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Chapter 66 – Cannot be Stopped

Yizhen and Yichi took a quick glance at each other, Xiao Chen is really daring, they admire this kind of person. Buddhist Yizhen faced him, and said, “Including Lande, there are three people who are not dispatched from the Undying Alliance. But you have to be careful, the Phantom Alliance and Throwing Knife Alliance which are on good terms with them, are stationed near the Undying Alliance.”

After pressing on for more details, Xiao Chen found out the Phantom Alliance was founded by a Psychic named Carlos. His innate ability is a secretive and unpredictable Illusion Technique. It is hard to differentiate what is real and what is not, it is impossible to defend effectively. According to Buddhist Yizhen, Carlos is very powerful, he is one of the well-known figure in the West. Perhaps not much youngster on the Dragon Island can match up to him.

As for the founder of the Throwing Knife Alliance, Wharton, his background is just as great. He is actually the successor of the legendary figure, Li Xunhuan. Who have never heard of Li Xunhuan, who doesn’t know of him? Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, never missed a target throughout his entire life. In the end, he shattered the space with his throwing knife, and entered the world of immortals, leaving behind a legend for all eternity.

Even in the world of immortals, it is hard to imagine anyone capable of evading Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. According to legend, when he just entered the world of immortals, he shocked the world by eliminating an esteemed god with his throwing knife! As the successor of Li Xunhuan, no practitioners dare to treat Wharton lightly. After all, Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger never missed the target, he had terrified several generations of practitioners!

Xiao Chen knitted his brows, and think aloud, “Carlos, the founder of Phantom Alliance, a talented Psychic. Wharton, successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, it is impossible to guard against it.”

Buddhist Yichi suddenly recalled something important, and said, “Strangely, all traces of Carlos and Wharton have disappeared for the past few days.”

The three suddenly thought of something at the same time, Buddhist Yizhen said, “Don’t move around rashly, I will send some people to probe around.”

Two hours later, Buddhist Yizhen received the news, Carlos and Wharton had indeed disappeared for a few days.

“Hey, maybe they are together with Yan Qing Cheng.” Xiao Chen sneered coldly, and said, “They really regard me too highly!”

“Don’t act rashly, I will send some people to find out more.” Buddhist Yizhen once more send someone from Dharma Alliance to investigate.

When the night fell, they finally received some definite news, someone saw Carlos and Wharton brought some people along with them, and entered the same mountain range together with the Undying Alliance.

“They really wanted to eliminate me by acting together!” Xiao Chen stood in front of the window of a tree house, looking at the remaining sunshine of the setting sun. Then he said, “If that is the case, I also don’t need to be humble, since they have already set out simultaneously, then I will dispose of their remaining troops!”

“Don’t be impatient, maybe Carlos and Wharton were only going after the Syndicate Dragon King. Your rash action might induce more enemy upon yourself.” Yizhen advised against it.

“I know what to do, the Undying Alliance will surely come to find me, I don’t like to wait till the last moment to retaliate. If the remaining members of the Phantom Alliance and Throwing Knife Alliance did not get involved, then I wouldn’t go find trouble for them either. If they did, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Xiao Chen is very decisive, especially regarding this kind of life and death matter, he will never show his enemy any mercy.

~Nightfall, a vast sky full of stars~

The sea of forest is still as chaotic as before, the howl of all kinds of monsters are rising and falling in succession within the mountain woods. There are even some unknown giant monsters causing the earth to shake while they chased after their prey. One after another bloody scene is laid out in the mountain woods.

Xiao Chen brought the three skeletons into the ancient forest and quietly moved along, they entered the mountain range without catching the attention of numerous alliances. After that they discovered the traces of the Undying Alliance.

A few black clouds were slowly floating over here, the starlight was blocked off, the ancient forest sink into darkness. Seems like there will be a heavy rain tonight. And just at this time, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons already arrived at the Undying Alliance’s location.

“Rumble, rumble!”

The lightning fell from the sky, streaking across the darkness, lighting up the night sky. Xiao Chen took large strides forward, he waved the substitute sword in his hand, the dazzling sword aura immediately illuminated the mountainous region while also simultaneously reflecting off of the lightning. The huge sword aura instantly cut the tree house ahead into half!

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“Who the hell?!”

Two humanoid figures quickly rushed out, Xiao Chen gazed at them coldly. He didn’t find Lande’s figure among them, he took large strides and searched in the vicinity. He left the two practitioners to the three skeletons that are about to breakthrough to the Third Celestial Layer of Exuvia.

“You are…… Somebody help!” The two members of the Undying Alliance felt extremely terrified. They never thought the fiendish star would come and find them himself. They shouted in terror, hoping the Phantom Alliance and Throwing Knife Alliance would come and help them.

The cry alarmed the alliances in the vicinity, quite a few people are surveying the scene from a distant place. Among the Phantom Alliance and Throwing Knife Alliance, some members who stayed behind rushed over here at lightning speed.

“Argh……!” The miserable shriek was transmitted through a long distance in the night. Even if the sound of thunder echoes from time to time, it is also hard to conceal the scream.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang are already close to the boundary of Exuvia Third Celestial Layer, killing two members of the Undying Alliance who are at best, the Second Celestial Layer of Exuvia, is as easy as stealing candy from an infant. In a short period of time, they directly rip one of the practitioners into half.

“Rumble, rumble!”

The lightning danced wildly, the electric light make the three skeletons seemed even paler in contrast, many people could clearly see their figures from a distant place. The deathly pale skeletons, in addition to the miserable shriek, were incomparably terrifying!

The lightning flickered, heavy rain started to fall.

When the members of Phantom Alliance and Throwing Knife Alliance ⌈1⌋ arrived on the scene, the pouring rain make it hard to cover up the stench of blood. Under the illumination of the wildly brandishing lightning, they can see two corpses that had been ripped apart under the foot of the three snow-white skeletons. The blood mixed with the rain water, staining the ground red. And not far away…… there is a tall and straight demonic figure behind them!

Xiao Chen suddenly turned around, and said with an incomparably cold voice, “You guys want to eliminate me?!” His right hand is like a blade, the moment he waved it forward, the bright sword aura seemed as if it had fused with the lightning in the sky. Under the glaring rays of light, the entire mountain woods started to tremble! Xiao Chen is like a death god!




The miserable shriek echoes constantly, Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, it is unstoppable, it cannot be stopped!

Under the dark rainy night, under the flashes of lightning and heavy rain, Xiao Chen’s tall and straight figures had been deeply carved in the hearts of all the onlookers. This is a one-sided massacre!

After that, Xiao Chen walked over to the Phantom Alliance with large strides. The terrifying sword aura had fused with the lightning in the sky, Xiao Chen seemed like a demon god under the rainy night! The sword light flashed, everywhere it passed through, the mountain trees would collapse and lie flat on the ground, the tree house would break into pieces, and blood would burst forth. After that, he headed towards the Throwing Knife Alliance, with as much murderous aura as before, the light of blood spurted everywhere!

This dark rainy night is filled with the pungent smell of blood, even the rain water cannot erase the smell. This piece of mountain range is pervaded by the stench of blood, one could even smell it at a distance from here. Many alliances are in the vicinity, there are many onlookers, the demonic figure that appeared under the flashes of the lightning left an indelible impression in their heart.

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Under this rainy night, the Undying Alliance, Phantom Alliance, and the Throwing Knife Alliance are annihilated!


  1. Silva: The author really is drunk, not only did he mistook Yan Qing Cheng as Zhao Lin Er in the previous chapter, and now he mistook the Throwing Knife Alliance as The Avenger XD
    Chanayh: Well…. he may make a mistake, but someone(the editor of the raw that you find) corrected it. 
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