Chapter 61 – Divine Tree Infiltrate the Body

Xiao Chen looked at her quietly, he didn’t say a single word. Two glints of divine light emitted from within Yan Qing Cheng’s pupils. An incomparably powerful pressure charge over here at high-speed, this power originated from the spirit, it clashed with Xiao Chen’s powerful soul. This is a clash between two souls, this is a confrontation between Spiritual Powers.

The forest trees between the two were like ice under the scorching sun, they melted at lightning speed.


Their soul power retreated as smoothly as the tide, Xiao Chen was looking a bit pale. After all, he just had a big battle a moment ago, he is not in his peak state to engage in another fight.

Yan Qing Cheng started to talk, “Since all kinds of rules are already set up on the Dragon Island, we will do everything in accordance with the rules. From tomorrow onwards, we will play a game, if you can survive after ten days of continuous assault from the Undying Alliance, I will forget about all our previous grudges.”

Xiao Chen knew she already learn about the death of Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue, Even though the relationship between the apprentices is like water and fire, they are still from the same faction. Their senior brother and sister had been killed, this problem involves their school’s dignity.

As soon as she finish what she wants to say, Yan Qing Cheng fluttered gracefully, and disappeared within the woods.

A game of hide and seek, to hell with it! Xiao Chen quickly returned to his own hiding place.

The first thing Xiao Chen did when he returned to his dwelling was to borrow the treasured tree from Keke. The little critter couldn’t care less and threw it towards him, Xiao Chen let the treasured tree take root in a woodland. He sat in front of the treasured tree, and began to operate the secret technique to absorb the spiritual aura of the treasured tree, quickly recovering his own strength.

For who knows how long later, when Xiao Chen opened his pair of eyes, he discovered to his surprise that the divine tree is missing! He could vaguely feel something is not right around his chest. Xiao Chen was gobsmacked when he inspected his internal organs, the divine sproutling actually mysteriously entered his body! It emitted a glorious bright radiance within his body, it didn’t have any conflict with his internal organs.

The Shang Hill Acupoint at the left foot, and the right foot, the Center Palace Acupoint at the chest, and the left Shoulder Well Acupoint, it seems like there is a light energy linking the four divinized acupuncture points and divine tree together. Apparently, they have formed some kind of subtle equilibrium in between them, the worldly energy is being sucked into his body unceasingly.

Xiao Chen had already recovered his strength, but now he felt fear and trepidation in the face of disaster. After all, a sproutling had just entered his body! However, when he started to feel nervous and stopped operating the secret technique, the divine sproutling actually exited from his body, and rooted itself on the ground.

Too miraculous!

Xiao Chen was very astonished.

Tonight, no matter how many times he tried again, he did not successfully draw the divine tree into his body.

After a few big battle, it is time to time to lay low and start training. Xiao Chen decided to enter the depths of the Dragon Island to train, perhaps he might come across some stroke of luck, such as acquiring some dragon eggs. He treated Yan Qing Cheng’s words like wind past his ears. The next morning, he begin his new journey with the three skeletons, Keke also followed them lazily.

The beautiful Yan Qing Cheng had a really sour expression, she was actually ditched by others. Xiao Chen didn’t take her words seriously at all, he already disappeared for three days.

Yan Qing Cheng stood in front of a waterfall, she revealed a faint smile. After that she walked in front of an alliance member, and gave him some instruction. Soon after she also left the waterfall, and begin to put everything into order.

On this day, a lot of alliance already learn about the “Hide and Seek” game between Xiao Chen and the Undying Alliance. It last for one month, everything was set up by Yan Qing Cheng, some people testify that this is all real. One can easily see Yan Qing Cheng’s influence from this, she forged all the deception and completely legalized this game.

At the moment, Xiao Chen already entered the depths of the island, but he didn’t reach the heart yet. The Dragon Island is extremely vast, on the way he saw plenty of exotic birds and monsters, he even discovered twenty plus Sacred Dragon, and all of them came from a different breed! He ran into danger many times, and encountered even more terrifying monsters.

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At this time, he still didn’t know that Yan Qing Cheng had led a group of people to chase after him.

On the fourth morning, the mist is lingering on the woods, it was covering the mountain forest like a layer of translucent silk. Along with the rise of the sun, the vapor-like mist was like a multicolored cloud, it actually radiated an extraordinary splendor.

However, this kind of beautiful scenery did not last for long, the glittering mist dissipated slowly along with the light breeze.

A new day is about to begin, under the morning sun, hundreds of birds are singing in the woods. The fresh fragrance of flowers and plants filled the air, this place seemed exceptionally auspicious and peaceful at first sight. However, Xiao Chen knew that great dangers are lurking around in the endless mountain forest. Many unknown monsters could appear at any given time.

After enjoying the sumptuous breakfast, Xiao Chen started his journey again, heading towards the heart of the island.

In the afternoon, Xiao Chen discovered a river in the mountain forest. He advanced towards the depths of the island by going along with the river. After advancing for approximately ten miles, there are more and more ancient trees on both side of the shores. Each tree requires seven to eight people to wrap their arm around it. The further he went, the more ancient the trees are.

After advancing for a few miles, the course of the river changed direction, Xiao Chen still continued forging ahead. The ancient trees reached great heights, at this place, each ancient tree requires more than ten people to wrap their arm around it. They are not inferior in any aspects when compared with those ancient trees in the treant’s valley.

This is an exuberant green ocean, Xiao Chen reckon that he should be getting close to the heart of the Dragon Island.

Keke curiously sized up the condition of its immediate surrounding. Its pair of glittering big eyes blinked unceasingly, the three skeletons also seemed to have felt something. They became very uneasy since entering this region.

Xiao Chen also sensed something is not right a long time ago, this forest area is very abnormal, this place is full of tall ancient trees, it is a sea of forest as far as the eyes can see. But not a single bird and beast roam around this area, this place is very quiet, deathly quiet. There is not even a trace of wind!

The deathly still ancient tree, each and every one of them are a millennium old. After advancing for roughly ten miles, Xiao Chen felt as if they almost reached the exit. Sure enough, advancing for not more than one miles later, they walked out from the sea of forest.

When he saw the scene right before him, Xiao Chen was immediately dumbstruck!

In front of his vision is a sea of white bones, human skeletons without arms and legs, ten meter long dried up bones of giant birds, fifty to sixty meter long dragon bones, the skeletal remains resembled the pure white snow as far as the eyes can see. This seemed like an ancient battlefield that was kept in good condition! In the depths of the sea of bones, a huge and majestic stone monolith stood there, with belt-shaped black cloud lingering around……

What make people most astonished is not only limited to these, on the west side of the boundless sea of bones, there is actually a big snow mountain. The snowflakes are dancing in the breeze, the mountain is covered by a haze. There is actually a snow mountain on this tropical island, this is really too unbelievable.


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