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Chapter 127 – The Undying Patriarch

Traversing for more than ten miles in the dense woodland, they avoided a lot of practitioners along the way, and finally arrived at the Undying Faction’s strategic location. They only saw the mist lingering ahead of them, the hazy luxuriant mountain was indeed a goblet of spiritual energy.

Moving on, the place was filled with fragrance of flowers and birdsong, the waterfall was surging and plunging down the mountain, it was as if they had entered the immortal’s paradise.

Xiao Chen was very excited, this was definitely a holy land. The Undying Faction’s ancestor, the Demon King, had left an epic legend behind in the mortal world, he was a really glorious and world-shattering figure. While he was still in the mortal world, he had never thought he would be able to associate with the Demon King ever. After all, that was a figure from a legend hundreds and thousands of years ago. It was too far away for him to even think about it, but now he had actually arrived at the Undying Faction’s strategic location.

Was the outstanding Demon King really living in this place?

“Is the Demon King here? Do you guys see him often?” Xiao Chen asked one of the disciple beside him, which immediately made the disciple’s face turn dark and looked at him a few times strangely, but he didn’t answer his question.

“Are you still holding a grudge? It was not me who tossed you into the ocean, it was this snow-white little critter.” Such unperturbed words made that disciple even more irritated. He ignored Xiao Chen and immediately pulled three meter apart after turning his body around.

Walking into the mountain of immortals with beautiful scenery, there were white apes hopping around happily, a herd of aged deer holding fruits in their mouth, and there were even transcendental cranes gliding through the sky. The clear spring tinkled and the halls were standing in between the mountains and rivers. And lastly, the hazy magic breath; this place was really a pure land of ultimate bliss.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen saw two huge monsters flying in circle in the sky of this pure land. It was actually two black Winged Dragons, their body length was about seventeen to eighteen meter, the dragon wings could stretch up to thirty meter long. Their dragon scales all over their body were flickering with glorious radiance. Their pair of wings gave rise to a strong wind that blew the milky white mist away.

“Buddy, why do you guys have Winged Dragons here?” Xiao Chen was quite shocked.

One of the Undying Disciple looked at him happily and said, “These black dragons are the gatekeeper our seventh patriarch subdued.”

“What an imposing sect, to actually subdue this kind of ferocious Winged Dragons as gatekeeper, this is too amazing! These are demigods!”

At the main gate, Xiao Chen even saw a three-headed huge monster, its body was about ten meter long, adorned with black armor from head to toe, its shape was similar to that of a tiger. The beast just crouched over there quietly, it looked really ferocious. Without a doubt, this vicious beast must be a gatekeeper.

“Alas, junior sister, you finally come back safe and sound, I was so worried about you all these time.” A rather handsome young man brought a group of people to receive them at the main gate. It looked like he was an important figure. When that man swept his glance past Xiao Chen by chance, his eyes lit up.

“Qing Cheng greets senior brother Qinyi.”

“Why is junior sister treating me like an outsider, hehe, come with me to go and see the patriarch, that old man has been waiting for you for a long time. Later senior brother will hold a welcoming dinner for you to celebrate your safe return.” Qinyi said these with a smile, then he turned his head to look at the black tough little dragon and continued, “Is this a Dragon King subdued by junior sister?”

“No, that dragon was subdued by Xiao Chen.”

“Oh, we should have a good talk later with brother Xiao.” Only now did Qinyi formally turned around to face Xiao Chen.

“Very well.” Xiao Chen responded casually.

Not long after walking into this heavenly paradise, Yan Qing Cheng went to see the Undying Faction’s patriarch. Other than the second senior brother, the rest of the disciple seemed to be fearful of Qinyi.

Xiao Chen was arranged to stay at a guest house close to a green bamboo forest. After waiting for almost an hour, someone came to invite Xiao Chen, the patriarch from the Undying Faction wanted to see him. The three skeletons and two little beasts did not follow him, Xiao Chen made them stay at this place quietly.

He saw Qinyi again on the way, although the other side was greeting him with a smile, Xiao Chen’s intuition told him this Qinyi didn’t seem like a very friendly guy.

“Brother Xiao has become my junior sister’s vessel for practicing Obliterate Demon Absolute God?” Qinyi asked while on the move.

“That’s right, Miss Qing Cheng and I just happened to get caught up in this situation.”

“Oh, that’s very strange, I see that Brother Xiao seems to be much stronger than my junior sister, why would she make this kind of decision?” Speaking until here, Qinyi revealed a smile to Xiao Chen and continued, “Generally speaking, most people would choose their antagonist as a vessel for Obliterate Demon Absolute God, this way they can make a breakthrough from their former realm as quickly as possible, is there a discord between brother Xiao and my junior sister?”

Although his speech was very calm, it contained a hint of concern. But there was a deeper meaning behind those words, the provoking words just now also possessed a warning behind it.

“Is that so, was there always such a weird tradition to practice this Obliterate Demon Absolute God?” Xiao Chen smiled and continued, “But Miss Qing Cheng and I are best friend that had been through many trials and tribulations, we were only able to survive on the dragon island because we helped each other out. She said she chose me as the vessel because she believes in me, because even if she failed, she wouldn’t have to worry about being controlled by me. That is because she knows I won’t do harm to her.”

Qinyi maintained his smile and said, “Many thanks to brother Xiao for taking care of my junior sister. Otherwise the patriarch will be very broken-hearted if something happened to my junior sister. The patriarch is especially fond of her, the reason we dispatched her this time was so that she could sharpen her skills, she will be entrusted with heavy responsibility in the future, she might even become the next patriarch.”

“Is that so, I didn’t know your faction’s patriarch is that fond of miss Qing Cheng.”

The two conversed as they walked, it could even be said to be “talking nonsense”.

“What is brother Xiao’s plan for the future?” Qinyi smiled as he asked.

“I didn’t have anything planned, if your patriarch don’t mind, I am thinking of troubling you for a while longer and spend more time with miss Qing Cheng.” Xiao Chen replied without a shred of shame.

Qinyi’s face twitched involuntarily, but he quickly recovered. Xiao Chen snickered; Keep acting youngster, keep acting, let’s see how long will you be able to keep your composure.

Because Xiao Chen’s power far surpassed Yan Qing Cheng, by the time Yan Qing Cheng begin to formally practice Obliterate Demon Absolute God, her relationship with Xiao Chen will inevitably be inseparably close. It could be said that unless a miracle occurred, she will be completely under Xiao Chen’s control.

Qinyi calmed down a little, he smiled and said, “Brother Xiao shouldn’t think too much, the patriarch is very fond of junior sister, she might take over a high position in the future. Anyone who want to become the Undying Faction’s patriarch must not get too close with foreign practitioners.”

“This is such a bad news, I really admire miss Qing Cheng, the both of us have mutual feeling, but I don’t wish Qing Cheng renouncing her position as the patriarch because of me.” Xiao Chen was really shameless, he said this so naturally and seriously. Qinyi was burning up after hearing these, he really wanted to have a few round with Xiao Chen, but as the young expert of the Undying Faction, he must not be rude to the guest.

Xiao Chen did not know the disciples at the side were taking note of his words and the gossips would reach Yan Qing Cheng’s ears so quickly.

Not long later they arrived in front of a grand hall, Qinyi stopped and let the other female disciple lead Xiao Chen into the hall.

The interior grand hall was very quiet, the smoke from burning incense rose in spirals, a white-haired old man was sitting in the grand hall. His face was full of wrinkles, he seemed to be around seventy to eighty years old. The feeling he gave people was very bizarre, the old man was obviously sitting there, and yet Xiao Chen was unable to detect him. As if he was just a thin air, the old man sitting there didn’t seem to exist in the same space.

An expert, he was definitely an expert! As the Undying Faction’s patriarch, he must be at least a demigod.

“So, you are Xiao Chen?”

“Yes, greetings to senior.” Although Xiao Chen was not interested in some of the Undying Faction’s disciple, he still possessed a bit of reverence for this old man.

“It was you who killed junior brother Wang Hao?” The Undying Faction’s patriarch got straight to the point and directly asked this question.

“Er……” Xiao Chen suddenly blanked out, this matter couldn’t be avoided, everyone on the divine ship had seen him put an end to Wang Hao’s life with the God Slayer at that time. Although it was only possible because Wang Hao’s movements had been sealed by Keke, Xiao Chen clearly felt how powerful Wang Hao was. Despite how he was of the same generation as the old man before Xiao Chen’s eyes, the differences between them were as different as sky and earth, it was absolutely impossible to compare them.

Xiao Chen immediately began to talk about the event on dragon island, he had already discussed these with Yan Qing Cheng on the Sovereign King Ship, their reports must be identical.

When Xiao Chen and the Undying Faction’s patriarch were chatting, Yan Qing Cheng ran over to the grand hall while feeling bashful and angry at the same time. She already learned about the thing Xiao Chen and Qinyi were discussing. Many of the other disciples also heard about it, they were whispering that Xiao Chen might become the Undying Faction’s son-in-law.

“Junior sister, he is lying right?”

“Very well, since he was making irresponsible remarks, we will take care of him for you.”

“Too hateful, he actually dare to ruin junior sister’s reputation, we will teach him a lesson.”

Some male disciples were feeling upset, Qinyi’s face was also very ugly. It was obvious that he had a pretty high status among the younger generation of the sect, nobody dared to make any noise near him.

On the other hand, many female disciples were watching the show from the sidelines. Not only did Yan Qing Cheng get pampered by the older generation experts on usual days, she was also surrounded by many male disciples. It was a rare sight to see her get bullied.

Within the grand hall, the patriarch asked Xiao Chen many questions. After that, the castle hall became very quiet, it remained like that for a very long time. After at least a quarter of an hour later, the Undying Faction’s patriarch finally opened his mouth and asked, “A lot of people returned from the dragon island in one piece, I got a secret report not long ago, you had treated Qing Cheng as a slave on the dragon island once, was there really such a thing?”

Speaking until here, the old man was no longer illusory, as if he had passed through the space and emerged, as if his real body had just arrived at the main hall. A completely overwhelming pressure pressed down on Xiao Chen momentarily, it almost caused him to have a nervous breakdown.

“Thee only know the first, but not know the second, for the sake of survival, miss Qing Cheng and I were compelled to put on a show to give the others the misconception that we were enemies. We wanted to let them think miss Qing Cheng had lost her power.”

The patriarch of the Undying Faction gazed at Xiao Chen tenaciously for a really long time, the radiance in his eyes almost materialized, as if they were two swords that penetrated Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness. Xiao Chen already broke out in sweat all over in a brief moment and almost collapsed from dehydration.

However, he still resisted the urge to collapse in the end, he’d rather break down than confessing the truth. Otherwise he might suffer a tragic death. Just at this moment, Xiao Chen profoundly felt that having a powerful patriarch behind the faction was really too important.

When that pressure faded away, Xiao Chen almost fell down. What made him surprised was that, he saw the Undying Faction’s patriarch as if he really entered another space and made his own body situated in an illusory state. His entire person was like a specter.

“Let’s go, I will go and see just what kind of creature was that snow-white little critter.”

Hearing the Undying Faction’s patriarch said these, Xiao Chen suddenly blanked out, Keke had actually attracted this incomprehensible elder’s attention. Who knows if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

It seemed like he had noticed Xiao Chen’s concern, the old man said softly, “I don’t have any malice, I only received the secret report not long ago. That little critter of yours is not a Dragon King, and yet it was not second after the Dragon King, I want to see what kind of creature it really is.”

When Xiao Chen walked out of the grand hall, he saw a lot of Undying disciples already surrounded the place. The majority of them had a smile, and some male disciple were glaring at him. Yan Qing Cheng even stopped him with a rather ugly expression.

“Xiao Chen, you……” Yan Qing Cheng quickly retracted her words, the other disciples also retreated to both sides respectfully without delay. That was because they saw the patriarch was coming out from behind, he was faintly discernible like the clouds and mist.

The Undying patriarch casted a few glance at everyone indifferently, and then he walked forward, Xiao Chen followed closely behind later, but first he said to Yan Qing Cheng, “Miss Qing Cheng, I will go find you later.” Then he said to everyone, “I will see everybody a while later.”

Everyone was stunned, some people even clenched their fists, but they didn’t dare to say much in the presence of the patriarch.

Xiao Chen and the Undying Faction’s patriarch quickly arrived at the bamboo residence, the tough little dragon and Keke rushed over. The Undying patriarch’s eyes immediately emitted two rays of divine light as soon as he saw the two little beasts. He stared at them without batting an eye.

The two little beasts seemed to have felt a powerful pressure, they immediately stood at the opposite side of the Undying Faction’s patriarch.

“These two little beasts are rather strange.” The Undying Faction’s patriarch muttered to himself.

“Roar……” It seemed to have felt how formidable was the patriarch of the Undying Faction, the tough little dragon let out a bellow towards him. It seemed like it wanted to have a decisive battle, which caused the old man to smile faintly and said, “Although it is not a Dragon King, it has the quality of one.”

On the other hand, Keke moved its big eyes and revolved around the old man, it seemed to be very curious as to why the old man was looking at them like that.

“This snow-white little critter is really strange, I need to check some ancient text to be able to verify its identity.”

Just at this time, the three skeletons walked out, they were wearing the demon’s casted off skin and looked monstrously thin, but when the Undying patriarch looked at their appearance clearly, he face turned pale with fright. He was more excited compared to when he saw the two little beasts, he muttered, “This…… How is this possible?!” ⌈1


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