Chapter 88 – The Terrifying Ghost Town

Even though they were very far away, it seemed like the dragons could hear what they were saying. The divine rays fell beside them unceasingly, as if they were intentionally driving them into the city.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Chen already got beside Lunhui Wang, and joined the three skeletons to look at the warriors in the ghost town. It was deathly silent, both sides seemed to find themselves in a very subtle situation.

The rain of blood swirled in the air, those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors were giving off an ancient aura. It seemed like they had already lived for countless years, they seemed like the reformation of the ancient figures in present age.

The glaring divine ray pierced through the bloody curtains, targeting the inner city gate. Xiao Chen didn’t have any other choice, and finally took the last step. The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors in the city already stopped their drill a long time ago. They stood there like one after another huge tombstone as they looked at Xiao Chen with their cold gaze.

One step, two steps, three steps……

Xiao Chen entered the ancient city!

The dragon’s attack could no longer do anything to him. Those ancient Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors did not attack him. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen also entered along with him. Rowena’s facial expression was very pale, she detained Yan Qing Cheng and followed behind the rest. The three skeletons cautiously got beside Xiao Chen.

The eyes of the Yin Warriors were incomparably eerie, they lifted the ancient metal spear in their hands simultaneously. Rowena turned deathly pale immediately, but the Yin Warrior did not attack, and continued their drill under the rain of blood. This made the few people let out a long sigh immediately.

They did not dare to enter too deep into the ghost town. They only stood near the city gate quietly. If not for the bombardment of the dragons outside, they wouldn’t even think of hiding here.

At a distant place, those practitioners that were still alive saw a few people hiding in the safety of the ghost town. All those people began to rush over there. The dragons also didn’t make things difficult for them, they intentionally gave them a way to survive. They wanted to force everyone into the ancient city to find a path for them.

There were merely a hundred plus survivors in the ghost town, the rest had been completely annihilated by the dragon’s bombardment. And just at this time, the dragon’s berserk attack actually changed from the sea of bones to the ghost town. One after another divine rays rammed on the city wall, many light beams that were launched beyond the city wall spread out.

Everyone was caught up in the attack once more. Just at this time, the hundreds of Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors near the city gate lifted the ancient lance and metal spear in their hands. One after another, they faced the light beams that descended from the sky.

Those rusty looking and damaged ancient weapons actually resisted most of the divine rays. Those divine rays were unable to injure these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors, but these warriors also exhausted their strength. Their steps were unsteady, and their body swayed unceasingly.

Xiao Chen’s keen intuition detected the ancient city emitting a bewitching radiance, the bizarre black radiance blocked most of the dragon’ magic attack. Otherwise, even these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors wouldn’t be able to truly block the dragon’s divine ability.

The ghost town is really mysterious and terrifying! That might explain why the dragons dare not approach this place.

“Fo……” ⌈1

A long drawn out “Fo” suddenly resounded, it gave people an unfathomable feeling. Above the city gate, Buddha’s Aureola soared into the sky. The splendid radiance sprinkled across the land as far as the eyes could see. The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors hastily retreated. The radiance was precisely emitted by Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.

That huge Eternal Wheel kept quivering on the ancient city wall unceasingly. The invisible sound wave was like a stormy sea surging up violently. It actually caused everyone to push on to the depths of the ancient city’s street. And except for Buddhist Yizhen, none were able to stay near the city gate. Even those several hundreds of Celestial Warriors and Yin Warrior had no choice but to brandish their ancient weapons, and head towards the rear.


Another “Fo” resounded. The Buddhist’s Aureole surrounded Buddhist Yizhen. Buddhist Yizhen whose monk cloth was dyed red by blood appeared very solemn at the moment. He sat cross-legged, and clapped both hands together. In contrast to the sorrowful looks before him, he is very calm and content right now, his gracefulness is out of the world.

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Within the Buddhist’s Aureole, Buddhist Yizhen slowly floated up. He was actually sitting on empty air. One huge Buddhist image actually appeared at his surroundings, that unfathomable aura was precisely emitted by that faintly discernible Buddhist image.

Looking from a distant, Buddhist Yizhen was sitting on the huge palm of the old Buddha. Even though his monk cloth had already been stained by blood, his entire person seemed so ethereal as if Buddha had really been reborn. The auspicious and merciful aura spread over a large area.

“Amituofo……” Buddhist Yizhen chanted in a low voice. It seemed like he was enlightened with the perfect wisdom. His entire person seems to have changed, he could only be described as out-of-this-world at this moment. It seemed like he has forgotten the sadness he once felt, forgotten the death of his senior brother, he is very calm and undisturbed right now.

He quietly sat on the hollow of Buddha’s palm, and muttered difficult to understand ancient scriptures. He closed his eyes and sunk into some kind of special meditation zone. At the distant, everyone was envious of Buddhist Yizhen’s luck. Without a doubt, he was helped by Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.

Nobody knew how much benefits did Buddhist Yizhen get from this, but it was the legendary Buddha’s gift, even those people with immortality would be very excited to receive it!

Far away, those thunderous roar of the dragons momentarily calmed down due to the sacred light of Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. However, the thunderous roar shook the sky again after a short while, one after another dragon magic bombarded the inner ghost town from all direction.

Even though the black radiance had already enveloped the sky of the ghost town, many divine rays still passed through. All the Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors lifted their ancient weapons to resist.

Except the place where Buddhist Yizhen was, the other practitioners were painstakingly trying to dodge. They were actually forced into this kind of mysterious yet terrifying ancient city. They seriously had no room to advance or to retreat.

Xiao Chen was the first to go along the ancient streets, and headed towards the depths of the ancient city. Even his countenance would change in the face of the dragon’s divine spell. Even though the spell were weakened by the black radiance produced by the ancient city, it was still not something Xiao Chen and the rest could ward off.

Lawrence and rest followed Xiao Chen along the ancient street. Yan Qing Cheng was very cooperative at the moment, she did not resist at all, and followed the others along with Rowena.Their only hope for survival was to get away from the battlefield near the city gate.

The people at the back also ran towards the other end of the street after a slight hesitation. If they were one step slower, they would have fell under the spells of the dragons. Those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors also retreated, but they still didn’t attack the others, they were like stone statues without emotion.

Only, many practitioners gradually started to feel uneasy, because they saw a lot of white bones on the street! Could these people be the same as them, and died a mysterious death after bursting into the city? However, everyone has no way out, they could only wait quietly in the depths of the ancient city. Quietly wait for everything to calm down.

However, the situation did not turn for the better. On the contrary, it became even more severe. The dragon roars were gradually approaching, the roars caused the heaven to fall and the earth to rend. Many of the weaker practitioners couldn’t bear it anymore, their face were incomparably pale. They could see enormous figures of dragons in the sky over the sea of bones. They are currently outside of the ghost town, the intimidating pressure was like a furious ocean surging up. Some even penetrated the ancient city’s black radiance, causing everyone to be caught up in a perilous situation.

The dragons seemed like they wanted to destroy this ghost town, even if they were fearful of it. They didn’t dare to descend towards the ground, but the magic attack descended from every direction.

Just at this time, all the practitioners scattered like ants. Each of them ran towards the empty streets and alleys of the ghost town, they couldn’t care less anymore. Regardless of whether there was any dangers in the city, it is more important to avoid getting killed by the dragons right now.

The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors also couldn’t ward off the attacks anymore, they waved their rusty ancient weapons, and retreated towards the depths of the ancient city. The ghost town was brimming with baleful aura, the watery blood flowed unceasingly on the streets. In addition to those white bones on the ground, it was seriously like the hell on earth.


A miserable shriek resounded from the depths of an alley. It was a very sorrowful shriek, as if the person had received a great shock before he died. It was not very far from Xiao Chen and Lawrence’s party.

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“What’s going on, that place was not attacked by the dragon’s magic attack right?” Rowena’s voice was trembling.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence did not say a single word, they went into the ancient alley together. The surrounding buildings were like the city wall, only god knows what kind of material they were made out of. Their colors resembled the dark red of dried up blood. And yet they were flickering with bizarre black radiance.

The alley became narrower as they move on. They quickly reached a dead-end. The miserable shriek just now came from within a normal-looking residence, there’s still some lingering sound. However, there was another more notable sound.

“Skeech! Skeech……!”

Relying on their intuition, they felt that was a gnawing sound. It seemed like the sound of tearing one’s flesh apart with the teeth. They didn’t know what kind of creature was it, nor do they want to know under this kind of circumstances. Rowena’s face was deathly pale, she exerted her strength to cover her mouth. Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they chose to fall back, and left this residence that caused one’s hair to stand on end.

The ghost town was indeed not a benevolent land, it was filled with unknown dangers!


The miserable shrieks once more resounded from not far away, and not only from a single location. When Xiao Chen and the gang arrived at the scene, they discovered it all came from those former residence. The former residences flickering with black radiance were densely packed on both sides of the street. Some are grand and magnificent, while others are in terrible condition. The arrangement is pretty similar to any ordinary city.

The miserable shrieks were transmitted from within the former residences. Clearly, many practitioners decided to hide in the former residences after seeing how the dragon’s magic spell couldn’t destroy the building. They never thought they’d actually die within the building. Up until now, no people knew how they died.

However, Xiao Chen and the rest had already heard the gnawing sound from a few former residences. Clearly, something terrifying was devouring the practitioners within the former residence. This was a very terrifying thing, all those who entered the ancient city could be regarded as some of the most well-known figures, and yet they ended up becoming other people’s food……

“Clank! Clank!”

“Clink! Clank!”

In the depths of the ancient street, the sound of clashing metal could be heard. Xiao Chen and the rest saw two Psychics controlling divine swords made out of spiritual energy in the sky, and killing each other mutually. Under this kind of circumstances, they were still fighting. One could see the enmity between them was not simple.

After a miserable shriek, one Psychic was cut in half, and fell from the sky. The other Psychic flew towards a different direction. That two section of corpse fell in front of a big residence. “Creak…!” That tall bloody red door opened slightly.

Xiao Chen clearly saw two specks of eerie green light in the darkness. That was a sinister yet frightening pair of pupils. As soon as a burst of chilly wind brushed past, the two section of corpse in front of the blood-red door disappeared. After that, the door close with a “Bang!”. From behind the door, the gnawing sound could be heard.

This was a terrifying scene Xiao Chen and the rest saw with their own eyes. Even though they didn’t see what kind of creature it was, it was enough to make them feel astonished. It seemed like there was a terrifying person, beast, or perhaps a ghost residing in each former residence.

“What was that?” The beauty queen Yan Qing Cheng also couldn’t help but feel a little fearful. She stared at the bloody red door without blinking her beautiful eyes.

Rowena was “responsible and diligent”, she reeducate Yan Qing Cheng by saying, “Why don’t you worry about yourself first.”

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The dragons’ attack were getting wilder, some of them already flew overhead the ghost town, and shot down one after another divine rays unceasingly. Some Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors were already annihilated by them. However, it seemed like the dragons did not launch an all-out attack yet. Judging from their attacking style, it seemed like they were still probing around.

The practitioners were inevitably caught up in this disaster, some more people died an unnatural death.

Xiao Chen and the rest kept using the buildings on the street as shelters. Not long later, they saw two powerful experts mutually killing each other on the main road. One mysterious man with his entire body shrouded in black fog is currently engaging in a fierce battle with a girl shrouded by seven-colored radiance. Their battle is very extraordinary.

The divine sword in the man’s hand swept from all eight directions in a single breath. He possessed this disdainful look out of the corner of his eyes, and had an air of overbearing supremacy. The space was twisted due to a wave of his sword, it formed a special “domain” at his surrounding. He seemed like an overlord within that domain.

And the girl shrouded by seven-colored radiance was just as mystical. The hazy radiance that enveloped the space was so outstanding, even the mysterious man’s long sword would become incomparably slow, and lose its excelling power once it broke into the space. That space shrouded by the dense bright fog seemed like a tiny world in its own right.


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