tree” from its head, and planted it beside the broken shell. The divine sapling immediately rooted itself on the surface of the black jade-like stump.

“Are you telling me, the divine sproutling was excavated from here?” Xiao Chen looked at Keke in awe.

Keke nodded its head strongly, its big glittering eyes blinked a few times.

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The Heavenly Tree was already dried up and dead, the divine sproutling was unable to draw out any life energy from it. Xiao Chen was immediately dumbfounded when he saw the divine sproutling, this…… divine sproutling was born from the stump, it was as if the spring had comes upon a withered tree, it seemed to have evolved and entered a different stage of Nirvana. This divine sapling seemed like a different tree species from the ancient Heavenly Tree! This is a genuine divine tree not only in name, but also in reality, no wonder it did not die even after it had been uprooted.

However, the sapling was a little unfortunate, it became the “ration” of this abandoned child in the end. After Keke was born, it survived by sucking the energy from these jade leaves. After roughly understanding everything, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but heave a sigh, could it be that Keke’s parents deliberately left this “ration” behind for it?

A mysterious little beast, it most likely wouldn’t be much weaker than those legendary Syndicate Dragon King. Xiao Chen thought of that kind of thing.

“Hehe……” Keke was rolling back and forth between the broken shell. It seemed like it had completely got over its disappointment, it giggled in a cheerful mood like it always did in the past.

“Time to get up, don’t roll around anymore.” Xiao Chen pulled Keke up from the ground, then he gathered the pile of colored shells in the same place, and said, “This is your identification, I will keep them for you.” He tore a piece of cloth, and wrapped the eggshell within before he attached the cloth to his back.

“Roar……” The powerful dragon roar caused the mountain ridge in the vicinity to shake. High up in the sky, the burst of sound wave was especially great, they could clearly feel the quiver in the stream of air.

“Let’s go over there and take a look.”

The dragon roar came from the mountain range in the East, Xiao Chen and the gang walked over on the surface of the ancient Heavenly Tree’s stump. When they arrived at the edge, they surveyed the scene from an elevated position.

A few huge monsters with scales all over their body, flickering with hazy divine radiance, are currently moving about at the mountain range in a not so distant place. They are only a few hundred meter apart from one another, but they didn’t get into a strive, this is a very abnormal scene. Those are but a few vicious dragons! They are normally very tyrannical and won’t let other ancient beasts enter their territory.

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked, he already saw that greenish Tyrannical Dragon clearly, its huge draconic body could extend up to fifty meter long, the indistinct green divine radiance made it appear especially terrifying.

Not far away from the green Tyrannical Dragon, there was a huge monster just as big. Its imposing demeanour was not inferior to the Tyrannical Dragon, as if it was made out of brass, it was flickering with a light yellow radiance from head to toe.

It looked exactly like a mighty lion, but it couldn’t be a lion, it was covered in dragon scales that were flickering with yellow radiance from head to toe. Its lion head was very fierce, the pair of blue eyes were as imposing as the will-o’-wisp. Its “lion’s mane” was completely made up of huge bony outgrowths!

Four of its thick and powerful claws were like four huge pillars, each one required seven to eight people to wrap their arms around it. From its entire body, except for the glittering yellow scales, and that crocodile-like giant tail, this vicious dragon looked exactly like a gigantic lion.

Xiao Chen recognized it at a single glance, that was the legendary Monarch Lion Dragon, it was absolutely not weaker than the Tyrannical Dragon. It was uncommon even among the powerful dragon race.

The Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon were very close to one another, but they actually did not start a strive. What made people even more amazed was that there was still another powerful dragon nearby. A Saber Dragon that looked like a green jade mountain was standing on an elevated position, and roaring while facing the sky.


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