Chapter 123 – Taboo Ocean

“This……” Yan Qing Cheng really had nothing else to say, as a matter of fact, if their position was reversed, she would find it even harder to trust Xiao Chen.

She knew there was one possibility, and that was to offer herself, maybe she could only gain the other party’s trust by connecting to him with marriage. The other side ought to know a woman as proud as her would rather die than lose her virginity. Maybe she could only gain Xiao Chen’s trust with this.

However, how would she be willing to resign herself?! Especially to this man who was once her enemy? Although she had to accept a compromise now, she still wouldn’t be able to stand that kind of outcome.

However, if she don’t do this, how will she gain the other party’s trust? With Xiao Chen’s personality, he will eliminate everything that is dangerous, he won’t allow her to live.

The Sovereign King Ship advanced slowly, it gave rise to light waves in the gold ocean. The jet-black ancient ship seemed especially eye-catching among the glorious divine radiance of the Taboo Ocean.

Looking from a distant, it seemed like a huge, upside-down black skull drifting on the sea, flickering with black light, sinister and bizarre. This was a very unusual scene, it was a very eye-catching scene, but there’s not a lot of spectators at the moment.

The deck of the ancient ship had sunk into silence, Xiao Chen was calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, he seemed to be very relaxed and unconcerned, as if he had forgotten what happened just now. He was currently watching the gold ocean, admiring the extraordinarily beautiful and majestic gold Taboo Ocean.

However, Yan Qing Cheng knew the other party’s killing intent had yet to diminish, it was only because he had the upper hand and could kill her, who had her power sealed, at any time. She was having an intense internal conflict, she didn’t want to die, she was still young, she had unlimited future prospects, her future was filled with hope, but how could she survive this?

Did she really have to pay a great price? Yan Qing Cheng was an ambitious, and at the same time, an outstanding woman. She didn’t want to live an ordinary life, she wanted to surpass her predecessor, she wanted to explore the entire world, but she didn’t know how to get through the current crisis. Did she really have to go beyond her bottom line?

After leaving the dragon island, everything had changed, the two who originally had a subtle relationship had a lot to think about, it was not as simple as thinking about how to survive on the barren island, they had to think about the future, about everything that might happen from now on.

Everything was very tranquil, only the sound of two little monsters swallowing their food could be heard. Keke did not have much to think about, it just indulged itself in eating all kinds of strange fruits. The proud and aloof little dragon had clearly been influenced by Keke’s way of life gradually, it was no longer resisting the delicious food and enjoyed them delightfully like the snow-white little critter.

On the side of Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons, they were sitting beside the burial cloth very quietly, they were as motionless as three fossils. It seemed like they were already in a deathly still state. They meditated like that quietly, the spiritual light in their eye sockets would flicker a few times occasionally, and the lotus insignia on their foreheads would brighten up.

Who knows just how much time had passed, the color of the sky gradually became darker, Xiao Chen also broke several unknown nuts into pieces and began to enjoy his dinner. This was a really strange feeling, at this Taboo Ocean that even demigod wouldn’t be able to set foot in, they were enjoying sweet wild fruits and drinking coconut juice while watching the sunset dyed the gold ocean with its color. It was an unusual feeling.

Nightfall, the sky was filled with specks of stars, the starry sky was filled with the breath of freedom. Xiao Chen felt his mood lightened up very much, they finally departed from the dragon island.

And just at this time, Keke suddenly cried out in fear.

Xiao Chen who was currently looking up at the sky was startled, he hastily turned around, only to see Keke taking off its treasured tree hat and calling out with a few squeaks. At the side, the tough little dragon curiously looked at it, the proud and aloof little dragon didn’t seem to be ******* after the sacred tree like those young Syndicate Dragon Kings.

“Keke, what happened?” Xiao Chen asked it doubtfully.

The snow-white little critter was still pointing at the treasured tree hat and squeaking incessantly. It seemed to be very surprised, something must have happened to the little sacred tree. Xiao Chen walked in front of it, when he squatted down to lightly touch the sapling, he immediately felt a little warmed up, it seemed like there was a ripple of energy fluctuation.

“Eh?” Xiao Chen was also filled with doubt.

Yan Qing Cheng was also very astonished, she turned her head to look over.

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There was indeed a weak fluctuation that was almost undetectable, but neither Keke or Xiao Chen had ever took notice of it before, the little sacred tree seemed to be absorbing the external energy.

Under the dim light of night, Xiao Chen’s keen spiritual sense was at its peak, he finally saw it clearly, specks of faintly discernible golden light actually gathered from all directions and slowly floated towards the little sacred tree.

This was…… the energy from the gold ocean!

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, the little sacred tree was really too mystical, it was actually capable of absorbing the Taboo Ocean’s divine power.

Because the fluctuation was too weak before, no one had noticed, but now regardless of Xiao Chen, Yan Qing Cheng, the two little monsters, or the three skeletons, all of them knew what just happened.

The snow-white little critter shouted excitedly with a few squeaks, it wanted to put the little sacred tree in the gold ocean, but it stopped its action midway while feeling vexed, because it remembered how terrifying the gold ocean was.

After completely understanding the situation, Xiao Chen felt very excited. The Taboo Ocean seemed to possess unlimited divine power, if the little sacred tree was able to absorb a little, it might be able to grow a bit.

“Let me give it a try.” Xiao Chen raised the sapling and gradually got closer to the side of the ship. Just at this time, the sacred tree emitted a fairly bright radiance, the gold specks of light it gathered had clearly increased drastically.

Xiao Chen did not dare to recklessly expose the sapling to the outside of Sovereign King Ship. After all, they had seen it with their own eyes, everything that broke away from the protection of the black light emitted by the ancient ship would disintegrate into nothingness. Even though this was the legendary sacred tree, it was hard to say it would be able to withstand that kind of divine power.

Xiao Chen’s arm was already at the side of the ship, the golden specks of light it gathered kept increasing in numbers, the little sacred tree absorbed these divine power at high speed.

Taking his chances, he moved it forward some more, it was already a little beyond the side of the ship, but it was still within the range of the black light. The golden energy gathered at an even faster rate, it was like countless of tiny fireflies flying over from all direction and pouncing at the sapling.

This was a really joyous occasion, looking at the sapling absorbing the divine power, it gave people a strong sense of satisfaction.

Keke blinked its big eyes and ran all over the place, it was extremely excited. However, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to raise the sapling like this forever. In the end, he used the burial cloth to bind the little sacred tree and hanged it at the side of the ship.

This was a really joyous night, the speck of stars decorated the blue dome of heaven, the Sovereign King Ship sailed slowly, the little sacred tree flickered with gold radiance at the back of the ship, it was already surrounded by even more specks of light.

The night breeze brushed past lightly, the depths of the Taboo Ocean was not as deathly still as they originally thought, it was windy and there was the sound of ocean wave too. Although the cabin area was filled with skyrocketing baleful aura, which made Xiao Chen and company feel their blood run cold, it was still quite peaceful at the back of the ship, under the shelter of ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth. Under the gentle moonlight, the two little monsters were already sleeping soundly, the three skeletons also remained completely still.

Xiao Chen looked at Yan Qing Cheng, he wasn’t worried about being ambushed by her at all, so he fell asleep while feeling relieved. With his current spiritual sense, he would wake up the moment there was any anomaly, and the other party had her power sealed by him, she wouldn’t be able to harm him even if she wanted to.

Who knows just how long later, Xiao Chen was roused from a deep sleep, he could hear a faint shriek, it seemed like the ghost screech was fluttering in the wind. At the direction of that cabin, a huge underworld lamp was emitting dim white light, but it was unable to really illuminate that area, the deathly pale light was only limited to that narrow place.

Even further away was a dark door that seemed to be connected to the underworld, it was extremely eerie and intimidating. They couldn’t see anything beyond the door, and that gloomy ghost screech was precisely transmitted from that place. At the same time, it seemed like there was movements within the cabin, this was an atmosphere that made one’s hair stand on end, they couldn’t see anything, yet they could hear it, which made it even more terrifying.

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All of a sudden, the huge Sovereign King Ship shook violently, it seemed like within the cabin, there was a huge monster who was flipping its body over while having a sweet dream. That kind of rolling sound and the ghost’s sleep talk could be heard clearly. The baleful aura surged up and covered the starlight in the sky.

The black underworld fog was drifting and lingering on the surroundings of the ancient ship. The gold seawater in the vicinity had been dyed black.

Xiao Chen was not the only one who had woken up, Yan Qing Cheng also sat up nervously, and the two little beasts looked at the cabin without batting an eye, the three skeletons’ spiritual divine light throbbed unceasingly.

This was really a ghost ship, it was actually this bizarre and terrifying. Without a doubt, there was a really terrifying existence on this ship, they could clearly see the underworld fog drifting on the entire ancient ship, if it was not because of the protection from ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth, the back of the ship might already sunk into darkness.

The gloomy ghost screech resounded in a low voice, the frightening walking sound transmitted outwards unceasingly, the Sovereign King Ship finally revealed its true face.

However, it was already at the crack of dawn, the dark sky gradually regained a little vitality, and those bizarre sound slowly settled down.

Xiao Chen and the others finally let out a long breath, if that terrifying existence in the ancient ship’s cabin really came out, they might be in a really dangerous situation. Even with the shelter of the burial cloth, it was hard to guarantee they would still be safe.

Just at this time, Keke jumped onto the edge of the ancient ship, the little critter was looking for the little sacred tree. Xiao Chen was also shocked when he turned around to take a look. Who knows when it happened, but about half of the burial cloth was already hanging outside of the ship, the little sacred tree fell down and was no longer in their line of sight. It was already outside the range of the black light.

This made Xiao Chen’s heart sunk, he quickly ran over there, but he loosened up soon after. Although half of the burial cloth and little sacred tree was outside the range of the black light, they didn’t disintegrate. On the contrary, the gold radiance at the side of the ship was resplendent, the divine radiance was flickering.

It proved itself as a burial cloth encroached by the blood of ancestor god, it still looked like any ordinary burial cloth, there was no luster whatsoever, but it was not destroyed by the power of the Taboo Ocean, this was really such a rare occurrence.

And the little sacred tree was even more miraculous, due to the sheer size of the Sovereign King Ship, it was impossible for it to touch the gold ocean while hanging in the sky by half of the burial cloth. However, the gold radiance that rose from the Taboo Ocean was like water ripples which connected the sapling to the sea. It seemed as if both sides were already interlinked.

Although the energy fluctuation was not very violent, it could be seen clearly with naked eyes, there was a tiny stream of energy flowing steadily towards the sapling, the golden energy was precisely absorbed by it.

Although the divine power was not as boundless as they originally thought, the little sacred tree would still have absorbed endless amount of energy at this rate. Gathering a little and absorb it slowly, as long as there was enough time, the little sacred tree would definitely grow a little.

The sun rose from the East, the morning radiance spilled on the surface of the sea, a new day had begun, the huge ship still sailed as slowly as before.

The rising sun seemed to be dispersing unlimited vitality, it made the sinister Sovereign King Ship retract its baleful aura. The ocean was rippling with specks of gold radiance, everything seemed that auspicious and peaceful. Those who didn’t know the truth might find it hard to believe every inch of this space could crush a demigod, or even a deity.

It seemed like this kind of trip didn’t fit the snow-white little critter and the tough little dragon, because they had an active nature, the two cubs tried to cross the shelter of the burial cloth several times and looked at the direction of the cabin, but they were reprimanded by Xiao Chen every time.

Yan Qing Cheng was feeling very disorganized, she was unable to make a decision, she couldn’t make a choice, because the price was really too great. Xiao Chen didn’t know what this stunning beauty was thinking, but he did not feel anxious, he had more than enough time, maybe the other party could really help him work out a safe and dependable plan.

Sunrise and sundown, four days passed in the blink of an eye.

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Another night had arrived, over the past few days, the ancient ship was very restless every night, there would inevitably be a terrifying sound transmitting over. So much so that Xiao Chen could even feel the baleful aura entering the range of the burial cloth a few times. And a few times he was even roused from a deep sleep, only to see a few terrifying shadows fixing their eyes on them from not far away.

On the fourth night, the starlight was somewhat dim, with the sound of the rising and falling wave, the ancient ship felt a little constrained, it was unusually calm.

It was already very late at night, but the ghost screech did not arise as it used to. However, Xiao Chen was unable to really fall asleep, he felt that the atmosphere was unusual. In the end, he fell into a half-asleep state.


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