Chapter 165 – An Eye for an Eye

Three never seen before Dragon Kings!

They were just like Tenax, not only was the ancestral dragon head so obvious at first glance, even the ancestral dragon tail had already transformed. Just what was going on?

They obviously only brought eleven Dragon Kings back from the dragon island. In addition to Tenax who evolved later on, there should only be twelve of them in total. Just where did the three of them suddenly pop out from?

Xiao Chen had doubts in his heart, but he quickly understood what was going on. Legend said that a few ancient dragons might be living in the deepest part of the south. They were able to escape from being sealed on the dragon island. They were the kings of the dragons!

From the look of it, the legend might be true. Regardless of whether those kings were still alive, they had definitely left their bloodline behind. Moreover, it was a very noble bloodline.

The origin of these three dragon kings was really too big. In some kind of sense, their background was even greater than those young Dragon Kings from the dragon island.

The moment Xiao Chen thought of these, he wanted to keep this secret for himself. It was hard to understand if one didn’t go through a series of events. Just two valuable young sacred beasts could cause the practitioners to kill one another. Let alone these three Dragon Kings.

That line of thought was good, but it was not easy to be put into practice. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the enmity coming from the three Dragon Kings. The powerful dragon-qi caused the beasts in the vicinity to be scared stiff. The entire mountain woods turned extremely quiet.

The three little Dragon Kings growled at Keke and Tenax. They exposed a deep hostility and battle intent. After that, the three of them took a quick look at each other with hostility and then separated into three different directions and rushed into the primitive forest. Their speed could be said to be as fast as lightning as they left behind three afterimages in the forest. They disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.

It seemed like they were only ordered to see the two little beasts off. As they left without a hint of reluctance.

Although he felt a bit regretful, Xiao Chen also didn’t have any other choice. The origin of the three Dragon Kings was too extraordinary, he didn’t want to try his luck.

At last, Xiao Chen could roughly guess who was it that took away Keke and Tenax.

Keke and Tenax did not care about the departure of the three Dragon Kings. On the contrary, they were looking towards a certain direction unceasingly.

The snow-white little critter was very cute. It seemed to have lingering fears as it pulled its neck back. It was rare for it to expose a scared expression as it stealthily looked backwards. It was very obvious that the two of them had been taught a lesson. Tenax also wore a peculiar expression as it turned its head around from time to time. It seemed like they knew someone was watching them attentively.

Recalling the black gale, that huge beastly figure, and those glittering black scales, Xiao Chen was well aware of what it was. He didn’t ask them anything. He didn’t want to be meddlesome. He just brought the two little beasts and quickly left this place. Only until they walked for a hundred miles did the two little beasts finally relax and reinstate their former attitudes.

The sacred beast’s intuition was the keenest. Through this, Xiao Chen knew that the existence that couldn’t be provoked behind them was really gone now.

“Just what was going on?” Only now did Xiao Chen ask them.

Keke immediately squeaked and gesticulated, it seemed very excited.

Xiao Chen spent a long time to understand. The little critter’s interpretation was very interesting. According to its line of thought, that was a big demon, a super big demon king!

It was a little unclear though, when Keke moved its hands and feet to describe, it felt like that that was an evil existence that could give rise to a calamity.

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Tenax was also behaving strangely. It seemed to be pondering. No matter what Xiao Chen asked, it remained silent.

There was no other choice, Xiao Chen could only find out the circumstances from Keke. In the end, the information he got was a little shocking.

The snow-white little critter told him that the super big demon king was very powerful. The demon king had threatened it several times these past two days. It had also lectured Tenax once. According to the snow-white little critter, that was a hateful big *******.

Keke angrily recounted the grievances and gestured unceasingly.

The big demon king could fly. It had brought them to a very distant location where they entered a forest that was emitting multicolored radiance. That place had a lot of spiritual items that made the snow-white little crittle drool. After that, they met the three Dragon Kings there and a fierce battle broke out between them.

Keke did not hold back and sealed the three Dragon Kings. As a result, it was restrained by the big demon king. And on the other side, Tenax had a desperate fight with the three Dragon Kings. In the end, the four little dragons were on the verge of dying, but they were healed by the big demon king with an “unfathomable” method.

Afterwards the big demon king ruthlessly taught the five little beasts a lesson before he sent the two little beasts back. Moreover, he made the three Dragon Kings see them off.

Half a day later, Xiao Chen brought the two little beasts back to the divine temple. He had previously found the Suiren Gimlet at this place. This was a very shocking discovery so Xiao Chen decided to return to this place and search every nook carefully.

But the two little beasts were not interested in this. Very soon, they charged into the primitive forest respectively. Tenax went to find monsters to battle while Keke went to look for spiritual items.

The breeze brushed past lightly. A “rustling” sound was transmitted from the primitive forest. Xiao Chen couldn’t find any new discovery on the divine isle so he went to the ruins on the ground and searched carefully.

Just at this time, his keen spiritual sense caught an ice-cold killing intent. Without making any sound, a human figure appeared beside the ruins like a specter. His entire person appeared faintly discernible like a shadow. He stood there and looked at Xiao Chen quietly.

At the same time, a peculiar aura was transmitted from the sky and a dusky fog drifted over. A human figure was hidden within the fog, floating in the sky. Only the ice-cold glint in his eyes passed through the gray fog and coldly stared at Xiao Chen.

In that instant, a murderous aura rushed forth from the forest. Two human figures covered by a hazy green radiance slowly walked over. Four people trapped Xiao Chen in the middle of the ruins.

A powerful pressure enveloped him in a split second. Xiao Chen turned pale with fright. This was a very terrifying aura, some kind of “domain” had already covered this space and suppressed him!

It was as if his body was being bound. He was unable to unfold the Undying Divine Wings and soar to the sky. He was trapped in a domain.

A cold sweat flowed down. Xiao Chen knew that he had run into some experts. The four of them were out of the ordinary. They actually worked together and laid out a “domain” to seal off this space. This kind of power was beyond him. At the very least, he didn’t have this kind of ability.


A ray of death was launched from that drizzling fog in the sky. It was as swift as the lightning. Without waiting for Xiao Chen to make any movements, that ray of death ruthlessly sent him flying. Traces of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. He was wounded with a single hit.

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It was very obvious that the power of the Psychic in the sky far surpassed his. They were not someone he could take on!

The three on the ground had already closed in around him. The person in the shadow was illusory and couldn’t be seen clearly. The other two had green-qi lingering around their whole body, making it just as hard to see their real visage.

The person in the shadows waved their palm and hacked at Xiao Chen. The spiritual energy in the sky seemed to be sucked dry. After that, all of them launched towards Xiao Chen.


The tyrannical power was omnipresent, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to dodge. It sent him flying and made him cough out a big mouthful of blood. He got up from the ground slowly and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. Xiao Chen coldly swept his eyes at the four persons and said, “Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

“You deserve to die!” The person in the dusky fog said coldly.

“We will take care of you slowly.” The two persons with green-qi lingering on their bodies advanced simultaneously. They made their move at the same time. Two green radiance crossed together as they were launched towards Xiao Chen.

Although he couldn’t fly and was trapped in this special domain, Xiao Chen could still move to some extent. Just like jumping up from a swamp, Xiao Chen dodged that attack with some difficulty and at the same time, he executed the Death Blow of the four major techniques. A glaring brilliance was launched immediately.

However, in front of absolute strength, even the most exquisite secret art was unable to do anything. The enemy’s power was far greater than Xiao Chen’s. The crossing green radiance immediately sent Xiao Chen flying and he coughed out a big mouthful of blood again. Xiao Chen felt that his inner organs were destroyed. He was feeling acute pain all over.

The four of them far surpassed him. It seemed like they had no intention of ending his life immediately.

With four powerful experts making their move on him, Xiao Chen was unable to resist at all. The four of them were definitely at the level of Historia. Killing him was not that hard.

That person who was hiding in the shadows all along was really like a specter. His movements were so quiet. He suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Chen like a ghost and grabbed his long hair. After that, Xiao Chen was sent flying with the palm of the hand.


Absolute humiliation!

Xiao Chen felt his blood boiling. Not only was his body injured, he was also being oppressed by others like this. It made him want to let out a roar.

The person in the drizzling grey fog had an ice-cold glint in his eyes that was as sharp as the sword. With a flash, that person’s figure appeared in front of Xiao Chen like a lightning and sent a drop kick.

Although Xiao Chen spared no effort to dodge and attacked with the Chaotic Patterns, he was still unable to resist. A powerful spiritual power was protecting that person’s right leg. It broke through Xiao Chen’s resistance in an instant and ruthlessly sent him flying.

The two on the ground with green light radiating all over their bodies moved again at the same time. They ruthlessly stepped on Xiao Chen’s body simultaneously.

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Two crunchy sounds reverberated. They snapped Xiao Chen’s arms with a powerful stamp.

It was an undisguised humiliation. The opponent could definitely kill him easily, and yet, they insisted on tormenting him slowly.

The gap was really too big!

Xiao Chen knew these four persons were really too powerful. They were definitely not on the same level as him. At the very least, they must be an expert of the Historia realm. Killing him was a piece of cake.

They were definitely not persons of the same age. Even if those in the youth generations were exceptionally gifted, it was impossible for them to defeat him this effortlessly.

Four Historia realm experts, it was hard to guess their true identities. They made Xiao Chen get caught up in a critical circumstance.


The person in the shadows stepped forward like a ghost and ruthlessly kicked Xiao Chen’s breastbone. The power of the “domain” was like a swamp as it trapped the seriously hurt Xiao Chen. It made him unable to muster any strength to resist and dodge.

As if they could hear the sound of the breastbone breaking, Xiao Chen was kicked high up into the sky. A bunch of blood splattered everywhere in the sky.


Xiao Chen felt threatened by death. He was feeling extremely angry. This lost was only because of the gap in their age. It was because the others were one generation older than him. They had trained much longer than him. Therefore, their strength far surpassed his. However, there was nothing he could do.

The person in the dusky fog landed on the ground and joined up with the other three on the ground. Then they pressed on towards Xiao Chen all at once.

Four pairs of eyes emitted an ice-gold glint. The sound of sneering reverberated in the ruins.

“I am already a dead person in your eyes. There’s no need to hide anymore. Can you guys let me see your true identities? At least let me die while knowing what I did wrong.” Xiao Chen stood up and looked at them calmly.

“Who do you think you are? You are not fit to see our real visage. You know full well what you did!” The person in the shadows took a step forward and ruthlessly sent Xiao Chen — who was under the influence of a more powerful “domain” — flying with a kick. After that, with one step covering seven to eight meters, that person ruthlessly stamped on Xiao Chen’s arm.


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The sound of snapping bone could be heard.

Carrying on, the two persons shrouded in green radiance stepped forward together and lifted Xiao Chen up. They made their move at the same time and with two “snaps”, Xiao Chen’s shoulder blades were broken. It made his two arms droop down powerlessly.

“Boy, us killing you would be as easy as killing a tick!” The two of them ruthlessly sent him flying with a slap on the face.

Xiao Chen coughed out a big mouthful of blood, then he sneered, “So you guys are from the scums’ families. You must have come to avenge your disappointing scions! Those scums are really hopeless. If I didn’t guess wrongly, you guys are more than forty years old and still, your ability until now is only at the level of Historia. And you have the face to brag in front of me?! If you guys were twenty years younger, about the same age as me, even the four of you together wouldn’t be fit for me to raise my finger!”

“Shut your mouth!” That Psychic who landed on the ground protected his body with a light barrier and rushed over with the speed of lightning. He ruthlessly grabbed Xiao Chen’s long hair. And then, with a knee to the face, Xiao Chen was sent flying, while blood was spraying from his mouth and nose.

“The four of you are merely mixed fish. Your total age combined would be more than several hundred years already. And yet, the four of you can only handle a younger generation like me by acting together. You guys will never become a real expert in your lifetime. You can only do this kind of shady things in the dark.” Although Xiao Chen was getting wounded unceasingly, his eyes had an undisguised contempt. All of this was only to stall for time, to make the four torment him due to wrath and not kill him immediately.


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