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Chapter 140 – Transcendental Beauty

The Moonflower Castle occupied too much space, it was practically a temple in heaven. Carvings of dragons and phoenixes lined up at both sides of the marble steps, all the way from that golden entrance to the main street. This was definitely not allowed in the mortal world. Only the imperial household could make use of dragon and phoenix marble steps.

The glazed roof tile and golden door were gleaming with luster. The magnificent castle was unusually imposing, but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Outside of the golden door, sixteen good-looking girls were standing on both sides of the marble steps. In each side were lined eight girls. Their attitudes could even be said to have nothing in common. Some were passionate and busty, others were sweet and attractive, there were also some cute and charming ones. It was extremely alluring, each of them had their own merits.

“Hehe…… How about it?” The fatty smiled complacently and said, “These are only the little ones used for entertaining the customer. The real beauties are in the castle.”

The marble passage and golden door made those lovely young ladies even more beautiful and seductive in contrast. It truly deserved to be called the highest quality brothel as the fatty had said.

Xiao Chen secretly clicked his tongue and followed the fatty into the castle. The inside could be said to be richly ornamented, the gold and jade were glorious in splendor. It was not something the red light districts on the mortal world could compare to. This was entirely built with the imperial castle in mind.

The fatty already passed that tomcat to his subordinates. And those subordinates automatically stopped outside of the main hall. They didn’t follow them into the castle, it seemed like people of their status were not allowed to enter.

Within the castle, huge flower vases were lined up in front of the screens. ⌈1⌋ The surfaces of the flower vases were smooth and crystal clear. There were even some very rare pictures of celebrities hanging on the walls. The clients did not make any noise, the sound of moaning couldn’t be heard, this didn’t seem like a brothel at all.

“So it was actually Lord Zhuge who had graced us with your presence.” A beautiful lady around the age of twenty five or twenty six came to greet them. She didn’t have the bewitching smile commonly found on prostitutes. It was the kind of light smile that made one feel comfortable. Her red lips, white teeth, and glittering eyes were very pleasing.

Even in the mortal world, Xiao Chen had never went to the red light district before. He could be said to have lived his life cleanly. However, he had also heard of a few things regarding the red light district. Was this the rumored brothel keeper? But she didn’t look like one no matter how he looked at her. She didn’t have that kind of seductive charm, her image was more like that of a sweet-tempered and talented girl.

“Shirley! Long time no see. You still remember me? Little brother missed you so much.” Zhuge Liang’s pair of eyes immediately lit up.

“How can I forget about Lord Zhuge, you are one of our esteemed clients.” Her smile contained a hint of flattery. It caused the fatty’s stout body to shudder. He couldn’t help but take two steps forward. It seemed like he wanted to take one more step, but he still endured it in the end. He seemed somewhat apprehensive as he chuckled and said, “Shirley, you sure know how to talk. With my social status, I can only come a few times annually. Every client here is from some renowned family or another, I do not deserve to be called an esteemed client.”

“Hehe, Lord Zhuge is too modest. Everyone knows about Zhuge Liang from the Amber Warbeast Castle; a pair of discerning eyes, the most capable huntsman. In a short few years, you have already found more than ten extraordinary warbeasts. You are the star of Celestial City.”

The fatty started to chuckle, clearly feeling very cheerful.

“Lord Zhuge, you still haven’t introduced this friend of yours to me.”

“My bad, my bad. He is Xiao Chen, a practitioner with unlimited potential. He even has the financial backing of a rare warbeast.” The fatty chuckled and introduced to Xiao Chen, “This is one of the eight most beautiful flowers in the Moonflower Castle, Lady Shirley. She is a famous person in Celestial City.”

Hearing the few words, “rare warbeast”, lady Shirley was clearly excited, but that peculiar expression disappeared quickly. She smiled lightly and said, “Greetings to Lord Xiao. Lord Xiao seems like a character of strength, one look is all I need to see that you’re a talented person. I’m sure your name will spread all over Celestial City in the future.”

“Greetings to miss Shirley.” Xiao Chen was very calm, but he was secretly observing this girl. That was because when she just entered the room, her expression changed slightly when she looked at Xiao Chen. Could it be that she had heard of him before? Xiao Chen became wary of her.

Shirley stared at Tenax with her clear eyes. The astonishment in her eyes was hard to cover up, she seemed to be very amazed and said, “This must be that rare warbeast you were talking about. Although I don’t understand too much about warbeasts, I have heard of many things. Based on this basis, I have a feeling that if this little beast is nurtured properly, its name will definitely shake the entire world sooner or later. Congratulations in advance, Lord Xiao.”

“Then can we please ask of lady Shirley to compromise, and allow us to go in with the little beasts?”

“No problem. If it was anyone else, I would definitely not allow it. Warbeasts are not allowed in the Moonflower Castle, but just this time, I will make an exception for both of you. After all, such a rare warbeast should be kept beside you.” Soon after, she smiled gently and said, “Please come in, I will no longer waste your valuable time.”

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There were many halls in the Moonflower Castle, each occupied a wide area. After passing through this hall, Xiao Chen and company were led to the back. The halls in the courtyard were linked by the hallway. Little bridge was built above the running water. The pavilion was filled with mountains of flowers, it could be said to be refined yet beautiful.

“Was that courtesan just now the brothel keeper?” Xiao Chen asked the fatty in a low voice.

Zhuge Liang jolted for a moment. He looked at the pretty girl who was leading the way before he said to Xiao Chen with a voice only the two of them could hear, “Mother f——! Lower your voice buddy! It’s fine as long as you know, but if they hear what you said, they might peel off our skin! The power behind them is quite big. This Moonflower Castle is definitely powerful enough to stand side by side with a few warbeast castles.

For a brothel to actually be this large-scale, Xiao Chen was seriously a little shocked. Looking at the fatty’s apprehensive appearance, it was easy to tell that this “Flower Castle” not only looked imposing on the outside, even the power inside must be one that not many people dared to provoke.

“Oh, I understand. I can already tell, that courtesan was indeed out of the ordinary. No matter how I looked at her, she didn’t look like a prostitute. Her image was more like that of a talented beauty than a brothel keeper.”

It seemed like the pure girl who was leading the way in front heard these words, she turned around to cast a glance at Xiao Chen.

When the fatty heard these, he hastily grabbed Xiao Chen’s hand and said in a low voice, “I say brother, stop speaking nonsense! This is not the kind of brothel you think it is. The courtesans here have really high status, they normally don’t meet with just any clients and only exchange a few words with the esteemed guests. You mustn’t provoke them, they will never sell themselves short. Only the area behind here is the real brothel.”

After passing through four halls in total, Xiao Chen and company finally came to a stop. They could already hear the sound of singing and dancing at this place, and yet they were still unable to hear the sound of moaning.

Someone came to receive them in the big hall. A beautiful girl using a tray to hold up a booklet arrived in front of them. She said with a melodious voice, “Please choose your courtesan.”

The fatty was startled and asked, “We can choose today?”

“That’s right, courtesan Shirley has instructed us to properly entertain the two lords.” The girl was only fifteen to sixteen years old, she was at a delicate age. The girl was sizing up the two of them curiously.

“Brother, we sure have good luck today.” The fatty smiled and explained to Xiao Chen, “There are ten big gardens in the Moonflower Castle. Normally, it is the girls in the gardens who choose the person they want to meet, not the other way around. Only those first class clients get the privilege to choose.” ⌈2

Xiao Chen found it a little hard to understand. Why was the root and branch inverted? How did they do business like this? Was it because the men who came to this place were cheap? It was actually them who got picked by the courtesan instead. He felt that it was too absurd. Who was the one that got to enjoy in the end?

As if he could see Xiao Chen’s dissatisfaction, the fatty smiled and said, “Even if we don’t get the right to choose, the girls here will not let the clients leave disappointed. Otherwise how would they dare to do this.” Soon after, he lowered his voice, “No matter what kind of business, as long as they can make it to the top, they will have this kind of boldness and vision. Of course, they will ultimately guarantee the client’s satisfaction.”

“Did the lords make up their minds?”

The fatty flipped the beauties list, and then he said, “Then I will choose the ⌈Intoxicating House⌋ from the ⌈Rose Garden⌋.”

Following a crooked lane that lead to an isolated place, they passed through two castle halls. The fragrance of flowers ahead was thick and penetrated deeply into their hearts. There was a small stream and the flowers were colorful and lovely. Naturally, the one that bloomed the most abundant was still the rose. The fragrance from hundreds of flowers lingered in the rose garden.

The fatty explained to Xiao Chen, “There are ten big gardens in the Moonflower Castle. Each garden has a few bedrooms or women’s chambers. The one I chose is the Intoxicating House of the rose garden. I have already heard one of the girls there is delicate and charming, the other one is lucid and elegant. They are a rare ice and fire pair. Definitely the two queens of this rose garden.”

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The quality was so carefully selected, Xiao Chen was extremely amazed. This place was really out of ordinary.

“Please enter.” A cunning voice rang out from beside them. Xiao Chen turned around just to see a youngster with red lips and white teeth. However, that voice really left a bad impression, it was too sissy.

The fatty Zhuge Liang laughed secretly and explained in a low voice, “This is the court eunuch of the rose garden. He can walk around the garden, but cannot enter the ⌈bedroom⌋ or ⌈chamber⌋.”

Xiao Chen felt a little dizzy, they even had a court eunuch. This…… was completely built according to the standards of the imperial castle.

There were three halls in the rose garden, namely; Intoxicating House, Thousand Sweets Chamber, and Graceful Chamber. Although there were a limited number of courtesans, the expenditure was really high. A single bedroom or chamber could cost an ordinary people up to half a year of their living expenses.

Walking past the quiet flower garden with dwarf bamboos growing alongside the road, they arrived in front of the entrance to the Intoxicating House. The court eunuch stopped and did not continue forward. The bluish-green curtain was spread open by the two servant girls at both sides as they invited Xiao Chen and company into the house.

It was already nighttime. Regardless of the garden or within the house, the bewitching rose lamps were already lit up.

With regards to the two who brought along two little beasts, the servant girls were very curious and kept sizing them up.

“Please enter the art hall.” The servant girls led the way in front.

The fatty started to explain again, “The art hall is the place where we can appreciate art in the Intoxicating House. After that, we will go to the bed chamber. Hehe…… Let us go drink and appreciate some art first.”

When Xiao Chen and the fatty stepped into the splendid and magnificent hall, a jingling sound rang out. It was a gentle and beautiful sound, as if it was the sound of nine fairies descending.

“Your enchanting beauty has intoxicated the mortal realm.
When the spring breeze blows, the willows sway,
Bravery is short-lived while a woman’s love is everlasting,
My will to fight has wavered……” ⌈3

The musical notes from the lute entered their ears. At the same time, a bewitching song started to play.

A faint fragrance was drifting in the castle hall. It was as enticing as the sweet smell of orchids. On top of the classical stage, there was an elegant girl with black hair that flowed like a waterfall and pupils like that of water. She was brimming with wisdom and single-mindedly devoted to playing the lute. Without any trace of carelessness, there was only the flowery rhythm of the verse.

“This is the Intoxicating House’s lady Lyria.” The fatty introduced in a low voice. At the same time, he chuckled and said, “How about it? This trip is worth it, right? This kind of girl is usually kept hidden from the public eyes, there’s no way we can see her on ordinary days.”

Xiao Chen lamented, this kind of girl was indeed hard to see. If she was put elsewhere, nobody would be able to tell she was a courtesan. She looked like a girl from a wealthy family, a princess that was raised in a noble house. However, from what the fatty was saying, Lyria was merely one of the queen of flowers in the rose garden of Moonflower Castle. One couldn’t help but feel shocked and exclaim in admiration.

The fragrance drifted into the hall as a figure came out from behind the screen with graceful dance steps. Her three sizes were well proportioned. She was so beautiful that it made one feel dizzy. Her figure was as pretty as a picture. Her fiery long hair fluttered about like the passionate flame. Her beautiful face was incomparably sweet and charming. Her pair of eyes were so clear, as if they could start talking any time. Her exquisite nose stood out. She was licking her moist red lips with her tongue, it could even be said to be extremely lovely. Her snow-white neck was like jade, and her boobies stood upright. Her waist was thin and curvy, and her buttocks were perfectly round. She had long and slender legs.

This was definitely an alluring woman. She wore a black fishnet style skintight dress, which exposed most of her snow-white skin. Her exquisite curves were clearly outlined, a white scarf was draped over her shoulders and fluttered along with her dance steps. It made her flicker with unlimited youthfulness and vitality.

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Her fiery long hair and snow-white skin, when paired with the black fishnet style skintight dress and the fluffy white scarf, it gave people an intense visual impact.

“This is Carmina. Just like Lyria, she is the queen of the rose garden.”

She was really as passionate and bold as fire. The complete opposite of Lyria.

While the musical notes of the lute were playing, Lyria was also sizing up the two clients with her beautiful and intelligent eyes. Her jade-like fingers were skipping on the string like the fairies, it was gentle and coordinated. Words failed to describe how spectacular it was.

While Carmina’s dance grew bolder and more passionate, her graceful, delicate body had already danced over. She twirled around Xiao Chen and the fatty like an exquisite butterfly.

The music and dance from the queens of flowers could already be considered the best treatment, there was no need for any flowery words. This was already enough to intoxicate a man.

Xiao Chen could already tell; Carmina should be a practitioner, and a pretty powerful one to boot. Otherwise it was impossible for her sweet and charming body to be this flexible. Dancing around in circle, Carmina had already got beside Xiao Chen. She twisted her hands around Xiao Chen’s body and made a very daring action; she lightly pecked Xiao Chen’s earlobe. Her body was incomparably hot, and carrying with it, a hint of fragrance. Her hands twisted around Xiao Chen like a vine. The eyes of the fatty, who was just at the side, already widened. He gulped down the saliva with difficulty.


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